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After eleven years of freedom from the beastmen and Lordgenome, equality between humans and beastmen, and settlements growing in size and strength they were finally reaching a peaceful state of life. After the battle, the first metropolis was steadily built into realization. With Leeron, Rossiu, and many others working behind the scenes, Kamina, Simon, Kittan and the rest worked in the fields, and soon the streets of what was decided to be Kamina City came to be. To the surprise of many, Kamina had rejected this proposal vehemently. At one point, they considered naming it Giha City, or Littner City, something of the likes. However, in the end – to Kamina’s dismay – Kamina City came to being. When they looked to a leader, they insisted he be it. Kamina explained he did his part in leading everyone out of the dark, and that he didn’t want to push his luck any further and instead suggested Simon be in charge. Reluctantly, Simon agreed, but after several years he decided he wasn’t the best for the job. Instead, he looked to Rossiu, who happily agreed to take the position.

After all the hard work, Simon and Nia moved out of the city to an isolated island nearby. Now, they had company in their rather large home. The common room was spacious with little furniture, the windows reaching the high ceilings that they couldn’t reach even if Simon stood on Kamina’s shoulders.

Kamina was bouncing an infant on his knees gaily, the babe looking at him with wide blue eyes and even darker blue curls sprouting from his head. Cheeks round and rosy, plump lips open as a tongue occasionally darted out while he observed the man holding him. Kamina was dressed in a simple egg-white button up, first several buttons undone, and ordinary jeans, feet bare as all footwear was left at the door. All the while he scrunched up his face periodically in attempt to entertain the infant. When a gurgle sounded from his lips, Kamina beamed and turned to Yoko with a twinkle in his eyes.

“Did you see? Yoko? Taira laughed!”

Stomach swollen with their own child waiting to see the world, Yoko was dressed in a multi-patterned gown in various hues of red and orange. Her hair was cut short and curled beneath her chin, eyes gleaming as she giggled with her own smile, hand on her belly. She had instinctively wanted to say that it wasn’t a laugh, but she didn’t have it in her to break his heart. She nodded, “Yes. I saw it.”

“I’m glad you two can get along, Aniki,” Simon laughed. While the couple were sitting on the couch, Nia was in her own woven chair as her husband stood behind her anxiously, hand on the winding back of the furniture. He wore a light green tee and white trousers, his drill around his neck as usual. Nia was also in her own light blue gown as her stomach was almost as round as Yoko’s with her and Simon’s second child.

“Of course,” the man jutted out his jaw in pride, “the little man loves me. Just like you did.”

“I still do.”

Kamina blinked, then a bit of red entered his cheeks at the honesty before he focused on Taira who was trying to grab the thin gold chain around his neck. “Well, that goes without sayin’,” the older man coughed out.

Yoko gently gripped his shoulder, eyes shining at his humility. “It feels a little strange, but I’m also a little happy that we can share a time like this,” she looked to Nia. “You’ve already gone through this, yet this is our first. I’m surprised you two are having another so quickly.”

Simon rubbed the back of his neck nervously, “Well, we hadn’t planned on it, but…some of the best things in life are improvised, y’know.”

Kamina snorted, “Just be careful you two aren't making like those rabbit things I’ve read about.”


“Oh, I’ve read about them,” Nia cooed. “Such cute creatures. It was a common saying that they reproduce at a more rapid rate than humans. So they have many offspring.”

Almost immediately, Simon’s cheeks grew to a maroon color that quickly caught his brother-figure’s attention. “R-Right. We’ll be careful, of course.”

“Of course,” Kamina couldn’t repress the smirk before his eyes returned to the bundle in his hands, his knee rhythmically shaking. “Don’t want too many brothers and sisters do you, Taira?”

“Anyway,” Yoko tried to save the younger man in the room by changing the topic, “have you heard any news of Gimmy’s daughter?”

“Oh, little Machi-chan,” Nia beamed. “Anouk is already two, he’ll be a great big brother for her.”

“And, Iraak and Mystal had a boy,” Simon added. “Clive.”

“What the hell kind of name is that?” Kamina grumbled. “Sounds like a…like a...”

Yoko sighed, “There’s nothing wrong with the name, Kamina. It’s a fine name.”

“It’s so strange, though,” Simon scratched at his scalp as his eyes fell on his son. “Before, back in Giha Village, I would have never thought that…something like this could be possible. Us growing up, starting our own families, on the surface no less. I mean, Dayakka and Kiyoh’s little girl, Anne, is already four.”

Kamina laughed, “Yup. Yoko’s gonna end up teaching all the kids of Team Gurren. The whole class will be full of them!”

The woman’s lips pursed as her brows rose and eyelids lowered, “And, what are you planning to do?”



“Yeah, Aniki,” Simon grinned. “You’ve stepped out of government, what are you planning to do, now?”

Kamina shrugged, “Maybe I’ll open up my own school. Like a…fight instructor, or something. I mean, it’s the only thing I’m really good at. It wouldn’t be terrible for kids to learn how to defend themselves. Even if we’ve made it peaceful so far…maybe I’m just worried…”

“No, you’re not,” the younger man encouraged. “Rossiu is always saying how we need to be proactive and try to prevent anything that could go wrong and blow up in our faces. Be prepared for the worst but hope for the best, is what he’s been saying recently.”

“Sometimes that forehead kid knows what he’s sayin',” Kamina smirked, before rising to his feet and lightly tossing Taira up and catching him with glee. “Jeez, this kid is somethin'.” Suddenly, an idea inscribed itself in his features. He looked to Simon, brow quirked with his smirk deepening, “Have you taken him on Lagann?”

“Eh? Ah, n-no, I haven’t-ah?! A-Aniki?!” Almost instantly, Kamina hurried out of the room with the babe in his arms, roaring with laughter and Simon was quick to follow. “Aniki! Wait up! Hey! Don’t-!” and the rest of his voice was lost in the wide open halls, leaving the two women in silence.

Yoko was still never any good with Nia alone. She loved the girl, but something always got in the way of her being able to converse with her properly. She wasn’t even sure why. Nia adored Simon and Kamina, it almost seemed ridiculous that Yoko couldn’t develop a similar relationship between her and the younger girl. Or, maybe it seemed more ridiculous of a thought that she could.


“Hm?” Quickly snapping out of her reverie of mindless notions, the red-haired woman turned her gaze to the odd dual-combination that was Nia.

“Those two…”

“Yeah,” she sighed, a tiny smile on her lips, “I can always tell when Kamina goes out of his way to talk in private with Simon. Taira won’t be going anywhere near Lagann or Gurren.”

With a soft chuckle, the lighter-haired girl rubbed her stomach gently as she spoke, “Do you ever think that this is just a dream? It feels so surreal at moments. I’m afraid to blink and have it all torn away, you know?”

Yoko nearly gaped. It was uncommon to see the younger woman show any negativity. She was always so positive and rarely showed any reservations about anything. However, with her own child on the way with the man she loved more than anything else, she couldn’t help but empathize. “Yeah, it’s scary,” she admitted. “Sometimes I have this nightmare that…before we found you, Kamina…never came back from battle. It sinks my heart every time, and I feel like I can’t breathe…but, when I wake up, I see him beside me, or he’ll comfort me, and kiss me. He’s…an idiot,” she snorted, “but he’s actually very gentle, sometimes even timid.” Her eyes flickered to the entryway to the room before chuckling, “Don’t tell him I told you, though. Mister big man would never bring himself to admit it.”

Nia smiled, “I don’t think that’s true. I can clearly see that Kamina-san loves you. Nothing could make him happier than you and your child.”

“And, your children, obviously,” Yoko laughed, and Nia joined her. “He’s mentioned that looking at Taira is like looking at Simon when they were kids. He told me, that as weird as it was, it was like he could feel Simon inside of Taira. That he can sense something great in your son.”

Pink speckled the former princess’s cheeks, “He thinks highly of Simon. I’m almost envious of their relationship.”

“Me, too,” Yoko wrinkled her nose.

“But, I suppose our children will have a lot of work to do in the future. We’ve already come so far, but there’s only so much we can accomplish before it’s their turn.”

“That’s a scary thought, too. There’s still so much we don’t know about yet. We’re still finding colonies underground to this very day, though I doubt there’s much if any left at this point.” Her eyes fell to the fetus in her womb, it kicked once and she winced, “They’ll be growing up so differently from us. If something happens in the future, and we can’t help them, I’m afraid they won’t be able to handle it.”

“Nonsense,” Kamina drawled as he stepped back into the room, hands on his hips while Simon followed with his son in his arms. “Our kids are gonna be the toughest around.” He plopped onto the sofa, draping an arm along the back behind his wife, a smirk playing on his lips, “I mean, it’s only obvious that my kids are gonna be tough.” He leaned in, placing a kiss against Yoko’s forehead, and she blinked, taken off-guard, “They’re mother alone is all the evidence anyone needs.”

Silent for a moment, Yoko ended up releasing a bark of laughter, causing a splash of red to appear in Kamina’s cheeks as he glowered and released an indignant grunt, “I’m bein’ serious here!”

“I-I know,” she smiled, reaching for his hand and placing it on her belly. “Here, some ‘proof’ of our ‘tough’ child.” At first, Kamina’s brows screwed together. He had never gotten an opportunity to feel their baby move. Every time Yoko tried to show him, the kid would refuse to share. It was almost disheartening to think that perhaps his child already detested him, but then he felt a slight pressure against his hand. Then another, harsher and a grin cracked across his face. He was speechless, and all he could find in himself was to grab hold of Yoko’s cheeks with both hands and place an energetic kiss to her lips, laughter in the back of his throat and she joined in, as well.

Simon and Nia watched, soft gazes moving from their friends to each other. Nia reached a hand up and he took it, placing a kiss to the back of her knuckles before against her soft cheek, then his lips lightly bumping hers. Their son released a coo, and they pulled away, Simon standing straight as Taira met his eyes bravely. Suddenly, Simon felt a curious mixture of uncertainty and confidence in the future, for his children, and for their world.