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Say My Name

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The constant sound of a pen clicking does not seem to reach the ears of the person using said pen, but it is becoming a nuisance to his partner. Not that he would know, because he’s staring vacantly out the window, sighing with each click of his pen, not bothering to do a thing with the paperwork he should be finishing up.

“What the hell has gotten into you?” A low voice sounding snaps his head to look across his desk, to see his partner’s bald head, sunglasses ever present on his face. “And if you keep doing that with your pen, I’m going to take it away from you, and you will be stuck with nothing.”

“It’s late!” Reno groans, pointing towards the window. “We shoulda been out of here hours ago, Rude.” His thumb presses on the pen again, quickly stopping when he sees the golden hue of Rude’s eyes looking at him from over the top of his sunglasses. “Sorry, man.” He sets the pen down, and begins to bounce his knee instead.

“Seriously, what is wrong with you? You’re acting strange.” Rude comments, going back to his work. “And we’d be out of here, if you would just finish your damn paperwork. I’m almost done.” He goes back to filling out the form on his desk. “I am not waiting for you tonight.”

His head hits his desk, as he groans. “Aw, come on! I always wait for ya!”

“No, you don’t.”

Reno knows that Rude is right - he really doesn’t wait for him. It’s Rude that’s always the one that sticks around, even when he says he’s not going to. Like tonight. Hopefully. He doesn’t know why he’s got so much nervous energy. Well, that’s not true. He knows exactly why he can’t seem to sit still. And the later it gets, he knows he’s going to become worse. To finish or not finish. Fuck it, the work will still be here in the morning.

“You’re stalling,” Rude comments. “What for?”

“Always quick, aren’t ya, Rude?” He laughs a little nervously. “And nah, I ain’t stallin.”

“Yes, you are.”

“Look, why don’t ya just mind yer own business!” He blurts out, as he pushes his chair back. “I’m leavin. I’ll finish this shit up tomorrow.” He doesn’t bother to apologize, knowing his partner is used to these minor outbursts from him. Opening the office door, he closes it behind him, and keeps his head down, walking towards the elevator at a somewhat brisk pace.

He hears another office door open. It shouldn’t surprise him. It doesn’t. This has been the pattern the last few nights. Keeping his head down, he stops in front of the elevator, and pushes the ‘up’ button. His hand twitches, wanting to go to his right side, where he can feel his mag-rod swinging slightly, the inertia from his gait still making his weapon move on its own. He adjusts the goggles that rest right at his hairline, channeling his nervous energy to his small tics. If his fidgeting had been bad back in the office, it is now off the charts. His heart pounds hard, making him temporarily deaf, as he waits for the person who had exited their office to join him.

“Late night?” A smooth voice says. Reno doesn’t need to turn his head to know just who is standing beside him, and does not bother to answer the question, for he learned the first night that it’s just to keep up appearances. This person does not give two shits if someone is working late or not. Crisp white linen in his peripheral vision lets him know that the routine that has been set the past few nights is still in play. Casual question, no answer. Silence.

The elevator dings, revealing an empty elevator. Perfect. Reno lets the second person enter first, before following behind them, his head still down. He wants to look up. Has to look up. But can’t. Not yet. Soon as those door close, he jerks his head up, and is pressing his body against the younger man’s body. The goggles on his head are ripped off of his head, not bothering him in the slightest. When he had adjusted them earlier, he had made sure they would be loose enough to not catch on his hair, knowing that this very act would be happening.

“You were waitin’ fer me, weren’t ya…?” He speaks low into the ear that has no earrings, no imperfections - pristine skin for a man that imbues pure perfection. “Ya that needy fer me, Ruf’?”

Fingers tangle in his ponytail, as he starts to pull down on the black turtleneck with his teeth. “Y-You’re coming up to my room,” Rufus moans, tilting his head to the side, allowing Reno’s teeth to drag against his bare neck.

“Yeah, I am.” He keeps Rufus pushed against the metal paneling of the elevator. “Pushed the up button, didn’ I?” Nipping at the taut flesh of his neck, satisfaction races through him as he hears the man groan breathlessly.

As if they were magic words, the elevator makes it known that they’ve arrived at their floor, the soft ‘ding’ a reminder to them of their surroundings. Before the doors open, he pulls away from the man, who reaches for his arm, but he shrugs it away, not wanting to have delete more security footage than necessary. It seems, however, that Rufus Shinra has a different plan, and it appears that Reno will not be able to say otherwise.

“There’s no one up here,” Rufus reminds him, as the two walk out of the elevator together, gloved palms touching his. He leads the two of them to the door at the end of the short hallway, as this floor is Rufus’ entire living quarters - the President who resides at the top of the world; literally.

Reno steps behind the man, pressing his groin against the blond’s ass, wanting him to know just how bad he prefers to be inside. He hears him moan, head bowing forward, exposing the nape of his neck to the redhead.

He brushes his lips against the offered gift, hands going to the man’s waist, being careful to not touch the sawed off shotgun that hides beneath the man’s coat. “Maybe I jes’ don’t wanna have to do more work than necessary.” Reno drags his incisor across the back of his neck, thrusting his hips forward a little playfully.

“And yet, you grind against me.” The lock turns, Rufus pushing the door open with his hand, Reno trailing behind him.

The door shuts quick, Reno pushing Rufus against it, as their mouths align with a hurried kiss. He starts to push the coat off of his body, dropping it to the floor, kicking it to the side with the tip of his shoe. The first night they had engaged in this play, he had worried about the garment, not wanting to dirty it up. A forceful growl from Rufus had shown him that the coat meant nothing to the man wearing it, at least not behind closed doors. His fingers work rapidly on the belt at the man’s waist, not giving two shits about the black turtleneck still on his upper body. The gun, however, is pulled off and laid to rest at the foyer wall.

A loud clang sounds, the buckle hitting the door, as Reno yanks it from the belt loops, dropping one more article of clothing to the floor. Rufus lets out a low moan, as the redhead pushes his hand into the top of his pants, needing to feel his cock in his hand. Rufus pushes up on his toes, forcing Reno’s hand to go lower into his pants, gripping the base of his arousal with a firm squeeze.

“Nngh….” Rufus hits his head against the back of the door, as Reno keeps his hand around him. His other hand pops the button of his slacks open, pushing them down with the heel of his hand. “H-Hurry up…” A low moan hisses in his ear, Reno too busy concentrating at getting this man naked to really hear the plea.

“Why ya gotta wear so much fuckin’ clothing?” He murmurs under his breath, laying a quick kiss on Rufus’ lips with a silent apology of his frustrations, as the pants finally fall all the way to the floor. “Fuckin’ finally…” He quickly gets on his knees, and pulls his prize to his lips, salivating to have Rufus’ cock in his mouth.

Fingers dig roughly into his scalp, as he takes more of the man into his mouth, sucking greedily on it. Icy blue eyes stare down at him, Rufus’ mouth dropping open with lustful groans emitting from his throat. Reno takes a moment to appreciate the god-like stature of a man he has no business doing these sorts of acts with, but it wasn’t like it had been his choice to begin with. No, at this point, he’s just along for the ride, taking the pleasure for as long as this man will let him, before he gets tossed to the side like another one of Rufus Shinra’s pets.

With his mouth occupied, Reno begins to take off his own clothes. His jacket joins Rufus’ on the floor - black and white, light and dark; two contrasting colors for two men that should have never become lovers. Society dictates that the two of them are of two different classes - one, at the top tier of the upper class, the other living comfortably thanks to his job; at his roots, a slum rat. But, just as the black offsets the white, the white embraces the black, melding together into a force that seems to have no on/off switch. These two men can’t seem to get enough of each other behind closed doors - away from prying eyes, and whispers of the workers of Shinra Electric Power Company - both releasing frustrations through these acts of prurience, each able to take on the other’s needs.

Rufus pulls himself out of Reno’s mouth the minute the redhead’s pants and underwear are off. Reno stands up, and presses his naked body against Rufus’ (who had lost his turtleneck at some point, Reno isn’t sure when), their chests aligning as their mouths reconnect with the urgency that had been there the minute those elevator doors had closed. Reno guides Rufus to the master bedroom, having memorized the pathway the first time - broken vases and shattered glasses had been left in a path of destruction as the two men had struggled with one another, Rufus careless with his burning need for the redhead. They make it to the bedroom with no incident this evening, thankfully. Reno starts to push Rufus to lay on the black comforter that adorns his opulent bed, but stops when there’s a small shake of his head.

“No?” He asks, clearly surprised by this change of heart, unsure of what’s to come next.

“Under the sheets tonight.” It’s a simple command, and one that Reno can heartily agree to, as he grabs the tucked in corner of the comforter, and flings it back with one arm. He hears Rufus rooting around for something in the drawer next to the bed, the redhead attempting to keep a smirk off of his face as he knows just what he’s looking for.

Grabbing him by the hips, Reno yanks him away, Rufus half-grumbling in protest at the sudden rough-handling, but soon shuts up as Reno’s mouth takes the blond’s cock into his mouth. He moves with Rufus, the two situating themselves under the sheets, Reno surrounded by complete darkness, loving how Rufus keeps rolling his hips, trying to push his cock further into his mouth. His hands remain on his hips, as he grips them tight, pushing Rufus down so that he lets him doing the controlling. Something cool touches his left hand - a bottle.

“U-Use it,” Rufus implores him, the sound of his voice muffled by the blanket covering his head.

Reno uncaps the bottle. He pulls his mouth away from Rufus, the low moan of protest causing his lip to curl up with a smirk. “Don’t worry, Princess,” he teases the male, as he pushes Rufus’ hips up. “I’m gonna take care of ya.” He dribbles some of the lube onto the man’s backside, a full blown smirk now gracing his face as he hears a loud moan leave the blond’s throat. He pours a little onto his fingers, and gets to work, pushing one finger into him, the added lubrication he has placed on the soft skin making it more pliable for him.

“Fuck, Reno…”

The way his name is said causes Reno to take a moment to pause. It’s the first time this man has used his name during these trysts of theirs, and it makes his mind stop. His fingers pump further into the man’s tight channel, moving on automatic, as he tries to wrap his mind around how his name had just been called. He wants to hear it again. Who knew a name could hold so much power over an individual?

He scissors his fingers deep inside of him, knowing just how long it will take to make sure Rufus is ready to receive him properly. His lips land on the tip of his cock, teasing the small slit with his tongue. Hands are tangled in his messy hair, Rufus trying to push his head down so that his cock will go into his mouth more. Reno hums low, adding one last finger, stretching the man to his limit, as the tip of Rufus’ cock hits the back of his throat.

Fingers are pulled out, as Reno yanks the covers off of them, wanting to see just what sort of mess he’s made of the man he’s about to take. Rufus’ eyes are closed, blond hair mussed, that perfect coiffure gone since they first got to his apartment. He pours some more of the lube onto his hardness, stroking himself off, watching Rufus’ chest rise and fall with each labored breath, his chest and face flushed. Capping the bottle, Reno drops it off the side of the bed, before kneeling between Rufus’ spread legs.

“Like this, or ya wanna get on yer hands and knees fer me?” He asks, voice thick with lust.

The bed shifts, as Rufus turns over for him, resting on his elbows, knees bent, ass up in the air. Reno gets behind him, rubbing his slickened cock between his asscheeks, teasing the man with each roll of his hips. His hands hold onto his waist, thumbs going towards the split. He digs them into the soft flesh, before prying those cheeks apart, pushing the tip of his cock against Rufus’ well-prepped entrance. A loud, muffled moan sounds, Reno’s stomach dipping at the sound.

“Ready for me, Princess…?” He keeps his thumbs anchored on Rufus’ ass, as he pushes the tip of his cock into him slow, letting the man’s body pull him in inch by inch.

One harsh thrust does it for the both of them. Reno’s hands return to Rufus’ pale waist, white skin flaring as his hands grip him tight. No words are exchanged, no calling of names. Loud moans pass between both of their lips, as Reno pushes his cock deeper into Rufus’ body. Balancing on his knees, he pulls Rufus up by the hands on his hips, the two now both on their knees. His hand goes to Rufus’ cock, as his lips press against the man’s ear.

“How’s that feel?” He speaks low into his ear, drunk off the wanton moans that keep coming from Rufus’ throat.

“So fucking good,” Rufus replies, pushing his hips back hard against Reno’s thrusts. “More, Reno….Give me more…”

His name. Another vocalization of his name. This time, he thrusts his hips harder, skin slapping skin, as he pounds deep into his body. He bites the side of Rufus’ neck, his head now balancing precariously on his opposite shoulder. Hands touch the back of his neck, Rufus anchoring himself to Reno’s body, as they both move as one.

He fucks up their game by doing something he swore he would never do, his dick slamming into the blond’s tightness over and over. “Gonna come fer me, Rufus…?” He groans into the man’s ear, as he pumps his hand faster on his cock. His heart races, as he realizes he’s just used the man’s name, just as Rufus had done. Another low groan tears from his throat, as he tries to cover up what he’s just done. “Do it, baby….Let me hear ya…”

“AAAAH, FUCK!” Rufus screams loud, as Reno pushes himself as deep as he can go. His cock becomes trapped in a vice-like grip, Rufus’ seed spilling over his hand, as he brings the most powerful man on the planet to the highest of highs. Those loud moans keep tumbling out, as he drives himself deeper into him. One last thrust, and his orgasm hits him hard, pulling his cock out at the very last second, coming all over Rufus’ back, the hand he had used to jerk off Rufus with now on himself, both of their spunk now coating his hand and cock.

Sinking back on his knees, Reno pulls Rufus down with him, the two laying next to one another, kissing each other with unrushed kisses. Reno makes sure that Rufus does not touch the bed, knowing just where his spunk has landed, the stickiness now covering his midsection. But it doesn’t matter to him. He’ll gladly cover himself in his own seed, if it meant continuing to share a bed with this man.

When Rufus drifts off into a light doze, he pulls away from him, and goes into the large master bath, grabbing a soft cotton towel from the shelf. He cleans up Rufus’ back first, then his front, before tending to himself, keeping a careful eye on him. Rufus does not stir, and instead starts to snore, head resting to the side of his pillow. Reno heads back into the bathroom, and quickly cleans himself up with a quick shower, then grabs another towel to wrap around his waist.

He goes back over to the bed, to make sure that Rufus is still asleep. “Thanks fer tonight, Ruf’,” he speaks quietly. He presses a kiss against the blond’s temple, and turns to leave him for the night.

“Don’t go.” A hand touches his wrist.

Looking over his shoulder, he sees that Rufus has his eyes closed, but there’s a small smile on his face. “Ya sure?” He asks.

“Yes.” Rufus nods his head, scooting over so that Reno can share the pillow with him.

Reno drops the towel, and slides under the covers, spooning Rufus from behind, holding him close. When he closes his eyes, feeling the sleep creeping into his bones, he hears Rufus speak again. “Next time, keep it inside.”

“Mmm….thought you said that was a no-no, Princess.” He yawns softly, nuzzling the side of the man’s neck, loving how good he smells after they fuck. “That mean ya want somethin’ more wit’ me?”

“Maybe I just want to know what it’ll feel like,” Rufus replies with a haughty tone. “Besides, don’t you want to know what it feels like?”

“I know what it feels like, sweetheart,” he mumbles. “I wanna do it with ya so bad, but ya said no…”

“I’m saying yes now, Reno.”

“Mmm….I love when ya say my name. Sounds so nice coming from yer mouth, Rufus.” He snuggles closer to the man, not realizing what he’s saying. “Still don’t know why this shit keeps happenin’, but I ain’t gonna rock the boat. Not when sex feels this fuckin’ good.” He drifts to sleep, holding Rufus close to his body, almost possessive in nature.

“Glad the feelings are mutual, Reno,” Rufus Shinra whispers. But it falls on deaf ears, as Reno is asleep, passed out for the night.


The following morning, Reno walks into his office, and sees something there that makes his hand immediately go to his head.

“Do you want to know where these were found?” Rude asks, as a stern look crosses his face.

Reno walks over to his desk, and picks up his goggles, putting them back onto his head. “Where were they?”

“The elevator.” Rude grunts. “Care to explain?”


There’s a sharp knock on the door, both of their attentions turning towards it. “Gentlemen, we need to escort the President to Junon.” Tseng is standing at the door, with Rufus next to him, his white suit flawless.

Reno adjusts his goggles, and looks at Rufus. “Jes’ give us ten minutes to get the chopper ready, then we’ll take ya wherever ya gotta go, sir.”

“Thank you.” Rufus gives a sharp nod of his head, then walks away, Tseng trailing behind him.

His stomach is doing somersaults, that one brief exchange sending his body into a whirl. This is why it’s too dangerous for this game to go on. Will he stop? Fuck no. Pushing those thoughts away, he stands up and stretches. “Ya up fer some flyin’, partner?” Reno asks, happy to avoid more paperwork in favor of being a glorified chauffeur.

“I still want to know why these were found where they were found,” Rude grunts, the two walking to the elevators. “You get lucky or some shit last night? Lose track of where you were?”

“Somethin’ like that.” Reno grins, as they enter the elevator.

“Well, be more careful next time.” Rude pushes the button for the roof.

He chuckles, mostly to himself, not caring about the strange look his partner is giving him. “Ya, I will. Don’t ya worry.”

Now, would Rufus agree to that? Probably not.