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For Love & Country

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About noon the next day, Ali is climbing out of cab in front of her father’s house. She had been hoping to see her wife’s Jeep in the driveway but obviously Ashlyn has been delayed at Belvoir. The defender had been so excited to get the text that the blonde was back in the States and would see her soon. Ali grabs her purse and backpack as the cabbie gets her suitcase and team bag out of the trunk. She gives him an extra tip when he carries them both to the front door without even having to be asked. As she starts to insert her key in the lock, she hears the distinctive sound of a Jeep horn. She spins around and her tired face breaks into a huge smile.


Ashlyn pulls into the driveway and hops out of her Jeep before the engine stops turning. Ali races at her and leaps into her wife’s arms. Ashlyn holds her close, burying her nose in Ali’s hair, just inhaling the scent that always means home, always means safety.

After a few minutes, Ali leans back and stares into tired eyes ringed by dark circles. “Oh, baby...”

Ashlyn smiles. “I’ll be okay. Just tired and in need of a real shower and then a nap. And maybe a good dinner, too.”

Ali gives her a tender kiss. “I can help you take care of all of those needs.”

“I knew you could.”

They kiss again, but this time it starts to turn hungry. Ashlyn pulls her wife tight to her chest. When the kiss ends, her eyes are dark with lust.

“Oh, and I am horny, too. Got something for that?”

Ali nuzzles the blonde’s neck then shifts her head and nips her earlobe. “I most definitely have something for that,” she whispers suggestively.

Ashlyn moans and starts to walk towards the house, still holding her wife in her arms.

“Ash...your bags.”

“Fuck ’em,” Ashlyn growls, her mind on her wife, not on her dirty laundry.

Ali just chuckles...then does make her wife set her down so they could drag Ali’s bags in off the porch. But once inside the door, they are abandoned as Ashlyn presses her wife up against the wall and gives her the deep, passionate kiss they had avoided in the front yard. Her strong hand slides up under her wife’s shirt, kneading a breast, whose nipple is already hard under the bra covering it. Ali’s hips thrust forward at that contact. Finally, Ashlyn ends the kiss but her eyes tell Ali she is not done with her wife. Oh, no...not done. In fact, just getting started.

“How about you shower with me?” Ashlyn asks.

Ali moans. “Yes, baby. Definitely yes.”

Ashlyn lifts Ali’s hips up again and strong legs once again circle her waist. They stare into each other’s eyes as Ash carries her wife upstairs, heading straight to their bathroom. Shower and sex...two needs at once. Perfection!

Their mouths barely part as the women quickly divest each other of clothes. Once naked, Ashlyn reaches blindly to turn on the shower. Ali pulls away, her eyes studying her wife’s body carefully. Ash runs her hands up and down the brunette’s sides, letting her examine the toned body for injuries.

“Nasty bruise,” Ali whispers, her fingers ghosting over a bruise just below her wife’s ribs.

“Idiot bruise. Ran into a board playing soccer with kids,” Ashlyn admits.

Ali chuckles and bends to place a kiss on the bruise. Ashlyn inhales sharply, feeling the kiss like an electrical current through her body. As steam starts to rise, Ali spins her wife around, assuring herself that is the only mark on the woman’s body. Ashlyn reaches a hand back as she steps into the water, pulling her wife in with her. She sighs happily when the hot water hits her. She moans in pleasure when her back is covered by her wife. Ali’s hands wrap around Ash’s waist. As the defender places open mouth kisses along strong shoulders, Ash twines their fingers together.

“I’ve missed you so much,” Ash whispers, her body warmed by water on the front and her wife in the back.

Ali says nothing, just continues to kiss along Ash’s shoulders while reaching for a bath poof and bathing gel. She starts to scrub her wife’s back and the blonde’s head drops forward, offering her neck to the same ministrations. Ali complies, bathing her from neck to ass. She then turns her around and starts to clean the front. Ashlyn just studies the beauty in front of her. Her heartbeat starts to quicken, her breath to come in eager gasps. Finally she grabs the poof and tosses it away. She lifts Ali up, pinning her against the wall.

“Was wondering how long that would take,” Ali smirks before their lips are melded together once more.

Ashlyn thrusts her hips against her wife’s warm, wet center. She groans, knowing that wetness is desire, not the shower. She nips and kisses her way down Ali’s jawline to where her neck meets her shoulder. She sucks hard on that hollow.

“OH! ASH!” Ali screams as her hips start to meet each thrust from Ashlyn. Harder. Faster. Finally she mutters an order. “In me. Now. Please!”

As Ali’s hands tighten around her wife’s neck, Ashlyn moves a hand between them and thrusts 2 fingers hard and deep.


Ashlyn growls, her mind only on one thing: driving her wife to ecstasy. Her thumb taps a staccato rhythm on Ali’s pearl as she adds a third finger to her push. Her legs help her piston her arm faster. Ali is reduced to guttural noises, her head thrown back against the wall as her body is alive with pleasure. Ashlyn stares at her, waiting. Watching. Planning. And when she sees her wife ready to go over, she bites her earlobe, saying into her ear, “Come for me. NOW!”

And Ali does, screaming out her pleasure as she rides her wife. Her legs unwrap from Ashlyn’s waist but cannot hold her up. That’s fine. Ashlyn gently lowers her to the floor of the shower and spreads her legs.

“Oh, fuck yes,” Ali mumbles as she buries her face in golden curls.

Ashlyn grunts as she rocks her hips in time to the tongue thrusting as deep as it can go. Ali’s hands grip strong hips, trying to savor as much of her wife as possible.

“Just...a...little...more...” Ashlyn stammers.

Ali understands. She slides a hand around, replacing her tongue with 2 fingers as her mouth latches onto her wife’s throbbing clit.

“YES!” Ashlyn screams.

Ali works her hard, fast, and moans happily when she is rewarded when Ashlyn cums. She helps glide the taller woman to the ground. They kiss deeply. They moan. Their hands start to roam. Ali leans towards her wife and turns off the shower.

“Bed. Now,” she mumbles against her wife’s lips.

Ashlyn nods and the two exit the shower, drying off as quickly as possible before hurrying to the bed to continue their reunion.


Ashlyn wakes up first. She smiles at the cascade of brunette locks splayed across her chest. She lifts up her right hand, studying the left hand entwined with hers. She runs her thumb over the ring set she had dipped into her savings to pay for. Sure, Ali was the one that proposed but no way was Ashlyn going to let her princess go without an engagement ring.

Ali stretches and slowly turns to look up at her wife. “Welcome home.”

“You, too,” Ashlyn replies. She pulls until Ali lays on top of her. “Congratulations, sweetheart. I knew you could do it.”

Ali gives her a kiss. “Not without your love and support. And not without you banishing me to Germany.”

Ashlyn chuckles. “Banishing? That’s kind of harsh.”

Ali leans down and kisses her. “You’re right. I’ve have never made it back without you kicking me out and making me go to Germany.”

Ashlyn laughs outright, a hearty sound that warms Ali’s heart. “Uh, how about we stick to banishing when we tell the story.”

Ali grins, her hands stroking up and down her wife’s chest. They stare into each other’s eyes. No words need be said. Even they had wondered if their relationship, one in which they were often worlds apart, would survive. So far it has thrived beyond their own expectations. Their love and trust for each other has never been questioned. Their ability to love each other even when upset their spouse isn’t close at hand has been tested but they have passed the tests.

Ali leans down and kisses her wife. This isn’t a kiss of desperation after being apart. This is a kiss that conveys her love, her admiration, her affection for the woman to whom she has pledged her life. Ashlyn answers in kind, her hands tracing patterns over Ali’s back. When the kiss ends, the women lock eyes once more.

“Make love to me, Ashlyn,” Ali whispers.

Ashlyn pulls her down again, they kiss more, their hands traveling familiar landscape as they reacquaint themselves with each other. Finally Ashlyn rolls, placing Ali below her. She gently nuzzles Ali’s neck.

“I love you so much,” she breathes.

“I love you, too,” Ali responds softly.

Ashlyn kisses her again, her tongue dancing slowly with her loves. She braces herself with her left hand and arm as her right slowly kneads the pert breast below her. Ali rocks with the rhythm of that hand. Ashlyn slips a leg between her wife’s thighs. She moans as she feels the wetness against her skin.

“So ready again,” she whispers.

“Yes, Ash. Yes. Always ready for you,” Ali agrees.

This time Ashlyn goes slow, her fingers stroke over soft folds, they tease over the swollen clit, they trace the circle of Ali’s entrance. Ali just pants, letting her body enjoy the caresses. Everyplace she feels her wife on her she feels a pulsing warmth that she has only ever experienced with the woman above her. As her hand plays with her wife, Ashlyn alternates open mouth kisses and long licks to her neck, her collar bones, her chest. She is dining on the one thing her body had never known it needed to survive until it was rationed to her.

“I need you so much. God, do you know how much I need you?” she pants.

“I need you, too, baby,” Ali answers.

Ashlyn prepares to slowly penetrate her wife. She lifts her head to stare into eyes dark brown with desire. As her hand works its way in, those eyes flutter. Ali’s lips tremble with pleasure. Ashlyn starts slow, measured thrusts in and out. Ali’s eyes roll back and close.

“Look at me. See how much I love you,” Ashlyn commands.

It takes all she has for Ali to open her eyes. When she does, she sees the depth of love in the sea green eyes above her. It brings tears to her eyes. They start to rock together, not fast, not rushing to the final end. They take their time. Ali slides a hand down her thigh, watching as Ash bites her lip when her own intimate center begins to get the same loving attention Ali’s is being given.

“Feels so good,” Ash moans.

Ali just smiles up at her wife. They work at the same pace, each woman driving the other, and being driven, towards the final simultaneous orgasm. As it washes over them, they come together in a kiss, their moans dancing together making it impossible to figure out where one woman’s pleasure begins and the other’s ends. As they fly over the edge together, Ashlyn rolls to collapse down beside her wife. They are both out of breath, their hearts beating fast. Ali rolls to snuggle against Ashlyn.

“That I love you.”

Ashlyn grins. “Yeah, it was. I love you, too.”

They lie together their hands gliding over each other sweetly.

And then Ashlyn’s stomach rumbles.

Both women break out into giggles. Ali lifts her eyebrow up at the blonde.

“Umm...I have no idea when I ate last,” Ashlyn admits with a childish grin.

Ali rolls her eyes and pats the offending tummy. “Well then, stud of mine, let’s go get some food in you. I might need another workout later.”

Ashlyn grins and sits up. “Good plan! Tell me we have pizza. Please tell me we have pizza.”

Ali shrugs. “How would I know? I’ve been gone, too. Let’s just hope Dad has something in the fridge.”

Ashlyn nods. “Right.”

The two women pull on shorts and tees and make their way to the kitchen. As they approach they smell the unmistakable scent of pizza cooking. Ashlyn does a happy fist pump.


Ali just laughs at her as they walk into the kitchen. Ken looks up and smiles at them.

“Good evening, ladies. I was wondering if I’d see you tonight.”

Ali blushes. “Uh, we, um, were both tired and took a nap.”

Ken chuckles knowingly. “Nap. Right. So that’s what the kids are calling it nowadays.”

Ashlyn busts out laughing as Ali gets even redder. Ken just gives his daughter a wink. She spins towards the cabinets.

“Plates. We need plates.” She mumbles. “And I need to never look at my father again,” she adds under her breath, making Ashlyn laugh once more.