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For Love & Country

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August 2012

When Ashlyn’s work phone starts to ring at 9 p.m. she knows it won’t be good. She’d been deployed a few times stateside but so far her team had not gone over seas. She flicks the TV over to CNN as she answers. The breaking news scrolling across the bottom of the screen tells her she’ll finally be getting her international rotation.

“Harris,” she answers. She listens a moment. “Yes, sergeant. Will be there within the hour.”

She hangs up and starts to gather her chargers and bathroom items that always get packed last. Once she is sure she has everything she takes a deep breath. Half of her is scared; the same fear she has felt each deployment knowing lives will depend on the work her team does. Half of her is excited to finally be going overseas to a place that will surely need everything she has learned so far and where she will learn even more from those that have been in longer.

“Kinda fucking twisted you’re excited about this,” she mutters to herself as she watches the news report.

An earthquake registering 7.5 on the Richter scale had hit the Gulf of Thailand. The quake had caused a tsunami that had added to the devastation. Expected aftershocks will make it difficult for aid and rescue workers to do their jobs.

“Water & food distribution, medical triage, general shelters, transportation,” Ashlyn whispers to herself as she considers the many things her team will need to help get up and running as soon as possible.

She goes downstairs and sees Ken watching the evening news. He glances up at her. “Thailand?”

“Yes. Just got the call.”

“Good thing you hadn’t changed yet,” he says with a nervous smile.

“Right.” She takes a deep breath. “I’ll call Ali as I drive. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to call anyone so, uh, I just...”

He stands and walks over to her. “I know. Be safe, Ashlyn.” He pulls her into a hug. “I love you and am so proud of you.”

Ashlyn smiles. “Thanks, Ken. I love you, too. See you, um, well...eventually.”

He nods and lets her go. She is surprised to see tears in his eyes. Before they can fall, she turns and hurries out to her Jeep. As she drives, she slips her Bluetooth in her ear and, regretfully, hits her wife’s number, knowing she will be asleep.

“Ashlyn?” Ali answers nervously.

“Hey, baby, sorry to wake you.”

“What’s wrong?”

“There was a bad earthquake in Thailand. Lots of aftershocks expected and it created a tsunami, too. I’m on my way to Belvoir now. We’ll be mobilizing two teams to go and leaving Andrews in less than 4 hours.”

“Fuck,” Ali mumbles as she goes into her living room in Germany and turns on the news channel.

“Babe, I don’t know when I’ll be able to call or email. I swear, as soon as I can I will contact you even if it’s just a quick note to let you know how I’m doing,” Ashlyn promises.

“I know you will. Please be safe, sweetheart.”

“Always.” The two talk for a few more minutes then Ashlyn sighs. “Babe, I’m pulling up at the gate. I need to go.”

“Okay. I love you so much, Ash.”

“I love you, too. Talk to you as soon as I can.”

“Right. Bye, baby.”

“Bye, Alex.”

Ashlyn reluctantly disconnects as she pulls up to the gate and gets waved through once they see her access sticker. She grabs her backpack and the packed kit bag that she keeps in her jeep and reports inside.

“Hey, Pauly, what’s the word?” she asks.

Corporal Paula Johnson glances up from her clipboard. “Sanitation systems destroyed, water mains busted, fires, buildings crumbling and unsafe. The only good news is the tsunami wasn’t as bad as they expected and the water has already receded. Unfortunately it’s left behind dead sea life, drowned animals, and reports of people missing, possibly swept back out to sea.”

“Damn. Navy?”

“Already routing an LPD that way to deploy boats and helos. It’s the Nashville and she has 6 Sea Knights on her. Marines going ashore will help with immediate triage and prepare anyone that has to be sent out to the USNS Mercy hospital ship, which is also in route. USNS Tippecanoe will be close by for replenishment if needed for both ships.”

Ashlyn nods. “Perfect,” she accepts the clipboard and initials that she’s been briefed. She places her sack with the others to be loaded on a truck and reports to Colonel Menninger.

“Sir, I’ve gotten the brief from Johnson.”

“Very good. Since your commander, Major Nettles, has a broken leg and won’t be in the field, I’ve reassigned you to the other team. This is your first major disaster deployment and you’ll have a hell of a learning curve.”

Ashlyn nods, “Yes, sir.” She knows the missions she had been on in the States would only marginally have her prepared for the massive devastation she would see in Thailand.

Menninger gestures to the other men in the room. “You’ll be with Staff Sergeant Rodgers for most of your time on the ground. He’s been with the Corps of Engineers for 18 years and has pretty much had a hand in every kind of situation you can imagine. Major Ramos will be your c.o. He’s got 13 years in and also has seen it all. Listen to them and learn.”

“Yes, sir,” she responds.

Major Ramos lifts an eyebrow. “You don’t say much, Lieutenant.”

“Knowledge speaks, wisdom listens, Major Ramos,” she replies with a slight smile.

Ramos grins. “Good response.” He hands her a piece of paper. “This is the plan the sergeant has drawn up for first response requisitions. Any questions?”

Ashlyn looks it over. As her eyes scan down the requested equipment, she briefly scowls, looks up at the action plan, then swallows and continues to scan the page. She offers it back to Ramos.

“No, sir.”

“Really? What was with that scowl?”

Ashlyn blushes, not realizing she’d been caught. “Uh, well...nothing much, sir. I just...was going to speak to Sgt Rodgers when we are done in here.”

The sergeant stiffens, his face hardening. “Look, Lieutenant, I know you outrank me,” he says with irritation, “but that doesn’t mean you know it all. Bars don’t equal experience.”

“I know, Sergeant,” she starts but he interrupts.

“So if you’ve got a problem with my action plan spit it out so I can show you book learning doesn’t mean squat against real experience,” he finishes then adds as an afterthought, “Ma’am.”

Ashlyn glares at the man. She feels the eyes of the two senior officers on her, wondering how she will deal with the rudeness...not to mention insubordination. She straightens her back.

“Okay, Sergeant, I have one little issue with your form here.”

“Oh, do tell, Lieutenant,” he snarks.

“Your action plan calls for 12 trucks to transport supplies and body bags to all the various locations we’ll have aid stations set up, right, Sergeant?” He nods. “Then perhaps down in the requisitions boxes you should have typed 12...not 2.” She offers the form to him.

He snatches it and his face flushes in embarrassment. “Oh...”

“And, Sergeant, we’re a team, something I am very used to being on. I had planned to point this out to you privately when we left the colonel’s office, knowing it was just a typo. Two things you need to remember about me: 1) I don’t believe in humiliation to get a point across. In my experience it’s better to work with someone than call them out just to make them look like an asshole in front of others. And 2) I respect people that have experience regardless if they have bars, clusters, stars, or stripes on their uniform. I’d be an idiot not to be grateful to work with you and a bigger idiot to poison that work environment by being the type of asshole I hate. Now we can either start over with mutual respect or you can continue to resent me and deal with the fact that you have my respect. Your call, Sergeant.”

Menninger and Ramos both chuckle at the look on Rodgers’ face. The sergeant slowly shakes his head and looks at the other two officers.

“Don’t tell me OCS finally produced an officer whose head doesn’t grow in their ass,” he mutters. Ashlyn grins. Rodgers turns to her and offers his hand. “My apologies, Lieutenant. Colonel Menninger had nothing but praise for you. I should have listened to him. Let’s start over with that whole mutual respect thing. Just don’t piss me off,” he adds with a wink.

Ashlyn chuckles and shakes his hand. “I’ll do my best. But my wife often says I can do that without trying so no promises.”

The men laugh and continue to make plans and order up the things they need for this mission.


Ashlyn pulls her phone out as the cargo plane lifts off from Andrews. She quickly types out a text.

On our way to Thailand. I love you, baby.

Major Ramos watches her and pats her on the shoulder. “You okay?”

Ashlyn nods. “Yes, sir. Just letting my wife know we’re taking off. She already knows it could be a while before I can contact her again.”

“Good.” He pauses. “So your wife is Ali Krieger, right?”

“Yes, sir. You know her?”

“I have a 12 year old daughter who’s wild about soccer. After watching the Brazil game last summer she decided she wanted to be just like Ali Krieger and someday win a huge game.”

“I can believe that,” Ashlyn says proudly.

“How is she doing? With her knee?”

“Okay. She returned to Frankfurt about 3 weeks after surgery. They basically have her in a rehab program that goes all day long. It’s like a 9-5 job. It’s tough but she’s back to running. Unfortunately she was only at about 75% when Pia named the Olympic roster and the alternates.”

“Damn. That’s a shame.”

“Yeah. But she’ll be back. If all goes well she’ll keep getting better and be back on the national team by the end of the year. She’ll be in Canada for the World Cup in 2015 and then she’ll take on Rio in 2016 for that Olympic medal she deserves,” she states confidently.

“Good to know.” He waits a second as the plane levels out. “So do you miss it?”

“Sure. I always will. But I just felt like this is where I am meant to be,” she explains.

“I understand. I walked away from a chance at Major League Baseball. A bunch of my teammates thought I was nuts. I think even a few were angry. It’s hard to get them to understand why you walk away from it for this life.”

“I got lucky. My teammates have been nothing but supportive. I mean, at first a few questioned me to make sure I wasn’t walking away too soon but when I explained myself they got it. And Alex, uh, Ali, has always been in my corner.”

As if it was scripted, her phone buzzes. She picks it up and smiles.

Be safe, my soldier. I am so proud of you and love you so much.

Ramos chuckles at the smile on Ashlyn’s face. “Yep, you are definitely in love.”

“Hell, yeah,” she agrees.

He pats her on the shoulder and stands. “Well, get some sleep. Once we hit the ground sleep will be nearly non-existent the first 48-72 hours.”

“Yes, sir,” she says and gets up to find a place to stretch out. She finds a few seats free and stretches out across them, ignoring the uncomfortable pain of the edges of the seat. She is a little too wired to sleep immediately. She pops open her phone and starts to scroll through the pics. Eventually she calms herself enough to rest. She looks at the picture on her screen: a selfie of her and Ali right after the defender’s surgery. She smiles and gives it a kiss. “Love you, baby,” she whispers before pocketing her phone and closing her eyes. As it used to when she was on the national team, the sound of the plane’s engines lulls her into sleep.



“ suck,” Ali mutters to her personal trainer.

The woman grins. “I thought you were Ali Warrior, not Ali Quitter,” the woman teases.

Ali just glares at the woman. She’d heard the taunt before when she tried to quit. Sadly, it still works and she starts her next set of leg lifts. When it ends her trainer tosses her a towel.

“There, see? Not so bad. You could almost be a German player,” she jokes.

Ali glares at her. “Right, Celia,” she mumbles.

Celia Stopplebein squats down beside her charge. “Ali, surely you can tell you’re getting stronger? You know I am only doing this to get you back on the pitch.”

“I know. I just...feel like I hit a wall or something. I haven’t been able to increase the weights for 2 weeks. I haven’t been able to run any longer. I I really getting better, Cel?”

Celia nods. “You are. You’ve not hit a wall. There is a reason we are not increasing anything right now. You are at 90% right now. We want your body comfortable here. We don’t want to push too far, too fast and risk re-injury. When I, and the doctors, are sure your body will not regress, we will then increase things a little more and start the final climb to 100%.”

“How soon?”

Celia shrugs. “That is not for me to officially say but I would think maybe another 2 weeks. I want you to be bitching at me that there are not enough reps, not that there are too many,” she says with a smile.

Ali considers this a moment as she runs a finger over the scar in her knee. She finally looks up. “Really?”


Ali slowly nods then stands. “Okay then. What next, boss?”

Celia grins. “Boss? I like that. Come on. Water aerobics time.”

Ali nods and follows her to the locker room to get her suit on for her final activity of the day. As they pass by the front desk her eyes catch the news report. Her eyes widen and she runs over.

“Turn that up!” she commands in German.

The man behind the counter does so without question. Ali studies the screen as the German anchor talks about the continued efforts in Thailand to help those affected by the series of earthquakes that had been shaking the coast for the last week. Ali’s eyes strain, trying to see if any of the people in camouflage are her wife but, honestly, from a distance they all look alike in their gear and helmets.

It had been 5 days since Ashlyn’s last contact. Just a quick text that her plane had landed. Ali’s phone is never far from her just in case her wife finally gets a moment to contact her. Celia actually wears it on her hip during their workouts so Ali can respond or answer depending on the method Ashlyn uses to reach out. Ali wipes a hand down her face as the news report switches to another story. A hand falls on her shoulder.

“You heard the man, things are starting to stabilize,” Celia points out. “That probably means she will contact you soon.”

“Yeah. Of course.” Ali takes a deep breath. “I just miss her so much. I guess I didn’t realize how hard it would be to just...not know where she is or what she’s doing or how she’s doing.”

“I understand. When my husband was in the Army it would often be a month before I heard from him. I had tried to prepare myself for that but there just isn’t a way,” she says compassionately.

Ali nods in agreement. She then takes another deep breath and turns to her trainer. “Okay, enough wallowing. Time for the water.”

Celia smiles. She sees that Ali is now using her workout to get her mind off her wife. Celia had done that many times when her husband had been deployed. She pats the US defender on the shoulder.

“Right. Let’s go.”

Twenty minutes later Ali groans.

“ONE MORE SET!” Celia hollers, her words echoing through the swimming center.

“You suck,” Ali grumbles.

Celia chuckles. Yep, Ali was back to normal.


Ashlyn runs the back of her hand across her forehead. She flicks it, seeing the sweat darkened with dirt and grimaces. She had yet to shower since arriving in Thailand and was in serious need of something more than a sponge bath. Major Ramos pats her on the shoulder.

“You’ve been doing a damn good job, Lieutenant. How are you feeling about everything?”

Ashlyn considers her answer a moment. “Well, let’s just say I have a shitload of questions, sir, but they can wait until we’re back at Belvoir. Rodgers has been great about answering questions in the field and about making sure the locals know I’m the ranking officer even though he is older. And a man. That’s the part they seem to have the most trouble with.”

Ramos grins. “Yeah, you’ll find that in a lot of places. But something tells me a world class female athlete has dealt with that crap before.”

“Definitely,” she agrees with a grin. “It’s par for the course most of the time.”

Before their conversation can continue a private runs into the tent and gives the officers a quick salute before addressing Ramos.

“Sir, some of the local leaders are demanding they get more than the allotted rations of water. They won’t listen to Lieutenant Saunders. Say he’s not important enough.”

Ramos sighs and looks at Ashlyn. “So much for sending you out to deal with this.” She just grins. He grabs his helmet. “Lead on, Private.”

Ashlyn has just sat down for the first time in 8 hours when she hears raised voices outside the tent. “Son of a bitch,” she grumbles as she stands back up and marches out to see what is going on.

About 10 feet away she sees one of the locals that had been helping with distribution of supplies arguing with Sgt. Rodgers. She rolls her eyes and stomps towards them.

“What’s going on here, Sergeant?” she asks with an air of authority that gets both men to stop arguing.

The Thai national spins at her and starts to wag a finger in her face. “HE PROMISED ME MORE FOOD FOR MY FAMILY IF I HELPED! I HELPED AND NOW HE’S NOT GIVING ME THE FOOD!”

Ashlyn’s eyes narrow. “First of all, get your fucking finger out of my face,” she tells the man and smacks his hand down. “Secondly, Sergeant Rodgers is one of our most respected soldiers and a man of his word. Had he made you that promise, he’d have lived up to it. But you seem to forget I was there when you VOLUNTEERED to help with NO regard to any special favors.” She steps into his comfort zone. “So you can either calm your ass down and continue to help us, or we will gladly have a couple of MPs escort you back to your house.”

The man stares into Ashlyn’s eyes looking for any sign of hesitation. She just glares at him much the way she would stare down opposing players taking penalty kicks. The man finally drops his head and steps away from her. She curls her lip in a slight grin.

“As I thought. We appreciate the help you’ve given us and I hope we can continue to work together. If so, I am sure Sergeant Rodgers can tell you where you are needed,” she states, thereby turning control of the situation back over to the NCO.

Rodgers looks down at the clipboard in his hand, mostly to keep his adversary from seeing his proud grin. He clears his face and looks up. “Could use you in the hospital tomorrow.”

The man slowly nods. “I...will be there.”

“Good.” Rodgers reaches into his pocket and pulls out a Granola bar. “It ain’t much but it’s yours if you want it,” he offers.

The man takes it with a smile. “My son loves these. Thank you, Sgt. Rodgers.”

Ashlyn reaches into her pocket and pulls out the one she’d picked up that morning. “Here’s another. I know you have a daughter, too.”

He smiles thankfully. “Thank you, Lieutenant Harris. I will see you all tomorrow.”

The man hurries away, happy to have gotten a little something for his kids. Rodgers turns and stares at Ashlyn a second.

“Damn, Lieutenant, you’re bound and fucking determined to make me like you, aren’t you.”

Ashlyn just grins. “How could you not, Rodgers. I’m wonderful.” She pauses. “And humble, too.”

Rodgers grins. “You know, kid, I thought Menninger was nuts when he was singing your praises. Nice to know an old dog can be wrong once in a while. You’ve been impressing me ever since you caught my mistake and I forced you to call me out on it. If you’re not careful, you’ll ruin my immediate distrust of all green lieutenants coming out of OCS.”

Ashlyn laughs. “Gee, sorry about that, Sarge,” she pats him on the shoulder. “I’ll do my best to fuck up and make you hate me again.”

He laughs as she turns and goes back into the command tent to take a well-earned, and much needed, break.


Hey, beautiful. You’re probably asleep right now but I wanted you to know my team is pulling out tomorrow. Our first stop is a little place called Ramstein AFB. About 2 hours from Frankfurt by train. (I looked.) We’ll be there for 3 days. Any chance you can get away?

She has no sooner set her phone down than it buzzes back.


Ashlyn laughs. That was quick. I miss you so much. Guess you miss me, too. See you soon, baby. I love you.

I love you, too. God, I can’t wait to see you!

In Germany, Ali leaps up and hurries to her closet to find the perfect outfit to wear. She can’t believe she is finally going to see Ashlyn! It had only been a few months but it was way too long. She picks out a dress that will hug her curves and show off her legs, which are looking awesome thanks to her recovery routine. Suddenly her face falls.

“My way Celia will approve of me being away from it for 3 days because the team won’t approve of that. Fuck. Fuck. FUCK!” She paces a few minutes then ignores the fact it is just after 4 a.m. and sends a text to Celia. “Her husband was in the army. She’ll understand...I hope,” Ali bites her lip and starts to pack her overnight bag.

She never does get back to sleep so she is awake to get a response from Celia just after 6. You will follow the regimen I give you down to the letter! Just because your wife is in town doesn’t mean she gets to undo all my hard work. I will clear it with the team. Expect the workout instructions at the end of your workout today.

Ali smiles, unable to stop the squeal that emits from her mouth. She gets ready to report to her rehab, knowing by that evening her wife would be touching down in Germany.


Ashlyn is nodding at something a corporal is telling her as they walk into the hotel just off base where the team from Thailand is staying for a couple days to recuperate. Friends had often said Ash and Ali had a freaky, magical connection. In this moment, Ashlyn knows it’s true. She comes to a halt then slowly turns and stares towards the hotel restaurant. A second later an excited brunette comes racing out.



Ali leaps into her wife’s arms. Ashlyn buries her face in the long, dark tresses that carry her wife’s unique scent of something sweet and tropical. They hold each other a moment, just relishing being in each other’s arms. After a moment, Ali eases back and they share a deep, passionate kiss that conveys how much they have missed each other. A throat clearing behind them breaks them apart. Ashlyn quickly turns, having forgotten the corporal.

“Oh, uh, Corporal Andrews, we can continue to discuss the paperwork in the morning. LATE in the morning, if you catch my drift.”

He grins. “Of course, Lieutenant.” He looks to Ali. “I was with your wife the night you hurt your knee. Glad to see you’re back on your feet, ma’am.”

Ali smiles. “Thank you.”

Andrews looks back at Ash. “See you in the morning, ma’am. About 9?”

Ashlyn studies her wife’s face. “Make it 10.”

Andrews chuckles. “Yes, ma’am.”

Ashlyn turns her attention back to her wife. “I can’t believe you’re here,” she whispers.

Ali tilts her head adorably. “Shouldn’t I be saying that to you? I’m the one living in Germany right now.”

“I meant here in my arms. I have missed you so much.”

The two share another kiss, this one less desperate. When it ends Ali stares into her wife’s eyes. The normally sparkling hazel eyes seem darker, less full of life. She strokes her hand down the blonde’s sculpted cheekbones.

“Are you okay?”

Ashlyn leans forward, her forehead touching Ali’s. “I will be. This was...harder than I thought. But good, too. It’s...weird trying to put it into words. It was at times depressing and terrifying and other times heartwarming and exhilarating. I think I need a few days to really process everything.”

“Then let’s head up to your room. I want to help you forget all about it for as long as I can.”

Ashlyn nods. Ali starts to step away but Ashlyn holds her hands. She lets her eyes slowly track over her wife from head to toe and back up again. She unconsciously licks her lips.

“You are so beautiful.”

Ali steps back to her and gives her a kiss. “So are you.”

They collect Ali’s bags from the restaurant and make their way up to Ashlyn’s room. The soldier has off until the next morning...and she plans to utilize that time to reacquaint herself with her wife’s amazing body. As they get into the room, Ali pulls out her phone.

“I almost forgot: I’ve been told I have to do this.” She pulls Ashlyn close and snaps a selfie of them both smiling, their heads pressed together. She quickly types out a caption and shows it to her wife.

Ashlyn grins. “Perfect.”

Ali posts it to Instagram so their friends and family know that, My soldier is out of Thailand. Heading home to America in a few days but first a stop in Germany. Yay me!

Ashlyn places Ali’s bag on the dresser then turns as her wife drops her phone down beside it. The taller woman slowly drags her fingers down over the brunette’s arms. She smiles.

“You’re arms are cut, baby,” she praises.

Ali brings her hands up to her wife’s biceps. “I got to keep up with you.”

Ashlyn wraps her arms around Ali and pulls her close. She gives her a tentative kiss as she inhales deeply, her ol’ factory senses telling her she may be in Germany but she is home. She pecks Ali again as both women start to breathe heavily. She gives Ali another teasing kiss but the defender has had enough. She grabs Ashlyn by the bun and pulls her into a deep kiss. Their tongues battle for dominance. When they finally pull apart, they are both panting heavily.

“I love you so much,” Ash says.

“I love you, too.”

Ali’s hands go to Ash’s ACU jacket and slowly unbuttons it. She pushes it off her shoulder to the floor. Her hands run up the tee shirt that is revealed, feeling the strong ab muscles underneath it. She then pulls it out of her wife’s pants and lifts it up and off. She runs her hands back over the incredible 6-pack of her wife.


Ashlyn can’t help but smile at the breathless praise. Ali hooks her fingers under the sports bra that covers nipples already standing at attention. As she lifts it up, her head drops so she can take one of those breasts in her mouth. Ashlyn hisses, her back arching towards her wife.

“Fuck, Ali.”

“Soon, Ashlyn. Soon,” Ali teases around the nipple in her teeth.

As she lavishes both breasts with attention she backs her wife towards the bed until it hits Ashlyn’s knees, forcing her to sit down. Ali kneels down in front of her wife, her mouth never leaving pert breasts as she unties and removes Ash’s boots. She kisses her way back up to Ashlyn’s mouth as her hands go to the waist band and quickly have the pants undone. Wordlessly she encourages her wife to stand and finishes stripping her completely. She stares at a huge bruise on her wife’s thigh, then looks up questioningly.

“Pissed off an ox by accident. Thankfully I saw the kick coming and this was just a glancing blow.”

“Glancing blow? It’s almost your whole thigh, Ash!”

“But if he had made good contact it would have broken my femur. So, it’s nothing. Just a lesson in how not to get an ox out of the road,” she explains with a grin.

Ali chuckles. “You’re a mess.”

“Always,” Ashlyn agrees.

Ali leans forward and places a gentle kiss on the huge bruise. Ashlyn inhales sharply. Ali looks up, knowing that the deep breath was not about the bruise but about where Ali’s mouth is. She holds her wife’s gaze as she leans forward again, this time placing a kiss in her wife’s golden triangle. One of Ashlyn’s hands goes to Ali’s head.

“Please,” she begs, her voice wavering.

Though Ali would normally like to tease she knows neither woman is ready for that tonight. She wraps her hands around the keeper’s hips and pulls her forward as her tongue snakes out and slides into already soaking folds.

“OH! YES!” Ashlyn yelps.

Ali groans. For too long she had gone without this sweet elixir of life. Her tongue thrusts in hard and deep. She twirls it around, loving the little moans that come from Ash’s mouth. She brings a hand around and, as she sucks a hard, throbbing clit into her mouth, she thrusts up hard and deep with two fingers.


Ashlyn’s legs are shaking as her wife feasts. Almost too soon, her hips are thrusting of their own accord as she rocks through an orgasm. She falls backwards onto the bed, her whole body shivering with pleasure. Ali stands and stares down at her wife. She grabs the hem of her slip on dress and eases it up and off. Ashlyn’s clit starts to throb anew as her wife stands before her in a black, lacy bra, matching thong, and a garter belt holding up her thigh high stockings. This outfit was planned to make sure she appreciated all of her wife’s toned body.

It worked.

“My God, Alex, you are so fucking beautiful. I just...fuck...”

Ali crawls up onto the bed, straddling her wife. She thrusts her center down against the blonde. “So, you like what you see.”

“Love what I see,” Ashlyn pants, her hands going to Ali’s hips.

“I love what I see, too.” She spreads her legs more, letting her center land on Ashlyn. “Can you feel how wet you make me?”

Ashlyn moans and nods. “Yes. Fuck, Alex, oh yes.”

Ali reaches behind her back and undoes her bra, letting if fall off. Ashlyn’s hands immediately go to the freed breasts. Ali moans and thrusts against Ash again as the blonde starts to squeeze and caress the perfect breasts of her wife. After a few minutes feeling Ali getting wetter and thrusting harder, Ashlyn quickly flips them, settling between her wife’s legs. Her hazel eyes have gone dark, taking on a feral glint.

“Love you,” she growls before capturing her wife in a hard, deep kiss.

One of her hands kneads and pinches a breast as the other slides lower, yanking the thong enough to snap it. Ali just moans in appreciation as that hand then buries itself into silken folds wet with desire. Ashlyn uses her hips to help her thrust harder, deeper as her mouth kisses towards the heaving breast below her. Ali wraps her legs around Ash’s hips, moaning as they thrust harder and faster. Almost before either woman is ready Ali’s screaming Ashlyn’s name as she rocks through an orgasm. Before she can come down, Ash descends the strong body and her mouth latches onto the still pulsing clit.


She is now thrusting three fingers deep into her wife as she sucks her hard and rhythmically until she once again screams through an orgasm.

Ashlyn rolls off her wife as both women lie there, spent. After a few minutes, Ashlyn rolls to her side, her hand tracing patterns on Ali’s stomach.

“I can’t get enough of you.”

Ali smiles. “Feeling is mutual.”

Ash smiles then leans in to kiss her wife again, this time slowly. When it ends she lifts a lock of dark hair off the other woman’s face.

“When do you have to go back to Frankfurt?”

Ali frowns. “Back? What do you mean?”

“For rehab.”

Ali chuckles. “I don’t. I got, as they say in the military, a 3 day pass. Celia gave me a list of things to do tomorrow and the next day to keep my progress in line.”

Ashlyn’s face brightens. “Really? Seriously?”

“Really and seriously,” her wife confirms.

Ash buries her face in Ali’s neck. “Oh, thank God. I think I love Celia and I’ve never even met her.”

Ali chuckles and pokes her. “Watch the loving, woman,” she warns in jest.

“A different kind of love, baby. I promise.”

The two stare at each other for several minutes, then Ali frowns.

“How the hell did you piss of an ox in the road?”

The two women burst out laughing. Ash kisses her wife on the nose.

“As easily as I can piss you off you have to ask?”

“Good point,” Ali concedes. “But I still want to hear the story.”

The two women get situated in the bed. Ash tells Ali about the ox. Gradually Ali draws out other things that happened in Thailand, gently coaching her wife until she has gotten out all the things that had been haunting her eyes. As they gradually come back to life, Ali smiles.

“There’s those gorgeous orbs I’ve been missing. Feel better?”

Ashlyn smiles. “Yeah, I do. Thank you for making me talk that out.”

“It’s part of the marriage contract: making your wife address that which she’d rather ignore. Not the easiest part of the contract but still there,” Ali explains with a shrug.

“Well then I will have to pass on to the marriage police that you are doing your job smashingly and should not have your contract revoked.”

Ali chuckles. “Good to hear.” She rolls over on top of her wife. “So, time for another romp before dinner?”

“Definitely, sweetheart, definitely.”

This time they make love slowly, sweetly, reaffirming their love. They have a glorious 3 days in Germany before Ashlyn heads back to Virginia and Ali heads back to her apartment in Frankfurt to continue her rehabilitation.