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For Love & Country

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December 2011

Ali is checking her phone as she hustles through the airport in Columbus, GA. She needs to get a cab to the hotel and confirm dinner plans with Ashlyn. If all flights stay on time, everyone else will be arriving in about 3 hours and Ali wants everything to be perfect. As she leaves the security checkpoint exit, she glances up to check the signs to baggage claim...

...and stumbles to a stop.

The single dimple smile that means the world to her is shining right at her. The blonde that is the answer to her childhood dreams is standing there. In her hands is a simple sign, “Princess”. Ali squeals in delight and races towards Ashlyn. Ashlyn drops the sign and catches her love as she leaps into her arms. After a few minutes, Ali eases back and Ash sets her down.

“What are you doing here? I thought you had class?”

“We earned the afternoon off. So, here I am ready to chauffeur you to the hotel.”

“Oh, I am so happy to see you,” Ali says, still hardly believing the change that she can see in just a few weeks. Not to mention feel. She squeezes Ashlyn’s bicep. “Damn, honey,” she whispers.

Ashlyn smiles proudly. “Yeah, I am even more cut than I knew I could be.” She stares into Ali’s eyes. “I love you so much.”

“I love you, too.”

The two share a deep kiss. As it ends, Ashlyn’s eyes are dark with lust. “Luggage. Let’s get your luggage and get to the hotel.”

“Yeah,” Ali mumbles.

Ash steps away and grabs Ali’s hand to drag her to the baggage area so they can get the heck out of the airport and make up for 12 weeks of missing each other.


After what felt like the longest 45 minutes of their lives, the two women are hustling into the hotel room. The door hasn’t even closed completely before Ali’s bags are dropped and Ashlyn has her pinned to the wall. Both women moan as their mouths come together in deep, hungry kisses. Ali grabs the hem of Ashlyn’s shirt.

“Off. Need to see you.”

“Me, too,” Ashlyn insists as she unbuttons Ali’s slacks.

They are a desperate tangle of limbs and clothes as they frantically undress each other. When they are both gloriously naked, they actually pause. Ashlyn gently runs her hands over Ali, reminding herself of all the dips and curves that make up her beautiful goddess.

Ali, on the other hand, has to stop herself from drooling as she takes in the new contours that define her wife. One hand trails up a thigh that had been strong before but is a rock now. Her other hand trails over the well-defined 6-pack of her wife’s stomach.

“Oh, fuck, Ash.”

Ashlyn grins. “Don’t get used to it. They warned us we’ll be in better shape the day we graduate than we ever will be again.”

Ali drops to her knees. She places open mouthed kisses on those strong muscles, loving the way they tremble and contract below her lips. Ashlyn strokes her hand over Ali’s head, her strong legs suddenly getting weak.


Ali looks up and sees what Ashlyn needs. She grips the back of those rock hard thighs and angles Ashlyn forward. Ashlyn braces one hand against the wall as the other urges Ali’s head forward.

“ALEX! YES!” Ashlyn shouts as her fiancé’s talented tongue slips between her legs.

Ali hums happily as she tastes her love once more. Her tongue swirls around the throbbing pearl of Ashlyn’s desire before sliding farther back and dipping into the center of her lover’s heat. Ashlyn moans and spreads her legs even farther apart. Ali feels the tremors increasing in the thighs she grips. Her woman is so ready for her touch.

“Alex...please...take me all the way. Please...” Ashlyn begs.

Ali shivers at the desire in Ash’s voice. She slowly slides one hand around.

“Yeah., please,” Ashlyn encourages.

Ali smiles...and thrusts 2 fingers deep into her girlfriend. The blonde rises to her tiptoes as she rocks with the thrust. Ali continues to thrust as her mouth sucks in the throbbing clit. A few flicks of her tongue combined with a swirl of her fingers against Ash’s g-spot drive the woman over the edge. Ash’s legs rock forward several times as she cums with a roar.

Ali gently guides her to the ground. Ashlyn is on her knees, panting. Her head is on Ali’s shoulder.


Ali smiles, rubbing her hands up and down her strong back. “You okay?”

“Depends. Are my legs still attached?”

“Yes,” Ali giggles.

“Then no because I can’t feel them.”

Ali chuckles and pulls her even closer. “Then I best get you into bed. And since you’re so helpless now, I guess I’ll just have to have my way with you over and over again until our families arrive.”

Ashlyn lifts her head, smirking. “Who said I was helpless?”

She pulls Ali over her shoulder and stands up suddenly. Ali squeals in delight as Ashlyn walks them over to the bed, yanks down the covers with one hand, and drops Ali onto the bed. She then crawls on top of Ali, straddling one leg. She grips the other leg and guides it up around her waist, opening Ali to her completely. Braced on her right hand, she uses her left to start to caress Ali’s perfect breasts.

“You’ve had your snack. Now I’ll get mine,” Ash husks out. “And I plan to eat you up from top to bottom.”

Ali can only moan as their lips crash together once more. Their hips rock in time with each other, their thighs rubbing clits that are highly sensitive. Their bodies feel like they are on fire as they grind into each other. Ash’s mouth travels to Ali’s ear. She sucks a pressure point just below the lobe and feels the familiar shudder that spot always induces. Ali moans out her name. Ashlyn kisses lower, finally sucking gently on the hollow between neck and shoulder. She does an extra hip check as Ali’s nails scrape down her back.

“Oh, fuck, Ashlyn,” Ali groans.

Ashlyn kisses lower. She wants to tease a little but no longer has the control to wait. Her mouth latches onto Ali’s breast, sucking as much of it in as she can as her tongue flicks the pebbly nipple. Ali’s back arches up as she screams at the sensations this adds to her already electrified body. After paying both breasts equal attention, Ashlyn can wait no longer. She slides down the bed and settles between Ali’s legs. The brunette lifts her head and meets eyes with a wolfish desire in them.


“Yes. Yours. Take it! Please, Ash, take it!”

That is all she needs to hear. Her tongue dives deep into Ali’s heat and she feasts as if she’d starved for 12 weeks. And in some ways she had. When she feels Ali close, her mouth moves to the throbbing clit as she uses a hand to penetrate deep and hard. Her strong shoulders keep Ali’s thrusts to a minimum so there is little to disrupt her pace. Soon Ali is screaming through her own orgasm. As she finally collapses down on the bed, Ashlyn sits up. Her own hand dives into her center and with just a few practiced flicks she sends herself over again. She drops onto the bed, half on Ali, half off. Both women are panting.

After a few minutes, Ali shifts, forcing Ashlyn to her back so they can cuddle. The shorter woman brushes a lock of hair off of her blonde’s face. They stare at each other silently for a few moments.

“I love you. And I am so proud of you,” Ali finally whispers.

“I love you, too. And I hope I can always make you proud.”

Ali shifts so she is on top. Their hands trace paths over each other for a moment before Ali leans down to kiss Ash once more. Within moments they are making love again. This time slowly, sensually. The first round had been about separation and horniness. Now they are celebrating their love and reminding themselves of all they mean to each other as they start on the next phase of their life together.


The next day at 10:30 exactly, the graduating class of this OCS term files into the room hosting their ceremony. Ali can’t help but think Ashlyn is the most handsome one in the lot. But she may be a bit biased. Tears spring into her eyes when she sees her fiancé proudly, and with honor, take the oath to military service. She feels a hand take hers and glances at Tammye, who is also beaming with pride.

“She looks so happy,” Tammye whispers.

“Yes, she does,” Ali agrees.

As the ceremony moves to the special awards, Ali is surprised to see Ashlyn stepping into line beside the stage.

“The winner of the female Distinguished Physical Fitness Graduate with a score of 330 points, branch Corps of Engineers, Second Lieutenant Ashlyn Harris.”

Deb looks at Ali. “Did she tell you?”

“No! The stinker!” Ali answers as they clap for their soldier.

When the ceremony is finally winding down, the graduates, with their family members joining in, singing the anthem of the US Army, “The Army Goes Rolling Along.” This time Ali can’t fight the tears of pride. The song had always made her heart swell but now it means even more to her. Finally, after the distinguished guests file out, the drill sergeant steps up to the stage. She gives a salute to the class, signifying that they have now transitioned to full military officer. The audience claps and the ceremony ends as the newly minted officers file out.

The Krieger’s and Harris’ catch up to Ashlyn outside. Ali pulls Ash into a strong hug.

“I am so, so proud of you,” she croaks out through her tears.

Ash smiles and kisses her cheek. “I’d never have made it without your love and support.”

“Mind if we have a hug?” Tammye teases.

Ali steps to the side, wiping her tears as everyone gives Ash a hug. Then camera’s come out and the family poses for a number of photos with their soldier. Ali has Kyle take one with her phone and quickly posts it to Instagram. She captions it “My Officer!” Within moments it is being liked and shared by USWNT members who also respond with congratulations for Ashlyn. An arm drapes across Ali’s shoulder.

“So, ready to go, sweetheart, or you want to keep hanging here at the base?”

Ali turns and kisses Ashlyn’s cheek. “Let’s get to lunch. Then we need to go to the hotel, get you changed and start the drive to DC. We have a date in Baltimore this week.”

“Damn right,” Ashlyn agrees.

The plan was for the women to get legally married at the courthouse in Baltimore but the real celebration would be the one in Florida and that is the day they would consider their anniversary. Well, not that they wouldn’t enjoy celebrating both days. They would register for the license on Monday and then wait the required 48 hours before getting married. A couple of friends in the area would go as their witnesses, including Ali’s maid of honor Liz.

“So, will you wear your dress uniform for that, too?”

“Nah. I’m thinking board shorts and a tank top,” she teases.

“Oh, Ashlyn, really,” Tammye scolds.

Ashlyn laughs and looks at Ali. “Told she’d think that was my first choice.”

Ali rolls her eyes and the group heads out for a nice lunch. As it ends, Ashlyn looks at her gathered family.

“I just want to say it means so much to me that you all took the time to fly out here for my graduation. Your support over the years, both in soccer and now as I start to serve in the Army, means so much to me. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without each and every one of you.”

“We’re proud of you, Ash. Always have been,” Ken states as he pats her hand. “The Army is damn lucky to have you.”

“So, do you know where you’re going yet?” Chris asks.

Ashlyn takes a deep breath. “Uh, yeah, actually I do,” she says sadly. Ali’s heart drops and she has to remind herself to stay positive no matter what. “I was hoping to save this for later but...well...I’ll be stationed for now out of...Ft. Belvoir.”

“Oh, that’s not so bad. At least it’s not- -” Ali’s supportive statement trails off as Ashlyn’s words. “Wait...what did you say?”

Ken, Deb and Kyle are grinning ear to ear. The Harris’ seem confused. Ashlyn chuckles.

“Ft Belvoir. You know, right there in Northern Virginia.”

Ali’s eyes widen. “You JERK! You had me prepped for Alabama or even overseas!” she smacks Ashlyn’s arm.

Ashlyn laughs along with everyone else. “Sorry, honey, I couldn’t resist. We had both been so ready for bad news I was stunned when I saw my papers. I report to the base officially in 5 weeks. I just have to go by sometime this week to get my paperwork set-up and to file you officially as my spouse.”

“Hmph. Pull a mean prank like that and you may not need that filing,” Ali teases with a pout.

Kyle rolls his eyes. “Oh, yeah, like any of us actually believe you could follow through on that threat.”

Everyone, including Ali, laughs, knowing he is very, very right.


Ashlyn lies on her back, Ali curled up against her side, in the honeymoon suite of the Four Seasons at the Baltimore Inner Harbor. A two night stay had been a gift from their brothers. Ali isn’t sure if Ash is more excited about the suite or about the tickets to the National Aquarium that had been part of the package. They would be using those the next day.

The women had gotten married that morning and were now lying naked after spending the day celebrating their marriage. Ali is gently tracing the newly sculpted lines of her wife’s body. Her hand glides down Ash’s arm to her strong hand. Ali entwines their fingers, noting how different they are and yet they fit perfectly together. She sighs happily and kisses Ashlyn’s shoulder.

“I didn’t think it would feel different,” she says dreamily.

Ashlyn, her free hand lightly stroking up and down Ali’s back, cocks her head to see her wife’s face. “What wouldn’t?”

“Being married. Making love and being married.” Ali’s eyes move from their hands to the blonde’s face. “But it just feels...feels so much...better.”

Ashlyn smiles and hugs her close. “Yes, it does.”

“Can I ask two questions?” Ali asks.

“Of course. I won’t even count that one,” Ashlyn jokes.

Ali grins and rolls to sit up on her wife. Ash’s hands go to Ali’s hips.

“Are...are you really okay with me staying ‘Ali Krieger’ in soccer?”

The lieutenant smiles. “Of course. Baby, you’ll be Ali Krieger-Harris officially. Staying Krieger for soccer just makes sense because it’s a brand name now.”

“Yeah, but Cap changed her name.”

“But Hamm didn’t,” Ashlyn counters. She takes her wife’s hands. “When Cap changed her name, soccer wasn’t as popular. She didn’t have all the social media out there to help boost her name. If she did she’d probably still be Pierce on the field, just like Mia is still Hamm. It would be Cap’s brand. Even though Cap is badass on the field taking Chris’ name showed she was ready for their path together.”

“Are you saying we don’t have a path together?”

Ashlyn chuckles. “We have a beautiful, long path together. But you’ll be the name people know. I’ll just be the soldier following your career from around the world.”

“Oh. But people will remember you, Ash,” Ali insists.

“I know some will. But I am going to be so proud and so happy being ‘Ali Krieger’s wife’ at games because I know when the cameras stop rolling, and the sharpie’s run dry, you’ll be back in my arms as Alex Krieger-Harris. Who you are to me has always been so much more special than the name on your back while on the field.” She taps Ali’s heart. “Who you are in here is what matters. Always.”

Ali smiles and leans over to kiss her wife. The answer had been perfect. She sits back up and fiddles with the dog tags she had insisted Ash keep on while they made love.

“So, my second question may be kind of silly. Please don’t laugh at me,” she requests nervously, biting her lip as she studies the face below her.

“I promise, baby.”

Ali looks at the tags. “Can you get me a set of your dog tags? I’d...I’d like to have them to wear when we’re apart. Like, if I’m at camp or something I can have them with me and just take them off for games and such. I like that they will hang just over my heart.”

Ash takes Ali’s hands and pulls her down into a kiss. “That’s not silly, baby. Not silly at all. I’ll get you a set. I promise.”

Ali smiles. “Thank you.”

They kiss again. And soon they are once again making love to celebrate the official joining of their lives as one.


On Friday afternoon, Ashlyn and Ali drive from Baltimore to Ft Belvoir so the second lieutenant can meet her commander-to-be and fill out any paperwork needed to officially list Ali as her spouse. For her part, Ali had to do her best to curb her hormones. Turns out Ash is as sexy in her ACU’s as she was graduation day in her Class A’s.

After getting waved onto base via the secure checkpoint, Ali reads the directions to lead Ash to the parking lot beside the building that houses the Corps of Engineers. The women walk into the office and Ali takes a seat as Ash walks up to the corporal at the reception desk.

“Corporal Peters? I’m Lieutenant Harris. I have an appointment with Colonel Menninger.”

“Yes, ma’am. Have a seat and I’ll let the colonel know you’re here.”

“Thank you.”

The women only have to wait 5 minutes before a striking man steps out into the waiting room. Well over 6’ tall he has maintained his physique and looks like he could give some young fellows a run for the money on the obstacle course. His dark hair is just graying at the temples and he gives off an air of power that instills confidence. He extends his hand as Ashlyn stands.

“Lt. Harris, pleasure to meet you.”

“You, too, sir. I’ve heard a lot of good things about you and look forward to serving with you.”

He nods. “Good to know. Can I assume this is your sister?”

Ali blushes as Ash just grins. “Uh, actually, sir, this is my wife, Ali Krieger-Harris. We got married Wednesday in Baltimore and have a full ceremony for our family and friends next week in Florida.”

Menninger has the grace to look ashamed as Ali stands. He extends his hand. “My apologies. Congratulations to you both on your marriage.”

“Thank you,” Ali replies with a smile.

“Well, I hope you don’t mind if I steal your wife for a few minutes, Mrs. Harris?”

Ali shakes her head. “Not at all.”

“Peters, make sure you get Mrs. Harris anything she needs.”

The corporal nods. “Yes, sir.”

Once the officers are gone, Ali sits back down. She smiles at the corporal. “Don’t worry: I won’t make you fetch me a steak dinner.”

The corporal chuckles. “Thanks, ma’am. Uh, is it okay if I say I know you? Your PK against Brazil was incredible.”

Ali blushes. “Thank you. It was one of the best moments of my career.”

“I believe it.”

Meanwhile in the office, Menninger gestures for Ash to sit as he settles behind his desk.

“Your file is quite impressive, Harris.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“I know part of the reason you are here is to learn the ins and outs of the engineers. We pride ourselves on going into devastated areas, both here and abroad, and improving living conditions as quickly as possible. From temporary buildings in disaster areas to permanent structures where we are creating goodwill to, the most important in some areas, creating a sustainable clean water source. Additionally, if our troops need a bridge, we find a way to build it. We are one part goodwill ambassadors, one part advance war support. So I ask you: what is a world class goalkeeper doing in my corps of engineers?”

Ashlyn doesn’t even hesitate. “Everything you have said is the reason why I wanted my MOS to be here with the engineers. I want to make a difference in the world. If that means going to a place that has been destroyed by an earthquake and giving people a roof and water I want to be a part of that. If that means going to a warzone and making sure our tanks can get into enemy territory in an effort to bring about peace, I want to be there. Yes, sir, I am a world class goalkeeper. I have met so many people, visited so many countries, and it is now my time to give back. I want to continue to represent the United States but now as a soldier, not as a keeper. Here in the engineers I can make a difference unlike any I have ever made on the pitch.”

He studies her a moment, then grins. “Damn good answer, Harris.”

“Thank you, sir,” she replies proudly.

“I have a proposition for you. We’re putting together a new rapid response team, the fourth such team since I implemented the idea. This team would be alerted the moment we are needed in an emergency situation; think natural disaster or terrorist attack. It could be foreign it could be domestic but the goal is to have you in route within 4 hours. Gear, supplies, everything you need to get started. That may sound easy but I promise you it is not. Requisitions will have to be written, planes and trucks loaded and gone. Once there you will need to assess what additional equipment will be needed, if any, to finish our mission. Goalkeepers think on their feet, they assess the field in front of them, and make split second decisions. I want that kind of thinking on this team. Granted, it may take a time or two for you to really get in the swing of things but you’ll be working with officers and NCOs that have years of experience. Use them right and you’ll be running with the bulls in no time. What do you think?”

Ashlyn straightens up even more in her seat, proud that her new boss things so highly of her. “I’d be honoured to be part of that team, sir. Is there anything I can study over the next couple of weeks that will help me become a viable member of the team sooner?”

Menninger grins. Knowing a wedding and honeymoon were coming up he had wondered if his new officer would even offer to make time for work. It had been a test to see if he was right about her. He picks up a binder and hands it to her.

“No need to memorize it but there are names, numbers, sample forms and everything you will need to know about this unit. There’s also some blank pages so you can make notes in there as you go along. This will be your work bible until you know it all. And then you can add more pages when you realize it’s an ongoing learning process so you can’t know it all.”

Ashlyn takes it and smiles. “I understand what you mean, sir. I’ll go over it with a fine toothed comb and make notes where I have questions.”

“Very good.” He picks up another stack of papers. “I thought I’d save you a little time and pick these up for you. These are the forms to fill out to register your bride, get your base parking decals, and housing forms should you opt to live on base.”

“Thank you, sir. But we’ll be living off base a little closer to where Ali will be working.”

“I see. Have you settled on a place yet?”

“No, sir.”

“Then keep in mind, from the time you get the alert to the time you are on your way is 4 hours. Commute time will count.”

Ashlyn frowns. “I hadn’t considered that, sir. Thank you for pointing that out.”

“No problem.” He stands and she does the same. He walks her back out to the lobby and offers his hand. “Welcome again, Lieutenant. I look forward to working with you soon.”

“Thank you, sir.”

He offers his hand to Ali. “You’ve got a smart woman on your hands. She’ll make you proud.”

“She already does,” Ali says, smiling at her wife.

“It was good to meet you. I’ll see you in a few weeks, Harris.”

“Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.”

Ali can tell Ashlyn is trying to stay cool while inside she is busting with excitement. Once they are safely out of sight of the building, Ashlyn lets out a whoop and spins Ali around. She quickly tells the brunette about the elite team she will be joining. Ali pulls her into a hug.

“I am so proud of you, Ash! I mean, it kinda scares me where you could be going but at the same time it is incredible that he thinks so highly of you!” She runs her hands up and down strong arms. “I am just...damn, I keep saying this over and over but I mean it: I am so proud of you. You’re going to be an amazing officer.”

The two share a kiss and hug, then go on to finish filing all the paperwork so they can get home and get changed to meet up with some friends for dinner.