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For Love & Country

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September 2011

Ali Krieger stares at her girlfriend in shock. “Are...are you sure you want to do this?”

Ashlyn Harris nods. “Yeah. I mean, I’m behind Hope, Jill and Barnie on the depth chart. And, well, I can’t explain it but...but this is just something I’ve always wanted to do. I can’t wait much longer to do it.”

Ali bites her lip as she considers what Ashlyn has told her. “But...what about pro leagues?”

Ashlyn smiles. “I’ve done those. Hell, I just won the WPS championship in an epic shootout!” She pauses and takes her girlfriend’s hands. “Alex, baby, I can honestly say I have thought about this from all angles and this is really what I want to do. I need to do this.” She takes a deep breath. “I can...understand if you can’t wait for me. My life is going to be pretty crazy and you’re not going to want to spend your free time following me who knows where when- -”

Ali cuts her off with a passionate kiss. When it ends brown eyes burn into hazel.

“I am so proud of you for doing this, Ashlyn. And I’m not going to be anywhere but by your side when our schedules allow. Will it be hard? Sure. But all military families have it tough. Ours won’t be any different.”

Ashlyn slowly smiles. “Really?”

“Really.” She strokes a hand down the taller woman’s chest. “So, um, when do you report to boot camp?”

“I go to Officers Candidate School at Ft Benning in Georgia for 12 weeks and come out a Second Lieutenant. I’ll be in the Corps of Engineers in their civilian works programs. I’ll be helping build schools, homes, bridges and such in places that have been devastated by war or natural disasters.”

Ali swallows hard. “War? Like...maybe in...the Middle East?” she asks nervously, her mind on the recent anniversary of the attacks that had shocked the world.

Ashlyn nods. “Yeah. But in places that we’ve secured the town and they need help rebuilding. It’s these types of projects that show the locals we’re not an Army just stomping through and destroying shit. We’ll help them rebuild in ways may be even better than they had before.”

Ali can see the excitement in Ashlyn’s eyes. And she is not surprised. Ashlyn’s heart has always been one of the most beautiful parts of the woman and these sorts of projects sound right up her alley.

“And with my background in soccer, they said a lot of time the community building aspects of these projects include playing with the local kids. Soccer is huge around the world so they think I’d be a natural at helping build the continued relations we need to bring peace and comfort to an area sooner rather than later.”

Ali chuckles. “You just like the thought of getting to play around while others are working.”

Ashlyn rolls her eyes. “Well, duh! Why do you think I’m a keeper not a field player,” she teases.

Ali laughs and takes a deep breath, letting it out slowly. “When do you leave?”

“To get the right orders for what I want to do, I need to sign the papers and report in two weeks.”

Ali slowly nods. “Two weeks. Think you can handle being with me every available minute of the day until then?”

“I think that’s something I could definitely handle,” Ash answers as she gives her girlfriend a kiss.

It quickly deepens. Though she is being positive and supportive on the outside, inside Ali is terrified as she imagines what could happen to Ashlyn if she gets sent to the war zone. She deepens the kiss, her hands gripping the blonde’s tee shirt and ripping it up along with the sports bra below it. Ashlyn just moans as Ali’s mouth goes right to a pert nipple.

“Oh, Alex...”

Ali pushes the taller woman onto the couch and quickly pulls off the woman’s shorts and underwear. She climbs on top, her eyes boring into Ashlyn’s.

“I love you.”

Her hand thrusts into a center already wet in anticipation. Ash bucks up to meet the pistoning arm. Ali’s mouth alternates between breasts, moaning as Ash tangles her hands into dark locks. As the blonde nears her climax Ali looks up. Ash’s head is thrown back, her eyes closed as she rides out the pleasure.

“Look at me, Ashlyn.” Ash forces her head up. “Marry me, Ashlyn. Marry me.”

It sends Ashlyn over the edge and her pleasure is her answer.