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Loonatics Extreme

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After the battle between the Loonatics and Deuce, on the planet Blanc, at the center of the universe, peace reigned once again. Old enemies became new allies. The Loonatics decided to stay in Blanc, using “Wormhole Central” to assure that not only their home planet, Acmetropolis was safe, but also the entire universe. Wherever evil struck, they would be there to protect the people and save the day, as usual.

Optimatus, Zadavia’s brother and the first enemy of the Loonatics, had decided to use his powers for good. Zadavia decided that it was time for her to return to her home planet, and accept her place as the new queen. However, she was troubled. She frowned as she looked out from the window of one of the many rooms in the palace of Blanc, ruled by their leader, the Royal Tweetums.

The battle has been won, my brother is now on the side of right, and Deuce is defeated. My Loonatics have proven once again to be the strongest team of heroes that has ever existed and yet, something tells me that they’re not ready for the new challenges that await them. With me taking my new duties, I know they will need all the help they can get. I should ask Optimatus to help them, but he needs time for himself so he can better understand the choice he’s made.’ –She thought to herself.

Suddenly, someone opened the door of the room; she looked over her shoulder to see who it was. Ace Bunny, leader of the Loonatics entered the room. He was wearing his black uniform with a yellow patch on it, Zadavia’s insignia, and he looked quite happy to see her.

“Hey what’s up Zadavia? Is everything, okay?” –Ace asked, as he walked toward her.

”I’m fine, Ace. I was just thinking of the things that you and your team accomplished in today’s battle.” –She said smiling warmly at him.

”Well, I have to say it….we really saved the day, once again, but if it wasn’t for you or your brother, not to mention ‘His Feathered Highness’ Tweetums and Sylth Vester, we wouldn’t have won. Everyone helped, and I do think that we all did a pretty good job.”-He said proudly.

”You surprised me, Ace. I never thought that you would be able to control the powers of the ‘Guardian Strike Sword’ that well, at least not in such a short time and, even though you saved the Universe and defeated Deuce with your own skills, you still act like it was no big deal, and even thanked the rest of the people that helped you. Most people would just take all the credit for it, but you… you still refuse to take it all. That is commendable.” She said praising him then her expression turned solemn, “However, I need to talk to you about a delicate situation.” –Zadavia said carefully.

“Sure… I’m all ears, literally.” –Ace said smirking a little because it was true, his big ears could hear even the littlest noise.

“You see… I wanted to talk to you about what’s going to happen now that I’m going away. You and your team protected Acmetropolis very well, from every type of attack in the last two years, and I congratulate you for doing such good work as their leader. Now, however, your decision to settle your new headquarters in Blanc so you may protect the entire Universe has put you in a position of much greater responsibility. You need to be aware of the fact that it’s going to be a tough job.” –She paused and looked at him seriously. – “I have an important question to ask of you. You may require more help than your present team to protect the universe... if there are others that can be added to your team would you accept them? Would you be able to give them the same trust you have given your team mates?” –She asked watching him closely.

“I think I would be willing to do that. Of course, it would help if it was someone who had battled by my side at least once.” –He said quietly. Looking a little puzzled he asked, “Why do you ask?”

“I needed to know if you would be flexible enough. A good leader is able to know his or her limitations and be able to adapt to any changes required to do the job they are given effectively. Personal feelings cannot interfere when you are forced to make decisions that are in the best interests of those under your protection. Your present team might be resentful at the addition of new members. It will be your job to teach your newly enlarged team to work together cohesively and to trust each other explicitly. You have to be able to stand firm on any decision you make even if the feelings of others could be hurt to ensure the safety of the team as a whole.” –Zadavia said seriously giving him a warning that she intended to increase his team. – “Of course, I want to ask you to not tell them anything about this, because you’re team is still trying to adapt to the changes that are approaching, and I don’t want to upset them with another sudden change, at least, not yet. Do you understand?”

“I guess I understand what you’re getting at there, Zadavia. This is a bigger job than taking care of just a city. The universe is a big place. So, I promise to try and work with the newcomers you select and make the team even greater than it is already. And about your request, don’t worry. I won’t tell the others about it.” He said equally serious then he changed the subject, “If you need anything, I will be with the rest of the team in Wormhole Central trying to adjust the machine so we can go back to Acmetropolis to pack our things. ‘His Feathered Highness’ is going with us to make sure that we’re able to teleport our headquarters to Blanc in one piece. I’ll see you later, Zadavia.” Ace said waving farewell as he left closing the door behind him.

After Ace left, Zadavia sighed with relief at his attitude. It was going to be easier than she’d hoped to put her plan into action. She would find six individuals and transform them to be the newest members of the Loonatics. It would be tough, since she needed to find individuals with a pure heart, a determined soul, but also with the spirit of noble fighters. The additional members would help the Loonatics handle their new job and make them the best super team in the Universe. It was the best thing she could do as their former Commander in Chief to ensure her Loonatics could survive without her.

It’s not going to be easy, but it will be well worth it for my piece of mind. This will be my last gift to the Loonatics as their commanding chief and it will be the most special and I think I know where I’ll find the first individual, right here in Blanc.” –She thought to herself, as she looked once again through the window into the horizon.