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My Past Comes To Haunt Me

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Stefan was on the terrace looking at the sky thinking that things could be happening in Mystic Falls, he wondered if Caroline was fine, as Damon felt and that sort of thing, was when it happened, Stefan felt the heat wave passed him doing he fly to the street with broken glass and the house up stones, he looked up and saw the French barracks houses destroyed but the center was the Klaus's house, he got up and went with his vampire speed into the house , was all destroyed the fire spreading on the stairs and starting to burn the same, he jumped to the top and went to the Hope Room thank God it was not her, he also heard a chant from the outside and assumed it was Freya, so he jumped out the window and was destroyed in direction to chant and saw Klaus, Elijah, Freya, Hope, Hayley and Marcel outside then he asked:
- What was this?
-That Stefan-Klaus said, pointing to the fire- is a declaration of war.

Another explosion occurred in front of street Hayley ran to column a store to protect Hope weeping in his lap, were heard shooting noises and bullets struck Klaus and Elijah and a silhouette came out of the fire, was Aurora and his legion of witches, she started shooting again and Freya pointed his hand to her making her fly backwards witches began to recite a spell causing a huge headache in their opponents, but Freya recited another spell breaking the neck of some of them, Marcel and Stefan pulled the heads of the other two and ran to help Klaus and Elijah, Aurora got up and was thrown back again only harder, Stefan carried klaus and Marcel carried Elijah to a distant point of destruction and Hayley asked,
- What are we going to do now?
-I have an idea-Stefan He saith - we go to Mystic Falls , there may be crazy but it's safer than here
-no-Klaus said- We will stay and fight
-For the heaven sake Klaus you can not even get up are white oak bullets you want to stay and die? Okay but I go to Mystic Falls with Stefan-Hayley snapped.

A discussion was formed but all decided that Mystic Falls was safer than New Orleans and decided to leave.
All but Hayley were in the bus station waiting for the bus to Whittemore, Hayley arrived minutes later with Jackson and their luggage, when the bus arrived they boarded and sat each in their seats, a boy started kicking Klaus bank and he said:

'I should have stayed in New Orleans

And Onibus left.