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Wish You Would

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Chapter one:

Mickey watched his sister rushes around. Her mind obviously everywhere but on him. “Shit, chill. We still going to lunch or what?” He asked looking at her. He had been out of prison for a few weeks and had been trying to feel some sort of normalcy, but it was hard when he was trying like hell to avoid his sisters best friend.

“Yeah,yeah, I just gotta stop by the diner and get Ian's prescription.” She stated in a rush.

“I am not going there, you know I don't want to run into him.” He grunted at her.

“Whatever, stay outside then. He's almost out, has to be done today, there is no way I'm letting my roommate and best friend go all batshit crazy just because you don't want to see him, it was hell last time.” She stated walking out.

“Last time?” He asked warily.

“Don't worry about it, let's go.” She said.

He stayed outside in the car eyeing the door, half expecting the redhead to come bounding out, he knew Mandy would tell him, big mouthed bitch. Instead what he saw was Mandy run out, Fiona following her. “Why are you freaking out Mandy? I told you, he said he's having an off day. New meds and all that.” Mandy shook her head.

“Shit, shit, shit, he's not on new meds Fiona. He's hiding out. Fuck! I'll go fill this. I'll call you as soon as I see him.” She said running towards the car. Fiona looked into the car. “Mandy, you are not taking him over there. He’ll freak out. Does he even know he's out.” Mandy nodded.

“Oh, he knows. I have to go.” She got into the car and looked at Mickey.

“The fuck is going on Mandy?” He asked as she drove off in the direction of a place he swore he would never be. “You can stay in the car if you want. I'm filling this, then I'm going home and making sure Ian is still alive if he is, I'm going to fucking kill him.” She screamed. His sister was freaking out.

“Okay, okay. Fill the damn meds, we'll check on your boyfriend. Geez.” He said sighing. He could tell there was no other way around this. That look on her face meant she thought Ian was off his meds, she was terrified. Shit, what did Gallagher do last time he went off his meds. She never would tell him, she mentioned it once during a visit a few years back but would never talk about it. Not like he had asked much, he liked to keep the focus of their relationship off of his ex.

Mandy had spent the time waiting for the meds trying to get ahold of Ian who was not answering. Bad sign. According to Mandy, he always answered. He was starting to freak out a little himself. Sure, he hated even the slightest thought of Ian Gallagher, the dude could take a fucking leap for all he cares, but that didn't mean he wanted the guy to go all crazy and shit.

Finally, they arrived and Mandy ran for her apartment. Mickey slowly followed her, not really wanting to enter the apartment. His real hope was that before he actually got there, she would run out and say that Ian was fine and he could turn back around and not even deal with this shit right now. He'd never missed prison so much than right now. In prison, there was no chance of having to deal with the man that broke his heart. He arrived at the door and breathed before slightly opening it. Mandy was screaming. "IAN, Get your fucking ass up. NOW!!" He heard nothing from inside the room except a loud bang. He waited another second before heading towards the room. he stopped when he heard the voice coming from the hallway and not the bedroom. "Geezus fuck Mandy, what is your problem?" he yelled and then he came into sight. There Ian stood, in barely a towel, Damn. He looked even better than he did back then. All toned and perfect. Mickey shook his head, Ian hadn't seen him yet, he was fine, he started to back out of the apartment slowly when Ian looked over.

"Mickey?" he choked out.

"MANDY?!" was all Mickey yelled when she bounded out of the room flying at Ian. She looked into his eyes and he looked back at her confused. Ian looked over at Mickey again.

"What the fuck did you give her?" Ian accused. Mickey was pissed, was that fucker actually saying that he drugged his sister. Fucking douche.

"Look at me Ian, are you okay? How many doses did you miss? I thought you said you weren't out until tonight?" She kept asking questions which caused Ian to roll his eyes.

"That's what this is? Seriously?" he asked, turning to Mickey, since his sister was obviously still rambling off things for Ian to answer. Mickey shrugged.

"She's been like this since she talked to Fiona," he said simply. Ian sighed loudly and then grabbed both sides of Mandy's face.

"MANDY! HEY! Snap out of it. I'm fine, Look, I got out of bed, I showered, I still have 2 doses of the bipolar meds left. Wanna see? Hey Mick, can you throw me the bottles on the table behind you?" he asked turning slightly and Mickey did. "Look Mandy, see, not out, Still here, , okay." She finally breathed and started crying.

"Fucks sake Gallagher, What the fuck did you do?" Mickey asked. It was obvious whatever had happened the last time Ian went off his meds was fucked up, why else would she be freaking out this bad.

"What?" Ian asked eyeing his ex.

"Never fucking Mind. Look, Mandy, he's fine see. You good now?" he asked and she nodded. Then she punched Ian in the side of the face. Mickey laughed.

"You asshole, you scared the shit out of me. Fiona said your prescription was due last week, not today and then she said you called and canceled some shit because you had been having an off day. Then you didnt answer my fucking phone calls." she punched him again.

"Fuck Mands, Chill. The prescription is due early for a reason so that there is time to get it, Fiona is a nut and wanted me to go on some fucking blind date with some tard she met, somewhere or another, thinks I need to get laid or some shit. I made up an excuse, shit, this bi-polar shit has to have some advantage, why not get me out of a date." he laughed.

Mandy seemed to calm down. "Who she trying to set you up with?" she asked. Mickey suddenly had to get out of there. He did not want to hear about anything concerning Ian, now that he was sure the asshole was fine and not on some kind of Bi-polar episode, he didnt give a shit to hear any of it. "not important, what is important, is that I do just fine on my own and I don't need my big sister setting me up on a date. Now that you know I'm fine, didn't you two have lunch plans?" he asked. Thank fuck for that. She seemed to remember and looked back at Mickey appologetically. "Yeah, yeah, let's go." she smiled back at her brother. "Ian, you hungry? You could come too?" Mandy asked.

Mickey stared at his sister in awe, really? She knew how much he didn't want to be around Ian, he had made that clear, from the second she told him who she was rooming with, that under no circumstances was he to be anywhere near Ian, and now not only had she dragged him over here in her crusade to save her manic best friend, but now she wanted them to all go out and eat together, like fucking seriously? Ians eyes shifted around the room. "Umm, Nah, already ate, You two have fun. Good to see you Mickey," he said looking over.

"Yup, you too, glad you didn't go batshit crazy and shit," he said walking out the door without looking back to see the look of hurt on Ian's face.


Ian looked up from the couch when Mandy walked back into the apartment later that day. She looked worn down and exhausted, he should have left it alone and went into his room leaving her be but he couldn't. "What the fuck Mandy, Why did you bring him here?" he asked her before she had even gotten settled.

"I was fucking scared okay?"she shot back.

"And if I had been in the state you thought, what then. I never want him to see me like that, you know that. How much does he know?" he asked. She shook her head.

"He doesn't. He knows you went off your meds a few years ago, he didn't ask much about it and I didn't offer the information." He nodded.

"God Mandy, I'm sorry I scared you, but bringing him here. I can't handle that shit right now. He can never know okay?" she nodded at him.

Later that night Mandy sat on the couch next to Ian and kept looking at him. "what?" he asked her.

"Nothing. I'm going out tonight. Wanna come?" she asked. He sighed. he wanted to say no, but he knew how she got when she had been like she had today. She wouldn't go if he didn't go with her.

"No Mickey?", he felt the need to ask.

"Oh yeah, because that's totally Mickey's scene. can you imagine? Hey Mickey, want to go out with me tonight and dance the night away?" Ian laughed.

"Point taken. Fine," he said getting up.


Ian laughed as he and Mandy danced, It was kind of freeing, to feel the music and to just have fun. The best thing about the club, these people didn't know him, they didn't look at him with fear every time he looked sad for just a second too long, it was perfect. It was perfect it was until he saw him. He felt his whole body ran cold, There he was Mickey Milkovich, and not just that he was smiling, he was laughing, he had his arm drapped over some guy, in public, he seemed fucking happy. Not like earlier that day when his cold eyes stared at Ian. Ian could feel the panic rising inside of him, that's what Mickey did to him, the mere thought of the man usually send Ian into a panic attack, at his apartment he had been focused on calming Mandy down, that he hadn't really taken Mickey in, and now here he was staring across the club at his ex, and he had to get out of here.

"Ian, you okay?" Mandy asked suddenly noticing Ian's look of horror.

"Um, yeah fine, just need some fresh air. I have to get out of here, you good?" and answered.

"Umm yeah, I guess, but it's our night." he nodded.

"I'll come back in, I promise. Just give me a moment." she nodded, not quite understanding.



Mickey suddenly felt a chill, a bad feeling overtaking him as he saw a flash of red-hair out of the corner of his eyes. No. He turned and saw Ian, talking to Mandy and then bolting. The guy was practically running like someone was chasing him.

"Is that?" he heard Svetlana say from behind him.

"Orange Boy!" she screams.

"Jesus Svet, shut the fuck up!" Mickey snaps at her. She shrugs as Ian turns towards them in horror. Ian seems to freeze looking back and forth towards the door. He waves and blows Svetlana a kiss and heads towards the door.

"Hmm, what you do to Ian?" she asks.

"Ian? You've never called him Ian." he rolls his eyes.

"I do sometimes, he good to us while you away." he looks back to the door.

"Oh for fucks sake, fine, if you stop looking at me like that, I'll check on him. shit." He looks back to Svetlana and the people around her, excusing himself.

"Excuse me, while I go jump head first into bullshit," he says walking off.


Ian finally made it outside, hyperventilating into the cold air. He finally stands up straight and lights up a cigarette. How was he ever going to deal with this if every time he turned around there Mickey was? He couldn't breathe around him. He had promised Mandy he would come back in, but he didn't see how he could. Inside there was Mickey, happy without him. He stiffened when he heard the sigh behind him. "You okay, gallagher?" He turned abruptly looking him in the eye.

"Like you care, go away." Ian spoke harshly without really meaning to. Afterall it wasn't Mickey's fault that he was unforgettable, that Ian had walked away from the best thing that had ever happened to him, it didn't matter anyway.

"With fucking pleasure, Svet was fucking worried, I'll tell her you said to fuck off." he turned to go. Ian sighed.

"Tell Lana, I'm okay, tell her I'll call her tomorrow," he said defeated.

"You're calling her Lana, She's calling you Ian, A lot changes in ten years," he said more in the distance.

"and yet, some things never do," Ian said walking past him back inside to find Mandy and get the fuck out of there.