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Disclaimer: I do not own any characters that come from the show
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Megatron twitched endlessly in the forced stasis. The Autobots watched as his pede flinched and he unconsciously gritted his denta. Optimus made it clear that no bot was to touch the warlord, and for once, his subordinates seemed to listen. The large grey mech kicked his leg out, startling the humans in the room.

"For 50 years, I had no idea he had even been alive. He crashed near my laboratory when I was younger. Thought it was just a damaged satellite at first." Isaac Sumdac confessed. His daughter nodded in sympathy.

"You didn't know. Plus he lied to you when he did come back online, so if you think about it, this is all his fault." Sari argued, not wishing for her dad to feel so down about something that he couldn't help.

"Regardless, he's here now, and this may be our only chance to see why." Ratchet mumbled. He began connecting wires and tubes to Megatron's helm, much like Sumdac had before. He connected them to the computer so they could see his memories as he relived them.

Isaac still believed it unfair, knowing how bad reliving your worst moments could live. Megatron must have had a lot, most of them likely to be unpleasant. None the less, Ratchet finished quickly and suddenly Megatron's frame still, his face becoming blank.

They all watched as the dim screen lit.