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Darling, I’m fearsome, do you understand?

I’m vicious incarnate, do you understand?

You wanted a challenge, you’ve got one, you’ve got one,

You heard enough warnings: You had this all planned


Darling, you’re laughing, what is it I said?

Am I that enchanting? What is it I said?

We’re both doubled over, how charming, how charming,

What makes you believe I’m a book that you’ve read?


Darling, I’m smiling, is that not enough?

You got what you wanted, is that not enough?

Now try keeping up, dear, I dare you, I dare you,

They say love is sweet, but I much prefer rough.


Darling, you’re foolish, do you not know why?

Prepare yourself, honey, do you not know why?

You say that you know me, how stupid, how stupid,

You tamed what I let you, I’m made to defy.