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Fluff Poly!BBC

Pairing: Vanoss x H2oDelirious x BasicallyIdowrk x Lui Calibre x Daithi De Nogla x Moo Snuckel x Terroriser x Mini Ladd x IAMWildcat x Cartoonz

P.s - Sorry If I forget someone! I can't keep up with everyone ;3

Mini ran down the hall with one of Vanoss's big shirts on his figure with a pair of boxers. " WAKE UP MOTHERFUCKERS! YOU SAID WE ARE GOING TO THE PARK TODAY! " yelled Mini throughout the house banging on the walls. He opened the first room to see Terroriser and Lui curled up on each other. Brian was laid on his back with one arm behind his head and the other wrapped around Lui's waist. Lui was laying on top of Brian straddling the larger male. Mini ran into the room a and jumped on top of the bed. " WAKEY WAKEY EGGS AND BACONY! " cheered Mini startling the boys awake. " Mini why? " whined Lui rubbing his eyes. Mini just jumped on the bed with a smile. Terroriser blinked his eyes open looking between the two boys. " No use of laying here now, " sighed Brian removing Lui off his waist. " Noooooo! you were so comfy, " pouted Lui sitting on the bed watching Terroriser grab Mini by the waist getting the boy off the bed. " Off you go! " exclaimed Terroriser kissing Mini on the cheek pushing the boy playfully towards the door. Mini giggled running out the door to get the others up. Terroriser looked back a Lui who had his arms crossed with a pouty face. " What's wrong baby? " asked Terroriser holding out an hand for Lui to take. " I wanted to stay in bed, " groaned Lui taking Terroriser's hand. Terroriser looked at his pouty boyfriend with an idea. " Would taking a shower with me pampering you be better than laying in bed? " asked Terroriser picking up Lui bridal style. Lui thought about it with a blush on his cheeks. " Seems so since I didn't get a reply. " stated Terroriser walking with Lui in his arms to the bathroom he shared with his other boyfriends.

Running to the next room Mini slammed open the door startling a half naked Nogla and Moo from ravaging a naked Delirious. " Morning Mini, " chirped Delirious raising on his elbows to only get tackled by the giggling boy. " Hurry and get dressed! you guys promised Ice Cream and a day at the park! " shrieked Mini tackling the other two males. Delirious chuckled at their youngest enthusiasm. Getting up from the bed Delirious was pulled down by arms around his waist. " Where ye going? " asked the Irishman nipping at Delirious neck. Delirious bit his lips not wanting to let an moan. " Too get ready, I don't wanna disappoint Mini now do we? " asked Delirious kissing Nogla's lips pulling away from his grip. " No we don't! " shouted the said male giggling when Moo ran his hands on Mini's sides. " Now I'm lonely, " pouted Nogla crossing his arms looking at Delirious. " Aww does Nogla need some kisses? " cooed Moo beckoning him over with his head. Nogla crawled to the pair sitting in front of Mini pecking over his face with kisses. Delirious laughed picking up one of Moo's shirts over his naked figure. Delirious waved goodbye to Moo opening the door and left. Looking down the hallway Delirious notice that only one room door wasn't open. " Of course it had to be the latecomers, " giggled Delirious walking to the room. Opening the door Delirious saw Wildcat hanging halfway off the bed, Vanoss on the other side with his leg hanging off, and Basically in the middle spread eagle style. Delirious couldn't help laugh his famous laugh scaring the boys in bed.

Wildcat woke up with a screech, Vanoss fell onto the floor, and Basically raised up looking for the intruder. The trio looked at Delirious who was wiping tears from his eyes for laughing hard. " Dammit Del, " groaned Wildcat getting himself off the floor crawling back into bed. " No! " yelled Delirious walking to Wildcat's side shaking him. " Jesus fuck that scared me, " gasped Basically getting off the bed helping his boyfriend up. Vanoss kissed Basically as a Thank you walking to Delirious's form. " We don't have time for this. " whined Delirious shaking Wildcat harder with Vanoss kissing his neck. " We have all the time in the world baby, " cooed Vanoss pushing Delirious on Wildcat's body. Wildcat grunted looking up at Delirious. " Guys come on! " groaned Delirious feeling Basically's hands run down his spine. " It will be quick, " purred Basically turning Delirious's head capturing his lips. Delirious moaned fighting dominance with Basically with Vanoss rubbing his nipples under his shirt. The slammed open revealing Cartoonz with Mini behind him. " I thought you were suppose to wake them not get fucked, " whined Mini running to the bedside pulling Delirious away from get ravaged again. " I tried but they didn't listen, " muttered Delirious getting led out of the room by Mini. Cartoonz turned to his horny boys. " Come on we have a date with he park, " chuckled Cartoonz walking to the bed to pull a unwillingly out of bed with Vanoss and Basically following after. " Aww Toonz! I don't wanna, " whined Wildcat dragging his feet on purpose. They were halfway to the bathroom when Wildcat started acting like a child.

" Come on Cat, you were the one that suggested the park. " said Cartoonz turning around to face the man. Wildcat looked at his boyfriend with a pout. " I change my mine, I wanna go back to bed. " said Wildcat going between Vanoss and Basically. They looked at Cartoonz with a questionable look. " I got it, " said Cartoonz getting kissed on the cheek by both of the boys. Catching up with Wildcat Cartoonz grabbed his arm facing him. " Here's a deal, If you don't complain about the park I will let you fuck me anyway you desire, " purred Cartoonz in Wildcat's ear rubbing his crotch for more affect. Without a word Wildcat ran past Cartoonz leaving the latter laughing in his wake.
Getting dressed and making up the beds the boys were in the kitchen sitting around the table. Mini had cooked breakfast when he got up. " Plans for today? "asked Basically looking around the table. " PARK AND ICE CREAM! " shouted Mini taking a sip of his coffee. Cartoonz took away his boyfriend's coffee. " You are already hyper enough, " mumbled Cartoonz walking to the sink pouring out the dark liquid. " MY COFFEE!, " whined Mini putting his head into his arms. Delirious patted the youngest. " It's OK, " cooed Delirious pulling the boy in his lap rubbing up and down his back. Mini just whined wrapping his arms and legs are Delirious's body. " Can we go get Ice Cream now? " asked Mini in his ear. Delirious smiled nodding his head letting go of Mini. " Everyone put your shoes on! " shouted Mini running into the living room to get a pair of shoes. The group laughed at the smaller male's childish ways.

" Has anyone seen my sunglasses? " asked Vanoss patting the top of his head. Nogla smiled tip toeing out of the room with the glasses on top of his head. " Nogla has it, " snitched Moo getting a " Fuck you " from his boyfriend. The group followed after seeing Vanoss on his tippy toes trying to reach for his glasses. " Give me my glasses! " shouted Vanoss glaring at Nogla. Nogla smirked at his shorteer lover raising his hand up higher. Vanoss flatten his feet to the ground with an defeated look. " Aww baby, " cooed Nogla kissing Vanoss's lips putting the shades over his Chocolate eyes. " Asshole. " said Vanoss pushing Nogla away hugging Cartoonz around the waist. " Is everyone set? " asked Terroriser by the door holding it open. The group nodded filing in line out the door with Mini in the back hopping on one leg to fix his shoes.
Walking to the park side by side the group were eating Ice Cream, giggling and talking, and giving kisses when they are least expected. They didn't care about the stares or the comments the others said, the only they cared about each other and how they work together as a group to make it work. The haters can go fuck themselves as Wildcat rephrased to a women that came up to them ranting about being gay. Cartoonz, Nogla, and Moo were eating Chocolate. Lui, Delirious, and Wildcat were eating Vanilla. Vanoss, Mini, and Basically were eating Strawberry. Always being the odd one out Terroriser got an 3 scope Ice Cream cone with all three flavors. " Are you sure you gonna be able to eat all that? " asked Cartoonz looking at his boyfriend struggle licking up the Ice Cream.

" I got this! " he exclaimed licking the escaped Ice Cream. " See! " beamed Terroriser smiling at Cartoonz. Cartoonz playfully rolled his eyes licking his Ice Cream. Moo, Mini, and Deirious came up with a plan while the others watched their lover keep up with the pace of his melting Ice Cream. " Everyone knows what to do right? " asked Moo looking at his lovers. The boys nodded their hands finishing up their Ice Cream. The guys saw Mini walk over to Terroriser's side looking at his face. " Need some help Love? " asked Mini sweetly. " I got- " Terroriser stopped mid sentence staring at Mini licking the Strawberry scoop of Ice Cream on the bottom. " M-mini!? " stuttered Terroriser with a blush on his face. " Aww Mini your letting the Vanilla drip everywhere, " mock pouted Delirious walking in front of Terroriser getting between his legs. The guys eyes widened when Delirious squatted eye level with Terroriser's Ice Cream where his crotch was. " Don't want that to go to waste do you? " purred Delirious licking the Vanilla scoop. Terroriser watched his boyfriends with a flushed face and an obvious arousal. Their tongues met halfway in the middle smearing saliva and Ice Cream between their heated kiss. " You two are such teases, " cooed Moo walking behind Terroriser wrapping his arms around his neck leaning over his shoulders close the empty space of Ice Cream. Terroriser watching Moo's tongue lick the bottom to the top with his pink tongue. He moaned as the tasty treat gather on his taste buds. " THAT'S IT WERE GOING HOME! " yelled the teased man getting enough teased by the three.

He threw his Ice Cream to the side and grabbed Delirious and Mini by the wrist commanding Moo to follow him. Walking past the group with blushes and boners they watched at Terroriser wrapped an arm aound Delirious and Mini's waist with Moo on his back. " WAIT FOR US! " yelled Nogla running after them wanting to get some attention from the boys. Not wanting to be left behind the others followed after.