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Rule the World

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In the year of our Lord, 1442, the turkish Sultan enslavered one thousand Transilvanian boys to fill the ranks for his army. These child slaves would be beaten without mercy. Trained to kill without concience. To crave the blood of all who defied the Turks. From among these boys one grew into a warrior so fierce that entire armies would retreat in terror at the The mention of his name. The called him Hannibal the Ripper. Son of the Dragon.

Sickened by his monstruous acts he decided to bury his past with the death and returned to Transilvania to rule in peace. He married Lord Wilhelm Grantham, a noble and fierce warrior known as The Impaler, son of The Stag, and together they had a son, Micha.

And they were happy. They loved each other deeply and took good care of their people.

For 10 years they lived at peace.

They didn't know their peace would soon come to an end.