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"Dad?" Angie was sitting at the kitchen table, coloring one of Ellie's Disney princess books. 

"Yeah?" Her dad sat across from her, typing furiously on his laptop. He had barely glanced up.

"I'm gay."

There was a pause, then a, "Hey, same." He didn't even bother to look up this time.

"You're married to a woman."

"Whatever. Gay, bi, same thing." Alexander shrugged. His eyes still hadn't met Angie's.

Angie shrugged too. "Is that what Aunt Angelica meant about who you dated in high school?"

Alex laughed. "I'm not sure the bisexuality alone is enough to make it worth noting."

"Well, then, who did you date in high school?"

"Who are you dating in high school?"

Angie sighed. "I assume there's no chance of you telling me first?"

"Not at all."

"Theo Burr."

Alex's head jerked up. "Aaron Burr's daughter?"

"That's the one." 

Alex laughed. "Be careful with that one. Her dad's not entirely trustworthy."

"Is he who you dated in high school?"

Alex turned back to his work.

"I'm asking Aunt Angelica."

[Angie] did dad date aaron burr in high school?

[aunt angelica]: What moves you to ask?

[aunt angelica]: (Yes.)

[Angie]: oh, god save us all. i assume there was a bad breakup there?

[aunt angelica]: The worst.

[aunt angelica]: Oh, and while you're interrogating Alexander, ask him about John Laurens.

Angie smiled, dropping her phone back into her pocket. "Aunt Angelica says to ask you about John Laurens."

Alex laughed. "Just another old boyfriend. One of the cuter ones. You know, if you ever want to date his daughter, I would find that far preferable."

"Sorry, Dad. I think I'm pretty much stuck on Theo."

"Well, it was worth a shot."