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Leo's unexpected blessing

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Leo’s 16
Don’s 16 (three months younger than Leo)
Raph is 15
Mikey’s 14

Baby Raphie looks like Raph and is emerald skinned and golden eyed.

The family was gathered around the kitchen table for their evening meal. Mikey had made chicken enchiladas, which were one of his specialties.

“Hey, Leo,” Raph said. “Wanna go out tonight? There’s a re-run of Fast and Furious Seven playin'.”
“Not tonight, Raph. I promised Sensei I’d….”

Leo looked at his dad, hoping he’d help him out. He did want to go with Raphael, but he was afraid of what would happen, given the intense chemistry between them and the longing looks Raphael gave him when he thought no one was looking. Raphael’s glances made Leo feel butterflies in his stomach and have a strong desire to drop down and to be dominated by the strong and muscular emerald skinned turtle, but he knew he had to control his urges. Their dad would most likely not approve of any relationship between them, because even if they weren't biologically related they'd still been raised as brothers.

“That can wait until tomorrow, Leonardo,” Splinter said. “Go out and have some fun, but remember everyone is a stranger, so don’t talk to them.”
“Great,” Raphael said and smiled. “Don and Mikey, ya wanna come too?” Raphael asked, hoping they’d say no, because he wanted Leo all to himself.

“No, thanks, dude,” Mikey said. “I’ve seen that movie a zillion times. I’m going to play video games.”
“And I have a date with my latest invention,” Don said and he rattled on about it.

Awesome, Raphael thought. I got Leo all ta myself and we’re gonna have a terrific time.

“Movie starts in an hour, Leo,” Raphael said.

“Great,” Leo said. “Is everyone finished? I’ll clear the plates and wash the dishes if you are.”
“No,” Don said. “I’ll do them. Go get ready, Leo. Have some fun. You’ve earned it. Hey, Raph, you can help me, though.”

“Sure,” Raphael said, getting to his feet and clearing the dishes, when Mikey and Splinter said they'd finished. He carried the plates into the kitchen and dried the dishes, while Don washed them.

Raphael got ready when he'd finished his chores and then he and Leo headed to the movie.


Leo and Raphael arrived at the cinema, got popcorn and sank into their seats.

“This is gonna be good,” Raphael said. “Ya okay, Fearless? Yer so quiet.”
“Just thinking,” Leo said, trying not to show how nervous he was at being so close to Raphael.
“Stop thinkin’ and just have fun, Leo. It’s Saturday night for damn’s sake. We deserve a night of fun.”
"I guess.”
Raphael tossed popcorn into his mouth, chewed, swallowed and said, “Leo, I’m glad ya came with me. It ain’t fun goin’ ta a movie alone. We should do it more often.”

The movie came on, but Leo found it hard to concentrate with Raphael so close to him and Raphael’s enticing musky scent hit him every time he leaned over to whisper something, causing a deep yearning to pool in his gut and an overwhelming urge to leave the cinema and…

”Hey,” Raphael said, interrupting Leo's thoughts and staring at him in concern. “Earth ta Leo. Ya look spaced-out. Ya okay?”
“Um, I’m fine, I….”
“Ya don’t look fine.”
“I’m okay. Watch the movie.”

Leo closed his eyes and thought of anything that wouldn’t cause him to drop down: Casey naked, April naked with Casey and Splinter naked in the bath.

Raphael leaned over, brushing his hand against Leo’s, which was enough to undo him.

Leo jumped up and ran out of the cinema, before he could drop down, his heart hammering.

Fuck, Leo thought. Raph turned me on. My own brother turns me on. How could I think such thoughts? He’s my damn brother! It’s wrong feeling that way.

Raphael followed Leo and found him outside of the cinema.

“Leo, what happened?” Raphael asked.

You happened, Leo thought. You drive me wild. I want you to fuck you me, undo me and to hold me in your strong arms.

“Um, I want you to fuck me,” Leo blurted out and covered his mouth in embarrassment. Shit. I so didn’t say that, did I? What's Raph going to say?
Raphael stared at Leo in astonishment and then he chuckled. “Really, Fearless? Ya want me ta screw ya? Is that why ya’ve been so jumpy tonight? I make ya horny?”
“You don’t think I’m weird, Raph? You’re my brother. It’s not normal feeling this way.”
“No. I feel the same way, Leo, and who says it’s wrong? The humans? We ain’t human, in case ya ain't noticed and Don says we probably ain't related. So why don’t we go with our instincts and have some fun?” Raphael stepped closer and said huskily, “I know somewhere we can be alone. Come.”
“What if Dad is…”?
“Dad, what? We’re just gonna have some fun, Leo. Blow off some steam. That’s all. Ain’t like nothin' else will happen. Ya want some fun and so do I. One night of fun ta satisfy our desires. Ya wanna or not?”
“I want to so much, but…”
“No buts, Fearless. Ya wanna fuck or not? Because I wanna fuck yer brains out and pound ya so bad. I wanted ta tell ya, but I was afraid ya’d punch me. Now I know differently. Just come already.”


Leo followed Raphael down a manhole and through the sewers until he stopped outside a door.

“This is my secret place,” Raphael said, opening the door. “No one will bug us. Strip.”
“You sure, Raph?” Leo asked anxiously.
“I’m fuckin’ sure and ya'd better not tell no one ‘bout this place. Strip. Fuck it. I’ll…”

Raphael leapt at Leo, pinning him down onto the floor, his hands to his sides. He nipped and licked Leo’s neck, leaving large red marks and smirked when Leo let out a deep churr.

“Ya like that, Leo?” Raphael said. “I’m gonna make ya mine. Mine.” Raphael eagerly tugged off his and Leo’s belts and quickly removed the gear, discarding them to the floor. “Ya look so fuckin’ hot layin’ there, Fearless. Beggin’ for my attention. So damn hot. I’m gonna enjoy this.”

Raphael shifted between Leo’s legs, spreading them with his knee. He rubbed Leo’s slit, until he dropped down with a huge roar, his cock oozing precum. Raphael grabbed Leo’s cock, stroked it and his own slit, until he also dropped down with a deep rumble.

Raphael rubbed their throbbing and twitching cocks together and said huskily, “I’m gonna fuck ya so good. Ya ready, Leo?”
“Stop talking,” Leo said and let out a deep churr. “Just fuck me, Raphie.”

Raphael chuckled, stuck two fingers inside of Leo’s slit, prepping him and then he thrust inside of him.

“Fuck. Yer so tight, Leo. Love ya like this. Fuck. Fuck! Fuck!” Raphael churred, as he soon came, spraying his essence deep inside of Leo and filling him.

Leo went over the edge a minute later, yelling Raphael’s name, as he came.

Panting heavily, Raphael pulled out and lay down next to Leo.

“That was mindblowin’, Leo. Wanna go again?” Raphael said.
“We should probably go home soon. Hey, Raph?”
“Was that your first time?”
“Yeah. Yers?”
“Yes. You were incredible.”
“So were ya.”
“Does this mean we’re a thing now?”
“A thing?”
Raphael snorted. “No. This was a one-time thing, Leo. We both know it wouldn’t work out between us. I wanted yer ass and ya wanted me ta take yer ass. That’s all. Why are ya lookin’ sad? Ya knew the deal before we fucked. I told ya it was just fuckin’ and it ain’t gonna happen again. I thought ya felt okay ‘bout that.”
“I am. It’s…”
“I hurt ya, did I?”
“No. I’ll be okay, Raph. I had fun.”
“Good, besides it ain’t gonna happen again. Ya know I’m with Mona and we love one another. I was just horny and ya were close by and…”
“I understand, Raph. I get it,” Leo said, trying not to show his disappointment.

Leo had loved being rutted and dominated by Raphael. It had made him realize that he’d always loved Raphael and not just in a brotherly way. He love loved him. Everything about him. His golden eyes that were like pools of honey, his strong and muscular body, his thick tail.

I’ve always loved him, Leo thought. I just tried to ignore the feelings, because I thought they were wrong. He doesn’t want me and I’ll have to swallow those feelings now. I won’t let him know that I love him and will pretend all is fine. It’s for the best. We wouldn’t work out. We’re too alike.

The brothers dressed and headed back to the lair.


They were pleased no one was there to greet them when they arrived home, because they’d instantly smell the heavy and thick scent of sex and sweat and then they'd have explaining to do.

“I’m gonna shower,” Raphael said. “Ya gonna join me, Leo?”
“No. I don’t think we should. You’re not exactly quiet when you churr and we don’t want anyone to know, right?”
“Right. Later, Leo.”

Leo went to his room.


Leo flopped onto his bed and thought, being with Raph was everything I hoped it'd be. Passionate, fierce, crazy, hot. No. I can’t think about him. It was just a one-off. He’s with Mona and he doesn’t want me. He never will.

Leo waited until he thought Raphael had finished showering. Then he went to the bathroom, quickly showered and returned to his room, undressing and then hopping into bed. Exhausted, he was soon asleep.

A couple of hours later, a figure entered Leo’s room.

Hah, Dark Leo thought. I’m finally going to get my wish and ravage Leo!

He approached Leo’s bed, moved the sheets off of Leo and gazed down at him.

He’s so gorgeous, Dark Leo thought. And he’s mine. All mine.

Dark Leo spread Leo’s legs, causing him to wake.

“What the hell?” Leo said in shock.
“Shut up,” Dark Leo said, slapping Leo’s face and pinning him down. “I’m taking what’s mine and you will lie still.”
“Let me go!” Leo said, trying to move, but Dark Leo held onto him tightly, lined his cock up with Leo’s entrance and thrust inside of him. He was hard and relentless, as he probed for Leo’s sweet spot. He knew he’d hit it when Leo let out a loud churr. “That’s it,” Dark Leo encouraged. “You love it, Leo. You want me. Me, me, me.”

Leo could only groan in a mixture of pain and pleasure, as Dark Leo continued pounding away, thrusting in and out, grunting and churring.

Leo soon came with a loud roar.

Dark Leo climaxed not long after, shooting his seed deep inside of Leo.

Smiling, Dark Leo pulled out and said, “That was awesome. We’ll do it again soon, Leo. Later.”

Leo could only lie there panting and shell-shocked by the whole experience.

That was just a dream, wasn't it, he thought? I didn't have sex with the dark version of myself, did I? It felt so real. I dreamed it. His tail throbbed, reminding him that it hadn’t been a dream and the heavy scent of sex hung in the air. I can’t tell anyone, Leo thought, blinking back tears. I’m supposed to be the leader, brave and courageous, tough, able to defend myself and I was raped. Not just raped, but by the dark version of me.

Tears ran down Leo’s cheeks and he burrowed down into his blankets, hoping that if he awoke the next day that maybe a miracle would happen and it'd just been a bad dream after all.