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your taste is so sweet on my lips

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It all started because Min Yoongi was a man of habits.


“There are only positive reviews about this place hyung, I can’t believe you’ve never been there before, it’s literally so close to your apartment, and it’s not like it just opened last month! It’s been there for almost a year, and they say it’s one of the best places to get pastries in the area. Don’t worry though, we’ll go back to your place right after we ordered. Oh, and they have this special concept that-“

“Oh my god Namjoon are you for real, if you’re going to keep talking non-stop this early in the morning I swear I’ll turn around and go back to my bed, don’t make me regret this.”

Yoongi couldn’t believe Namjoon had managed to drag him out of bed before 9am on a Saturday morning. This was preposterous. Mark his words, he would do everything in his power to retrieve the spare key he had given Namjoon on a great moment of weakness. Because apparently he was weak enough to let his so-called best friend drag him to hell-knew-where at fucking dawn o’clock on a fucking Saturday morning (he still couldn't believe it, okay). Plus, Namjoon’s rambling seemed even faster and busier than usual, and it was going to give him a headache.

Namjoon sighed, and smiled a dimple. “You won’t regret it hyung. Their concept was made for you.”

“And why couldn’t we go to this astounding place in the afternoon?”

But before he got an answer, Namjoon had suddenly stopped walking, and Yoongi bumped into his back rather vigorously. He almost lost his balance, his nose freaking hurt, his patience level was below petroleum drilling, but heaven forbid, he was not going to punch his best friend in the middle of the street and petulantly stomp back to his place. He was not. He was an adult, he could control his temper and-

“Because you’re not a morning person.”

Yoongi squinted menacingly as he cocked his head on the side. Well, now he was half a second away from snapping and throwing his no-punching resolve to the wind. Really, was it that enjoyable to see Yoongi in utter pain ?

Namjoon sighed and looked at him like he did sometimes, when he thought he was thinking too fast for his interlocutor (fuck you very much, sexy brain or whatever). He patiently put his hands on Yoongi’s shoulders and made him turn to face the shop they had stopped in front of.

“It would defeat the purpose to bring you here in the afternoon.”

Yoongi’s eyes traveled slowly from the window display full of pastries illustrations and smiling cartoon coffee cups, up to the blaring emblem that read “I’m Not a Morning Person”. Namjoon added, almost to himself “Also, it’s not too crowded at this time of the day. I know you don't like crowds.” The smaller man rolled his eyes because really, that was low. How could he stay mad when Namjoon was being considerate? He sighed and finally said “It’s a strange name for a bakery.”

“They make coffee too. Come on.”  Namjoon pushed the glassy door, and Yoongi was immediately, rather brutally assaulted by the warm smell of coffee and freshly baked pastries. It was rich, sweet and bitter at the same time, and way too much olfactory information for his brain this early in the morning. It’s not that he didn’t like the smell though, it was like a sweet memory trigger, but it was overwhelming for his sleep addled body, and didn’t help to make him less cranky.

He was tired. Anything was a good excuse to pretend he was the most bitter creature on earth. Namjoon often went along with it.

The bright open smiles of the two employees behind the counter really didn't help either. They looked like the love babies of sunshine and unicorn, the shorter one with his red hair and the other with dark lilac messy strands. Fucking IRL Care Bears, all smiles and glitters and rainbows. Yoongi couldn’t grasp the concept.

The first one came behind the cash register while the other went at the other end of the counter, getting ready to prepare their orders presumably.

“Hello, good morning! What can I serve you?”

Yoongi made a herculean efforts not to pull a face at the ridiculously cheerful voice of the leprechaun in front of them (yes he was definitely taller than him so he could call him a leprechaun). He didn’t pay attention to what Namjoon was ordering after that, because Lilac Boy had caught his eyes, and was giving him a square smile that looked way too honest for Yoongi’s pessimistic nature. He felt the corners of his mouth twitch in response, and unicorn boy smiled wider. Yoongi would lie if he said that smile had nothing to do with the subtle heat creeping on his face, because such a huge smile directed to him was a lot to handle right now, and ok, that boy was not unpleasing to watch. Sleep deprivation had made him weak enough to fucking blush in front of a baby lilac-haired barista. “Fuck my life,” he mumbled.

“Okay, Fuck My Life, what size? Would you like whipped cream on top?”

Yoongi faced the cashier guy who had just spoken, and tried not to blink owlishly. “I beg your pardon?”

Namjoon, that asswipe, started laughing silently next to him, turning his stupidly gigantic body away to try and hide the shake of his shoulders, without success. “Hyung,” he started quickly, tempering his hilarity as he saw the less than amused look on Yoongi’s face, “it’s the name of a drink.” And he pointed out the blackboard behind the cashier.

Yoongi’s irritation deflated rapidly as his eyes scanned the blackboard. Among the list of names, he could read “The World Hates Me”, “Sleep Is For the Weak”, “Don’t Talk to Me”, “Not Today Satan“, “I’m Studying for Finals”, “The Usual” and “Fuck My Life” (which conveniently was a mocca, he liked moccas). Okay, maybe that was a little funny. The drinks came with extras such as whipped cream, cinnamon powder, hazelnut bits or...

“A tequila shot?” Yoongi grimaced.

“Only during grumpy hours!” lilac haired boy shouted in the middle of preparing a drink, and wow, this was not the voice of a Care Bear. This was a heavy, low, thick and velvety voice that he wouldn’t mind listening to for a bit longer. (Which was a prowess in itself, giving how much he despised when strangers talked to him, or talked in general. Unfortunately, he had yet to find another way of communicating with others.)

Yoongi looked at him slightly dumbfounded, which Lilac boy must have thought meant puzzled, because he elaborated . “It's a pun. Happy hours, grumpy hours. Because we're not morning persons. Get it?” And again the dazzling smile.

Yoongi’s jaw dropped a bit, and he turned his face to Namjoon. “Did you bring me to a coffee shop held by my little ponies on crack?” His tall friend ignored him, but the two other creatures giggled. Giggled .

Namjoon was already bent over a display of pastries by the counter, looking at them with great concentration, stroking his chin with a finger as if it was the most important decision. Then again, maybe it was the most important decision to make at dawn (yes dawn) on a freaking Saturday morning.  

“I’m sure he got it Taetae.” cashier guy said, his eyes happy little crescents when he kept smiling. Yoongi squinted his own eyes a bit to read “Jimin” on the nametag on his black apron. “Would you like more time to choose?”

“No, I’m fine. A big Fuck My Life it is. No whipped cream and no tequila shot.” Jimin chuckled a little as he took a tall paper cup and a sharpie. Why would they need to write his name when they were the only customers in here was a mystery, but it didn’t make much of a difference right now. “Yoongi," he said before Jimin could ask. He took his wallet out and-

“Why is this called a creampie?” Namjoon said, pointing out something in the display.

Yoongi choked on his saliva and barely suppressed a coughing fit. Because no. Just no.

“I mean, it doesn’t even have the shape of a pie?” Namjoon continued, without any mercy for Yoongi’s distress. Lilac boy, on the contrary, smiled even wider - was that even possible? - and stopped all barista activities to push a swing door behind him that probably led to the kitchens. “Hyung! Someone asked for the creampie, you owe me ten bucks!” A loud laugh and rhythmic clap could be heard before the door swung close again.

“So yeah, the creampie” Lilac boy said with a very serious face. “It’s because it’s a choux bun stuffed with vanilla flavored pastry cream." Holy shit, how could he say that with such a poker face, while mimicking the stuffing part with his fingers ? Yoongi pressed his thumb and index finger against his closed eyes. This was not happening.

“Okay, I get the cream part, but still why do you call it a cream pie ?” Namjoon said as if he had found the flaw in the evil pastry plan.

“Namjoon please stop talking, I’m begging you." Yoongi demanded, before Lilac boy could add anything he assumed would be crude if his mischievous grin was an indicator. "And you know how much I hate to beg,” he added, his voice desperate on the edges. Lilac boy raised an interested eyebrow, a smile on his lips as he resumed preparing beverages. That’s the moment Yoongi chose to come closer to Namjoon to very intensely observe the pastries, and conveniently silence his tall friend with his fist if he had to.

The names of the other pastries had nothing to envy to the creampie. “Namjoon, you’re seriously questioning the creampie, but the “teabagging” doesn’t come as a shock?” Yoongi murmured, slightly outraged.

Namjoon shrugged. “Poetic licence?”

“Yoongi! Your Fuck My Life is ready!”

Yoongi made a face at Namjoon’s back and went by the counter. “Tell me if you like it!” Lilac boy said as he handed the beverage to him. Yoongi suppressed an umpteenth roll of his eyes because no barista ever asked that. He muttered a “thanks” anyway. Whatever name they wanted to give it, It was just a mocha, not his first, not his last.

Except it was not. Just a mocha.

The first burning sip on his tongue felt like he would never get enough of it. The bitter aroma of the coffee was discernable, but not acrid like it would be when the coffee grounds was actually burnt. Here it was delicate coffee taste that created a perfect balance with the sweetness of the chocolate. The bitterness was revealing and enhancing the sugary aftertaste.

Yoongi looked at his cup as if it held  the multiple secrets of the universe in its steaming, brown liquid. He took a second sip, carefully, and it was the same ecstasy as the first one. He had to physically contain himself to not hum in appreciation.

He could become an addict very, very quickly.

When Yoongi looked up, lilac boy had put his elbows on the counter, cradling his face in his large hands. He was looking at him with a fond expression (Yoongi couldn’t find another word to describe it), his smile making him look probably younger than he really was. “Since you ordered it without whipped cream, I tried balancing it with a tiny bit of sweetness, but not too much. Do you like it?”

Namjoon, who had retrieved his cup (and a creampie carefully placed in a paper bag), blinked at his own beverage after tasting it. “Woah, this is really good!”

Jimin laced an arm around lilac boy’s shoulders and smiled proudly. “Taehyung has a gift to prepare drinks, don’t you Taetae?” Taehyung didn’t grace the rhetorical question an answer as his eyes were piercing holes into Yoongi, expecting… something? His look was completely open, honest and hopeful. To Yoongi, it was really unsettling that someone could look so unguarded in front of complete strangers. So much that he wondered what it was Taehyung was waiting for with such expectation. Deciphering people’s expressions was not his forte, so he scratched his throat and grumbled "Namjoon, we came we saw we conquered, can we leave now?”

“Right, right, hyung, let’s go. Thank you very much!” he added with a wave of his hand to Taehyung and Jimin before leaving, Yoongi right behind him. And Yoongi could still feel the gaze of Taehyung on his nape, following him behind the storefront in the street as they made their way back to Yoongi’s flat.


Min Yoongi was a man of habits. When he found something that suited him, he stuck to it, mainly because he was too lazy to look for something better if he was satisfied with what he had. A brand of clothes, a position on the couch, a route to go to work, a takeaway at a restaurant nearby.

A mocha at a weird coffee shop.

The location of the coffee shop was conveniently not too far from his place. It was also on his way to work or back from it, if he made a small detour. He was not changing his route just because the mocha was incredibly good, but because it was close and he did not have a mocha place yet, which was definitely lacking in his life. Also, he was often working from home, so the detour was, like, nothing. It may even be the case that the mocha was not that good, and the first time was just a fluke. He had so many reasons to go back to the coffee shop.

Yoongi pinched the bridge of his nose. Why the hell was he standing in the street, ten meters away from the “I’m Not a Morning Person”, trying to find an excuse to go and buy a goddamn mocha? He was simply a customer, and for all that was worth, that Taehyung barista had probably forgotten his existence and was not going to stare at him weirdly like he had done the last time. Which was not relevant to his current situation anyway, since he didn’t give two shit about what others thought about him.


Right. Yoongi nodded at this resolve, and crossed the last meters to the coffee shop. He was a bit torn between disappointment and relief when he saw a few persons waiting in line in front of the counter. The place was not crowded, but definitely more animated than the last time, when they were basically alone. At least it was saving him the embarrassment of being the center of attention for the whole staff of the coffee shop (two persons was already too much).

When Yoongi arrived in front of Jimin, the redhead was still looking at his hands, putting cash from the previous order in the different sections. “Hello, what can I get you today?”

“Fuck My Life, no whipped cream, no tequila shot.”

Jimin raised his head, and his eyes went a bit wide. He pointed at Yoongi, and finally cracked a huge smile. “Yoongi! Right?”

Yoongi raised an eyebrow, but nodded curtly.

“Taehyung,” Jimin singsonged, “Yoongi’s here! Fuck My Life, no whipped cream, no tequila shot!” Jimin took the money Yoongi was handling to him, and bent over the cashier conspiratorially “Taehyung won’t shut up about you, you know. I think you’ve offended him.” And he chuckled.


Before Yoongi couldn’t process the sentence or muster an answer, Jimin was tilting his head on the side, welcoming the customer behind Yoongi. Yoongi walked slowly along the pastries display, and pretended being absorbed in them so that he wouldn’t face Taehyung right away. Why would Lilac boy talk about him? How the hell did he offend him? They had barely exchanged, what, ten words? Exchanging was not even the right term since Taehyung had spoken and Yoongi had put up with it. Perhaps it was the lack of answer? People could get offended when Yoongi so much as barely grunted when they talked to him. Again, not that he usually cared...

Damn, he was not going to start small talk for the sake of a barista he knew nothing about, except maybe for his ability to make drinks and his ridiculous smile. Was he?

He heard Taehyung calling the customer before him. “Sooyoung, Not Today Satan with extra cream!” The girl giggled as she took the cup, and Taehyung said with a smile “Tell me if you like it!”. Not that Yoongi could see his smile, but he could hear it in his voice.

So apparently, Taehyung was giving the “tell me if you like it” sentence to everyone. “It’s always perfect, thank you!” she answered. Ah, the whole world already told Lilac boy that his drinks were kicking asses. Even if that assumption still needed to be proof-checked by Min Yoongi.

He was ridiculous. Taehyung was not even intimidating. If Yoongi were to describe him he’d say weird or pretty, but not intimidating. And yet here he was, scrutinizing the space between two pastries respectively named “moneyshot” and “bukka-cake”, reflecting on-

“Yoongi, Fuck My Life without cream!” Taehyung’s deep voice called. Yoongi walked to the end of the counter, and took the cup hurriedly. “Thanks,” he muttered and turned around before Taehyung could finish his “Tell me if you like it.”

Yoongi walked back to his place feeling like a complete idiot, and waited for his front door to close behind his back before finally allowing himself to taste the beverage-

and moan in pure delight.

Well shit.

Turns out it was not a fluke.



It’s not that Taehyung needed people to tell him he was good to actually know he was. He wasn’t fishing for compliments when he said to customers “tell me if you like it”. He wanted to know if he got the person’s taste right.


Taehyung had always liked to experiment with senses. Temperatures, touching, smells, tastes, he would try various things to know what was nice and what was nicer. He would create recipes and beverages when he was younger, mixing milk and juices and soda and spices, with mitigated success according to the rest of the world. Growing up, Taehyung had understood that on one hand, his tastes were theoratically peculiar, and that on the other hand, the rest of the world had quite simple tastes. He liked to pay attention, and deduce on instinct what a person’s prefered taste could be. Because even if most of people’s tastes were not sophisticated (sweet, sour, bitter, salty, that wasn’t something he’d call transcendent), they were also full of surprises, and Taehyung liked to be surprised. Taehyung liked it when people did not fit into stupid, preconceived boxes.


For example, he liked it when a smiling high school girl would order a black espresso, no cream no sugar no cinnamon no cocoa powder with a firm and self-assured tone. The same high school girl who would come back with a bunch of friends and look sort of shy, a bit embarrassed before ordering a vanilla coffee with cream and sprinkles, and grimace discreetly between each sip, leaving the cup half finished on the table. Perhaps she really just wanted a latte this time, and was not very thirsty. But perhaps she wanted to fit in the delicate looking, soft smiling, cute high school girl box. Perhaps next time she would come back with friends and order a vanilla latte, and Taehyung would go very soft on the vanilla and very hard on the coffee. Perhaps Taehyung would smile at her, conniving. Perhaps the surprised (and then contented) look on her face when she’d take the first sip was the best thing in the world.


Taehyung liked surprises. And Yoongi was a surprise. He was all round cheeks and pale skin and delicate eyes and soft lips. Then the delicate eyes would throw deadly stares and the soft lips would spit bitter words in a deep, gruff voice. Yoongi seemed to be unapproachable and grumpy and jaded. But pay attention to small details and the sweet would show again, especially in Yoongi’s eyes. The way his eyes smiled slightly when someone laughed at what he had said. The way he had squinted his eyes to read Jimin’s nametag. The way he averted his eyes when he was stared at for more than a few seconds. Taehyung was convinced those were not the eyes of a mean and unapproachable person, he could feel it. Plus, Yoongi had ordered a mocha, that was an undisputable proof. It was a mix of sweet and bitter, and Taehyung knew, he just knew that adding a subtle touch of syrup to the mix would make Yoongi an addict who’d come back everyday for his dose. Maybe even more than once a day sometimes.


To Taehyung’s utmost despair, Yoongi didn’t come back to the coffee shop for the rest of the week. After ignoring his question twice .




Taehyung sighed forcibly to alleviate the little pang in his chest. “You know I ask them just to confirm I got it right.”


Jimin sighed as he took off his apron, closing the coffee shop for the day. “Yes. I know. Like the last thirty five previous times you asked.”


“I’m sure he likes my moccas. Why wouldn’t he like them? I’m sure I’m right.”


“I’m sure you’re right too,” Jimin answered on the flatest tone he could muster.


“But what if he didn’t?”


“I’m sure he does.”


“But what if he didn’t?”


“Oh god.” Jimin groaned. He raised his hands to choke Taehyung, but instead pushed the swing door to the kitchen. “Hobi-hyung please, handle of your boyfriend. I give up.”


“Aaaah, he’s not your bestfriend suddenly.” Hoseok exited the kitchen with an amused smile, and Taehyung’s heart skipped a beat. Taehyung liked every range, every nuance of Hoseok’s smile. “Is it that customer again? Yoongi, right?” Hoseok asked, now close enough so that Taehyung could stare at the cute mole on his upper lip. He nodded at Hoseok's question and opened his arm, pouting slightly. Hoseok indulged him, smiling understanding dimples, and Taehyung’s arms locked around his hips in a loose embrace. Hoseok rubbed his nose on Taehyung’s cheek, playing with some lilac strands on the top of his head, and Taehyung’s mood seemed to alleviate considerably. Because when Hoseok did that, the rest of the world was not really that important.


“Stop moping Taetae, i’m sure he’ll come back,” Hoseok said into his ear, squeezing him reassuringly.


Taehyung’s lower lip jutted and he shook his head. “He hasn’t, it’s been a week. We have lost a customer because he didn’t like the drink i made him.”


Hoseok laughed genuinely. “You dramatic bean. How could he not like it?” He kissed his nose, his cheekbones “You’re talking nonsense…”


Taehyung let his hands travel up on Hoseok’s back, grabbing softly at his shoulder blades. “If I keep talking nonsense, will you continue kissing me like this?” Hoseok smiled and whispered “maybe” before leaning into Taehyung a bit more. He put his hands on the Taehyung’s hips to press him against the counter and peppered kisses on his temples, his cheekbones again, his chin, the corner of his lips. Taehyung caught his mouth, and he could feel Hoseok still smiling in the kiss. But it was not just a light peck, right now Taehyung could feel Hoseok’s more insistant need in it.


“Jin-hyung, they’re doing disgusting things again.”


Seokjin shut off the lights in the kitchen, and sighed when he saw Jimin and Taehyung sticking their tongues at each other over Hoseok’s shoulder. “Hoseok, set an example please,” he said, entirely jaded by the situation. “If you’re not all out in fifteen seconds I’m locking you in.”


“Please lock us in, we’ll survive on love and coffee and pastries,” Taehyung tried with a lot of poise as Hoseok was pulling away and taking a step to the exit. Taehyung tried to catch hold of his hand “Hyung, we totally would!”

Hoseok laughed and squished his cheeks. “Of course we would, but i’d rather make out on my couch than the kitchen counter-”


“Thank you very much.” Seokjin groaned as he held the door open for them.


“-I wouldn’t be able to concentrate at work after that,” he finished, ignoring Seokjin’s remark and taking Taehyung’s hand to drag him outside.


Once on the street, Jimin jumped on Taehyung’s back and locked his arms around his best friend’s neck, laughing mischievously “Oh please, you’ll never make me believe you did nothing on the kitchen counter!”


Taehyung raised a finger before Hoseok could retort, and whispered conspiratorially “Some things are better left unknown Jiminnie. I can tell you everything about that later though, if you’re willing to take the risk.”


Seokjin dropped the metal shutters with a bit too much strength and closed his eyes, inhaling slowly before kneeling to lock it. “For the sake of many sanitary rules, I will pretend I didn’t hear that.”


Hoseok laughed, shaking his hand in front of him. “Hyung, I swear he’s joking.”


“Or, am I?”


“Not helping,” Hoseok shook his head and flicked Taehyung on the forehead. He rubbed it, shit-eating grin still in place. Hoseok rolled his eyes, but squeezed his hand. “Let’s go, I’ll make you dinner.”


Taehyung opened his eyes wide. He loved surprises. “You will?”


“Ah…” Jimin was scratching the back of his head, and Taehyung knew he was feeling sheepish. “Hyung, you promised you’d help me rehearse the choero for tomorrow’s class...”


Hoseok’s eyes fluttered a little, and then Taehyung saw the moment he remembered. Hoseok started biting his lower lip, looking between Taehyung and Jimin. “That’s right, I did.”


Taehyung felt his expression fall a little, but shook his head and smiled.


Taehyung and Jimin had met Hoseok at their job at Seokjin’s coffee shop, about a year ago. The three of them had gotten along very well, and very quickly. When he had started dating Hoseok after a few months, Taehyung had realised he would need to find a balance between his best friend and his boyfriend real quick. Because Taehyung liked to give his all to important persons, but when there was more than one, things could become... tricky. Especially when the two persons concerned were way too selfless for their own good.

Taehyung’s role had been to find the right balance between what Hoseok and Jimin were ready to concede without hurting their own feelings. Because apparently, Taehyung had a knack for not overthinking things (along with preparing ass-busting drinks, something that had apparently escaped a certain Yoongi).


At first, Jimin had given them as much space as he could, and it had become awkward quickly since he was Taehyung’s roommate. There had been too much space, and too many encounters where Jimin would flee their apartment. Then he had started to escape from Taehyung's embrace when Hoseok was in sight, smiling sheepishly, or laughing a bit too hard when Hoseok was trying to talk to him. Until Jimin had clearly started to avoid them ("there was no way i'd be the cockblocking fifth wheel, over my dead body!" he had explained later). Taehyung had spent a lot of time explaining to his best friend that he didn’t need to avoid them, that they actually wanted him like before, that Taehyung would never abandon him, and neither would Hoseok since they were friends and Hoseok was not the type to let his friends down on a whim. Taehyung had reminded him that they were best friends forever. He had even given him a couple keychain to seal his promise.

Even if Jimin’s moping had not lasted too long, Hoseok had quickly noticed. Of course he had. Hoseok was always keeping an eye on the persons he cared for, and he had connected the dots easily.

Taehyung had tried to have a serious talk with him too about the fact that no, really, Hoseok-ah you’re not going to be a hindrance for my friendship with Jimin and obviously you have the right to enjoy Jimin’s company, and Jimin cares for you too, and why can’t we be the same as before with a bit of screwing on our side?


Awkwardness had started to build at home but at work too, and Seokjin had been seconds away from setting up an intervention, when Jimin had suggested he could join Hoseok’s dancing class. They both had often talked about dancing, they both were passionate about it, they both had practiced at university, and Hoseok had found this class not too far from work, and Jimin had really wanted to join for a long time. So when Jimin had mentioned the dance classes again, Taehyung had seen a step on Jimin’s side, a will to make things better. Jimin had tried to act as casual and unprompted as possible (how adorable could he get), and Taehyun had shook his best friend until his teeth rattled and whispered a string of urgent yesyesyes! because really, it was about time things got better between the three of them. Plus, he didn’t want to face a Seokjin intervention and all the awkward moments that comprised.


The fact that they now had this dance class together was a blessing, and it had settled everything. Taehyung assumed they had managed to talk with open-hearts, because the balance in their friendship came back too. Hoseok and Jimin simply needed to remember they could still spend time together and enjoy each other’s presence, the way they did before Hoseok and Taehyung had started dating. The rest had been easy, because Taehyung was not jealous, not suspicious, and not complicated. Honestly.


That’s why tonight, in spite of his slight frustration (spending quality time with Hobi was still a very sought for delight, even after months in their relationship), Taehyung knew it was his duty as a best friend and a boyfriend to alleviate the mood. He grabbed Jimin by the shoulders and sratched roughly at his hair “You better not wear him out too much, or he’s going to fall asleep in the middle of it tonight.”


“Oh, are we doing it tonight?” Hoseok wiggled his eyebrows at Taehyung, and slapped an arm around Jimin’s shoulders, pressing the smaller man between them both. Jimin escaped both their embrace with his hands on his ears “Seokjin-hyung, help!”


Seokjin smiled companionably, slowly shaking his head. “Time out kids. You both go practice your choreography, Taehyungie and I will do the groceries and pick a movie for tonight. Let’s have diner at my place.”


It was not a question, it didn’t need to be a question, because when Seokjin invited you to his place to have diner, you didn’t have any reason to refuse (and if you had, it’d better be a very, very good one).


Taehyung felt Hoseok drag him against his body, wrap his hand against the his nape and drag him into a kiss. Not a goodbye peck, but a long, deep and sensual kiss. If Taehyung was not careful, he could quickly forget where they were and who was there and start making out unabashedly (and possibly get reported for exhibitionnism). But hell, he’d probably forget his name if Hoseok kept kissing him like this.

Fortunately for Taehyung’s identity, Hoseok released his lips. “See you at Seokjin’s,” he said with a smile and a stroke of his thumb on Taehyung’s lower lip. Taehyung nodded slowly, and then watched Hoseok leave with Jimin, the red-haired making outraged comments at their lack of decency, and Hoseok laughing whole heartedly.


Taehyung was brought back to reality when Seokjin snapped his fingers in front of his face. “Earth to Taehyung.”


Taehyung turned his eyes to Seokjin. “Hyung, I love him so much.”


Seokjin smiled tenderly. “Yeah, I think we all noticed by now.”




Taehyung was leaning against the counter, watching Seokjin cook their diner. A quick glance at his watch informed him that Hoseok and Jimin would be back in fifteen, maybe twenty minutes, according to his best friend’s last text. Taehyung had managed to coax Seokjin into making bulgogi for diner, and Seokjin’s back was now facing him as he proceeded to grill the marinated beef in a huge pan. Taehyung had suggested to add chili pepper paste to enhance the flavor, but Seokjin reigned supreme in his kitchen (and sometimes, others’ kitchens), and so extra sesame oil it was, and thank you Taehyung but let me cook if you want to eat tonight.


So here he was, arms crossed and mind slowly drifting thanks to the smell of marinated beef cooking. The smells made him think to his part time job at Seokjin’s bakery-coffee shop, because that’s where he could smells the strongest variety of scents and tastes. And lately, his job made him think about Yoongi. He had only seen him twice, and Taehyung couldn’t pinpoint why he kept thinking about the blond man, but he really wished he could see him again. Yoongi was interesting. Taehyung wanted to see more of his reactions. He especially wanted Hoseok to meet him, tell him what he thought about Yoongi, see how both of them would interact.


Hoseok had a gift to bring a lot of good things out of people, and it was hard to actually not like him (impossible according to Taehyung). He was loud and happy and teasing, but he was so much more than that. He was a caring sunshine, and Taehyung was dying to see Yoongi react to that. Try to pull the grumpy act in front of Hoseok and see how he would predictably fail.


Which made him think about Hoseok’s behavior today, pressing him against the counter of the bakery, then kissing him with intentions before leaving with Jimin. Taehyung could be mistaken, but he knew Hoseok didn’t always voiced what he wanted out loud. Sometimes he didn’t even listen to his own desires, but Taehyung was working on that. Making him a tad more selfish.

So maybe Hoseok was horny. Taehyung would wait for a confirmation of this in the evening, and then he’d-




Taehyung’s eyebrows shot high on his forehead as Seokjin caught his attention. Seokjin had turned from the stove to look at him from above his shoulder. Judging from his face, he had been talking before and Taehyung had not answered because he’d been spacing out. 



“I said," Seokjin started again, "it’s a pity Jungkook couldn’t join us tonight.”


Taehyung nodded and started gesturing vaguely. “Yeah, it seems like this... intense coding training thing has been going on forever. I can’t wait for him to be back and bully him passionately.”


Seokjin transfered the last slices of beef in the plate, and put it in the oven to keep it warm. He chuckled. “You’re impossible.”


“He loves it as much as I do.” Taehyung sighed fondly. Jungkook had been absent for almost two weeks, and it was still a bit blurry for Taehyung, but he new this coding thing was a competition, and depending on the results, Jungkook would be admitted in this school he was so proud of he wouldn’t shut up about it. But it was good to see Jungkook so openly enthusiastic about something. Usually he tried to look more jaded (maybe Jungkook thought it made him look older?), although Taehyung didn’t buy it one bit.


He was roused from his thoughts by the sound of the intercom’s dull buzz, announcing the return of Hoseok and Jimin.


“Go pick a movie in my bedroom Taehyungie, we’ll watch it after diner.”



Hoseok was not really tired. The four of them were sitting in the dark, but he didn’t feel sleepy. He was not bored either, the movie they were watching on Seokjin’s screen was interesting. But his boyfriend’s back comfortably nuzzled against his chest was kind of distracting. That, or he was just horny today. He had itched to kiss Taehyung, itched to touch him everywhere. Blame him, Taehyung was the incarnation of everything hot and attractive.


Hoseok didn’t even make it on purpose (not all the time at least). But since the night he had discovered Taehyung’s nipple piercing, he couldn’t help but tease it, even without noticing. Sometimes, Taehyung would slap his hand away, smiling wide and stretching out the syllable “hyung!”, half amused and half indignant. Some other times, Hoseok would hear the birth of a breathy moan in his throat, Taehyung’s eyes wide and dark fixed on him, before catching his lower lip with his teeth, an invitation to keep going.


To his credit tonight, Hoseok had really been paying attention to the movie when he had absent-mindedly rubbed his fingers on Taehyung pierced nipple through his shirt. Taehyung moved his shoulder to make him stop, and Hoseok looked at him a bit confused before understanding. His lips then stretched into a mischievous smile because really, it was too big of an opportunity to not tease his boyfriend and try to do it without going noticed by Seokjin and Jimin. So Hoseok slowly rubbed his fingers and his palm on Taehyung’s chest, sliding his nipple between the tip of his index and major fingers, playing with the barbell jewelry, feeling the nipple harden and Taehyung squirm oh so softly between his arms. It made Hoseok want to chuckle, and at the same time it made him want to do so much more. But everytime, Taehyung would shove his elbow in Hoseok’s ribs, his face seemingly devoid of emotion and his eyes fixed on the screen in front of them.


Hoseok knew better. He knew how sensitive Taehyung was here because of the piercing. He could see the goosebumps on his forearms. He could feel every shiver, the brief tension in his muscles everytime Hoseok would slightly pinch it. His other hand slid slowly up Taehyung’s chest, and he could feel his other nipple hard.

Hoseok bit his lip, barely containing his grin. How come Taehyung made him want to deliciously torture him sometimes? Hoseok glanced at the others on their left watching the movie, unaware. Being careful not to catch their attention, Hoseok slowly hooked his chin in the crook between Taehyung’s neck and shoulder, lacing his arms around Taehyung's waist, and stayed still for a long, long minute. He waited for Taehyung’s breath to slow, for his focus to go back to the movie, for his defense to go down, before lowering his lips to the tender skin here, sucking and nipping while his hand came to tease his piercing again.


Taehyung started suddenly, and untangled himself from Hoseok to pass a hand on his face. “Aaah, sorry, I think I drifted to sleep somehow… Maybe we should go home.”


Hoseok blinked, confused, and furrowed his brows. Taehyung actually looked tired, stroking his face with his long hand. He had not noticed before.


“You can stay watch the end of the movie Jiminnie, i’ll go to Hobi-hyung tonight. You don't mind, hyung?”


“What? No of course not!” He got up in a hurry coaxed Seokjin and Jimin to stay seated, and they both waved their goodbyes quietly before going to the entrance of the apartment, put on their shoes and jackets and leave.


Even after they had exited Seokjin’s apartment, Taehyung remained quiet. He absent-mindedly took Hoseok’s hand in his, and started walking, out of the building, and then on the empty streets bathed in orange artificial light.


The walk to his place was not a long one, but it felt like it because Taehyung didn't say anything, and Hoseok didn't feel like breaking the silence for once. Taehyung was rarely that silent. He liked to catch Hoseok’s attention, liked to make things lively the same way Hoseok did. So maybe Taehyung just needed silence right now? Probably because he was tired. No one could be hyper all the time, he was the first one to say so. Maybe he shouldn’t have teased Taehyung. Maybe he should have let him fall asleep at Seokjin’s, maybe he-




Hoseok’s face shoot up to look at Taehyung’s profile. Taehyung’s eyes were resolutely looking in front of him. Focused. “I hope you are aware that when we get home, i’m going to fuck you senseless. As a payback.”




Oh. That had the merit to stop Hoseok’s train of thoughts dead in its tracks. He blinked, and licked his lips absentmindedly. His heart was beating harder, too, and he couldn't believe Taehyung was still having so much effect on him, even after dating him for so many months. He cleared his throat, just to make sure his voice wouldn't be too raspy (he was not going to be the most flustered of them both), and made his question as light and teasing as possible “Didn't you almost fall asleep in Seokjin’s living room?”


“You really think I could fall asleep with your hands touching me like that?” Taehyung’s voice had dropped lower than usual. Focused and aroused.


Hoseok pinched his lips to contain his laugh, too content and proud to make Taehyung say things like that. Of course Taehyung was definitely not shy when voicing his thoughts. But still, Hoseok felt aroused just knowing he was the one to make desire burn so intensely in Taehyung’s eyes.

He was sure Taehyung could feel his heart beating in his hand by the time they closed the door to his little flat. As he shrugged off his jacket and put his sneakers on the shoes rack, he could feel Taehyung’s eyes on him, on edge. Like a big, languid feline, ready to pounce any second. He took perhaps three steps in the living room before Taehyung was on him, his chest flushed against his back, his mouth on his neck, his hands roaming everywhere, already slipping under Hoseok’s shirt to have access to more skin. “Taetae…” Hoseok exhaled a breathy laugh. “We haven’t even made it to the bedroom.”


“Mh? I don’t think it’s ever stopped us in the past,” Taehyung answered, much more concentrated on his task of stripping Hoseok off his shirt, dragging him down on the carpet of the living room, miraculously avoiding the coffee table. Hoseok laughed again, and when Taehyung’s face reappeared after he stripped them both of their shirts, he was smiling softly.


“I love it when you laugh hyung.” Taehyung said, almost reverently. Hoseok rolled his eyes, but couldn’t help smiling wider because he was actually melting inside. Taehyung didn’t let him time to answer and pushed on his shoulder to make him lay on the floor. A second later he was hovering over him, his eyes dark and focused, and Hoseok’s senses were filled with Taehyung only. Taehyung watched him for a moment that stretched a bit, and finally whispered in awe “You are so beautiful. I’ll make you feel so good.”


Hoseok closed his eyes and inhaled deeply as Taehyung’s mouth found his neck and marked open kisses there, dragging his teeth along the thick tendril, nipping at his collarbone, blowing on the wet abused skin. Hoseok could already feel the beginning of a moan in the back of his throat.

But not yet. Not yet.


One of Taehyung’s hands came next to Hoseok’s head for purpose, tugging at his hair from time to time to make him expose his neck more, or just because he knew Hoseok liked the sensation. His other hand was spread open on his neck, going down slowly on his chest, as if he wanted to touch as much skin as possible with each stroke. Taehyung’s hands were wide, burning delicious imprints on his skin, traveling on his ribs, and being very mindful to rub his nipples everytime the tip of his fingers came even remotely close to them. Hoseok tried laughing again, but this time his breath was trembling with the building excitation. “Are you- are you getting revenge for earlier, Taetae?”


That seemed to be Taehyung’s cue to let his mouth travel below Hoseok’s collarbones, sliding his knee against Hoseok’s growing erection, grinding against it. He peppered kisses all around his sensitive nipple. “Maybe.” His voice was so low, gosh , and he could hear the arousal in that single word. The tip of Taehyung’s tongue circled around his already hardened nipple, and Hoseok licked the corner of his mouth, putting his hand into Taehyung’s hair in anticipation. Yet Taehyung was infuriatingly avoiding it, circling close but never touching. Hoseok felt Taehyung’s hot and heavy breath so close, and right when he would arch his back to meet Taehyung’s mouth, Taehyung would turn his head to avoid it, turning his attention on the other side of his chest, pressing his thigh harder on Hoseok’s now fully hard cock.


“You are such a tease…” Hoseok dragged his nails on Taehyung’s back, and a warm, pleasing feeling invaded his chest when he felt Taehyung freeze for a second, shivering.


“You’re so not helping, hyung,” Taehyung groaned, going lower this time, kissing and biting with less restraint and more urgency. His nails grazed at his other nipple, then scratched very lightly along his sides to his hips, repeating the up and down motion.


He waited for Hoseok’s back to arch into the touch before setting both his hands on Hoseok’s thighs, kneading them, pressing his thumbs inside his legs and going up, up , never reaching his groin completely, going down, and up again, and- “Fuck, Taehyung, stop that, touch me.”


“But I am touching you.”


Taehyung was touching him yeah, he had finally unbutonned his pants and now he stroked the skin above his boxers waistband, his mouth biting the inside of his hip, and yet Hoseok felt seconds away from begging Taehyung to touch him for real. Because this, the slow strokes, the soft touches, the light scratchings everywhere but where he ached for it… This was Taehyung teasing him with skill, and it was surely driving Hoseok crazy. His hand went on Taehyung’s head to grab at a few strands again, tug not too hard, but just enough to get his message through. That made Taehyung chuckle “So needy tonight.”


“And whose fault is it?”


“Yours, hyung,” answered Taehyung in a blink, dragging Hoseok’s pants and boxers down in one swift motion. “All your fault,” he said again, more to himself than Hoseok, because his dark eyes were now fixed on Hoseok’s erection, and he absentmindedly licked his lower lip. Without averting his eyes, he placed his open hand at the base of Hoseok’s cock, and Hoseok could feel its warmth close, but not moving. It made his dick throb even more.


That was nothing compared to Taehyung’s  mouth, his lips pressing burning wet marks inside both his thighs, biting slightly his way up to his groin, his pace maddening. Hoseok dig his heels in the carpet because gosh , he felt like screaming when Taehyung’s moist breath hovered over his cock but skided around to nip at his hip again. It didn’t take long before he couldn’t take it anymore. Hoseok suddenly sat up out of breath and a bit dizzy and Taehyung froze, watching him like a deer in the headlight, his mouth opened way too close to Hoseok’s cock when it was still fucking untouched.


“You look on edge, Hoseokie-hyung.”


“You don’t say.” Wow. His voice was a wrecked mess from breathing that hard.


Taehyung answered with an honest smile (was it allowed in such position? Hoseok was always amazed with the contrast) “You know I’ll make it up to you.”


Oh yes, Hoseok knew. Because finally, finally Taehyung  gripped on his cock and liked at the head, spreading spit and precome over its length. Hoseok layed down again and his head arched back as he hissed a moan. It was still too slow to get off, but at least Taehyung was seriously touching him.

And then he left completely.


Hoseok opened his eyes again, outraged. Taehyung was rummaging around the cushions of the sofa next to them. And Hoseok was convinced this was not the time to fucking rummage around the cushions of the sofa, because there were more pressing matters right now. “Taehyung, are you fucking kiddi-”


“Aha!” Taehyung retrieved a small bottle of transparent liquid from under one of the cushions, holding it in front of his eyes very proudly, and Hoseok stared in disbelief. “You’ve stashed lube in my couch?”


“I knew it’d come in handy.”


And Hoseok didn’t find anything to retort because it most certainly did. Taehyung’s mouth was finally back on him, kissing the underside of his cock while he slicked his fingers with lube and pressed them against his entrance. It was already so much because of all the pent-up tension that-


“Oh fuck, fuck.” Hoseok’s hand flew to grab at Taehyung’s hair again, not pushing or pulling, but to make him know how good it was, because Taehyung had swallowed the tip of his cock and pressed a first finger inside at the same time. “Hu-hurry Taehyung.” He didn’t want to come like this. Taehyung had promised to fuck him senseless, and that was going to happen.


Taehyung simply hummed in response, sending deep vibes through Hoseok’s body, pulling his finger out and twisting right back in. By now Taehyung knew what Hoseok could take or not. He quickly added a second finger, stretching him open with dexterity. Because as much as Hoseok and Taehyung liked to make foreplays last, right now Hoseok wouldn’t be able to last.


Taehyung had barely put a third finger in him that Hoseok was already trying to fuck himself on them, running after a bit of release Taehyung had denied him earlier. Now Taehyung was trying to match the bobbing of his head on his cock with Hoseok’s hip rolls on his fingers. “Oh gosh, yes, yes-” he could feel the familiar sensation of pleasure building in his guts, all the heat in his body swarming slowly to his lower belly, and that’s precisely when Taehyung took off his fingers and released his cock. Hoseok all but whined at the awful loss, squirming just a bit. “ I can’t fucking believe you!”


Taehyung didn’t answer but took him by the arm and made him kneel next to the coffee table. He bent Hoseok over it while he opened his own trousers and pushed it down on his thighs. His mouth grazed at Hoseok’s ear and he whispered “Grab the table, Hoseok-ah.”


Hoseok felt a white, burning wave wash over his whole body as he extended his arms to grab the edges of the table. He kinda heard the tearing of condom wrapping and felt more lube dripping along his hole and his balls, making his skin muscles twitch at the cold sensation. Hoseok felt the tip of Taehyung’s cock press against him, his other hand drawing large, blazing patterns on the skin of his back, holding his hips in place when he tried to rock against him.


Hoseok reflexively clenched at the furniture item and bit his lips in anticipation. It felt like he had waited for hours now, his skin was scorching everywhere and his heartbeat was hectic.

Hoseok didn’t know what made up Taehyung’s mind but finally, fucking finally, he felt him push, opening him slow without stopping once. By the end of his motion, Taehyung was pressed impossibly far inside him, and Hoseok had let out the strangled breath he was holding in while scratching the table desperately. It was overwhelming and it was how he wanted it right now.

Hoseok could hear Taehyung’s laboured breath as he paused, but that was nothing compared to his own breath, panting and moaning with each exhale. Taehyung’s hands were like claws on his hips now, waiting for Hoseok to give him a go, anything to continue. It took all that was left of consciousness in Hoseok’s brain to reach behind his back, clumsily grab at Taehyung’s forearm and tug. “Taehyung, move.


Taehyung gasped, and then took Hoseok’s hand in his, guiding it back to grab at the table, intertwining their fingers. He nipped at Hoseok’s lobe as his hips pulled back slowly, almost all the way, and whispered “You asked for it.”


And then he thrust in full force, and Hoseok barely had time to count the stars behind his eyelids that Taehyung was doing it again, and again, quicker, slightly changing angles according to the variations of Hoseok’s loud cries. His pace was soon relentless, and if not for the coffee table giving him balance Hoseok would have already crumbled, because right now he was fucked so hard he knew for a fact he’d have bruises behind his thighs tomorrow. But fuck, he wouldn’t want Taehyung to stop for anything in the world because there, there , Taehyung had reached that spot that made Hoseok cry and feel himself starting to break apart each time he brushed against it. He was grabbing the table  for purpose so hard his knuckles were probably white. Taehyung was going back and forth in that very angle, mercilessly, shooting scorching groundswells of pleasure through him, and with each brute thrust Hoseok could feel the table protest under his body.


And then, everything seemed to escalate too fast. The pleasure was so intense it was almost unbearable. He closed his eyes forcefully, trying to collect himself but he felt like he was tearing at the seams and couldn’t hold himself. He bit on his lips because he felt like there was an electric current overwhelming and out of control, and he was crying too high, and the pleasure was burning too much, and-


“Shhh, Hosek-ah. I’m here, I got you. Breathe.


Taehyung’s pace slowed, and Hoseok realized he had been holding his breath. He inhaled forcibly as Taehyung’s deep, hoarse voice anchored him, his lips on his nape apeased him, “I got you. You’re doing so good, god Hoseok-ah, you’re so amazing.” Taehyung’s hand carefully wrapped on his neglected cock, giving sense to the pleasure that was twirling inside his body, directing it there.


Hoseok felt his breathing calm down a bit, his mind clearing from the overwhelming sensation. Each praise from Taehyung gave sense to his sensations, made Hoseok able to seize them and make them his. He nodded for Taehyung to resume his thrusts, turning his face to give him access to his lips. Taehyung kissed him eagerly, pressing deeply again, the strokes on Hoseok’s cock a bit faster, and now the messy, uncontroled pleasure was taking shape into Taehyung’s hands, reaching its peak like a slow and powerful wave. His thighs were trembling from over exhaustion but he didn’t want to change his position because there, he was so fucking close-


“Come Hoseok-ah, come for me.”


And Hoseok did. The wave suddenly crashed on him, his body falling apart endlessly, and it seemed that there was another wave, and another, and all this time Taehyung held him tight, the rolls of his body going along with it. At some point he felt the Taehyung’s movements stutter, and it was like an echo of his own climax, sending a last, weaker jolt of pleasure through him.


And then they collapsed on the side of the table. Taehyung’s cock slid out of his body, and he dragged Hoseok close, whispering praises, kissing his neck, his cheek, his ear in between. “You have been so good Hoseok-ah, so good. How do you feel?”


Hoseok heard the question, but couldn’t muster an answer for now. Taehyung’s hand was on his nape, stroking softly, and it took everything in his power not to fall asleep right here on the carpet of his living room. At some point he managed to groan, and Taehyung chuckled.


After minutes, or hours, Tehyung got up and rummaged around the kitchen, before coming back to him, nudging his shoulders. “Come on-hyung. You can’t sleep here. Should I carry you to the shower?”


Hoseok sighed. Honestly, he would like that, considering how fucked out he felt. But the last time they tried something similar, Taehyung stepped on a magazine and almost killed them both. With another sigh, he sat up slowly, testing his body, his limbs a bit numbed with pleasure.


“How do you feel, hyung?”


Hoseok could hear the very subtle shade of worry in Taehyung’s voice. He knew how much Taehyung liked clear, voiced answers. He put a hand on Taehyung’s cheek and stroke with his thumb. “I feel dead all over Taetae. You kept your promise and fucked me to heaven, thank you very much.”


Taehyung beamed at that, and Hoseok felt his heart smile with his mouth. “Now help me get up, and let’s take a shower. You have an early class tomorrow.”