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Looked at Me like the Stars that Shined

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Star date: 2235

Drumming her fingernails against the armrest of her throne, Winona waited patiently for the Vulcan delegates to arrive. Her mind was racing with so many thoughts, completely consumed by the report her advisors had presented to her about Earth’s current situation. A situation that many other systems were also facing.

Her gaze fell on the empty throne beside her, where her husband had once sat. She missed him so much; intensity building in her chest as her heart ached for the love of her life. George had been an amazing leader. He gave his people hope and inspired them to endure through the hardships Earth faced against it’s much stronger enemies. She sometimes wondered what he would do if he was still here. It had been almost three years since his death.

George had been traveling on a diplomatic mission to meet with the Romulan ambassador to negotiate a ceasefire over one of Earth’s invaded colonies, in hopes of creating some peace between them. Sadly, the Klingons, where their problems lied, blew the Kelvin, the ship he had been aboard, to pieces before he could make it. It had been a devastating blow to the people and allies of Earth.

Tension with the Klingon Empire and was increasing rapidly and could erupt into full out war at any point. If this happened, Earth’s weak technology would allow them to be crushed by their enemies faster than a shoe coming down on a bug. Winona wouldn’t let that happen. She hoped that meeting with the delegates from Vulcan would produce ideas and a plan that would help both Empires achieve their common goal.

“Mama!” a little voice squealed breaking the Queen from her thoughts. A grin spread across Winona’s face when she spotted her two and a half year old son waddling towards her from across the room. Sam, her oldest, followed closely behind the toddler, wearing a grumpy expression. It made Winona’s smile falter a little. Sam had never been the same after George’s passing and she knew how hard it had been for him to lose his father. It had been hard for all of them.

The toddler reached her in no time, climbing carefully up the three large steps of the platform her throne sat on. In his hand was a toy figure of his father’s old ship, the Kelvin. “Mama!” He repeated, grabbing onto her leg once he had made it up the steps, holding on to her tightly. He gave her a big smile, and she let out a laugh. He was such a little charmer. Like father, like son, she thought.

“I’m sorry mother, but Jimmy really wanted to visit you,” Sam explained, giving his brother an annoyed glance; Jim didn’t really seem to notice though as he held out his starship to his mother, staring at her with those beautiful blue eyes. Winona’s lips curved up into a big smile.

“That’s alright Samuel, I love seeing you both,” she replied, taking the toy from her youngest and holding it up. “What’s this Jimmy?” she asked.

“Ship!” the two year old declared proudly, putting his thumb in his mouth. She laughed and nodded. She stared at the figurine before asking:

“What’s the ship’s name, baby?”

“Kevin!” Jim said, giving her the widest and most darling smile.

“It’s Kelvin, Jimmy. Not Kevin,” Sam scoffed, which earned him a dangerous look from Winona that all but said ‘Stop being a ass to your brother, I raised you better’ and he mumbled out an apology, glancing down at his feet. Winona picked James up and placed him on her lap, handing him back his toy before gesturing for Samuel to come over to, and placing a kiss on his cheek when he did.

“Your Majesty?” Called a servant, peeping his head into the room, startling her a bit. “Sorry to bother you, Madame, but the Emperor of Vulcan and his party have arrived and wish to meet with you as soon as possible,” he explained. “When would you like to meet with them?”

“Now, please,” she said hurriedly. “I’m available to meet with them now.”

The servant nodded, and once the door was shut Winona removed Jimmy from her lap and instructed the boys to take a seat on the steps of the dais that lead up to her throne.

“Please sit here and behave, boys.” She told them, and then the large golden decorated doors were thrown open. Earth’s ambassador, Christopher Pike was the first to enter followed closely by a tall Vulcan who held confidence in his step. Behind them was an older Vulcan woman and a tiny Vulcan boy.
When Sarek stopped in front of her, Winona stood and raised her hand in the Ta’al and smiled, and he returned the same gesture face remaining expressionless. “Peace and long life, Queen Winona.” Nodding, Winona then turned and bowed her head to the elderly woman who stood beside Sarek.
“Lady T’Pau, good to see you,” she acknowledged. T’Pau nodded to her slowly. Winona then glanced back to Sarek. “It must have been a long journey for you all. You said you had something you wished to discuss in person?”

“Yes, but first let me introduce to you my son,” Sarek replied, placing a hand on the little Vulcan’s shoulder, moving him forward into view. “This is S’chn T’gai Spock, the Crown Prince of Vulcan.” Winona could hear a sense of pride in Sarek’s words and smiled down at the little Crown Prince. He bowed to her, and even though his face remained blank, his eyes shown with anxiousness as he peered up at her.

“Your Majesty,” he said politely.

“Your Highness,” she smiled back, and he shifted shyly under her gaze, the tips of his pointed ears turning a light green. ‘He’s darling’ Winona thought to herself. She looked down to where both her sons remained seated; Jim held both feet and was rocking back and fourth, while Samuel gave him a disapproving look. She held back a sigh. She knew Sam did love Jim, despite how he behaved towards him. Suddenly Jim stumbled to his feet.

“Mama!” Jim squealed happily, grabbing everyone’s attention. All three Vulcans raised their slanted eyebrows at her son.

“If I may, I would like you to meet my sons,” Winona laughed as Jim held his arms up to her, signaling he wanted to be held, before she continued. “My eldest, Crown Prince George Samuel and my youngest, Prince James Tiberius.”

James whimpered, continuing to hold his arms up to get his mother’s attention, but her eyes were caught by the look of awe mixed with wonder in Spock’s eyes as he watched James.

“What is he doing?” Spock asked looking completely fascinated by every movement the youngest prince made.

Winona chuckled softly. “He just wants to be held.”

“A most illogical action,” Sarek commented stiffly. Spock remained silent, watching Jim get frustrated and whimper for his mother’s attention before looking up at Winona.

“May I hold, James, Majesty?” The tiny Vulcan asked.

“Spock!” Sarek reprimanded.

Spock didn’t seem to care that his father had just scolded him, his eyes looking at her, awaiting an answer. Winona was somewhat shocked. She certainly hadn’t been expecting that request. From her experience, she had always thought that Vulcans avoided any type of physical contact because of their touch telepathy.

“Oh, Honey,” she said awkwardly glancing at Sarek. “You don’t have to do that.”

“But he is upset,” Argued Spock. “Is it not logical to fulfill his physical need as a human to be held?” Winona wasn’t quite sure if she was hearing things, but something in Spock’s voice rang with the sound of pleading almost, his eyes projecting some kind of desperation, she couldn’t understand.

“Well…” She hesitated.

“Spock.” Sarek spoke sharply. “That is not appropriate.” Spock looked up at his father, a look of defiance in his eyes. Winona looked between the father and son as they held an intense stare off. She honestly couldn’t tell which of them was winning.

After a moment of silence, the sound of someone clearing their throat made everyone direct their gazes to T’Pau. She held her usual blank stare, but her lips were scrunched up in a way that made her almost look displeased. Almost.

“How about I call a servant to bring some toys for the boys to play with while we talk?” Winona suggested quickly, trying to ease the tension. Sarek nodded, looking back to Spock.

“Yes, that would be beneficial.” He answered.


“As you are aware, war with the Klingon Empire is inevitable, Your Majesty. They have already attacked and looted several of our ships, killing the men and women on board and invaded several colonies already.” Sarek explained, increasing Winona’s distress as she listened. “The only way Earth and Vulcan could hold a defense is by becoming allies when war does finally break out.”

Queen Winona knew how right Sarek was. War was inevitable. Death and destruction was inevitable. But the Vulcan Empire, although peaceful, did have the technology to defend themselves against the Klingons, so what she didn’t understand was why he was offering protection. There didn’t seem to be anything that she could offer in return besides troops, and their weaker technology.

“Why would you want to be allies with us?” She asked bluntly. “All I can offer you is troops, Sarek. There is not much else I can do.”

“I am aware.”

“Then why?”

He stood there for a moment, seeming to be contemplating on how to answer her, before he finally spoke. “Amanda,” he said softly. “She would be devastated if something were to happen to her home planet.” Winona nodded in understanding.

Suddenly T’Pau, who had remained quiet during most of their conversation watching the boys play, moved quickly towards Spock and Jim, surprising both rulers. She paused and then called to Spock in a thick accent. With some reluctance, the five year old approached her.

“May I have permission to enter thee’s mind, Spock? I have sensed something… Quite strange and would like to see for myself.” She asked him. He stepped back for a moment, looking a little hesitant, before he nodded and allowed T’Pau to place three fingers on his face. Winona glanced at Sarek in confusion, but he didn’t let the stoic expression slip from his features.

After a few seconds of silence, T’Pau pulled away from the smaller Vulcan and nodded approvingly. “Thank you, Spock. You may return to James now.” Spock nodded and returned to his spot beside Jim, while T’Pau moved back to Sarek and Winona, her eyes reflecting some sort of understanding. She stood in silence eyeing both parents carefully before locking her gaze with Sarek.

“They are T’hy’la.”

T’Pau’s voice indicated that this word held some sort of importance. Sarek’s entire expression changed; his usual blank gaze wiped away as his eyes widened at his mother’s words.

“Are you certain?” The Emperor whispered. T’Pau gave him a sharp look that Winona could only interpret to mean that he had offended her.
“You doubt me, Sarek Cha’Skon?”

“My apologies, T’Pau. I did not mean to doubt you,” he apologized. “I just… None have seen a T’hy’la bond for hundreds of years, and so I was as they say, ‘taken off guard.’” T’Pau seemed to accept Sarek’s answer, nodding in agreement; eyes pensive.

Winona felt somewhat left out of the conversation and cleared her throat to regain their attention again. “What is a T’hy’la bond?” she asked, brow furrowing. Sarek turned his gaze to her, looking like he was trying to form a reply to her simple question.

“Winona,” he began, surprising her by his lack in his usual formality. “Our sons minds have connected in a unique way. In a bond that is so rare and precious to our people,” the Emperor explained. “T’hy’la. They are soul mates. Minds so compatible that they could only have been made for each other. However illogical it may sound, Spock and Jim complete one another in mind, body, and soul.” Sarek finished.

Not responding, Winona folded her hands in front of her, looking past Sarek to watch her two sons playing with the Vulcan Prince. She watched Spock and saw how he paid an extra amount of attentiveness to Jim as he watched the two-year-old play with his toys. Sarek followed her gaze to the children before clearing his throat to gain her attention back to the discussion at hand.

“That being said… Perhaps this could work out in our favor.” He said hesitantly.

Winona kept her eyes on Spock and Jim as she responded. “And how is that?”

“A marriage alliance between our sons would satisfy my people’s trust in the Terran Empire. Many still harbor prejudices over humans and so an alliance is not likely unless it could be cemented in a legal matter.” Sarek explained again. “Such as marriage.” But Winona’s head was pounding. All of this new information was a lot to take in.

“Do you not need another heir after Spock?” She barely choked out. “They’re both boys.”

“Yes, an heir is important. Luckily the VSA has been working on developing a way for males to carry an artificial uterus through a safe surgical procedure,” Sarek answered. “Several tests have already been done and eighty percent were successful attempts, and no harm came to any of the subjects.” Winona nodded absent mindedly as she watched the children.

“But even if the technology was not available… I would not deny my son his T’hy’la.” Sarek said softly.

Winona looked at the two vulcans for a moment, then to the children, and back. I didn’t know Vulcan’s were such romantics, she thought. Sarek appeared to be analyzing her, trying to figure out how she was taking the news while T’Pau held her usual blank expression. The explanation wasn’t what she had expected. Glancing back to the boys, Winona watched Spock play with Jim, the soft look of adoration still in his eyes, and Jim’s smile was wider than she had ever seen it when we looked up at Spock. Ah, Hell, she thought, who am I to deny my baby his soul mate? She let out a laugh and Sarek looked somewhat concerned. Most likely for her sanity.

“Then I guess this alliance will work out better than we originally thought, Sarek,” she answered through her giggles. Sarek’s expression shifted from concern to blank, but his eyes held warmth to them as he responded.