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Partially Human Killers and Killing Animatronics (FNaF x reader x Creepypasta)

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"MUM!! Do I have to go?" you asked your mum. She turned her head to you in a cold stare.
"Of course you're going (Y/N). What, do you think you're not going to your brother's birthday party? Well, think again, Missy" she replies before grabbing her bag and walking outside. You sigh in defeat, grabbing your coat and walking out to the car, where you mum and little brother were sitting. After you climbed into the seat next to your mom's, you quickly shoot a glare at your younger brother before turning around again.

Once your family's car pulled up to the pizzeria's parking lot you KNEW you didn't want to be here. Just the name made you want to run as far as you could from the place and hide under a rock. Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. You had heard about this place, the animatronics that danced and sang during the day and became bloodthirsty killing machines at night. Just as you were about to take off running, your mum stopped you and dragged you inside. She let go of your arm and sat down, placing all of her things onto the table. Nervously, you look around, trying to find your brother in the crowds of kids around the stage. After 5 minutes of searching, you finally spotted your younger sibling among the crowd of toddlers and pushed through the crowds to get to him. When you reached where you saw him, the animatronics were slowly shuffling offstage. Your eyes widen as you realize that there, in front of the animatronics, was your little brother. RUN. You take off in a sprint, trying to reach your sibling before they hurt him. As you come to a stop, panting and out of breath, you realize you're too late. The purple animatronic, Bonnie you remembered, had noticed the young boy, waved, then walked over to him and started up a conversation. You stood there, confused, until you remembered: they only attack at night. That fact calmed you down a bit, but you still kept your guard up.

After a while of watching your brother, you decided to sit down for a bit. You are at a table in the back until you feel a tug at your shirt. Thinking it's your brother, you wave them off saying, "Just 'cause you got Mum to take you here doesn't mean I have to talk to you." You thought whoever it was had walked away until you heard a soft sob. Your eyes widen as you quickly turn around, facing a little girl. She had long brown hair, a pair of pink shoes and a pink dress, and a pair of bright green eyes. As you kneel over, the small girl whispers, "I lost my teddy... I can't find him..." You lightly pulled her into a hug, whispering into her ear that you'll help her find her bear. As you say those words, someone taps on your back. You slowly turn around to see Chica, the animatronic chicken, standing in front of you. She flashes what you think was supposed to be a smile at the little child thhen turns out her attention toward s you. She smiles a grin at me that is horrifying, her beak opened and the corners of her mouth curled upwards. You scream in horror and bolt to the back doorway with he young girl in your arms. As your running, you see that it's nighttime. How did it get so late? you ask yourself. Finally, you come in front of a room with two doors. one on the left, one on the right. As you peek your head into the room, you hear a long, loud screech then your world falls into darkness.