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Servant of Evil

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"I know you're here." She breathed; you could smell her fear as it wafted off of her. You did your best to stay out of view. There really weren't a lot of options to hide though. So you stayed put and remained absolutely silent as Edith drifted through your room. Her white night gown flowed behind her like a bridal train. "I know who you are. You've been helping me, haven't you?" Enola's dog scampers about her ankles. Sensing you he heads in your direction, barking happily. Edith hesitantly follows him and squints her eyes in the dark. "(y/n)?" When the ghastly groans of the other ghosts sounded behind her, she fearfully whips around.

"You don't have to fear them."

Her attention turns back to you.

Ever so slolwy you emerge from the depths of the shadows. "They're just trying to warn you."

Previously frightened eyes soften once you make your appearance. A part of you is happy that you're able to provide her comfort.


"Because this house is a death trap. I think you know that by now.