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Servant of Evil

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Baby Sharpe was the first to go. After just a few short months of life it was over. Not by any fault of Enola's. She had tried so hard. No, by the very woman who bore that putrid thing in the first place. At her wits end, the crying driving her to insanity, she smothered her own child; snuffing out it's life herself. Enola followed the baby. No longer having a use to them, Lucille killed her off as well. She tried to kill even the poor little dog too, but you bravely stood in her way.

"I'll take care of him. Don't kill him." You said while holding the orphaned dog in your arms.

"It's just another mouth to feed. Hand it over (y/n)." she hissed.

"No." Defiant in front of the crazy woman you glare at her vehemently. Thomas at Lucille's side tries to hold her back from lunging at you.

"You will do as I say!"

Again you refuse and tighten your grip on the papillon. "What would killing a poor defenseless dog do to benefit you?"

Wild blue eyes twitch at your boldness.

"Lucille. . ." Thomas held onto her arm.

She would not be placated though. Attempting to strike you, Enola's dog began barking; snapping it's little teeth in her direction. You're barely able to dodge her, her nails scrapping along your face. Thomas drags her away screaming obscenities at you.

You would be the servant of evil no longer.