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Servant of Evil

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The cries were horrendous; chilling even, something so appropriate for Allerdale Hall. A monster. Despite what it was, Enola took it upon herself to nurse it and try to have it survive. Yet Enola herself was slowly beginning to deteriorate. The child was showing no sign of improvement. It was better to just let it die.

"Lady Sharpe. . ." Hesitantly you stand at her side. "It's no use. It's too sick. There's no saving it."

Vehemently she shakes her head. "No. I promised." Thick Italian accent made her words slightly difficult to understand at times, but you'd managed to pick out key words.

"You have to understand." Trying again you kneel beside her. "There's no helping it. It's beyond our reach."

She gazes up at you sadly all the while holding the babe to her chest. There was understanding in her tired eyes and at that moment you knew. She wasn't as naive as everyone made her out to be. She knew the baby's parents were the same people who were slowly killing her.

"I at least have to try saving one of us." Enola whispers, her eyelids drop down slightly; putting her attention back on the round head of baby Sharpe who still squirmed in a fussy manner in her weak arms. "None of this is his fault."

You thought you knew what love was. Looking at the two surrounded by complete darkness you doubted yourself. What Enola felt for that creature was unconditional love.