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Servant of Evil

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There wasn't much to hate about her at first glance beside the fact that she was wed to the man you loved. She was kind with a thick accent from her native country with dark glossy hair that was swept up meticulously in a bun. Even being a maid she placed small kisses on both of your cheeks in a greeting. You couldn't find anything that would make you smile the slightest. Your life just seemed to be perpetually in a downward spiral. A steely faced Lucille held a tight lipped smile. Her hands ghosting over where the child inside of her was growing. You could only feel pity for young Enola Sciotti. She had absolutely no idea what cesspool she had just dove into.

"Welcome Lady Sharpe." Slightly tilting your body forward in a curtsy you catch Thomas' solemn powder blue eyes. "We're happy to have you here."

It was all in the name of getting her money. To rebuild the Sharpe mines. They didn't care who they hurt in the process. And you were guilty by association.