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Servant of Evil

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Feet beat viciously against the weather splintered floor boards as you aimlessly ran through the never ending hall. You screamed, begged for help; just wanting there to be an end. Voice scrapping painfully along your throat. You toppled, face first, something grabbing hold of your foot. A scarlet hand that had sprung from the floor held on tightly, refusing to let you get away. Slowly the rest of its misshapen body apparated, crawling on top of you.

"NOOO!!!" You sobbed and tried to swat it away. "Go away! Leave me alone!"

"(y/n)!" Thomas' voice yelled making you look around frantically while the crimson specter screeched.

You cried out for him. A figure appeared at the end of the hall and quickly advanced toward you. You held out your hand, thinking it to be Thomas. The cruel face of Lucille came into view. Full pink lips curling in a snarl.

"Thomas can't help you." she crouched in front of your fallen form. "No one can."



You woke up in Thomas' arms, face stained with tears and body trembling. "T-Thomas. . .?" Mouth quivering, Thomas' hands caressed your face; drying your cheeks in the process. "I'm gonna die!"

He pulled you into his chest almost possessively. "No you're not." Face nuzzling your head to try and soothe you.

"Lucille is going to kill me!"

Thomas pauses. Arms tightening around you. What he said next was laced with determination and somehow threatening. As if to ward off any evil will against you. "I won't let her."