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Four Times You Made Kanaya Maryam Laugh In Bed

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GA: Rose Will You Kindly Get Up Already
GA: We Have An Appointment In Less Than Half An Hour
GA: And Your Repeated Attempts To Lure Me Back To Bed Are Not Going To Change That Fact
TT: It's too late for me, Kanaya.
GA: There Is Still Sufficient Time
GA: It Wont Take You That Long To Put On Clothes Ive Seen You Do So In Considerably Less Time Than That
TT: You don't understand.
TT: You see, I have contracted a tragic illness which forces me to remain in bed.
TT: Which is actually the primary symptom.
TT: The primary, tragic symptom.
GA: What
TT: I am bedridden with illness. The bedridden illness.
TT: I am...bedstuck.
GA: Rose Something Tells Me You Are Actually Fine
TT: Wait. I need your help.
TT: The only known cure for this affliction is the application of copious amounts of booty.
GA: Now I Know You Are Actually Fine
TT: But what if I'm not? Dare you risk it?
GA: Well
GA: Just How Urgent Is This Treatment
TT: It needs to be applied as soon as possible, and repeatedly.
TT: Clear your calendar.
TT: It'll be a while.
GA: I Dont Know If I Can Accommodate That
GA: Maybe I Should Just Attend This Thing On My Own
TT: You're right. I might be contagious.
TT: Save yourself while you can, Kanaya.
TT: Save yourself before I doom you to a life of never-ending booty romps.
GA: Rose Im Going Downstairs Now
TT: Carry me down to the water, lay me down in boughs of breasts.
TT: Set our ship to sea.
GA: Goodbye