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bite to break skin (keep the secret)

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Becky is easy to bruise, in the literal sense, at least. Not so much on the inside – she’ll laugh off insults unless they’re about something she really takes to heart and she’ll try her hardest not to let anything people say about her get her down – but that’s what makes it so sweet when Sasha gets to mark her up. When Sasha gets to sink her teeth into the inside of one Becky’s thighs where no-one will be able to see, when she gets to press a mark into the pale skin of Becky’s neck and people can see before the make-up team gets to work with covering it up.

Maybe someone will ask Becky about it – Charlotte or Paige – and Becky will shrug and maybe blush a little (because it’s so easy for Sasha to make her do that, too) and steer the subject of the conversation towards something else, but she’ll know.

She’ll know who put it there, know that later on she might be lucky enough to get to feel the scratch of Sasha’s nails on her back or to have another bruise sucked onto the other side of her neck to match the first.

Most of all, she’ll know that she’s not over Sasha.