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Reckless Behavior

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“Miyuki…” Sawamura breathes against Kazuya’s neck, she nips at the skin there before letting her head fall back to the bed and dragging her lower lip through her teeth as Kazuya slips his hand up her shirt, and Sawamura whimpers. God this would be so much better if he could just take off her clothes but they didn’t have the time to undress, practice would be starting soon.

He could make this quick.

Sawamura was already halfway there, lips kiss swollen and eyes hooded and dazed, all Kazuya had to do was top her off. He slides his hands down the small curve of her body, over the swell of her hips and his fingers push up her skirt. She moans and the noise is like music to his ears. The way her voice shakes with the pure want when he touches her between her thighs thrums down his spine and settles into the pit of his stomach. He could do this all day, trace the wetness of her panties and watch her squirm, but Sawamura would have none of that.

She bucks her hips impatiently, and glares down at him, “Come on,” she grits out.

Kazuya smirks, he loves it when she’s like this: flushed and demanding.

“I didn’t know I had such an impatient girlfriend,” Kazuya teases.

She growls in response, and Kazuya’s grin doubles in size, but he gives in. He doesn’t have the time today, but he makes a mental note to make the time some day to thoroughly tease her. He pulls her panties down and off, and Sawamura gives a grateful moan, spreading her thighs wide and arching her hips off of the bed.

Yeah, next time he would definitely take his time teasing her.

Kazuya dips low and kisses the inside of her thigh, nosing at the soft skin there. It was hard to imagine boyish Sawamura, the girl who was all mouth and fire with soft girlish thighs like this. A secret part of him loved that he was the only one who knew just how soft Sawamura could really be. He wanted to keep all of those details to himself.

The tip of his nose runs up her thigh and settles against the crease of her thigh, before running his tongue over the sensitive bud of her clit and Sawamura whines. “Miyuki!” she gasps, reaching down and curling her fingers in his hair.

He grins against her cunt and dips his tongue inside of her. She so wet and that fact alone is enough to have Kazuya rocking his own his against the bed. Sawamura’s head falls back with a curse and her fingers tighten in Kazuya’s hair. She twists her hips up to meet his mouth and his cock twitches. His tongue doesn’t stop working, licking deep into her body as his fingers move to slip under her thighs. He pulls her legs over his shoulders, sucking on her clit and making her whine so loudly through her teeth that she slaps a hand over her mouth to stifle the moans.

Seeing her like this, spread out and pretty all for him was almost too much, but also… not enough.

He wanted to see Sawamura’s fire. The way her eyes glinted in determination when she took what she wanted. He wanted to push her right to that edge where she would make Kazuya give her what she wanted.

So maybe he’d tease her just a bit more. Screw time limits.

He pulls away from Sawamura and watches as her hips chase for him. He’s momentarily speechless at the sight. His mouth goes dry and Sawamura opens her eyes to check why he stopped. He forces his smirk back into place and experimentally pushes a finger into the slick heat of Sawamura’s cunt.

She cries out and her back bows off of the bed to ride the pump of his finger. He swallows the lump of nerves that rise in his throat. “Who knew Sawamura-chan could be so cute?” Kazuya teases, and if his voice cracks a bit, Sawamura is too fucked to notice.

Her eyes ignite with that familiar frustration and he knew he was close. If he could just push her just a little more…

He pulls his finger out of her and she all but screams with the frustration. She gives him a glare that sends a bolt of electricity down to the base of his cock.

“Miyuki Kazuya,” She growls, “If you don’t…”

“If I don’t…?” Kazuya asks, breathing over her and lips just barely brushing against her clit. She’s so close, he can feel the irritation and need burning under her skin. He loves it. He loves pushing her right to this edge. His tongue gives her a teasing flick, and her finger curl tight in his hair.

Got her.

Before he can steel himself, Sawamura’s thighs are closing against the sides of his face and her hips are grinding against the flat of his tongue. He suppresses a moan of his own and focuses on pleasing his girlfriend. His hands slide up her sides and he rides the waves of her hips, sucking and moving his tongue in ways that has Sawamura moaning loud enough for the entire dorm to hear. His hips move on their own, frotting himself against the sheets as his face is deep between his girlfriend’s thighs.

He was dizzy with lust, loving the way that Sawamura is rutting herself against him now, her thighs shaking and her toes curling. She was going to cum, and Kazuya wanted to taste it. His jaw ached and his cock burned with need, but it was all worth it to hear these needy, perfect moans, and knowing it was all his doing. She was so fucking cute like this, he could eat her out for hours.

Another thing to add to his list.

Sawamura’s moans become desperate and impossibly high pitched, and Kazuya is suddenly at the edge of orgasm himself. It should be illegal for Sawamura to be able to make those sort of noises… fuck. Her free hand shoots out to frantically intertwine her fingers with his, holding his hand tight as she fucks herself on his tongue and cums with a cry. He feels her insides spasm with her orgasm and his cock jerks as he cums right after her. His orgasm comes as a shock, but Sawamura’s moans echo in his mind and he twitches again.


Sawamura collapses back onto the bed, her chest rising and falling as she gasps for air. The hand gripping his hair falls away and her thighs relax around his face. “How’d you…” she breathes, “Where’d you learn to…”

Kazuya laughs, equally as out of breath and crawls up the length of her body, collapsing in a heap next to her. She brings their tangled fingers to her lips and waits for his answer with those big glittering eyes. “That was my first time doing something like that,” he admits, feeling surprisingly warm and mushy after orgasm.

“Of course you’d be that great your first time,” she snorts, nuzzling his knuckles, “You piss me off.”

“Oh?~” he asks, his eyebrow cocked, and his smirk crawling onto his lips, “You didn’t seem to mind when I was making you moa--”

Sawamura slaps a hand over his mouth, her face bright red, “Miyuki Kazuya! Y-You’re going to be late to practice!” she screams, trying to change the subject.

He knows she’s right, and he hates it. He wants to be here buried between Sawamura’s thighs for hours… but… baseball.

Sawamura turns to the clock face and jerks up so fast that Kazuya is dizzy for her, “Oh my god! You are late!” she screams and Kazuya’s eyes quickly dart to the clock to check.

“Shit.” he hisses, getting up quickly, running to get his practice clothes and throwing them on. He was going to have to sneak in… no that wouldn’t work, Kuramochi would definitely notice. Oh fuck Kuramochi was going to kill him--

In the corner of his eye he sees Sawamura pulling her panties back on and his heart flutters as her moans repeat in his mind again…

If Kuramochi kills him over this, it was so worth it.