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【DA PenPal Project】

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                      Dear Lady Queen,

       I pray this letter finds you well. I must say it is an honor to write to the Hero of Ferelden, your Majesty. I imagine you must be terribly busy, and I beg your pardon. But, of course, I have some information that may interest you. Isn’t that always the case for such letters as these?

        You have heard of the recent war and mage rebellion in Kirkwall, I have no doubt. The Chantry was destroyed and the Templars sought to purge the Circle of all mages in retribution. I will not even try to hide that I am among those to hold accountable for the chaos. It would do me little good, I suspect you are well informed. So well, in fact, this letter is likely unnecessary. But, for your benefit, I thought to make certain.

        In light of the conflict afore mentioned, there has been a stir. Whispers of an organization on the rise, as I am sure you’ve heard. They call themselves the Inquisition, an Order offshoot of the Chantry itself. Acting in the Divine’s name, so they claim. They are exceptionally formidable and they are on the hunt. I am not surprised they are after me, they probably hold me responsible for the destruction in Kirkwall, and wish to enact justice for the incident. I cannot blame them. But, there is a rumor I’ve heard from a trusted friend of mine…. Even if he tends to exaggerate…. that they are searching for you as well.

       I do not know what they intend. Perhaps, they mean you no harm. It is unlikely they would threaten you, as you are the ruling Queen of Ferelden. But, as a fellow Ferelden in debt to your deeds that saved our nation, possibly Thedas, I would not leave it to question. Be on your guard, your grace. Be careful of the company you accept and keep your weapons close at hand. I am certain you will have little trouble defending yourself. It is clear you are quite a capable woman.

                  By the way, your fellow, Zevran…. He is quite charming.

Sincerely, Hawke

P.S. Forgive him, he has forgotten his manners


(Afterwards, Fenris and Hawke had a long ‘discussion’ about the Zevran being charming part. lol)

               Salutations Hawke,

        First of all, it is a surprise and an honor to receive letter from formidable man such as the Champion of Kirkwall himself. One acknowledged that you were amongst the refugees that had fled to the north during the Blight, and is pleased that the Champion continue to consider himself as a fellow Ferelden. One would only wished that the destruction caused by the Blight have been dealt with more quickly. Taking into account the message was sent in this predicament times, one has no less expected that this is just a simple greeting. Nevertheless, much appreciated for your concern for one’s well being and the time took to write this letter regarding the current events as one presumed that you have other more demanding affairs to attend to as well.

        The news of Mage Rebellion and along with the catastrophes and chaos it brings spread like wildfire. As you may already learnt that King Alistair and I had decided to offer the rebel mages sanctuary in Redcliffe with wholeheartedly support from the Arl himself. Chantry organizations fractured and gone renegade to persist the so-called “Justice”. Many of these self-righteous men pursued them across the border, skirmishes between rebel mages and templars raged throughout the Hinterlands, with the peasantry of Ferelden caught in the middle. Many were forced to take arms in support of one faction or the other, or merely to defend themselves. It is only adding fuel to the blazing flame.

        It was disheartening to hear that Anders was not amongst the survivors during the outbreak in Kirkwall. He was one of my direct charges and a delightful friend who often cracks jokes even in the midst of battle. Above all, he is a man with most kind and passionate heart one had ever met if not the only one, who’s ready to stand to assist and heal the more unfortunate in a heartbeat and a withered soul who had endured much hardship for a lifetime. One had hope he would find peace and harbor within the Grey Warden ranks. However….

/several sentences has been written down but later scribble off completely that the words are barely recognizable/

… One is sure Anders had explained how and why he went to Kirkwall. One had personally sought him off privately before his journey to the Free Marches; his letters seems became more concise and less frequent as if in haste as the years gone by and then stopped all completely. Perhaps under the influence of the spirit, the last time one had heard from him, Anders seems much more sullen and angry than when one first met him. It is conceivable to guess the nature of spirit made the change, Justice is headstrong natured to say the least. (And yes, one is very well aware of his amalgamation with the spirit)  One had hope to see him again after all these years for better or for worse. Regardless one understands that the decision must be made at the time being for the damaged done, and perhaps it is for the best. Maker guide him to His side.

       As for this “Inquisition” you speak of, you mention that this rising organization claimed to act in the Divine’s name. This sounds rather troubling, not many are so bold to declare as such, especially they seems to specifically seeking contact with people such as us. There’s an old friend of mine who is close associated with the Divine, maybe she’ll know something, she always does. Whether they bear good or ill, they meant business. In either way, one cannot simply abandon one’s current mission for however important issue they wish to present. Therefore one should say the same to you: Be on your guard.

       For my title, please just address me by my first name: Charlotte, or Commander /Lady Cousland if you must, as my position as the Royal consort of Ferelden is currently put on hiatus. It is an agreement made between King Alistair and I. Should Ferelden deemed to require to have new Queen, or simply by His Majesty’s own wishes, there are, even just slightly, likelihoods of replacement.   


   May the Maker light your path.


Charlotte M. Cousland


        P.S As for Zevran, my little birdie is a charming one isn’t he? Although occasionally he might attract more trouble than it's worth.

        P.P.S: One must point out that whoever is the one holding the quill has a beautiful handwriting; amateur but talented for calligraphy.