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Life Happens

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Kazuya landed uncomfortably onto the floor of the room. Wobbly arms and legs pushed him into an upright position, glaring at the jeering men behind him. The bread that they threw in after him only seemed to insult him even more, though he knew that they needed the moldy bread to survive another day.

They, being Kazuya and Kuramochi - two of Camelot’s most famous knights now currently stuck in Camelot’s dungeons thanks to Queen Morgana’s orders. Even thinking her name had Kazuya’s face screw up into a scowl.

Hesitantly he turned towards his partner, seeing that the large chest wound on the other’s was beginning to ooze pus from being infected had him swallowing heavily, before stumbling closer to Kuramochi. “Hey, Mochi, I have some food…you need to eat,” though his derisive snort betrayed his thoughts - the food wasn’t going to help so much as it would hurt.

The shorter male’s eyes opened blearily, a breathless chuckle reminiscent of his traditional bray, escaping his throat, unsurprised to see the worry that was just peaking out from underneath Kazuya’s mask. Grinning weakly, he tried to reassure the other male, “nah it’s okay. You need your strength to fight.” Groaning, he tried to sit upright and hit Kazuya on the head like he normally did, but the pain in his chest prevented him from moving enough.

Kazuya quickly shoved the male down as gently as he could, scowling “OI! Stay down idiot! You’re hurt.” Hearing a clanging sound behind him, he saw the immortal soldiers of Morgana’s coming to pull him for another fight. Sighing, he slowly got up, trying to will all his pride as a knight of Camelot into his stature. Grinning sardonically down at the injured knight, he opened his mouth to say a few words just as he was dragged out, “Looks like we’re trapped in here for a while huh?…”

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Blindly unlocking his door from habit, the megane juggled the pile of textbooks sitting in his arms along with his dinner. It had been a long day, and honestly right now he just wanted to sleep his emotions out of whack due to being so tired. Sighing, he collapsed into the chair letting his arms slack as his body was drawn into the comfortable pillow backing.

Ruefully, he rubbed his biceps still remembering the hard workout from the day before, as he forced himself off the chair pulling his tie out and slowly slipping his clothes off. A nap was in order, his body and brain exhausted. As he got into the bed, Kazuya’s eyes shut automatically letting his brain recharge from the stressful day.

Though no one knew this, he had the tendency to unconsciously search for something to clutch while he slept. Reaching out he felt a strong object on the bed and in his sleep deprived state he barely noticed before pulling and himself closer. Latching on, Kazuya fell asleep hoping that he would get up in time to actually get some work done.

Unknowingly Kazuya had missed his door stumbling into his housemate’s room instead. As both male were exhausted neither noticed that there was an extra person in the bed and actually pulled each other closer and slept with their legs and arms tangled. However…eventually Youichi did indeed wake up, and seeing a strange lump in his bed and an inability to move his limbs nearly had him screaming. Closer inspection revealed that it was Kazuya and his eyes widened in shock.

Just as he was about to wake the other male up, the serene look on his friend’s face had him pausing. He didn’t think he’d ever seen Kazuya with such a peaceful look and it threw him off. Feeling disgustingly mushy, Youichi just slowly sat up on his bed, content with letting the other exhausted university student sleep. Casually running his hands through Kazuya’s hair he checked his phone.

Feeling a soothing touch at his head in his half asleep state Kazuya moved towards it groaning when it unexpectedly stopped relaxing when it started again. However, this action did wake him up slowly and blinking in shock he shot up seeing Youichi’s bemused face. The same face that turned scarlet at Kazuya’s body, “WHAT…Why aren’t you wearing clothes? Why are you in my bed?!”

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The ball nestled into the catcher’s mitt just as much power as from the beginning of their practice. Unfortunately this power itself was already very low as the pitcher’s mind was unusually somewhere else. Namely some words he’d heard a couple second stringers saying near the third field.

“Why is Sawamura still on the team? He can’t even pitch to the inside anymore!? What use is he anyway…”

Dark shadows ran under the southpaw’s eyes, replaying the same words over and over in his head, What use am I anyway…I ought to just quit. So wrapped in his own thoughts he didn’t notice the worried look flash on the catcher’s face or his standing up and walking towards Eijun. Eijun even missed the hand coming up near his face till it smacked the back of his head.

Whining and clutching the back of his head, Eijun glared “Wha- why??? MIYUKI KAZUYA WHAT ARE YOU DOING TEME?” Recieving only a smirk in response he ground his teeth, before looking away. He didn’t even have the mental stability to argue back right now, let alone pitch. Eijun honestly he felt he was just a waste to the team. Furuya didn’t even mess up that badly.

Staring at the mound he muttered, “I’ll let you go just this once Miyuki Kazuya…I’m ….I’m done for tonight.” Kazuya’s eyes widened, horrified at the thought that Eijun was so gone that he wanted to stop pitching. Normally he had to beg off (more like order) from pitching.

Sighing, he placed a hand on Eijun’s shoulder, “come with me bakamura. We need to talk…and I don’t care if you don’t want to.” A firm glare at the southpaw had the first year silently nodding.

Pushing the pitcher onto his bed, Kazuya sat on the floor near the other’s knees. Resting a hand lightly on his lap, Kazuya opened his mouth, “Sawa- Eijun give me your hand.” Hearing his first name out of the normally distant catcher, Eijun unconsciously gave his hand. The stroking sensation on his hand had his eyes closing, relaxing, before shooting back open to look inquisitevely down at the catcher.

Taking a deep breath Kazuya began speaking, trying to reach out to the pitcher, “Do you know something? I really like your hands. You can see how much work you put into becoming the best pitcher you can be, all those hours of practice,” his head tilted up to look at the pitcher in the eyes. Clenching the hand in his tightly he continued, “I love how passionate and independant you are…but it’s okay to falter. We’re all here for you. I’m….I’m here for you. Okay? Always…always.” The resulting blush on his face had Kazuya letting go of Eijun’s hands before leaning back.

“But that doesn’t mean your 1000 years too early to become the ace right now, okay Bakamura!”

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Blinking at the test, he tried again.

Positive. This couldn’t be happening…not…no…this wasn’t happening! He was just going insane….there was no way Kazuya was pregnant. He couldn’t… he …he was a male. Right? This wasn’t something that males went through….but the mounds of flesh at his chest, and a missing apendage below told another story….

I … I have to tell Mochi. But what if…how am I supposed to tell him? Kazuya struggled to control his emotions again. He’d just missed his period that month by a week and jokingly bought some pregnancy testers. Already he felt awful about his body when he had a period since that wasn’t who he was, but this? This certified something.

He was not male.

Stumbling out of the washroom, Kazuya fell down dragging his legs up to his chest. Sitting with his head in his hands he tried to calm himself down but failed every time he looked at the tester in his hands. It was in this state a worried Youichi found his boyfriend. He’d tried texting and calling the catcher but with no avail he rushed to their apartment, hoping that the male was just asleep.

Crouching down in front of Kazuya, he brushed the male’s hair trying to gently alert him to the shortstop’s presence. Lifting the male’s head he saw unshed tears pooling in his brown eyes and was shocked. What on earth could have happened! Seemingly Kazuya realized that Youichi had come and launched himself towards his boyfriend. This move had the tester come into Youichi’s vision who’s eyes widened in shock. Grasping Kazuya by the shoulder he pressed his forehead against the other’s, “Kaz…Kaz look at me. What…what does that tester mean? Are you okay!?”

Mainly he was worried that Kazuya was starting to feel bad about his body again. Choosing not to undergo hormone therapy had been tough for the catcher as people often still referred to him by his female name and pronouns but Youichi did his best to be there for his boyfriend. He loved the male no matter what shape his body was in, now if only Kazuya was able to see the beauty in himself.

Still sobbing slightly, Kazuya managed to get out between gritted teeth, “I-I’m pr-regnant Yo-ouichi … I’m not even mas-sculine enough to a-avoid this.” Sighing, Youichi cupped the distraught male’s face before firmly shutting down the other’s derisive thoughts, “NO…shh you’re beautiful. So what if you don’t look like the traditional male? You are Miyuki KAZUYA not Kazuki. The all-star catcher of a pro baseball team! Yes this is something neither of us expected, but still” his voice softened, “that doesn’t make you any less in my eyes, and I want…I hope…it doesn’t make you less in yours. Kazuya… you are wonderful. And I will always love you.” Pressing his lips against the quivering male’s he tried to convey all his emotions of love, support, determination to be there for Kazuya regardless of the male’s choice.

“Now let’s get to bed….we can deal with this after a nap, wouldn’t you agree?”

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Oinari! Please let me be safe from this man… Inari sama please!

Teeth bared at the male who dared to enter the shrine and defile it with his guns, the small being snarled. How they found the shrine with such bad intentions Nori had no idea…but he knew that he needed to run away. He only had 5 tails which didn’t help in disguising himself. He couldn’t get caught!

The furious expression dropped, the kitsune pushed all it’s energy into creating an illusion powerful enough to distract any steady minded human away from their prize. Taking the chance, he bolted towards the forest weaving around the trees pulling the illusion down and using it to move the tree branches around so that he could escape.

The pounding steps behind him proved that these humans seemed to be stronger than most, as with 5 tails Nori was over 500 years old and had gotten very skilled at his illusions. Confused he nearly tripped over a fallen tree, but caught himself in time, only to swerve to avoid a tree. This action pushed him towards a couple weeping cherry trees he hadn’t seen before. Almost forgetting the person chasing him, he pushed the blossoms aside with a paw gently.

Softly, almost hesitantly, he stepped into the unexpectedly peaceful area. All he could see was a small stream accompanied by a beautiful waterfall. However beeing a spirit he could tell that there was something special about this waterfall. Something he could sense, but not identify. A presence which could mean good will or anger.

Bowing with his head towards the ground he softly spoke, “I respectfully request that my presence in your area be ignored and that I can get protection and shelter for a few days.” He kept his snout close to the ground, tails low as well in order to look as non-threatening as possible. He didn’t expect a verbal answer so he was pleasantly surprised to see a figure stepping out of the waterfall nodding their head in acquiescence.

Not too tall, wearing a deep blue yukata with loose arms that almost seemed to flow, similar to the water. Their face was covered by kasa and netting masking their face, though Nori felt that their current form was still masculine. The figure walked, no glided, towards Nori and he felt his senses warn him against the spirit, yet he also felt a tantalizing pull towards them.

Still, no matter what, kitsune had complete control of their minds as that was one of the only ways to become wiser and gain your third tail. He resisted the pull, lifting his head to pin the figure with a slight glare challenging him to mess with the kitsune. In a placating gesture, the spirit lifted their arms up, the water pooling around their arms along with what seemed to be a form of string or webbing. Nori felt a nagging feeling in the back of his head warning him about spirits in the water with webs, but it was as if the water washed away any thoughts.

Still wary, he bowed his head in respect of the other’s status in their home, before speaking “My greetings noble water spirit, I thank you for your shelter. There is a strange group of people in this area who are able to overcome my illusions.” The spirit seemed to just nod as if this news was not worrisome which hackled Nori. How could people who were not affected by even his powers not be a trouble!?

As if sensing his thoughts, the spirit finally began speaking though Nori could still not see his mouth, “Servant of the great Inari Kami, I welcome you to my humble abode. I am saddened to hear that you were chased here, but I will gladly allow you to remain here for however long you need.” Stepping back into the water, the spirit dissolved, leaving only a few webbed strings attached to the bank.

While thankful for the haven, Nori still felt nervous, who was this spirit? Where did they come from and why were they so mysterious. Stepping back towards the cherry trees from whence he had come from only to realize that the people chasing him had been long gone. This … place seemed to dull his senses, panicking him. Quickly delivering a hasty bow, snout barely grazing the ground he ran. Nori ran back to the safe area that was the shrine. Curling into a ball he dozed in the inner temple, trying to wrap his mind around what happened.

However, his mind was continuously reminded of the strange being who had helped him. Even away from the falls, he was unable to remember what spirit the figure could have been. After nearly 4 moons, Nori gave up, shifting into his human form. Though he could look like anything, he preferred his male form that funnily did not bear a resemblence to a fox. His human forms all seemed to supress his fox like features, as if realizing his desire to look like a true human.

Swiftly stepping through the forest, his feet guiding him through the call in his heart towards the waterfall. The call that had kept him awake for many sun and moon cycles. Brushing the cherry blossoms, he called out again, “Hello… please water spirit if you’re in here, tell me …why am I back here? Who are you?” Falling towards the ground, he tried his best to resist the pull coming from the lake, tightening his grip on his yukata.

The spirit once again stepped out from the falls, smiling lightly from under his kasa, the webbing gone. Nori gasped at the beautifully sculpted face that emerged from under the hat. Serious eyes, glinted with something that Nori couldn’t understand. Gobsmacked he stared, before blushing at his reaction. “Umm… hello again. Noble water spirit…my name is Nori. High kitsune of Inari Okami,” he coupled his words with a swift bow, looking up for the other’s reaction.

Eyes widening at receiving the kitsune’s name, names have power, he replied in similar terms, “Hello … Kitsune Nori. Forgive me for the pull. I am Shirasu, a Jorōgumo. It is not safe right now for you to be here, the men have come in the forest again, and are approaching. I might not be able to push them away for much longer.” Bowing his head, the water spirit’s magic moved the weeping tree’s branches, and a light breeze seemed to shove Nori back home. Confused, he shifted back into his kitsune form, before disappearing into the foiliage.

This habit continued for many moons with Nori creeping into the grove, getting to know the reserved water spirit. Often he would come away having felt a strange physical pull towards the water yet he was strong enough to ignore it. Many a times there would be some kind of web that would encroach around his body the longer he spoke to the Jorōgumo, but his magic always seemed to push it away in time.

Nori was terrified of the spirit. And rightly so, however he couldn’t stop coming. His willpower against the pull had begun failing. From a full moon, to no moon, and then a new moon, it finally came to the next full moon. A month after the night they had originally met, Nori once again came to the waterfall.

However, this time he was once again being chased by the people who were able to withstand his powers though he was stronger on nights such as that night. He hoped that Shirasu, as a water spirit was even stronger from the moon’s strength and could shield the area longer. He did not realize… that this was not the best thing for himself either.

For once, the pull was too strong. He lasted 10 minutes, the time it took for his panting to slow and heart beat to rest. He was unable to resist the silent urge to enter the water, though looking at Shirasu’s blank face he could not discern the spirits true intentions.

Perhaps… it might give me strength, and power.

Though he had been alive for many sun and moon cycles, Nori had not accounted for one thing. A spirit that was part water part spider was one of the most dangerous yokai there was. This realization came too late.

Feeling the soothing water pull him in, and then a sticky web like residue wrap him, he felt his eyes flutter close, all his energy gone. His last sight was the blank face of the spirit he had underestimated.

The spirit who not only stole his life, but something much worse…his heart.

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Straddling the other male triumphantly Shirasu cackled holding the bag of chips over his boyfriend’s head. Exaggeratedly he opened the bag, leaning it towards the glaring pitcher’s face, before grabbing a chip and eating it.

Having a bright idea, Nori smirked slightly, quickly masking it under his usual pleasant smile. He dragged his hands up Shirasu’s sides letting them linger around his lower ribs knowing that was one of Kenjirou’s weak spots. Grinning at the shivers that he could feel wracking the other’s body, he brought his hands to the front of his body. Letting his hands rest on his boyfriend’s chest Nori pressed firmly hands splaying over the firm muscles that made up his abs before gliding them higher.

Wrapping his arms around the male’s neck, Nori yanked Shirasu’s body closer, smashing his lips against the other’s. Using his hips he flipped them over so that he was on top. Running his hands through Shirasu’s short hair, as usual shocked that it wasn’t as coarse as it looked, he let them fall away, just staring at the fielder on the ground.

Smiling serenely, Shirasu reached up to cup Nori’s face once again thanking any gods that existed for giving him a person like Nori, who not only returned his love but wasn’t afraid to show it. Being the generally reserved male that he was, Shirasu expected to be alone for most of his life, but the quiet pitcher on Seidou’s team who had joined him in his love for music changed that outlook.

From nerves at falling for his best friend, to the accidental confession due to word vomit, or their very first date, he was happy to have done it with the other male. Moving in together was what made it best however. He got to see Nori all the time, any time.

Said male had begun lowering himself near Shirasu’s face, who got ready for another kiss, when suddenly an arm darted up quickly to grab the discarded chips. Swiftly rolling off of Shirasu, Nori chuckled, “hahah looks like they’re mine now aren’t they Kenjirou” before sticking his tongue out and “skipping” out of the room.

Bewildered, Shirasu just stared dumbly at the direction the pitcher headed before bursting into laughter. Of course Nori would do that, Ketchup chips were his favourite. However, they were his too.

“Noriiii I wanted those!!”

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Headphones in his ears he held onto his water bottle and granola wrapper from his evening jog after class, struggling to not drop his phone in an attempt to grab his keys. His face in a strong pout from having to run alone as his boyfriend had said something about, “A study ses Bakamura…you probably know nothing about it.”

He remembered storming out of the apartment shouting, “I’m not an idiot Mei! That’s you if you forgot what today was!” He had been angry when he left, but after running Eijun understood that it wasn’t necessarily Mei’s fault. How often would the pitcher have done anything special for this day in Inashiro anyway, let alone in university.

Actually the fact that the two of them ended up going to the same university, and accidentally rooming together was still a joke to the both of them. Of course, jokes on them as fate had seen for them to get together. That brought them to that evening: February 14th, 2016.

Valentines Day.

Eijun had a plan for what he wanted to do that night and had even spent 1 month learning how to cook Bistro Roast Chicken from that damn tanuki. Spying a garbage can, Eijun quickly tossed his garbage away, taking the chance to shove his phone in his pocket. Being close to their apartment, he’d been hunting for the keys but considering his inability to hold too many things at once it was probably a good idea if he put it away.

As he headed up the stairs to the second floor where their simple apartment was, Eijun still having his headphones didn’t hear the familiar sound that he now unexpectedly associated with his boyfriend. However, the closer he got to the door, the more he could hear a sound that he didn’t think would be coming at this time considering Mei was supposed to have been out. Ripping out his headphones he was shocked to hear the piano being played.

B-But…he’s not supposed to be here? I’m supposed to be going home and watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. while eating ice cream…what…

For once fumbling with his keys, he finally wrenched the door open. Stepping cautiously in he felt the familiar soothing sound of Pachelbel’s Canon in D coming from inside. Turning swiftly towards their piano, Eijun was shocked to see a shock of blonde hair sitting at it in a crisp white suit playing it. Not a large piano, yet it almost seemed as if Mei was the light in a dark spot of the room.

He.. he’s p-playing my song… I can’t believe he remembered!

Seeing the smirk on the male’s face, Eijun tried to mask any of what he was feeling but it was too late. He could feel the tears threatening to fall out of his eyes. As the song came to a close, Mei unexpectedly began rising, still humming the song as he walked towards Eijun reaching out with his dominant hand to caress the once rival, now lover’s face.

“You’re not going to cry are you? The night has barely begun….Happy Valentines Eijun.”

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Groaning at the unexpected movememnt, Kazuya reached out blindly for the warm body he knew should be beside him in the bed. That warmth seemed to be leaving the bed and he felt his eyes prying themselves open hurriedly, hoping tht he could stop Eijun from leaving the bed. Luckily, it seemed he was fast enough to stop him and grasped the pitcher’s waist not sparing a glance at the vast array of freckles adorning the male’s body in order to pull faster.

Chuckling softly at the other’s shout, Kazuya just stretched slightly his other arm wrapping around the underside of his body to tuck him under Kazuya’s chin. “No. Leaving. Today. Eijun…. Stay. With. Me,” each word was punctuated with a kiss to the male’s neck, “you can run later mister.”

When the whine and squirming he expected didn’t come it surprised Kazuya as he knew how much Eijun loved running in the morning. Eijun had instead spun around in Kazuya’s arms, pulling back a bit to cup the catcher’s cheeks. “Kazuyaaaa what’s up with you today…,” he pressed his forehead against the other’s, capturing his fiancee’s lips in a quick kiss. He shuddered when Kazuya chose to ignore the question, instead kissing a down Eijun’s neck, stopping at his collar bone, sucking on it, before moving on.

Kazuya just silently lifted their clasped hands, eyes locked on Eijun’s pressing a chaste kiss on each finger, an extra on the ring, before letting go. Grasping his hand, Kazuya pulled the palm towards him, looking at the other male between his lashes before pressing a kiss to the middle ignoring the gasp from Eijun. Continuing his barrage of kisses on the pitcher’s left hand, he slowly began speaking, “it’s just… after all this time, you still want to be with the snarky smartass that makes up me. It amazes me, that’s all. I love you Eijun.” The serious look on Kazuya’s face had Eijun blushing, but before he could answer about he’s the amazing one, not Eijun Kazuya interuppted him.

“I know you’re going to say something silly like, ‘I’m the amazing one not me’ but I’m just going to stop you there Baka,” stretching slightly, he pressed a quick peck against the pouting male’s lips before smirking slightly. He kissed Eijun’s closed eyes, “I love how your eyes shine when you get ready to pitch a ball.” He kissed the corner of his lips, “I love your smile when you try to hide your excitement for a manga.” Continuing downwards he kissed Eijun’s neck, before veering off towards his shoulders, “I love how your shoulders scrunch together when you try to withold your excitement or tears.”

Pressing a kiss against Eijun’s palm again, he whispered, “I love your hands, how they curl around a ball. Each pitch carefully loved. Or when you grasp a manga tightly in your hands when one of your silly characters confesses.”

“How you always try to choose the best flowers for me when we go to see my mother’s grave. Your cheesy attempts at surprising me with your cooking. Trying to wheedle me into playing catchball,” smiling soppily Kazuya continued, “how caring you are when you know I’m not feeling the best. Your love for the team. How kind you are to the world…”

Kazuya’s tears that had pooled at his eyes began to fall in tandem with Eijun’s. Both their eyes shining with love for each other. Blushing at his impromptu confession, Kazuya pressed a shaky kiss against Eijun’s lips before finishing, “Sawamura Eijun, there isn’t anything that I don’t love about you. The good. The bad. Or the ugly. I love it all, and I love you.”

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Hearing his voice being screamed from beside him, Youichi woke up startled expecting to defend himself. Recognizing the scream for what it was, he quickly turned to the shouting male beside him. A nightmare had overtaken the normally calm male, and while this had begun to be a common occurrence it still didn’t stop the guilty feeling swelling in his chest.

A simple accident. A car losing control was all it took for Youichi and his legs to lose their baseball career permanently, and for Kazuya to have serious PTSD and wake up in nightmares. Nightmares where Youichi’s attempt to pull Kazuya out of the way resulted in his death. Nightmares where it was Youichi who nearly died, not Kazuya. Nightmares where he would wake up thinking Youichi was dead and he was alone with shattered legs.

During these times, Youichi would do his best to wake up Kazuya and reassure him that everything was okay. Yes, the shortstop could no longer play, but he was still there. They were both alive.

Coming back to the present, Youichi quickly reached over, brushing his hands through Kazuya’s hair. He knew that shaking the catcher awake was not a good idea. Youichi ended up with a black eye and a frantic Kazuya. Keeping his actions gentle and calm, Youichi leaned over, pressing a kiss to Kazuya’s forehead. Running circles soothingly on the male’s chest, he watched as the screaming male’s voice died down, still in a fitful sleep but more relaxed then before.

Gathering the anxious male in his arms, Youichi pressed kisses into the sweat-soaked hair of the catcher, trying to not put pressure on his own casts from moving Kazuya, but wanting to help as much as possible. Finally it seemed that Kazuya had calmed down enough and gradually woke up.

The sleepy blinking eyes of the male he loved had a smile pulling itself across Youichi’s face, unfettered though he tried to supress it. Seeing that Kazuya had fallen back asleep from exhaustion had the wide smile, softening to a lift of the corner of his lips. As he allowed himself to sleep, Youichi let the last few thoughts out.

“I’m always there for you… You’re safe now.”

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The only sounds from the room was the tap! tap! of fingers on a phone, and the slowly deepening breaths of a male falling asleep. Nudging the male lying down with him, Youichi yawned, “Eijun come on…let’s go to sleep already…who are you texting anyway? You’ve been on your phone all evening.” He tried to keep the jealousy out of his voice but failed.

Sensing that his boyfriend wasn’t all that pleased with him, but not knowing why exactly, the apparent resident idiot replied, “I’m just talking to Miyuki, senpai. The annoying guy kept sending me strange pictures of chocolate all day, so I was asking why.” A picture of innocence, Youichi groaned.

Of course that single idiot would remember what the importance of today was more then my idiot. Still… I guess that’s why I fell for him right?

“Just ignore him idiot… if you can’t figure out the meaning, it’s fine. I guess it’s up to me as your senpai and l-lover to tell you,” even after so long, Youichi still stuttered on affectionate terms still not accepting that the sunshine boy himself loved Youichi as much as Youichi loved him. Reaching for the floor, Youichi pulled out the half hidden box of chocolates he’d painstakingly made on an early morning the previous week. Not asking for that tanuki’s help had been a slight struggle as he really was clueless in the kitchen, but luckily with straightforward YouTube videos he was able to get the chocolates to turn out okay.

Blushing as he turned back to the confused stare adorning the pitcher’s face, he opened his mouth, “Don’t you dare laugh or I’ll have you on the floor before you can make a sound! Here.” Thrusting the box to the other male, Youichi looked away, unwilling to let himself sit through more embarrassment of Eijun’s disgust at his barely passable attempt at chocolate. However, hearing no sounds of discontent, Youichi turned back to see Eijun nearly in tears, alarmed Youichi shouted, “WHAT, WHAT’S WRONG! I know they suck…but are they inedible?”

All he ended up recieving was a snot covered hug, and a hasty kiss on the lips before he watched most of his chocolate get downed without a single voice of complaint. Hesitant, Youichi asked, “Eijun…were they that bad? I’m sorry I thought I might try and make something for Valentine’s day because … I don’t know you seemed to like reading that stuff in your manga? If it’s that bad, let’s just throw it out…I don’t need you sick.”

Swallowing the last piece of chocolate in his hands, Eijun thumped his chest trying to get the lump to go down allowing him to speak, “no n-no, t-thank you You-senpai. I-I didn’t expect this….it’s…lovely,” his eyes watering. Shaking his head, he placed the box on the floor before pressing a soft kiss to Youichi’s lips, and then another to his forehead.

“Thank you senpai, Happy Valentine’s Day. I love you You-chan.”

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“Let’s go see some stars.”

Grabbing each other’s hand, they walked in tandem out of their little cottage. A simple place to live, a simple place to love. Laughing, one of the males let go and ran ahead of the other slightly feeling an infectious cheer coursing through his body. How often did you get to be with someone you cherished this much and not have to worry about the future.

The other male quickly caught up, grasping the first’s waist, tugging him back to a strong chest. Arms easily wrapped around a slim waist. Calming down they both held hands again walking at a sedate pace towards the cliff near them. Sitting down near the ledge, one in beside the other, they stared off into ‘space’ at their stars.

A silent hush had come over the pair, neither wishing to disturb the serenity, yet almost as if an ethereal push had one stealing a glance before pausing at the child like glow adorning the other’s face. Glasses glinting in the moonlight, hair tousled, clothes rumpled, and the most brilliant smile growing across his face.

Nori couldn’t help but let out a soft “whoosh” at Kazuya’s face. He’d never seen such a peaceful look on the catcher’s face, even while asleep. It was as if every little bit of stress had just been plucked straight off his shoulders and gently replaced with simplicity and happiness.

Blatantly he began watching the male, ignoring the pounding of his heart, or the knowledge that he could easily be caught. He couldn’t help but let out a watery chuckle at his thoughts. Who knew the previous awkward side arm pitcher, and all star catcher and captain of Seidou’s baseball team, would one day be celebrating their 2 year anniversary in a lovely cottage by the sea.

Who knew, that after so long they’d still be together.

As if sensing where Nori’s thoughts were headed, Kazuya’s head turned slightly to face the pitcher. A familiar smirk sliding onto his face, yet the mirth and affection in his eyes told Nori that whatever he said would say was a joke. “Why Nori… what’s got you so distracted from the sky… I’m sure a picture would last longer then my face though?” Kazuya couldn’t help but chuckle, reaching out to cup Nori’s face lightly with his hand.

Leaning into the touch, Nori’s hand reached up to do the identical motion on Kazuya’s opposite cheek. Shaking his head within the confines of the hand, he replied, “just… I think… I’ve fallen for you. Hard. And that scares me, because even after all this time, you’ve stuck by me, which means you love me just as much.”

Smiling softly, Kazuya leaned closer, a hair’s breadth away, “No… I love you much more then you think.” Swiftly he captured Nori’s lips, emotions surging through his body, that at one point were foreign, but now something he associated only with Nori’s presence.

Both in turn whispered something that would later become their saying, “Always and Forever.”

Chapter Text

Cupping the shorter male’s face, he leaned in pressing his lips gently against the others. Letting his hands explore, he let them leave the scruffy face, sliding down powerful shoulders to rough hands. Intertwining his fingers with the other’s, the loud male’s body seemed to relax further.

Yuuki had been trying for some time to calm his boyfriend down, but no matter what, it seemed the stress never seemed to dissipate. Lips began peppering Jun’s face with light pecks, slowly trying to bring a smile back onto the worried center fielder’s face. It seemed to be working till Yuuki pulled away. In order to speak, the batter had tried to create some distance, but that seemed to just pull Jun back down.

Laying an unexpectedly gentle, albeit not to Jun, hand on his boyfriend’s face, Yuuki asked the question that he was fairly certain he had an answer to, but still needed to ask. “What’s wrong Jun? This isn’t like you…” he was worried, because while he knew what the answer could be, it would also hurt him. 

Getting no response, Yuuki sighed to himself before taking the plunge, so to speak. “You like Chris don’t you?” he couldn’t help but smile softly at the shocked look on the fielder’s face. He had known for some time that while Jun did care for Yuuki, there was also a high level of affection directed towards their star catcher. His general observant nature allowed him to realize that Chris returned these affections as well. That hurt. He wanted so bad to scream at Chris that Jun was his, but that wasn’t true. Jun was no one’s…least of all Yuuki or Chris.

While the baseman had to admit there was a general degree of affection for the catcher in him, he couldn’t quite tell if it was attraction. And he didn’t want to, because loving both of them, yet not wanting to interfere between them hurt too much to even think of. Still, he was anything but possessive and he had to convince Jun to tell Chris. Sighing he rested his head on Jun’s shoulder, wrapping his arms around the other’s waist before mouthing the most painful words he’d ever spoken into the male’s shoulder, “Go to him Jun. Be happy…. GO!” Pushing himself away, Yuuki didn’t spare a glance at the male behind him, knowing that looking at Jun now would break his resolve and he would end up begging the fielder to stay with him. 

However he didn’t expect the hard slap to the back of his head, and the yelling in his ear. Barely catching himself before he fell, Yuuki turned around with wide eyes.The angry glare he received from Jun had him flinching, and the words that followed hurt even more, “WHAT …. WHAT DO Y-YOU MEAN GO TO HIM TETSU , TEME?! HOW How dare you…” As if the energy had been zapped from his body, Jun’s shoulder’s slumped, arms loosely wrapped around Yuuki’s chest pulling him closer to Jun’s body.  

“How… how dare you leave me… I can’t lose you either dumbass, besides..” Jun’s face turned scarlet as it whipped away from Yuuki, “I lo-like you both. And… I know..well actually.. I think? You like Chris too.” The embarrassed look evaporated as if it was never there at Yuuki’s shock a firm glare taking it’s place. 

I like… Chris? Do I… b-but .. what?

Seeing that Yuuki hadn’t understood at all, Jun steeled his nerves before yanking on Yuuki’s uniform, and walking towards Chris’ room. Feeling the male flinching and trying to pull away, Jun let go of the shirt only to grab his boyfriend’s hand. He couldn’t believe that it was coming down to this, but if that was the only way to get it through Yuuki’s head, then he’d take it. 

Of course, he didn’t know Chris’ feelings… Jun wasn’t that observant even though he spent much of his time off the field, reading shoujo manga. He just hoped that he had not misread the situation, and the lingering looks he’d seen directed at Yuuki and himself had meant what he thought they were. The offers to play catch-ball, practice fielding with them. Swinging bats together at imaginary balls late into the night. 

Knocking on the door, he tried to take a deep breath, but only a shuddering sigh came out. Jun was extremely nervous, and if he was wrong… then this could possibly end him. Turning back to glance at the passively masked face of his boyfriend, Jun let out a nervous chuckle, “I can’t believe you’re making me do this in order to convince you….” Seeing that the male in question opened the door, Jun quickly turned around asking if they could enter. 

Luckily no one seemed to be in the room, so he pulled Yuuki to sit on the ground, and ignore the inquisitive looks he was getting from Chris. Sitting down carefully, he tried to arrange his thoughts in a meaningful manner, hoping he was clear when he spoke. However, looking up at the catcher’s face and seeing the barely masked affection Jun felt himself blush all over, his mouth opening only for no sound to come out. Swallowing the lump in his throat, he tried again, “Ch-hris… we.. I mean, I have a question,” not known for his subtlety Jun went straight to the heart of the problem. Taking a deeper breath, he looked towards Yuuki for some strength, and only saw love and gradual understanding pooling in the eyes of the male he so adored, I can do this.

DO” he coughed, “I mean do you like us? Both of us…” he couldn’t hold the strong resolve anymore, and slumped. He could feel Yuuki’s arm coming to rest on his waist, and using the strength from the hold, Jun lifted his head from it’s bowed position, to see the joyous look on Chris’ face. He felt his own face threatening to break into an identical smile, and turning to look at the male who had been the reason he finally opened his mouth, he was shocked to see a soft smile gracing his lips, and his eyes dancing with affection. 

Half sobbing, half laughing Jun croaked out, “I still cannot believe you made me do this…” The harmonious chuckles he heard from the other two had his face relaxing into a peaceful smile, truly happy again. 

Chapter Text


Twigs snapped as he walked carefully through the woods. Head snapping from left to right as he tried to take in where he was and try to not walk in circles. Unbeknownst to him, he’d attracted a follower who’d been tracking the man’s movements. While these woods were generally avoided by all but the most brave or foolish humans, it did sometimes attract foolhardy travelers who ventured into it’s grasp in attempt to reach the opposite kingdom faster.

Though the story of elves lurking in Mirkwoods had long become just that, stories, there was still a rampant fear in all about the immortal, powerful elves. With their unnatural ability to communicate with the trees, and leap through them with ease, most humans were afraid of what possible things the elves could do. There was also the huge rumor that had parents clutching their kids closer.

It was very rare for elves to have children. And somehow… someone spread the rumor that the elves would adopt orphans into their family to produce more elves. Though this was true many years ago, in very special circumstances, the royal families being mum about the whole situation, the everyday folk were afraid.

Coming back to the lost human in the woods, the young male still had an air of innocence around him. This aura was all that protected him from the shadowy figure hiding up in the trees. Glasses glinted from the sun’s rays, as the elf adjusted his sheathed knife and bow. Staring cautiously, albeit curiously at whom he could justify was still a child in human years enter the forest casually following an animal.

The rabbit in question was already in the elf’s possession, but he was interested to see what the younger male would do. While he himself was already very lithe and barely made a sound, jumping from tree to tree, he had to admit that he was impressed by the soft steps the human was making. He didn’t seem to be aware of the possible danger he was in by entering the Mirkwoods, he did however realize the need to remain unnoticed. The only reason why Kazuya had even noticed, was his turn as patrol of the Western entrance. Goblins were still an unforgiving past to the elves of Mirkwood, and though the nuisance of the black spiders had been taken care of, they were never able to bring the once happy, lively forest back to it’s higher status. Caution was something that their King, Legolas son of Thranduil had emphasized though their mention in history books had all but disappeared after the lord of Rivendell had gone with Lady of Lothlórien, the White Wizard…and from what Kazuya could remember, two hobbits.

The shire had become another closely guarded secret of the elves, their help in the great war of Middle Earth had all of the elves swear their protection to the littlest folk. Kazuya himself had not been there during the battle against Mordor, having taken the then Prince Legolas’ title as last elven born child. His mother had some human blood in her from many generations before and though the arduous effort of giving birth to an elf took her life, it was this new blood that brought about the existence of a new child to the elves. Already Kazuya had been given the teachings of the royal line, his father being a lord in the King’s court. Kazuya son of Kazuto had become Prince Kazuya Green-leaf, heir apparent to Mirkwood’s throne.

However, none of this was currently important as the human male who’d been wandering had finally seemed to notice his tale. Pausing the round-faced male seemed to take a deep breath and turned around. Pressing himself further into the foliage, Kazuya tried to keep himself from being found. While he generally refrained from bragging, Kazuya wasn’t by any means incompetent. His skills in the trees rivaled that of the King himself. For some reason though, the human seemed to pinpoint his position in seconds. And while Kazuya had been found before, this had only been by other elves when he was much younger. At nearly 200 years old, Kazuya was still a child by elvish standards but ancient by human standards. It surprised him, for this human could be no older then 17. A near adult apparently in human eyes. He figured, this was the equivalent age to himself.

Knowing that his cover had been blown, the Prince of Mirkwood jumped down from his perch on an old ash tree. Carefully he placed the rabbit down on the ground, watching curiously as it scurried towards the human’s outstretched arms, eyes alight yet an unbidden caution straying through them. Keeping his hands away from his weapons, trying to seem as nonthreatening as possible, especially when he saw the sword, knives, and bow strapped to the human as well. It would do no good to cause a war between the hidden elves and humans. His smile, coming out more as a self-assured smirk seemed to do no good in calming the other male down, yet he kept trying to relieve the tension in the air.

A smooth voice pierced the air, startling the human, “Kazuya… son of Kazuto. Welcome to my humble abode Atani.” Speaking in Sindarin, as his Westron was never any good. Hopefully the general similarities was enough for the male to understand.

He wasn’t expecting a near perfect reply back in Quenya, “Well met noble elf, I thank you for your homo-” the male seemed to cut himself off at the raised eyebrow realizing is unfortunate mistake, “forgive me, your hospitality. I am Norifumi, son of Minori.” Though this was all said with complete calm, Kazuya was able to see the fear of insulting the elf in the male’s eyes.

Nodding his head, Kazuya continued speaking, “As you have retrieved your friend, might I request you to please leave the woods? It is not safe for Fírimar to be wandering around here.” Kazuya himself would do nothing. He had always been quite curious of humans, but was generally forbidden from interacting with any without the presence of his father or the King. Apparently, though Mirkwood shared a tight bond with the people of Lake-town, they were not who they once were. Still his childish curiosity did not overcome his duty to keep the woods safe from all but expected travelers.

Seeming to be a smart human, Norifumi inclined his head in respect having deduced that this elf was choosing to spare him instead of introducing Nori to the fabled Mirkwood dungeons. According to the stories his mother had told him as he sat at her knee, only one group had ever escaped these dungeons. And that was only with the mysterious burglar. As he turned to leave, Nori noticed something strange behind the elf. An unexpected shine seemed to glisten off of the leaves. From what he could see from the strange angle, the odd residue was a silvery blood-like substance. Eyes widening, Nori quickly dropped the bunny, hands coming up involuntarily, “Are you hurt sir, oh goodness. May I help?” He was a healer, and though he could see no visible injuries Nori was used to warriors hiding their wounds.

However, from the confusion in the elf’s eyes, and the tenseness in his muscles from Nori’s sudden movements, the male tried to subtly point at what he assumed to be blood. Though the elf’s eyes stayed on him as long as possible, in the end the curiosity as to what could possibly be behind him won out. Taking the chance, Nori sunk to the ground, the robes he’d been forced to wear due to his status as trainee healer, rustling against the ground. Finding the cloth inside his inner pockets, he quickly bound the rabbit’s foot, having noticed it was injured during his early morning walk before nudging it towards the bushes he’d seen it limp out of earlier. Smiling softly to himself at the animal’s happy scurry he turned back to his unexpected companion only to see a face looming very close to him, amusingly watching his actions.

Jumping back, Nori nearly screamed, unfortunately letting out an unmanly shriek instead. And though it was clear that the elf was amused by the reaction, the worry covering his eyes instead attracted Nori’s attention. “Sir… son of Kazuto… err what do I call you? Are you okay? Are you injured…may I attempt to heal you?” questions poured out of Nori’s mouth without him being able to control it, and he would’ve continued if it wasn’t for the hand coming up in front of him.

Sighing, Kazuya pinched the bridge of his nose, “First off… I guess Kazuya is fine. And I’m fine. That is not my blood,” the worried look passed over his face again, “that’s Ork blood. Which makes no sense, as they have not been seen in these parts for many years now.” He’d begun speaking to himself, muttering ideas and viciously ripping them apart in attempt to understand how that was possible. What he did know is, that the woods were not safe for him, let alone for a human. Even with impeccable stealth and observation skills.

Sighing, he grasped the hum- well it would have to be Norifumi now he guessed, he grasped Norifumi’s wrist before running in the direction of Mirkwood Halls. Turning back to see the shocked, and scared look he quickly tried to explain, “there’s possibly Orks and maybe even Uruk-hai out there. You’re human. It could be worse…”

Stopping briefly, to poke at Nori’s chest, Kazuya continued, “you’re in the presence of the Prince of Mirkwood, instead of on the dinner plate of an Ork.” His smirk widening at the healer’s face which was slowly losing colour at the news.

Chapter Text

It being a warm night, Nori just stripped as he walked into the house. First his tie, then unbuttoning his shirt while his other hand made quick work of freeing his lower half of his belt and pants. He’d already divested himself of his shoes at the door.

It was nearly 1 am, and he doubted that Kazuya would be awake, and if he was then there was a very slim chance of him leaving the bed. Regardless, it wouldn’t be something that the catcher hadn’t seen before… Nori had the tendency to get rid of clothes when overly warm and his part time job was quite warm. Being a college student and having a job in order to make his share of the rent money was hard but something he enjoyed.

Though, the late hours was something he didn’t enjoy especially with his early morning classes or assignments to be completed. Just thinking of the biology paper in his backpack, and the statistics assignment waiting for him to start had him groaning in annoyance. He just wanted to sleep…but he needed to get at least 2 hours of studying in or he’d never get them done.

As he entered his room, he slipped a pair of night pants on as he sat down at his desk dragging his textbooks blindly towards him. An hour and a half later he was groaning as he placed his head on the table feeling like his eyes were bleeding from reading so much information.

Slowly stretching, feeling the joints in his shoulders pop Nori stood up from his desk. It was too late to get any more studying in, and he wasn’t absorbing much if anything. Barely lifting the covers Nori let his tired head collapse onto the pillow not registering the shuffling beside him, or the shaking bed.

Really, it wasn’t till he felt an arm snaking around his waist that Nori registered the body behind him. Normally something like this would have had him screaming in shock, but he was so tired all he did was freeze. However, it wasn’t long before the familiar strong muscles and recognizable calluses reminded him of who was in the bed.

Though, he was sure Kazuya knew that he wouldn’t be coming home early that night, and normally he slept in his own bed, the back and forth game of them “being together” never really ending even after 3 years.

Turning around in the embrace, Nori used his limited energy to lazily lift an eye open looking at teh smirking catcher. Feeling himself tugged closer, Nori let his body get guided and molded to Kazuya’s wishes, no energy in him. Feeling something slightly different about their position, Nori tugged his hands free from where they’d gotten trapped under Kazuya’s body and slowly, pretty much blindly as he didn’t even open his eyes, down Kazuya’s body.

He could just sense the smirk as he opened his mouth, “Why are you naked?”

Chapter Text

Letting his hand do the work, Kazuya slowly closed his eyes. He could easily envision the image of a familiar, tall and strong body standing in front of the stove. As the visualization became more clear, Kazuya saw Sanada’s hand easily lifting the pan as he went to add the sauce to the pasta. Letting it linger in his mind, Kazuya’s eyes fluttered open slowly.

The canvas in front of him had transformed from white to a mixture of grays, and golds, with some red thrown in. He could see how the homey kitchen was forming in the background, Sanada’s lithe body stretched up as he went to grab an ingredient.

Involuntarily, Kazuya’s hand reached forward to brush the specks of red paint that had ended up in Sanada’s hair. Though he felt the still-wet paint come off onto his hands, Kazuya continued lightly dragging his fingers down the face.

Kazuya’s memory easily recalled that wonderful morning all those years ago. Sanada cooking lunch while Kazuya sat in front of his canvas trying to paint for a buyer. With no inspiration forthcoming, Kazuya had all but given up.

Padding into the kitchen, Kazuya hadn’t been able to hold back his giggles at seeing Sanada talk to the pasta, hoping it would taste good. There was a reason that Kazuya was the chef of the pair. Settling onto the breakfast bar stool, Kazuya watched as Sanada attempted to cook a proper bowl of pasta, since Kazuya was apparently “bragging too much about his cooking abilities”.

That had been 5 years ago.

Now, whenever Kazuya looked at a blank canvas he could only see a sad smile. Not his, but Sanada’s, who had walked away. He’d walked away from Kazuya.

The continuously growing hole in his heart wasn’t healing from all the painting. Kazuya was only able to paint was the same image: Sanada smiling.

He glared at the laughing painting. Just like so many others, Kazuya punched through the face of his painting Sanada. The canvas ripped apart from the force, a gaping hole formed in the once pretty painting.

Kazuya let the palette fall out of his hands, watching the paints slide into each other on clean floor. He collapsed on the floor, hands covering his face. “Why….why did you have to leave? Why wasn’t I good enough for you?”

It wasn’t just his things that Sanada took from the apartment. A bit of Kazuya went with him as well.

The part that cared.

Chapter Text

“Sawamura I can’t believe you dragged me to this?!”

Youichi carded his hand through his hair trying to look nonchalant at the crowd of middle age to high school age girls all lining up for the same thing he was here for: viewing of the Kimi ni Todoke Live action movie. He really wasn’t sure how Sawamura was able to convince him that doing such a thing was a smart idea, but somehow. … here he was.

As he sighed and his shoulders slumped, he watched Sawamura jumping around excitedly. Apparently he’d somehow made friends with many of the girls waiting in line. Why was he surprised that Sawamura was charming the pants off of women of all ages with his obsession with the shoujou manga. 

Feeling really bored, Youichi pulled out his phone but was surprised to see 5 texts from Sawamura. In the last 5 minutes. He opened the texts to read what Sawamura wanted:

[12:05 pm - Bakamura] Kuramochi senpai!!! Please come SAVE ME!! (>人<)

[12:07 pm - Bakamura] THESE GIRLS WON’T LEAVE ME ALONE (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`) 


[12:12 pm - Bakamura] I SHOULDN’T HAVE STARTED TALKING TO THEM ༼ つ ಥ_ಥ ༽つ

[12:15 pm - Bakamura] senpaiiiiiiiiiiiii pleaseeee ┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻

Youichi couldn’t help but laugh at the texts, feeling amused by Sawamura’s panic. But he would still go look for him. Youichi figured it wouldn’t do for him to be watching this movie by himself when he really didn’t care. 

Looking around, Youichi finally spotted the brown mop that Sawamura called his hair surrounded by multiple teenage girls. He felt a spark of jealousy when he saw a girl lay her hand on Sawamura’s arm. Holding back a snarl, Youichi stomped over to the group. Even when Sawamura saw Youichi approaching and gave a tremulous smile, Youichi could barely muster up a smile which came up more as a grimace. Shaking himself out of the jealous funk, Youichi came and grabbed Sawamura’s hand. 

“It’s time to go Sawamura. Thank you for keeping him company ladies.” Smiling charmingly, he could hear Miyuki in his head calling him a copycat. Luckily he was able to pull the both of them away without too much of a fuss by the other girls. 

Still the feeling of jealousy hadn’t left completely so he pulled Sawamura closer, keeping an eye on the group of teens. Wrapping an arm around Sawamura’s waist, Youchi pulled him in for a swift kiss. 

“You really shouldn’t have dragged me here if you didn’t expect something else from it.” 

Instead of the shock Youichi was expecting, Sawamura instead just smirked slightly and leaned in for a searing kiss, “well then I think those girls played their part well don’t you think?”

Youichi did not cry in the movie. Nope.

Chapter Text

Taking another drink of his coffee, Kazuya stared out the window, enthralled with the busy streets yet how peaceful the cafe was. He knew he should get back to working, the story wouldn’t write itself, but he really had no interest at that point.

At least it was better then some of his friends’ assignments since many were science students. Chris-senpai was buried under the most work being a 3rd year medical student. Kazuya on the other hand was a 2nd year literature student with a minor in creative writing.

His professor for his creative writing course was interesting: Sakeo-sensei assigned them a place to go, in his case Soyokaze, and write whatever came to their mind. Soyokaze was an upper-middle cafe that he normally wouldn’t go to as being a college student meant his funds were usually directed to groceries or laundry. Luckily, somehow Sensei had contacted all the establishments beforehand and explained that one person would be on her tab.

Still, he was a frugal person so he limited himself to a coffee and a small slice of the amazing pecan cluster cake they had. It was delicious.

However, though he tried to feel inspired by the ambiance of the cafe, or the soothing harshness of the outside, quite a juxtaposition, he wasn’t able to write much down. At first, he’d taken to watching the customers who came for some drink or another. He was intrigued by the loudmouth cashier, the quiet baker in the back, but mostly the blunt barista.

There wasn’t a bright smile, or the smoothness that Kazuya accustomed to baristas, well at least of the cafes he frequented to. But, he was oddly interested in the loud, cackling, rough guy. Without him really noticing, Kazuya had turned his laptop on and positioned himself to better see the barista.

Chuckling when he realized what his unconscious behaviour meant, Kazuya began writing. A story of a brash but bold male who played baseball, shortstop specifically. At some point Kazuya realized he wrote himself into the story, the catcher on the shortstop’s team, best friend, partner in crime.

Getting so into the story he was writing, Kazuya didn’t realized that there was someone standing behind him, reading what he wrote. It wasn’t till he heard a voice speaking that he jumped slightly.

“That’s actually a pretty good description of me, except I don’t play baseball.”

Sheepishly, Kazuya turned around to see the exact same barista that he’d been writing about standing behind him with an amused smile on his face. Pulling on a quick smirk to mask his embarrassment, he replied, “I don’t know Mr. Barista, you look like it?”

Instead of the usual confused look he received for his snark, the barista just laughed, a loud hyena cackle, before settling down on the chair opposite Kazuya. Kazuya watched as he crossed his arms across his chest before staring Kazuya down. The uncomfortable length of his stare had Kazuya fidgeting in his seat. Before he could shoot out a sarcastic remark, he heard a name come from the other’s lips:

“Kuramochi Youichi.”

Blinking confusedly it took Kazuya a few seconds to comprehend what he was told before he smirked. Sticking out a hand he replied, “Miyuki Kazuya, at your service.” Tipping an invisible hat in Kuramochi’s direction Kazuya began laughing at the dumbfounded look on his face which quickly transformed into annoyance at the laugh.

Chuckling more at hearing, “You’re a idiot…you know that?” Kazuya replied back with his customary response to insults:

“Why thank you!”

Kazuya nearly lost it at the “that’s not a compliment stupid!” and actually did keel over laughing at the glare he received from Kuramochi. Wiping a tear from under his eye, Kazuya smirked, “Why Mochi-chan, you’re very cute aren’t you.” His laughter restarted at the affronted face he saw on Kuramochi’s face.

At some point, instead of a short conversation that both expected it to be, they somehow spoke for over 5 hours. Even when Kuramochi had to go back and work, Kazuya just shifted closer and continued speaking. From classes, he learnt that Kuramochi was a computer sciences major, to part-time jobs, the pay at the cafe was actually kind of decent.

It was strange for the both of them to be so comfortable with a virtual stranger, but to Kazuya it was almost like meeting a long lost friend again and just getting back into the same conversation.

By 2 am., he really should have left for home considering his 8:30 lecture the next day but instead they continued chatting, talking about everything and anything. Walking towards the nearby park, Kazuya plopped down onto a swing, Kuramochi taking the one beside him.

He felt childish, swinging his legs back and forth trying to reach the stars on that tiny swing, but it was okay. He wasn’t alone in his endeavor, Kuramochi was swinging just as hard, a cackle flying from his throat getting carried away with the cool night breeze. His hand reached out to the moon, as if trying to steal it for his own, before missing as gravity pulled him back down to earth.

His intentions might have been to write about a rough exterior but soft inside shortstop but instead he got to reach for the stars with a new friend. A rare smile, a genuine smile, came across his face as he looked to his left to see the peaceful yet wondrous look in Kuramochi’s eyes.

Yes, a very good night indeed.

Chapter Text

Kneeling on the tatami floor, he assumed the seiza position. With his body in the direction of the open window, he kept his head down. Eyes closed, he let much of the tension pour out of his body, the familiar feeling of home filling his very soul. He wasn’t often at his home during the year, the demands of his duties meant that much of his time was spent out and about on earth. In actuality, this was the one night of the year that he allowed himself off since he needed the time to recuperate from the year. 

Eyes snapping open, he saw the sight that he had been waiting for many a year: the moon’s dance. The dance of Tsukuyomi-no-Mikoto himself was one that many waited to see, but not many had his luck. The chance to see up close how the moon deity moved, his lithe body curling and spinning around his dark half - the empty space was his partner, for his true partner had left him many eons ago. While science now believed that it was the sun that gave the moon it’s glow, that was no longer true. It might have been once, but not anymore, now he shone a sad, harsh silvery glow opposite his former personality.

Takehaya Susanoo, or as he had taken to calling himself in the modern age, Kuramochi Youichi, had not spoken to Tsukuyomi in many eras, for while he was indeed heavily connected to him, Youichi often did not deal with his patron. 

Youichi watched, as the moon swayed, an unheard tune to humans, but hauntingly chilling to the gods. The dance told the story of his creation, till his isolation. It was a way of life for the gods, yet on this night, Youichi could feel a pull from within trying to answer the call of the moon. To satisfy the god’s desperate plea for salvation from his loneliness. 

And to his annoyance, he could feel his power responding, the ocean tides swaying in unison with the moon. And though he tried to reel in his loss of control, Youichi couldn’t help but let out a soft laugh, the bray resonating around his tiny room. 

It looked like the choice was no longer his as he could see Tsukuyomi beckoning him from afar having realized what had happened. Stepping out the door, Youichi glided towards the other, albeit his movements very much the tempest of the sea: raucous and impassioned. Clasping the moon’s forearm in a familiar greeting, he began speaking, words tumbling out softly at first but growing in volume. 

“It has been much too long has it not, Nori. Is that not what you go by nowadays? Or did that Tanuki mess with me again?” A smile threatened to spread across his face, but he quickly smothered it with another annoying laugh. 

The relieved smile on Nori’s face, as well as the tightened grip on his own forearm was enough to tell Youichi that his presence had been taken well. Grinning more, he stepped back from the other god, before bowing deeply, his kimono sleeves pooling around his wrists as his hands came up to his stomach, one resting over the other.

“Shall we dance? Or … has it been too long since you last did this?” A challenging grin covered his face which only widened at seeing Nori blush before fiercely nodding at the unspoken contest. He held his hand out to the other, giving Nori the chance to back away, if he wanted. Instead, the soft hand that was gently placed upon the waiting hand, a firm albeit sweaty grasp. 

He understood Nori’s hesitance, it had been many years since the moon had let someone else get close to him, not after his mistake that had cost him his wife, and companionship. A mistake that happened so long ago, he did not remember it at all, yet Nori was still paying for the consequences. 

Pulling the hand closer to him, Youichi reached out and placed his other hand on Nori’s waist smiling softly at Nori. He resisted the urge to start jumping around as his personality was wont to do, but instead kept it to a mellow swing, aslow dance as it was often described. While they were much closer then he r Nori were accustomed to, to Youichi, it just felt right.

Swaying with Nori pulled close to his chest, Youichi rested his head against the other’s shoulder, trying to convey his support and constant wiling presence. Yet as they danced, he could feel Nori pull away, an unhappy choice but his choice nonetheless. Lifting his head, Youichi saw a tear drip out of Nori’s eye, and smiled self-deprecatingly at the moon. His hand came up to cup Nori’s face, brushing the tear aside before he leaned closer and pressed a lingering kiss on Nori’s cheek. Not moving for a few seconds, Youichi allowed himself to imprint the feeling of Nori’s body and face in his mind. 

Pushing away, Youichi chuckled brokenly, before bowing again, “thank you for the dance Nori. We should do this again.” Though every fiber of his body told him to step away and go back to earth where he was safe, Youichi couldn’t help but reach out and brush the hair from Nori’s face. Pushing the loose hair strand behind Nori’s eyes, Youichi smiled again, but nodded in understanding, he knew why Nori said no but also the effect it had on Nori. He saw tears falling from Nori’s eyes, longing for what he couldn’t have. 

Laughing his loud cackle, Youichi left back towards his domain: earth, the ocean. However a part of him had been left with Nori, always there as a companion. A silent support, regardless of what decision Nori made or didn’t make.

And forever more, when a person watches the ocean tides, there is always a slight sway to them as if they’re waiting for the chance to dance alongside the moon again.

Chapter Text

Crouching behind a wall, he took a moment to catch his breath. As his chest pounded from running for so long, he slowly grabbed his sniper gun off of his back and began creeping towards the rooftop of the building. Finally reaching the outcrop, he began setting the gun up and waited for his target to show up.

Well, more like he waited for his partner to lure the target in.

He sat waiting for a few moments, readjusting his glasses wishing for the umpteenth time that he’d grabbed his contacts instead of glasses that morning. But again, like usual he’d deal with it.

Just as he was about to reach into his pocket to grab his phone, and sass his partner for taking so long, he finally got to see the man he was waiting for. Temporarily getting distracted by the well-kept hair, and clothes that accentuated the lithe body of his partner, the assassin almost missed his actual target walking in.

The smile Sanada sent to him, had Miyuki trying not to blush, but nevertheless he smirked back at him, knowing that while Sanada couldn’t see it, he knew it was there. As Miyuki started lock onto his target, he noticed a glint in the corner of his eye.

At first he assumed it was just some metal bouncing off the sun but the more it glinted in his eyes, the more distracted he got. Turning to face where the light came from, he was shocked and horrified to see another gun glinting in the last bit of evening sunlight. Not only was it targeting in the same direction as his own target, but specifically … Miyuki squinted his eyes … SANADA!

A feeling of panic built in his chest as he watched helplessly as the gun’s recoil had no affect on the assassin before whipping his head around to see the bullet careening towards Sanada’s chest.

An unwanted scream rippled in his throat aching to be heard, but he quelled it quickly. He knew Sanada had good reaction times, so mentally crossing his fingers he tried to steady his actual hands as they wrapped around the trigger of his own gun. He didn’t know who the other assassin was, or how they knew who Sanada was. All he knew at this point was two basic facts.

His target needed to die. now.

Sanada better damn live. Or he’d bring the guy back to life just to kill him himself.

Horrified beyond doubt Miyuki watched as Sanada didn’t move in time, and the bullet hit him. Thanking the stars above that Sanada had worn his bullet proof vest without much argument Miyuki expected a groan but not for blood to begin trickling out of his abdomen.

While Miyuki was certainly grateful that he didn’t have to guess where to shoot his bullet due to the telescope-like device attached to the gun giving him long-range sight, he was also holding back sobs from seeing Sanada’s blood begin to come out of his body.

He watched as his target nonchalantly watched Sanada, and a strange, animalistic, even demonic, anger began to consume him. Feeling a hatred, not for the assassin as he probably knew nothing about who he was targeting, but for the clear person in charge of this whole escapade.

Getting up from his crouch, he stretched out his limbs, almost cat-like in his behaviour. In the back of his mind he was quickly trying to calculate how long Sanada had with the way he’d been bleeding, but at the front … his behaviour was, so-to-speak, like a man possessed.

With all the poise of a black cat - his entire ensemble from tight fitting shirt, comfortable yet thick pants, strong yet light shoes all black. All of this tied together with a pair of black sunglasses, and light-weight black backpack made him out to be one alley cat you didn’t want to mess with.

A graceful, near meander, towards the scene had Sanada who was still leaning on the ground trying to staunch the blood flow look up shocked. Not because he expected Miyuki to rush over, but because he hadn’t seen this side of Miyuki in a very long time. Not since Miyuki saw him die had Sanada seen that behaviour … or that face. The face that could instill fear in even the bravest of men.

He watched Miyuki stalk towards the uncaring man they were assigned to lure, and kill. Sanada himself was lost as to why someone had shot him, or even why this man … this unsuspecting business man who hadn’t paid his dues with the drug bosses … had him attacked or knew who he was.

The blank face on Miyuki had Sanada wincing - that face was dangerous, scarily calm and organized was something Miyuki constantly portrayed in this business. However, this face? This face was different … a promise of pain shown by the arched eyebrows; flash of blank, dead brown eyes through his sunglasses giving even Sanada shivers down his back. The worst was the casual way he held himself, as if the fact that Sanada’s would-be killer wasn’t standing in front of him. This was because, from how Sanada seemed to see it after Mei, to Miyuki the man was already dead.

Sanada watched in undisclosed awe as Miyuki walked calmly towards the other man, and straight up just stared at him for a good few seconds. No real action, just staring - before Sanada heard a deceptively soft voice escape Miyuki’s throat.

“You did this? It was your money and instructions?” An arm reached out quickly, grabbing the man by the shirt and lifting him up. For once there was an emotion on his face - fear. And to Sanada, it was rightfully there. Miyuki was terrifying - snarling at the businessman who now looked like he was about to soil his pants after being held up and yelled at.

In his free hand - Miyuki was only using one hand to lift him up - Sanada watched him reach for his hand gun in his pocket and calmly held it up to the man’s forehead. Neither of them flinched at the gunshot sound, nor the slumping of the body as it crumpled to the ground and the kneecaps shattered from the force. Sanada watched the unemotional husk that Miyuki had become crumble at what had happened before he’d shot towards Sanada.

Wincing in pain, Sanada tried to smile reassuringly towards Miyuki, who’d ripped out his first aid kit and was attempting to form the cabin bandage around Sanada’s wound, though they both knew it was futile - Sanada was too critically injured for Miyuki to do much on the field.

Staunching the blood flow with his own hands, regardless of how much blood was coming onto his own outfit, Miyuki seemed like devil incarnate come to earth but to Sanada - he was an angel come to save him.

Even through the pain, Sanada managed to bite out a soft remark, “wouldn’t be the same as usual without the blood would it?”

A teary, choked smile was all he received and one genuine reply, “I wouldn’t want it any other way - not without you.”

Chapter Text

He held the gun up to eye level, carefully focusing on  his target. A steady breath exhaled as he flexed his finger and pulled back the trigger. Another deep breath in and out before he was about to let the trigger go, but paused when he saw another figure vault into the room. Stilling his hand, he watched as the brown-haired man, he figured about 18, leapt onto his target and proceeded to move them out of his shot. 

Scowling Furuya pulled back the gun, his finger still carefully placed on the trigger as he waited for another opening when the new person left. Considering it was a party, and his agency had only told him that he was expected to make the kill by midnight he figured he had a little bit of time.

Setting the gun back in place, he breathed a sigh of relief when he watched the unwanted disrupter leave the area. However just as he was about to shoot, his target collapsed. Widened eyes the only giveaway of Furuya’s shock, he quickly pulled the gun away to try and understand what had happened. Someone had got to Furuya’s kill before he did. An angry snarl left his throat as his aura flooded from it’s captive state from within him.

Jumping down quickly, he swiftly made his way down towards the fallen man. As no one seemed to realize what had happened Furuya had no obstacles in his path. Patting the man’s chest he was shocked to feel blood coming from his side and looked over to see an extremely sharp pair of chopsticks shoved into his body. Yanking them out of the dying man’s body, disregarding the blood that splurted out of his body, Furuya examined the chopsticks to see a distinct design of a dragon choking a rose on them. A very familiar design - one that his agency had not dealt with for many years. 

Seidou was back. 

Looking around, Furuya tried to see if he could find the person that had been around his target, the one who’d delayed Furuya from shooting. And if he was right, the one who’d stabbed the target. He should have expected this, after what had happened to Miyuki-senpai and Sanada-senpai, the whole agency was more alert for rival groups, but Seidou! One of the biggest, if not the biggest - nearly a legend in assassination history. 

Furuya himself remembered he’d considered joining them as he passed out of university, but in the end had to change his mind when he wasn’t recruited. It was just hearsay, but apparently all the members of Seidou were scouted individually for their talent in some line of work - be it the ability to kill or not.

Running quickly in the direction of where he remembered the guy had headed, Furuya grabbed his pistol from his holster near his right boot. As a freshie, he probably should have called for backup or something, but this had become personal: someone encroached on his kill. No forgiveness came from him. 

Spying the same jacket from before, he ducked into an alcove, and watched for a bit. Tall, brown-haired man with an extremely lithe body. His eyes were what attracted Furuya the most - bright, golden, with an innocent sheen in them that the rest of his body failed to share. In any other situation Furuya might have felt a bit awkward around someone that attractive, but now he just had a competitive feeling - the urge to defeat growing in him. 

Locking his gun on the other young man, Furuya stepped out of the alcove, with unusually soft footsteps. Even still, the person turned around to face him, and Furuya was shocked to see the amount of emotions racing through his eyes. Fear, shock, anger, and amusement all mixed up and swirling in the golden pools that made up his eyes. Almost feeling a bit hesitant, Furuya shakily kept the gun pointed at him. 

He was about to pull the trigger when Furuya was forced to duck when another familiar pair of chopsticks came flying at him. Still training the gun on him, Furuya softly spoke, “so it was you.”

A short nod, and a blaze of fire from the man’s eyes was all Furuya received in response before he was forced to dance - dodge, attack, parry and repeat. A graceful arc of his arm brought the gun crashing down against the other’s face. Or it would have if it wasn’t expertly pushed away with one hand and the other forcing Furuya to leap away lest he lose a facial feature from some sharp chopsticks. 

Finally getting the upper leg on him, literally, Furuya slammed him down onto the ground, before sitting down on his hips. Pressing down on the other’s throat with his own chopsticks, Furuya stared down menacingly, waiting for him to speak. The snarl he received was enough for Furuya’s aura to expand even more, a thick coat of tension in the area. “Who are you… what do you want. And why…did you take my kill?!” Finally, Furuyra saw that the other was willing to speak and eased up on his throat just enough to let him speak.

He wasn’t expecting the answer he got.

“I…or we want you.” A cocky smile, and a loud obnoxious laugh left the other’s throat as he used his legs to kick off Furuya, and escape down an alleyway. ri

“You won’t beat me Furuya….but I guess the higher-ups want you.”

Chapter Text

Blearily opening his eyes from the sunlight slowly creeping into the room, he groaned, pawing at the blankets that had slid off of him at some point in the night. Still waking up, he ran a hand through his blonde hair as he stretched - touching his fingertips to his toes. Finally, he slowly pushed himself into a sitting position, and slid off the bed.

As he rubbed his eyes, Mei could hear the sizzling sound of breakfast being cooked and cocked his head confused. It was Saturday right? That meant the both of them usually skipped breakfast in favour of brunch - it was their day off. Sliding his phone out of his pocket, Mei couldn’t help but grin at the blushing face of Eijun that was his lock-screen. It was Saturday?! So…why was he hearing cooking?

Slowly stepping closer to the kitchen, he could hear the banging and clanging that was signature to Eijun’s cooking style - a mess that somehow always worked. He watched from behind a wall, itching to come in and tease Eijun about his noise and breaking tradition, but kept watching. He watched Eijun look confused at his cooking, watched as Eijun frantically tried to put out a small fire - Mei nearly panicked till he saw Eijun carefully deal with it (he was still worried), watched him read something off his phone before going back to the food, and watched him sigh in relief.

Saturday mornings - 9 am - were always different in their house. The boisterous, loud-mouthed personality of Sawamura Eijun was quelled - he was softer, and much more thoughtful (or at least thought before speaking more). Mei was similar, instead of his normal bratty, demanding behaviour (which was always there on the field) he was more genuine, kind, and a little bit, just a bit, more humble.

Though sometimes, that changed, and Mei would pull pranks on Eijun, and Eijun would shout and scream in retaliation. Like today.

Tip-toeing very carefully into the kitchen when Eijun was safely turned away, Mei slowly turned some of the pots around, rearranged vegetables enough to mess with his boyfriend, but not enough to destroy the food. Quickly hopping out of the kitchen, he watched and waited for Eijun’s sure-to-be amusing reaction.

He didn’t fail there.

When Eijun turned around to see his mushrooms and bell peppers arranged into a shape of a familiar phallic body part, Mei nearly doubled over at Eijun’s bright red face and the sputtering sound coming from his mouth. Mei watched Eijun glare at the vegetables before forcing himself to turn around and deal with the food on the stove.

Stepping one more time into the kitchen, Mei softly padded closer to Eijun, and wrapped his arms around the other’s waist. Grinning at the jump, he pressed a swift kiss to Eijun’s cheek.


Chapter Text

Though his chest was beating faster then normal, he felt a calm and cold feeling wash over his body. Any anger or frustration he felt disappeared as if it just evaporated like water on a hot day. He stared at his father, a burning anger building as he listened to him lecture him for the third time that day. One misspoken sentence, one misunderstanding, one assumption had lead to all of this. And he was just tired of dealing with him. Kazuya was done, but he knew there was nothing he could do.

“You never listen to me, it’s as if all this baseball nonsense is the only thing important to you. How many times have I told you, don’t tell me I don’t know anything. I know more about this, and …” Miyuki senior crossed his arms as he stared at his son.

I didn’t say that. You weren’t listening.

“…This baseball stuff. Aren’t you getting a bit old for this nonsense? Shouldn’t you know better now? You’re done high school. Shouldn’t you come work for me? Or at least…go to college? You’re throwing your life away for what? … a game.” he coughed pointedly at his son.

It’s not just a game.

Sighing, Miyuki-senior ran a hand down his face, “It’s funny, I didn’t understand why you even came back home from Seidou - every time you come home you back talk me. It’s as if …now that you’re some big-shot ‘baseball player’ you think you’re amazing or something.”

I’ve never thought that. Why…is anything I do always dragged into this?

Kazuya was tired of dealing with the feeling of betrayal. The love that was once there in the relationship had dissipated, instead his father just tried to use ‘good intentions’ to mask his actual behaviour. He’d watched his father come home for years, late hours, then instead of eating food - food that Kazuya had spent hours perfecting, he would drink; drink till he passed out. And every night, Kazuya would come down the stairs, find his father asleep on the couch; every night he’d cover him in a blanket - one physical, the other his emotions. Kazuya’s feeling of loneliness, anger at his father, sadness from the lack of love or care, and stress that had been building was sown together and thrown on his father. Hoping beyond hope that the extra weight would wake his father up.

But most of all, he wanted to remove the layers of emotions clogging him down. It had taken him a long time to accept that his father’s behaviour was not his fault. He had many uncomfortable sarcastic albeit intimate with Mochi, and watching Nori with his family.

He had to resist the urge to scream, the desire to put his father in his place bubbled up into his throat. But he squashed it down, hiding it behind his mask like he always did. He never said what he felt, always hiding behind his smirks, his laughs, and the teasing barbs. After so many years of this, Kazuya didn’t truly know where his masks began and where they ended.

It was with the image of an encouraging Nori in his head that Kazuya bit his tongue, and just took a deep breath as he waited for the berating to stop. It hadn’t escalated to beatings in a long time, but he always flinched whenever the gesturing hand got too close. Passing off those bruises had been unexpectedly easy.

Finally it was done, and Kazuya was free to leave his father, leave the source of his pain, well at least the outside source. Even on his own Kazuya would constantly hear the barrage of comments from his father in his head.

He felt his body began to crumble under the onslaught of his emotions, the insults and comments not leaving his mind, and instead slowly creeping into even happy thoughts. First his legs gave out, but before his knees could painfully smash into the ground, he felt a hand coming to wrap around his waist and shoulder. A support that wasn’t there before. Looking up, Kazuya saw the tear-covered face yet loving expression belonging to Nori smiling down at him.

A shaky smile pulled on Kazuya’s lips as he felt the love his boyfriend was trying to pour into Kazuya. The smile quickly dropped, he was too tired of dealing with his problems, and he didn’t want anyone to have to deal with him. It wasn’t fair to expect Nori to deal with his problems all the time, Kazuya didn’t deserve someone like Nori helping him.

Kazuya tried to push Nori away from him, fidgeting in the semi-hug. He wanted Nori to be safe from him, where Kazuya couldn’t hurt him or anyone else with his own problems. Nori was a ray of sunshine, opening up Kazuya’s tired heart to the joys of life, but because he was so innocent and beautiful Kazuya had to protect him from the pain that was his family life. He didn’t want anyone else dragged in, and forced to manage Kazuya, he didn’t deserve it.

His fault or not, Kazuya didn’t want anyone to get wrapped up in his own problems, and he certainly didn’t want anyone stuck dealing with him in a down like now.

Instead of arms being pushed aside, to Kazuya it felt as if Nori was holding him tighter, closer to his chest, as if Nori could protect Kazuya from the harshness of the real world. Kazuya was too tired to fight back, and gave up the struggle before folding into Nori. He pitifully tried to tell Nori to move, but got a response that froze all his arguments.

“Why, why should I leave. The person I love is sitting here about to break. Can I not be the glue to hold you together? And if you should break, can’t I rebuild you, stronger than before?” Nori cupped Kazuya’s face, stroking the tired cheeks which had been smirking for so long, “Always and forever, remember Kazuya? That means you can’t push me away, I won’t leave even if you try.”

Kazuya closed his eyes, tears finally spilling out his eyes after so many years of his walls being up. Kazuya’s chest heaved as Nori pulled him into a tighter hug, shifting the distraught catcher in his arms into a better position. Kazuya felt Nori pepper light kisses all over his face and he couldn’t help the small giggle that escaped his mouth - it tickled!

Sitting up, Kazuya rubbed his aching eyes a little, even though he knew Nori didn’t like that since it could hurt the skin around the eyes more.  He turned around to rest his back against Nori’s chest and smiled tiredly up at his boyfriend’s face. Reaching up to run his finger’s through Nori’s hair, Kazuya let his hand rest on the back of Nori’s neck before pulling him down to press his lips against Nori’s semi-chapped lips. He still felt an old sadness from how many times he’d been hurt, yet for some reason he was not ready to let his father go, it was weird. He had been hurt, ignored, neglected, yet he still felt love for his father. It was frustrating ... and suffocating.

Slowly, he pulled away from the kiss to just run his hand down Nori’s cheek, and then rest his head softly against Nori’s chest. He fell asleep, warm and loved. Even if he didn’t feel it from his father, he felt it from Nori, his friends, teammates. And he gave it back tenfold, even if he didn’t know how to show it.


Nori felt anger surge through his veins, he was furious. He was tired of finding Kazuya collapsed on the floor in his room. Even though these calls were over the phone, he knew that his boyfriend was seeing his father in front of him. It was awful how much Kazuya had to go through.

And worse, he didn’t realize it was a problem. It had taken both him and Kuramochi the better half of their time in Seidou for Kazuya to realize that he was being abused, to realize it wasn’t his fault. The fact that Kazuya honestly believed that he was responsible for his father’s behaviour, and that if he was perfect then his father would love him was ridiculous. Kazuya was perfect the way he was!

He felt anger that he hadn’t felt before in his life ever before. While Kazuya slept, Nori slowly lifted him up and placed him on the bed before tucking him in. He noticed that Kazuya felt lighter, which considering they were athletes wasn’t a good thing, made him angry. He hoped Kazuya wasn’t starving himself again in belief that he was fat.

Spying the phone on the desk, Nori looked between the sleeping catcher, and the phone a few times before grabbing it and leaving the room. Checking to make sure no one was outside, Nori dialled the number on speed dial and waited impatiently.

Hearing the gruff and slurred, “Helllllooo?” had Nori even more angry — it was only 5pm yet he was drinking even after he barely got off the call with Kazuya. Taking a deep breath in, Nori began his barrage.

“Hello. My name is Kawakami Norifumi, a second year student at Seidou High School. I’m currently your son’s partner.”

He ignored the confused grunts from the opposite end of the line.

“I’m calling you to tell you that you need to take your scrawny drunk ass out and chuck yourself off a window.” His voice was deceptively calm as he spoke, soft yet dangerous as he didn’t want to alert anyone else to the call.

“I’m just going to tell you this once, you’re an absolute waste of space, and I’m horrified that Kazuya had to breathe the same air as you for so long. How DARE YOU ABANDON YOUR SON TO ALCOHOL. TO SLEEPING. TO BEING A USELESS PIECE OF GARBAGE.”

“You abused Kazuya — mentally and verbally, so let me tell you exactly where in hell you can go-”

The phone got cut, but Nori’s mind was lighter, though his heaving shoulders and chest showed how much energy that used up. And the fact that he could feel Kazuya’s hand resting on his upper arm. Turning around, Nori was shocked to see tears building up in Kazuya’s eyes. Quickly looking around to make sure no one had heard any part of the conversation, Nori pushed him into the room, before shutting and locking the door. Facing Kazuya, all the nervous energy that hadn’t been present beforehand came back, and he could feel himself blush. Looking up he was shocked to not see an angry face, but a teary and smiley faced Kazuya.

Reaching towards his catcher, Nori pulled him close, and rested his head against Kazuya’s, “you’re mine and no one is allowed to hurt you. Ever.

Chapter Text

Crouching down, he sighed as he bent to pick up another ball that had missed the net. Another failure, another let down to everyone. So what if he was loud, so what if he was encouraging. So what if he tried really hard - failure was that, failure. And no one could change that he was a failure. 

Sighing, Eijun leaned his head against the wall of the indoor practice area. A sigh of relief left his dry lips since the air was stiflingly hot, but the metal wall was cold and soothing. It was approaching 1 a.m., he should have been in bed a long time ago, but the urge to try even if it was hopeless never left him. 

Lying to Kuramochi senpai that he was staying the night with Miyuki, and telling Miyuki that he was with Kuramochi senpai meant that he probably still had some free time before they both began questioning the excuses. 

And who said he was dumb? Oh…right…everyone. And it was true, Eijun couldn’t do anything properly. He would screw up base plays, couldn’t pitch to the mitt properly, nor could he bat. So why was he still here? 

Gripping his baseball hat, Eijun turned around and slammed his back into the wall before sliding down pitifully. A sad, lonely whine left his throat, as he dragged the hat down his face; fisting it against his eyes withholding the tears threatening to pour out. Pulling the hat away, Eijun stared at the smeared signatures of his friends, his original intention of representing them feeling like the last thing he could do. He could barely keep himself afloat, let alone represent all his friends. 

Lethargically, he dragged his legs up to his chest, and rested his head against his knees. Maybe, he ought to quit, just go back home, even if his grandfather slapped him silly. He felt as if he was pulled in multiple directions. towards Seidou and his responsibilities as relief pitcher, towards his friends back home as their representative, towards Miyuki as his partner, towards his teammates here as a member of the team, and to himself. Who did he listen to? Who was important?

So enraptured in his own thoughts, he missed the hand coming closer to his head till he felt a familiar weight brushing his hair. Face still buried in his knees, he mumbled, “go away Kazuya…I’m fine. I don’t need you right now,” He didn’t notice the pain that flashed over Miyuki’s face, still too upset with himself. 

Eijun knew, in the back of his mind, that if he pushed Miyuki away then there was no way he’d be able to handle staying in Seidou. Nothing would be strong enough to hold him here. Yet he couldn’t help but want to force everyone to stay away from the mess that he was. If Miyuki hated him, then it was probably best for him. 

He wasn’t expecting the sarcastic reply he received from Miyuki, “I think…I’ll make that decision myself Sawamura. I happen to like this wall, and you can’t make me leave it.” A watery chuckle left Eijun’s throat as he listened to Miyuki blather about his love for the wall and how Eijun couldn’t keep them apart.

Resting his head against Miyuki’s shoulder, Eijun’s body began relaxing as he listened to Miyuki try and calm him down. The panicky, sad feeling was still there, but maybe he’d wait before he chose anything. For now, he’d listen to Miyuki’s soothing breathing, and think later.

No one ever said he was a thinker anyway.

Chapter Text

The season was changing from summer to fall. Animals began to scurry around frantically before winter for food supplies. The leaves died, their colours dulling till there was no more. The world changed, people changed. Time would always move, waiting for no one. With no master, it was under its own will. It was time for a new chapter of life to begin.

However, one thing was always constant. Failure.

Once again, he'd failed. He couldn't honour his friends' wishes, his parents' hope, his teammates' expectations nor even his own desires. Another year gone by. Another failed attempt at becoming ace. He'd accepted it at Seidou. Age and experience had taught him that he hadn't been ready. By the end, he'd willingly, albeit sadly, accepted his rival and friend as the ace.

But now? It had been three years since then, yet nothing had changed. How much more could he do to convince the coach that he was worthy? Increasing stamina, bettering control, learning another pitch, fielding, even batting. He'd tried it all, yet the fact that there was an older, mature, and previous ace pitcher meant that Sawamura Eijun would always be nothing .

He lifted the bottle to his lips, feeling revolted as the taste of beer slid to the back of his mouth. The liquid stagnated just below his tongue, refusing to go lower into his throat. But he pressed on, forcing it down. He tried not to retch, and instead placed the bottle at his mouth again.

By the time the hour had been completed, Eijun had only barely finished the bottle. He kept staring at his jersey, the bold number "11" haunting him. The clean uniform, only marred by the marker line, scratching out the extra one. The uncapped marker laid haphazardly beside the uniform.

As he drank the last few droplets of the third bottle, Eijun began to feel the pleasant buzz he associated with alcohol. He couldn't taste it any longer, making the repulsive drink almost palatable. He reached for his phone, and blindly pressed one of his contacts.

Fumbling with the device, he brought it to his face and squinted at the words. It read Mr. Cheetah Legs . Without even hesitating, Eijun pressed call, and waited for Kuramochi to pick up. It was nearly 2am but he didn't care.

When the phone was finally picked up, and Mochi slurred out a sleepy response, Eijun grinned despite himself. Much more perky than he felt and wanted to be, Eijun spoke, "Hello senpai! How are you on this fine morning?"

He got the usual response of angry grunts and swears that Kuramochi always sent his way. However, unlike his usual habit of brushing any pain off, Eijun felt the words weave around his shields. One couldn't survive multiple years if insults without shields, that made him immune to these words.

Not tonight. Instead, Eijun began to shut down, his response cold and broken. "Oh, well then. I'm sorry to have disturbed you. Sweet dreams." Cutting the call, he reached for his fourth bottle, determined to find that buzz again.

Twenty minutes had passed, Eijun was still drinking. He'd grabbed the marker again, began writing "1" all over his arms, but scratching them out after. His work, his effort, his determination was futile.

Thirty minutes had passed, Eijun was still drinking though he'd slowed down his art. Instead he'd pushed himself off the floor, and walked to his desk. Pictures of his favourite teams --the Swallows, Yoimuri Giants --decorated the walls. Slowly, methodically, he began removing the posters, making a pile to be thrown away later.

Perhaps his secondary plan of anthropology would come in use now.

At forty minutes passed the botched call, a knock was heard at his door. On shaky feet, Eijun stumbled towards the door and opened it slowly. Outside, Kuramochi was bent over, panting as if he'd ran there. In his drunken stupor Eijun barely registered how tired Kuramochi was and just stepped aside to let him in.

In the back of his mind Eijun knew he looked like a mess, and that in the morning he'd regret all his actions but for now he was satisfied to sit on the floor beside empty bottles, his uniform and the marker. Kuramochi sat in front of him, with what looked to be a worried face though Eijun didn't know. Like everyone assumed, he didn't know much.

Besides, what he did know wasn't enough apparently.

Shaking his head, Eijun reached for his half-empty bottle in order to empty his mind again. However he was stopped by a hand pulling the bottle away. Looking up, Eijun glared at Kuramochi.

"Senpai, if you wanted one you only had to ask!" He whined while reaching out for the bottle. But still Kuramochi held it away and just stared Eijun down with his unnerving look.

Looking away, Eijun sighed, feeling himself sober slightly. "I'm fine senpai, sorry for bothering you. I just...I guess I let it all get to me, y'know?" He didn't know how to keep secrets, especially in person.

At those words Kuramochi's shoulders slumped in defeat as he pushed the bottle back to Eijun, "Hand me one, would you?" Once the bottle was open, Eijun watched fascinated as Kuramochi drank half the bottle in one drink without even a shudder. Tipping his own back, Eijun let the bland alcohol burn down his throat.

Holding the bottle against his cheek, Kuramochi's face looked unexpectedly tired. "I see you've realized the truth about the world. Not everything is hard work, Bakamura. It's about time you realized that." He tilted the bottle towards Eijun, "How do you do this?" A confused face gradually transformed into surety, "A toast , to your final stage of growing up."

That finally made Eijun crack, as he burst out laughing, though tears slowly dripped down his cheeks. He was definitely nothing like the starry-eyed child that entered Seidou all those years ago. He laughed for so long, he often ran out of air but Kuramochi was there to thump his back. He had so many tears that he had soaked his shirt, but Kuramochi only silently handed him tissues. All the while, the both of them downed bottles of beer, lamenting and rejoicing the loss of innocence.

Finally he was too tired to function any longer. As the last bottle slipped from his hand, and Eijun lost the fight to keep his eyes open, a hand brushed hair out of his face.

"Just because you know, doesn't mean that your hard work was a waste. One day it'll be enough."

Chapter Text

Brushing his hands down his legs, he bit his bottom lip, letting his teeth worry at the thin skin there. Glancing once more at the mirror his eyes trailed down his body, hesitating at his bottom half. Clearing his throat uncomfortably, Kazuya called out, “Hey, Mochi can you come in here for a sec?”

As he waited for Kuramochi to enter the room, Kazuya stepped back from the floor-length mirror to tug slightly at the bottom of the skirt he was wearing. Closing his eyes, Kazuya spun around quickly and grinned when he felt the bottom fly up. Suddenly, behind him, he heard a soft gasp. Stopping, his eyes flickered open to see Mochi standing at the doorway to his room, his jaw hanging.

Lifting an eyebrow, Kazuya went to walk over to Kuramochi and ask what happened, but before he moved a muscle, Mochi quickly held a hand up. Confused, Kazuya watched as Mochi closed his eyes, pinching the bridge of his nose. Tilting his head to the side, Kazuya let out a soft chuckle as he watched Mochi try to say something multiple times, but every time he opened his mouth nothing came out.

Still laughing, Kazuya spoke, “did you not like the skirt Mochi?” He twirled around, shaking his hips slightly making the skirt move more as he spun closer to Kuramochi. Kazuya wasn’t sure where the confidence was coming from, but something about the shock in Mochi’s eyes was enough to build a smirk on Kazuya’s lips. Chuckling, he rested one of his hands  on Mochi’s shoulders, using his other hand to push his mouth closed.

“You’re going to catch flies, better keep that mouth closed.” Kazuya laughed at the glare Kuramochi shot him, and just patted his cheek. “There were these girls at our last game who were apparently there to just check out the college boys.” He threw his head back laughing at Kuramochi’s resounding growl, “Down tiger, I didn’t speak to them.”

Throwing his arms around Kuramochi’s neck, he laced his fingers together, “they said that I’d look amazing in a skirt, something about my voluptuous thighs .” He shrugged, before resting his head on Mochi’s shoulder, “I mean, I don’t know, wouldn’t you agree with that? You see them the most don’t you.” He pulled away, leering lecherously at Kuramochi.

Stepping back once more, Kazuya pressed a finger to Mochi’s lips when the other went to speak, “did you know that Bakamura knows a lot about skirts? Apparently growing up with Aotsuki really did help the idiot. This is a...” Kazuya scratched the back of his head, struggling to remember the name, “a box pleat skirt? I think. So what do you think You-i-chi~?” His voice was teasing, though there was a hint of nervousness in the tone.

He held his arms out to the side, letting Mochi get a full look of the tight crop top and short skirt. But instead of saying anything immediately, Kuramochi reached forward and grabbed Kazuya’s hand, tugging him closer. Kazuya’s eyes widened when Mochi slammed their lips together, but inevitably groaned into his lips.

Tangling his hands into Kuramochi’s hair, Kazuya angled his face to get better access to Mochi’s mouth. Breaking the kiss, only when they finally ran out of air, Kazuya panted into Kuramochi’s mouth. “Wh-what was that for?”

“You’re not leaving the house or even this room like that Kaz.” Kuramochi’s eyes glinted dangerously as he leaned in once more to place a deep, sensuous kiss to Kazuya’s lips, “ only I can see you this way. You’re mine .”

Chapter Text

Closing his eyes, he took a deep breath, letting it fill his chest before slowly exhaled. His eyelids sluggishly lifted, glancing around his room slowly. Even though he’d managed to pull away before Harucchi or Furuya noticed him, he could still feel the tenseness in his shoulders and back. Lifting a hand to his hair, he removed his cap, dropping it to the ground alongside the shirt and pants he swiftly unbuttoned. Usually he went running whenever he had a chance, dragging Furuya with him, trying to convince Mi- a catcher to catch for him.

A catcher to catch for him. Not Miyuki. Because Miyuki had left him, left Eijun behind in Seidou, eager to find himself in college and then aim for the majors. And all Eijun had been able to do, what with the stars almost shining from his eyes, was smile at Miyuki, pushing the worry behind loud shouts of congratulations! and I’m so proud of you Kazuya!

Nothing to really show how he felt, and definitely not about his apprehension. On a good day, Eijun had incredible self-confidence, but without the buffer of Miyuki’s teasings and snarky remarks to push away his insecurities, Eijun floundered in his new-found lonliness. And it wasn’t just Miyuki he lost, the lack of Mochi-senpai’s exasperated chidings followed by wrestling left his dorm room silent and cold. Without Nori-senpai’s silent support and competition in the bullpen, but then constant suggestions of music while they ran together left his ears empty. 

And though it had been hard to lose the first third-years, Eijun had never realized he’d lose his third-years as well. The senpai who beat him up but also who protected him. The senpai who cared for him, but also teased him. The senpai he respected, and the senpai who respected him back.

But most of all, he lost his Miyuki Kazuya.

It was melodramatic, and uncalled for. Miyuki had only moved an hour on the train away. Eijun had an open invitation to visit him at college. To come see Miyuki’s practices, or to simply spend the evening, maybe even the night. But it was now three months since Miyuki moved, and Eijun had avoided all Miyuki’s attempts to invite him over, his heart not wanting to accept the truth. 

That he wouldn’t see Miyuki every night on the steps - watching Eijun run before heading to bed. That there would be no finding Miyuki face-down on his desk, his glasses still on, having fallen asleep again going over statistics from the last game. No silent rides back home, for the dorms were more or less his home by now, after losing a game. His leg pressed against Miyuki’s as he tried to both seek and give comfort. But even more then the baseball, the lack of cuddles before falling asleep with Miyuki’s face pressed against his neck, no more sleepy kisses pressed to his neck as Eijun tried to slip out in the morning for his run only to be tugged back into bed by grabby hands and a welcoming chest. No more warm kisses on the dugout, identical smirks on their faces at the disgusted but fond shouts of their teammates.

When Miyuki graduated, Eijun had forced himself not to yell at Miyuki. To hide the fear of being abandoned. At the graduation ceremony, he hadn’t managed to hold back the tears, but he could see that he wasn’t the only one affected - Miyuki’s eyes welled up though he managed to hold it in, just barely. Eijun had balled. And his hands shook, even as Miyuki teasingly pressed a button into Eijun’s hands, joking that this wasn’t really something Eijun deserved. Miyuki’s voice had shook in tandem with Eijun’s hands.

The huge loss had affected every part of Eijun’s life, some more then others. Eijun, incredibly, was quieter. Not noticeably by anyone not on the team, but he’d seen the confused glances shared by Harucchi and Furuya. He found himself paying a bit more attention in class, hoping that he would get into the same college. Kanemaru’s face matched the sensei’s when he actually asked a question in class. If it was possible, Eijun somehow became even more intense about baseball, dropping his shoujo manga to read baseball statistics, or eating while making notes about how to improve his batting. The bags under his eyes deepened, crevices in his face from the lack of restful sleep. 

His responses to Miyuki’s texts were the same, excitable and silly, but he could see that Miyuki was being told what Eijun was doing. There was concern and constant questions being plied at Eijun every day.

Coming back to the present moment, Eijun slipped into bed, wrapping the blanket tightly around his body, willing himself to sleep. A soft bzzz! was heard in the room, pulling his attention to his phone on the night stand. Expecting the usual good night from Miyuki he’d gotten every day since they got together, he almost wanted to ignore it even though he knew he’d pay for it in the morning through a call when Eijun wasn’t fully awake enough to guard his words. But at the second vibration, he knew something was different - Miyuki only ever texted once.

Reaching over, he grabbed the phone before pulling his arms back into the cocoon of blankets he’d made. Smiling briefly at the lockscreen of Miyuki and him, Eijun pressing a kiss into Miyuki’s face, he unlocked the phone. 

MIYUKI KAZUYA!! O(≧∇≦)O: Look above you bakamura.

MIYUKI KAZUYA!! O(≧∇≦)O: bakamura!

His head flipped up, seeing a pair of glasses hanging over the bed above him. The hand holding them was one he knew well, but the concerned face he saw was one he didn’t.

Miyuki’s face tightened for a moment, as if he was holding back something bad, before he spoke through clenched teeth. “Why have you been avoiding me Eijun?”

Eijun flinched at the question, struggling to maintain any composure, before he crumbled. He couldn’t hide anything could he?

Never from Kazuya.

Chapter Text

Brushing his hair out of his face, he made the last of his notes on their last baseball game before closing the score book. As he leaned back in his chair, he stretched his hands above his head and glanced around his room. Eyes landing on the wall calendar beside his bed, he smiled to himself at what he was doing that evening.

February 9th: 7pm at Shirasu’s

With Shirasu being one of the only people from Seidou having joining him at the same college, Kazuya had spent quite a bit of non-class time with him. Even after making friends in high school, Kazuya had struggled to find people who didn’t immediately get annoyed with his personality. Kuramochi had always been the exception. Shirasu and him found that even outside of baseball, they had a mutual obsession with cooking shows and cheesy rom-com movies. With a chuckle he remembered their hour long debate on America’s Sweethearts.

Getting up from his desk, he grabbed his phone and wallet before heading out of his room. Locking the door to his dorm, Kazuya headed down towards the train station. Shirasu’s parents had agreed to help him rent an apartment off campus rather then just live in a dorm, so it took 10 minutes on the train for Kazuya to get there. Walking up the stairs towards his room, Kazuya brushed the remnants of snow off his hair and jacket. 

As he went to knock on the door, Kazuya froze for a moment, taking the brief pause to remind himself of something crucial. He had realized weeks before that spending time with Shirasu brightened his day. Being around him was something that thrilled Kazuya, bringing a seldom seen genuine smile to his face. Yet with this realization, came a second epiphany. Shirasu couldn’t possibly like him. Life wasn’t that kind to him.

Finally knocking on the door, Kazuya threw on his customary teasing smirk when Shirasu opened it with his own pleasant one. “Hey Shirasu, are you ready to watch the movie together?” Walking in, he hung up his coat and took his shoes off like he usually did. Without even waiting for a reply, Kazuya simply walked towards the sofa and TV.  Shirasu knew him really well for a bowl of popcorn was accompanied by his favourite movie snack - pretzels.

Sitting down, he patted the seat beside him, beckoning Shirasu who had been silently watching him from the doorway. He carefully ignored the fond look in Shirasu’s eyes, not wanting to be hurt if he read too much into it. With a chuckle, he began the movie, bringing them both down from their personal dreams. He felt, rather then saw, Shirasu sit beside him, and forcefully stamped down the little voice in his head that screamed about Shirasu sitting close to him. Blindly, he reached forward and grabbed a large handful of pretzels, stuffing half in his mouth, lest he blurt out his feelings to Shirasu.daiyanerd's art - Feb/09/2018

Gradually, Kazuya managed to calm down, relaxing into the sofa, and even managed to briefly take a look at Shirasu. The enraptured look he had when watching the movie brought a small sigh out of Kazuya’s mouth. He managed to stifle the noise quickly enough, but it still attracted Shirasu’s attention, forcing Kazuya to look at him in the eyes without flinching. He wanted to believe the affectionate glances but Kazuya couldn’t let himself do it. 

When the movie ended, they continued speaking, letting themselves just enjoy the other’s company. Unfortunately, Kazuya had class the following day and had to head home. As he stood up, he unconsciously brushed Shirasu’s hand, the two of them having slowly moved closer together while they spoke. Shuddering, he pulled his arms around himself briefly, closing his eyes as he breathed in deeply before opening them, and ignoring the silent query from Shirasu.

But as he put on his jacket, he glanced down at his shoes, really considering whether he would never say anything. If Kazuya truly wanted to find someone who understood him like Shirasu did, he’d be hard pressed to do that. And truthfully, even with friends like Kuramochi, or even Sawamura making him happy, Shirasu was the kind of person who wouldn’t push Kazuya. He’d let him steam about something, and would only interfere when things had gone on for too long. 

As much as Kazuya liked loud people, he did enjoy the chance to be silent with someone.

Screw it, I’m going for it!

Reaching forward, he grabbed Shirasu’s sweater and tugged him close. Placing his lips on Shi-Kenjirou’s mouth, he pressed forward, gentling the force behind his action to a soft press. Hesitantly he made to step away, but Kenjirou unfroze and quickly tugged Kazuya back close, smiling into the kiss as he placed his hands on Kazuya’s waist. Feeling Kenjirou begin to step away, he made a loud keening noise in the back of his throat, not wanting to let go. His grip on Kenjirou’s sweater tightened, before slackening as he heard the response to his actions.

Kenjirou managed to breath out words, garbled as they were into Kazuya’s mouth as the kiss became feverish. “Don’t leave Kazuya, stay here. With me.”

Ending the kiss abruptly, Kazuya leaned away, grinning at the bright red lips and dazed look on Kenjirou’s face. Smirking, Kazuya pushed him, backwards, towards the direction of Kenjirou’s room. “Gladly.”