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Life Happens

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Kazuya landed uncomfortably onto the floor of the room. Wobbly arms and legs pushed him into an upright position, glaring at the jeering men behind him. The bread that they threw in after him only seemed to insult him even more, though he knew that they needed the moldy bread to survive another day.

They, being Kazuya and Kuramochi - two of Camelot’s most famous knights now currently stuck in Camelot’s dungeons thanks to Queen Morgana’s orders. Even thinking her name had Kazuya’s face screw up into a scowl.

Hesitantly he turned towards his partner, seeing that the large chest wound on the other’s was beginning to ooze pus from being infected had him swallowing heavily, before stumbling closer to Kuramochi. “Hey, Mochi, I have some food…you need to eat,” though his derisive snort betrayed his thoughts - the food wasn’t going to help so much as it would hurt.

The shorter male’s eyes opened blearily, a breathless chuckle reminiscent of his traditional bray, escaping his throat, unsurprised to see the worry that was just peaking out from underneath Kazuya’s mask. Grinning weakly, he tried to reassure the other male, “nah it’s okay. You need your strength to fight.” Groaning, he tried to sit upright and hit Kazuya on the head like he normally did, but the pain in his chest prevented him from moving enough.

Kazuya quickly shoved the male down as gently as he could, scowling “OI! Stay down idiot! You’re hurt.” Hearing a clanging sound behind him, he saw the immortal soldiers of Morgana’s coming to pull him for another fight. Sighing, he slowly got up, trying to will all his pride as a knight of Camelot into his stature. Grinning sardonically down at the injured knight, he opened his mouth to say a few words just as he was dragged out, “Looks like we’re trapped in here for a while huh?…”