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His Beloved

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  Miyuki watched in amazement as the golden eye pitcher rose his leg up high and slammed down his arm as he threw his pitch into Ono’s mitt. He knew that the pitcher could do it. To become the ace of the team. To lead the team to Nationals. Sawamura Eijun was in his eyes amazing. What Miyuki ,however, didn’t know was that he wasn’t going to be the one catching his pitch. He didn’t know that he would be watching in the stands with a beating heart and wide eyes. His fist clenches at his side in anxiety as he watches him prepare for the next pitch. 

 He wishes he could be there in front of him, bent down with his mitt waiting for him to throw the ball. He wishes those determined eyes were shown at him. He desperately wishes that Sawamura and him could be the best battery there ever was in Japan for High School baseball.

 However, he knew he screwed that up. Though it wasn’t completely his fault he got hit, it was his fault he wasn’t there now. It’s his fault for keeping the injury hidden for so long. To not getting it checked early on. It’s his fault the coach told him to take a leave to recover even when they needed him the most. 

 Miyuki was upset. He never wanted to be a burden. He never wanted to not be Sawamura’s battery partner. He never wanted this to happen. But it did and it made him feel like shit. However, he knew he was loved.

 Sawamura made it a point to always glance his way before each pitch. To give him a smile or a wink after every strike. To look at him everytime he could just so Miyuki knows that he wishes he was there. That he wishes Miyuki stood before him. That Miyuki would be the one catching his pitches.

 Sawamura made sure to point out each time he could, that Miyuki was his beloved catcher and nothing will ever break their bond as the ultimate battery.