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“Bruised ribs?”

Kuramochi nodded, hands stuffed in his pockets and struggling to keep his eyes on Eijun’s for more than a few seconds at a time. Eijun felt his throat dry, and suddenly swallowing was stupidly difficult.

How are we supposed to play without him?

The fact that that was the first thought that protruded his mind forced bile into the back of Eijun’s throat. He swallowed it down, hands clenched at his sides.

Why didn’t I notice…?

Eijun’s face was growing hotter, and the sounds around him began to dull, muffled with the blood rushing through his ears. His eyes were just a little too wide, a little too wild, and he didn’t really know what to focus on; thoughts taking control on their own in the beat of silence.

“It’s nothing too serious, just has to rest for a couple weeks.” Kuramochi shrugged, as if casualty would lessen the reality.

Weeks? Weeks!? How could it be that bad and I didn’t— Eijun’s jaw tensed, teeth biting into his lower lip. Why didn’t he tell me?

“Hey,” Kuramochi ruffled Eijun’s hair and Eijun’s eyes snapped to attention. “It’s going to be fine. Don’t worry; he’ll be back to his annoying pompous dicketry in no time.” He tacked on a laugh at the end, the same laugh he always had.

Eijun could only nod, thoughts still everywhere and nowhere at once. He didn’t say anything, feet moving on their own and carrying him away from his dorm. There was a shuffling as he stopped, brown eyes lifting to the door he stood in front of.


Eijun lifted his hand, knuckles rapping against the door. He waited, waited, heard shuffling on the other side, inwardly cursed himself because what if Miyuki was there alone and he was making him get out of bed and worsening his injury and then he wouldn’t be able to play even longer and it would be Eijun’s fault.

The snick of the door opening pulled Eijun from his thoughts, sight turning to catch on Kimura as he opened the door just enough to poke his head through. Eijun’s mouth worked but no sound came out, brows furrowed above his eyes; what was he supposed to say?

“I’m going to go to the convenience store, I’ll be back later.” Kimura spoke, eyes on Eijun but Eijun realized he wasn’t actually speaking to him. He squeezed Eijun’s shoulder as he passed, leaving the door open behind him.

Eijun stepped through the door into the room. He wasn’t sure how many times he’d been through this doorway. How many times had he come in here only to be sent by his senpais to get some drink or other? How many times had he backpedaled through that doorway, pushed by the force of Miyuki’s lips on his own and Eijun’s fingers desperately working into Miyuki’s pants?

He shook the thought away.

Now wasn’t the time for thinking about that. Not when he was feeling like—


Well he didn’t know how he felt. Miyuki was looking up at him from his bed, propped up on his elbows. The corner of his mouth twitched up and Eijun was certain he was trying for a smaller version of his trademark smirk but what came was something more sheepish. Eijun’s fingers twisted into his sweats as he looked at him, sun-dappled torso shirtless and smooth and skin he knew better than his own, knew how the muscles moved beneath it and knew how it smelled and how it tasted but now Eijun stared, wondering how the purple had blossomed under such beautiful skin or how the ugly ace bandages wrapped around his ribs could possibly be permitted.

“Are you going to say anything or did you just come here to stare?” Miyuki was definitely giving him that smirk now, but still, Eijun didn’t miss how it wavered just a hair. Was he nervous?

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He whispered, eyebrows furrowing deep. That’s not what he had wanted to say.

“Tell you what? It’s just a bruise, Sawamura.” But his smile was faltering and he was turning to look at Eijun at little more fully and the movement pulled a wince from him as his side twisted.

“I get that athletes hide their injuries all the time. I get it. Furuya and Kominato and Chris. I get it okay. I’m not stupid.” Mostly. “But…why didn’t you tell me.

He didn’t know what he expected. Some sort of apology maybe. Sympathy. Not that he was the one that needed it. He couldn’t help but be angry at himself for even asking.

Why was he even asking? Miyuki was hurt. Eijun should be taking care of him. It was that simple.

Wasn’t it?

“Could you have really pretended everything was okay?” Eijun hadn’t expected that, and his eyes latched onto Miyuki’s. “You’re passionate. And you’re unreserved. Anyone who’s looking at you can read you if they want. Even now you’re standing here with eyes just a little too wild and a lip too raw—how long have you been chewing on it anyways—and you haven’t let your hands relax since you came in here.”

Eijun’s hand twitched as Miyuki’s fingers brushed against his. His grip relaxed naturally against the touch, letting Miyuki tug on his fingertips and pulling him down next to him. Eijun watched as he laced their fingers and gave a little squeeze.

“I didn’t tell you because I couldn’t, not because I didn’t trust you, Eijun.”

Eijun swallowed around the lump in his throat, his fingers tracing over the bandaging, ghosting over the surface and almost flinching away over Miyuki’s ribs.

“I’m sorry.” He whispered, brown eyes still fixated on the bandages, fingers splaying over the injury. “I’m sorry, Miyuki. You were hurt and I…I made you catch all those pitches and—”

Miyuki smiled at him, shaking his head, and the upward pull of his lips and the narrowing of his eyes was soft; a softness reserved almost purely for Eijun. He pulled Eijun’s hand, still linked with his own, to his mouth and brushed his lips along the back of his fingers. “Aren’t you supposed to be the one comforting me?”

Eijun’s body stilled at that, even his breath pausing in his lungs.

He’s right.

He swallowed, blinking down into Miyuki’s eyes, rich caramel that held far too much mischief even when he wasn’t actively doing such. Eijun said nothing, leaning down and softly brushing his lips against Miyuki’s. Miyuki hummed into the kiss, fingers relaxing in Eijun’s.

“That’s not what I mea—” Miyuki’s voice was lazy, not even a protest, but Eijun still didn’t let him finish before he pressed against his lips again. Long lashes fluttered shut, eyes closing as Miyuki’s lips parted for his tongue. It was an old dance by now, well-known and ingrained into their muscles. But that didn’t stop every roll of the tongue or the way Miyuki sucked at his lips from driving Eijun crazy.

Making him want more.

Seek more.

Take more.

He was greedy like that; it was a trait of a pitcher.

Miyuki’s fingers let go of his own, migrating up his body; one hand stilling on his hips, fingertips digging into the flesh beneath his clothing, the other moving to bury itself in the hair at the base of Eijun’s skull.

Eijun stayed close and pushed deep, tasting every drop of Miyuki’s mouth, tongue pressing against his softly, sliding against the rough wetness, swiping over his lips, against his teeth.

Eijun’s breath was coming heavy, he could feel the heat tingling through his limbs, climbing through his body. There was a spark when he looked down at Miyuki, with his blown pupils and half-hard dick pressing against Eijun’s thigh through his sweats, teeth nipping at Eijun’s bottom lip.

It was thrilling, in some way, that he was able to make Miyuki react like this.

Eijun's lips whispered over Miyuki's jaw, pressing soft, slow kisses against it. They parted as they reached the soft flesh behind his ear, suckling tenderly and letting his teeth scrape against the surface until Miyuki hissed, hips squirming beneath him. Eijun couldn't help the small pang of satisfaction at the purple blossoming beneath warm skin.

The satisfaction wasn’t enough—was it ever really enough when it came to Miyuki, though?—and Eijun couldn’t stop himself from tracing his lips over his neck. Miyuki's pulse pounded against his tongue as his lips parted over the skin, sticking to the surface and sucking a trail down to his collarbone.

Eijun could feel the way Miyuki was heating up below him, the way his skin was just this side of salty, the way his ears reddened and his teeth worked over his bottom lip. Most of all the way he shifted, as if trying to find some sort of purchase against Eijun's thigh.

It wasn’t' enough like this, not quite the right angle, not enough friction before pain sparked through his ribs. Miyuki let out a groan—or maybe growl was more accurate—of frustration, and Eijun hid the smile that tugged at the corners of his lips as he wrapped them around Miyuki's nipple. He couldn't help be a little thankful that when they had mummified his ribs, that hadn't included his chest.

Miyuki was sensitive, Eijun thought pleasantly as his scraped his teeth over his nipple, tongue rolling the pert flesh against rough bone and eliciting an almost choked gasp from Miyuki. He didn't linger long, only long enough to suck a teeth-mark bruise over his nipple. Then his lips were soft, ghosting.

They whispered silken over his chest, brushing against his skin and pulling the softest, breathy inhale from Miyuki. Eijun's lips barely coasted the surface of his body as they brushed over the bandage, over his ribs. His fingers were shaking as they splayed over his side.

Miyuki's breath was heavy as it pulled through his lips, hips moving just a fraction against Eijun's thigh, as if to remind Eijun that he was fully hard under his sweats. "What, is this me being tortured, then?" Miyuki's hand almost shook as his fingers squeezed into Eijun's thigh, grin evident in his voice.

"It's fine isn’t it." Eijun breathed, lips dragging over the bandages, over purpled-and-greened bruises hidden beneath. He looked up at Miyuki, lashes casting shadows over his bright eyes, that almost feral glow in them that Miyuki had seen on the field.

Miyuki's eyes widened a fraction, pupils blowing wide with realization and a soft grin pulled at the corners of his lips, air puffing out in an intrigued, "Heh."

I just want— Eijun pressed his hips down against Miyuki's thigh, lashes fluttering shut as he swallowed down his growing need. I want to take care of you.

Eijun sat back on his heels, most of his weight pressing against Miyuki's thigh, and dug through the nightstand beside the bunks—silently thankful Miyuki had the bottom bunk; a thought he experienced whenever they were together. He avoided eye contact as he lifted onto his knees and wiggled his hips, pushing his sweats down to the middle of his thighs.

He could feel pink flush across his cheeks at the way his erection bounced free, head sticky from the mess it'd made of his underwear. But he wasn't looking at Miyuki, wasn't watching the way his eyes narrowed with want, and certainly didn’t see the way his tongue slipped over his lips.

Eijun tried his best to ignore the eyes on him, the hands squeezing just behind his knees; the open and close of the lube bottle seemed abnormally loud in the quiet room. Was it always this quiet in here? Shouldn't there be noise from the other rooms? Celebrating? Something?

He shook away the thought as he massaged the sticky liquid over his fingers, feeling it warm against his flesh. He swallowed as he circled the pad of his finger around his entrance, feeling it pulse under his touch.

"Don't look." Eijun muttered, still not making eye contact with Miyuki.

"Like hell I'm not going to look." There was no hesitation and Eijun could hear the grin in his voice, feel his eyes on his face, his body.

He could feel his flush moving down his neck but did his best to ignore it. It wasn't like Miyuki hadn't seen him in more...compromising positions; hadn't put him in those positions himself.

Still embarrassing.

And alluring.

That thought he definitely ignored, instead focusing on the task at hand. On his next exhale, Eijun pressed a finger inside, choking on the sharp inhale that followed. His body arched and there was resistance as he pushed deep inside himself. Eijun didn’t wait long enough to slide a second finger in, and he couldn’t help but visibly wince at the pain.

Patience was not one of his finer points.

“I’m not as good at this as you are.” Eijun panted, slowly switching his fingers against each other in an attempt to speed up the adjustment.

“Of course you’re not,” Miyuki had his usual smirk, arrogance alluding to a façade of prowess—Eijun knew better than anyone how insecure, how lonely, he could be. “Let me do it.” His hands moved to Eijun’s ass, squeezing his cheeks apart and itching to feel inside him.

“No.” Eijun smacked his hand away, eyes staring down at his surprised face, brows raised over his frames and his mouth open into a small ‘oh.’

Their eyes remained locked until it became uncomfortable, the sound of Eijun’s breathing as he tried to adjust himself, fingers barely moving, eyes narrowing as Miyuki refused to look away. He turned first.

“I don’t want you to have to…”

There was a small sigh from Miyuki, his hands sliding down to Eijun’s thighs. “All right, I get it.” His hands were warm against Eijun’s skin as he pulled at his sweats, stretching the elastic band to its limit around his knees.

“Take a deep breath and move your fingers slowly, in and out.” His hands were moving over Eijun’s thighs, skin soft and muscle firm beneath. They ghosted over his hips and back down, eyes never leaving Eijun.

A small gasp pushed from Eijun as he did as instructed, slowly thrusting his fingers inside of himself, dragging them lowly against his inner walls. He could feel the heat building inside his chest, tingling through his limbs as pain ebbed and pleasure pushed its way through him.

“How’s it feel?” Miyuki’s brows almost furrowed as he studied him, hands brushing over his hips, down his inner thighs. Eijun wasn’t sure how he felt about the softness—it wasn’t that he hadn’t experienced Miyuki’s tender side before but most of his instructions involved being told how the other team would have just made a run.

Eijun swallowed hard, saliva suddenly thick on his tongue. He nodded, lashes low over his eyes as he watched Miyuki. The corner of his lips twitched up, eyes flitting over Eijun’s body, hands pushing under his shirt.

“Good, now start spreading them.”

Eijun could feel his cheeks heat up and a coiling burn in his core. He would never admit how hot it made him that Miyuki was instructing him like this, eyes hungry on him. He probably didn’t have to say anything, Miyuki’s eyes watching the way precum spilled over his head and dripped down his shaft.

He closed his eyes, embarrassed, and stretched his fingers wide as he pulled them out, pressing against the resistance and forcing it open. Eijun knew better than anyone that he was greedy and impatient.

And impatient.

And impatient.

“Haah Miyuki—” He breathed, spine curving.


A strangled sound pushed from Eijun’s throat, caught on his tongue and stumbling from his lips as warm, slightly calloused fingers wrapped around his cock. His eyes cracked open, breath wet on his lips as Miyuki slowly began to stroke him. He slicked the precum over Eijun’s dick, thumbing against the rim and pushing over the slit on every upstroke.

“Miyuki,” Eijun was panting now, heavy and wet and heated, not caring to be embarrassed as his hips pushed and pulled, fucking into Miyuki’s hands before rutting back onto his own fingers.

“Wait, Eijun.” Miyuki was smirking again as he cooed to him, and Eijun refused to acknowledge the way his ass clenched around his fingers.

Miyuki pushed himself onto his hand, leaning forward to brush his lips against Eijun’s. He tugged roughly at his bottom lip, teeth scraping the tender flesh. Eijun’s eyes threatened to flutter closed, barely able to focus on any one point with how close they were, breath hot between them, mingling.

“Now, crook your fingers,” His voice was low, dancing against Eijun’s lips as he gave a little squeeze to his cock, thumbing the underside of the head.

Eijun did as he was told, eyes open and wild when heat sparked through him, abdomen pulling in and hips bucking forward at the burst of pleasure, a loud, strangled moan spilling against Miyuki’s lips. He didn’t wait for instruction to do it again, curving his fingers and rutting into the pleasure.

Miyuki’s grin widened.

Eijun breathed heavily against Miyuki’s lips, tongue flicking out against them, his own lips sucking on Miyuki’s top lip.

“Maybe I should just let you finish yourself?” There was that arrogance again.

“The boner pushing against my ass says otherwise.” Eijun’s lips parted as Miyuki’s tongue slipped between them, pressing soft and firm against his own tongue.

Miyuki sucked at Eijun’s lip, thumb massaging over the slit as the rest of his fingers stilled around Eijun’s cock. “Ready?”

Eijun swallowed, dipping down to press his lips against Miyuki’s neck before sucking his lobe between his teeth. His breath was hot against his skin as it danced out into a shaky, “Please.”

“Shit, Eijun.” There was a lilt of amusement in his words, smothered in frustration.

Eijun thought he saw a flash of impatient disappointment in Miyuki’s eyes when he climbed off his lap. It was quickly replaced by heated impatience as Eijun wiggled the rest of the way from his pants, kicking his underwear off beside them.

Eijun watched as Miyuki managed to slip out of his sweats with truly amazing speed. He didn’t miss the wince when he twisted to pick a condom from the same drawer the lube came from, though.

“I said I’d take care of it!” Eijun all but yelled, pushing Miyuki’s shoulders back onto the bed. Miyuki let out a laugh, quirking an eyebrow up at him. Eijun tried to ignore the look as he tore open the foil and carefully—and surprisingly skillfully—unrolled the condom over Miyuki’s erection.

“I think I might like it when you take control.”

Eijun pursed his lips, petulant embarrassment flushing his cheeks as he poured more lube over Miyuki’s cock. He relished the gasp elicited as he schlicked it over his shaft.

“Come here.” Miyuki’s voice was soft but Eijun still crinkled his nose even as he straddled his hips.

“I know, I said I’ll take care of it.” That’s what he said, but the execution wasn’t as easy as Eijun had hoped, awkwardly twisting to try to line himself up. He could just feel Miyuki grinning at him.

“Here…” He slid his hands over Eijun’s thighs, reaching to squeeze a firm cheek in each hand, digging his fingers in and pulling an almost-moan from Eijun as he spread him open.

Maybe just this much help was okay.

Eijun suppressed a shiver as he felt the tip of Miyuki’s dick press against his entrance. And then he was sinking down onto it, mouth open and breath shuddering from his tongue, a shaking gasp of pleasure and relief and yes~

Miyuki didn’t try to hold back his own moan, low and bidden by teeth in lips as his eyes closed against his will and his fingers squeezed, dug deep into Eijun’s cheeks, pulling him open; curling his toes into the sheets as he tried everything not to buck up into Eijun. There was a breath of relief, Eijun’s chest heaving when Miyuki was finally fully seated inside him.

Eijun’s thighs shook as he looked down at Miyuki, his fingers still kneading into his ass and his eyes hungry behind his lenses. The corner of Eijun’s mouth twitched into a small pleased smile. There was something unrivaled about making the captain, cleanup, and catcher come undone beneath him.

The movement was fluid, sudden, as he lifted his hips, feeling the slight curve of Miyuki’s cock drag against his insides.


His breath puffed out as he swallowed Miyuki inside himself. A mewl-gasp spilled from Eijun’s tongue as he felt himself stretch around Miyuki’s girth, felt a shudder rising from the base of his spine.


Eijun’s hips shook even as they rose and fell, spine shivering and heat tingling through his limbs. His toes were curling into the sheets and if he could have silenced the heavy panting dripping from his lips he was pretty sure the only sound he’d hear was the schlorping of Miyuki’s dick in his ass. Eijun wouldn’t admit he liked hearing it, liked the filthy, wet noises their bodies made, but just thinking about it was enough for precum to spill sticky onto Miyuki’s stomach below him.

“Haah—fuck—Eijun, here, come here.” Miyuki’s hands pulled at his shirt, brushed against his cheek in an attempt to pull him close.

He wanted to resist. Wanted to remain in control. Wanted to do all the work and watch from his position, perched on Miyuki’s dick, until he writhed below and came inside him. But Miyuki’s lips were open and wet, breath hot as it spilled over his tongue, and Eijun wanted to taste him.

He dipped down, capturing Miyuki’s lips with his own. The kiss was hungry and hard, bruising; teeth scraping and nipping and tongues pushing aggressively against one another, laving deep inside mouths that weren’t their own. Eijun moaned, Miyuki swallowing it up as he jerked his hips, rising to meet Eijun’s rutting.

Miyuki’s hands were strong against Eijun’s back, firm, holding his body close. Eijun was careful, keeping his upper body weight as off of Miyuki as he could—not the easiest thing when all he wanted to do was collapse into him and let him roll him over and fuck him into the mattress.

He settled for devouring Miyuki’s neck, biting hard into the flesh, tendons between his teeth, and lapping his tongue languidly over the surface as a bruise blossomed. He didn’t stop, marking his collarbone, his chest, biting into the meat of his shoulder until Miyuki gasped as flesh gave and blood beaded at the surface.

He’d always said Eijun was the greediest, with his whiskey eyes glowing like an animals and a feral hunger hidden behind his pearl smile. Eijun thought he was probably right, but wasn’t sure if he had always been this way or if it was something that Miyuki brought out in him.

He didn’t think either of them really cared.

“Haah—good—so,” Eijun’s breath was hot against Miyuki’s skin as the tension built in him, fingers curling into the sheets beside Miyuki’s head and a baser need roiling at the base of his spine. His shoulders shook as pleasure coursed through him, his cock trapped between their bodies and every thrust only served to rub it between them, stimulation becoming too much in the precum-slicked friction.

“Fuck, Eijun,” Miyuki hid his wince behind furrowed brows and an almost snarl of pleasure, head tilted into Eijun’s shoulder, tongue dancing over the shell of his ear. “It feels so good. Amazing. You’re amazing.” He panted, teeth scraping Eijun’s cartilage.

“Nha—tha—” His hips trembled and his body curled into Miyuki, ass clenching around the cock that filled him so good, so deep. “Aah—Ka—Kazuya~” The name dragged from deep inside his chest, hitching on his tongue and twisting into a high-pitched series of almost whines, each punctuated by a thrust in his ass and a secondary wave of cum spilling onto Miyuki’s stomach.

“That’s—” Miyuki’s fingers twisted into the soft mass of brown hair, thrusting four, five, deep, “Not fair—a-ah—fuck—good—” He fucked fast and hard into Eijun, crashing their lips together and moaning into his mouth, Eijun swallowing the sounds with his tongue as his ass sucked Miyuki dry.

There was a moment of nothing; breaths heavy and tension gone and thighs trembling with relief and satiety.

Miyuki finally pulled out of him, lips softly pressed to Eijun’s as if to ease the discomfort it always seemed to cause him. Eijun’s hands were shaking as he grabbed for the kleenexes, slow in his motions to wipe their bodies clean of his mess. At least he didn’t come all over the bandages.

Well, mostly.

When he was done with his own body, Miyuki had already slipped off the condom and trashed it. Eijun’s movements were slow, almost not his own as he leaned down and gingerly kissed Miyuki’s bandaged ribs, quiet apologies that didn’t need to be spoken again for Miyuki to hear them.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, Eijun.” Miyuki was pulling him down beside him, fingers carding through Eijun’s hair and Eijun’s legs tangling around his own, hand softly splayed over his injured ribs. “I’ll do better next time.”

“Promise?” The word was a slurred mumble, sleep making Eijun’s tongue dumb as he snuggled against Miyuki’s chest, lashes dusting over his cheeks and lips relaxing barely parted.

Miyuki smiled, wondered if he was even awake enough to comprehend words. “Yeah, promise.”

Eijun only hummed, muttered something about ‘need you’ before his breathing evened out and his body relaxed heavily against Miyuki’s side. Miyuki had to ignore what he might’ve been saying, because ‘I need you’ was something he wasn’t sure he could handle without attacking him then and there. He opted instead to pull the blanket up around Eijun’s shoulders, shifting just enough to snuggle against him.

Miyuki had just begun to relax against his warmth, eyes closing, when the door clicked and slowly opened. Kimura poked his head in, relieved to find they weren’t going at it, but then saw Eijun in the bed and their pants on the floor. His cheeks flushed red.

Miyuki could only grin, almost smug, and pressed a finger to his lips.

Kimura shook his head, muttering as he passed. “I knew you were doing it but geez cant you at least be a little more subtle about it.”

A low chuckle slipped past Miyuki’s lips as he nosed into Eijun’s hair. “Nothing subtle about this guy.”