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Theft gone wrong -or did it?

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With one hit he pummeled you right unto the ground.

Except it wasn’t quite with his signature punch.

He kept thrusting his hard cock in and out of you, his balls slapping furiously on your bum, his arms bracing for support on either side of your head.

While this wasn’t normally how Saitama dealt with criminals, you couldn’t deny the result was the same: you were out. K.O. You couldn’t even think about fighting back or escaping –not that you would anyway, considering his dick made your walls convulse blissfully with every harsh pump of his hips. You were left writhing, panting and moaning on the pavement of an alleyway, receiving judgement for your villain deeds. But punishment wasn’t quite the right word for the situation: in this case, the aftermath of the sin was ironically sweeter and more heavenly than the sin itself.

Your head fell back with renewed vigor as Saitama bent your legs further back, drawing your knees closer to your shoulders. The new angle provided a deeper entry to his incredibly long and thick member. His pace picked up as he began hitting at the sweet spot of your core, your back arching and breasts pressing to your thighs as your hands flailed about, trying to secure a stable grip. You felt your lower stomach contract once again as you sensed a yet stronger orgasm coursing its way through your body; you lifted your hips as best as you could to warp around every possible inch of Saitama’s cock, eyes clenching, fists clutching the air, body tensing and the final wave of ecstasy pulsing-

But then he ceased all movement.

You couldn’t comprehend right away that he had stopped moving, his face back to a stoic expression. You heaved almost painfully as you looked up at him with pleading and lidded eyes, your right arm rising to cover your forehead. He smirked innocently down at your gasping and exhausted form. He then began sliding his shaft slowly up and down your cunt, every teasing of his tip to your clit sending a needful jolt to your whole shaking frame. The feeling of his member pleasingly sandwiched in-between your wet folds had you going crazy: in your over-sensitive state, it was almost enough to make you come. Yet it wasn’t enough –and you knew what he wanted. You knew him just well enough to see past his placid demeanor when he handled villains. You figured by his apparent lack of interest in fame and desire for public recognition that he had to let steam off in some other way, and that it just so happened to be sex. His face took on a serious and smoldering look, the sudden change sending an excited shiver up your spine.

-I’m not sure you’ve learned your lesson, thief. You know some of us actually have to wait for sales to get this stuff? If you want release, you’ll have to show me you’ve earned it.

His rutting against your outer lips got significantly more leisurely and harsher –you wanted it so bad. You needed it so bad. He pressed a little harder at your clitoris.

-Also, what’s this about? Wearing something so alluringly tight? You expect people not to notice you? You’re plainly asking to be followed home if you ask me.

Saitama shot a look at your discarded and torn leather uniform, then halted his ministrations altogether.

-So… How about asking me nicely to finish you off?

You needn’t be asked twice. You needed more. You wanted him to ravage you until you could no longer stand.

-S-Saitama! Please take me..! I-I need you inside me, so please, fuck me!

He huffed, smirking almost arrogantly and eyes ablaze with a mischievous light. The air was immediately expelled out of your lungs as he resumed his swift and rapid pace, the length of his cock instantly coaxing your sweet spot. It did not take more than a single, swift thrust to propel you into another one of your countless orgasms, your warm canal tugging fervently at the hero’s wide appendage. Despite your exceedingly sensitive state, Saitama maintained his relentless assault on your body, his hands spreading your thighs wider apart to allow a deeper penetration.  His motions slowed considerably, and he took on a thoughtful air.

-Hmmm… I’m not sure this is enough…

While you were a sweating mess, the bastard did not even seem fazed. You barely registered being easily lifted off the ground to be roughly pinned against the back street’s wall, all the while Saitama remained buried deep inside you. His hands left your legs to grab firmly at your rear, upper torso resting uncomfortably against the chapped brick wall. Your weight made you sink down deliciously on his erection, his tip pressing ever harder on the outlines of your cervix, his renewed drilling causing your breasts and legs to bounce about to the pleasure of his ravenous gaze. Your arms wound up circling his neck in an attempt to gain a little anchoring, drawing him nearer your chest as you moaned uncontrollably. At that he greedily began lapping at one of your nipples, teeth nipping and mouth sucking savagely at either of your breast by intervals. Trying vainly to drown the wails you were sure someone was bound to eventually hear, you reeled him in for a kiss, tongues intertwining lewdly while your bodies moved in sync. You were a panting wreck, unable to process any logical thought. Saitama’s mouth latched onto your neck, sucking to leave a bruise as he brought you near the edge again. You could feel your overflowing juices smearing your ass and your thighs, every move on Saitama’s part producing an obscene sound.

-A-ah! Sai-Saitama! I… Ah-Ah! I can’t- no more! Oh God,please! Fuck, I’m-Ah..!

You only felt him grin on the side of your neck as your words seemed to spur him on in an animalistic fervor. Your walls twitched ceaselessly around his shaft in the longest orgasm you had ever felt in your entire life, Saitama’s grunting and groans heating you up in the most delightful way as you screamed his name at the top of your lungs –fuck anyone who could hear you. He unleashed his load into your deepest parts as your pussy milked his dick exquisitely, muffling his sighs in your collarbone. Spurts of cum –both his and yours- seeped out of your core as he rode out both of your orgasms, before letting you down gently. You knew you couldn’t walk properly for days to come, yet as Saitaima put his yellow suit back on, he seemed as if nothing had ever transpired between the two of you, his usual placid face back on.

As you got your breath slumped against the wall, you felt a cloth warp around your shoulders. You craned your neck upwards, seeing the hero’s figure recede unto the street, his right hand lifting in a final goodbye.

-I hope you’ve learned your lesson!

He halted suddenly, turning his head slightly.

-Oh, and I’ll need that back eventually. Also, you should pay for the cleanup.

He pointed at the red cape draped around you.

-See ya!

He trotted away.

You took a moment to gather your thoughts before standing up. You weren’t sure yourself that you had learned your lesson. In fact, you might be more than a little inclined to continue your illegal activities in the neighbourhood…