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To See Her

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The Captain hesitated a second before reluctantly following the Grand Duke from the room, leaving their king alone. Sighing deeply, Charming wearily rested his forehead against the window pane streaked with rain drops.

Another day… Another day gone and his mysterious princess had not answered his summons. The princess, the owner of the glass slippers whom was so forgetful she kept losing them. A sad smile momentary touched his face, thinking of the now-popular children's song.

Once again she did not appear, the young man mused, smile fading. Why? Even if after the ball she has changed her mind, does not feel the same… Charming closed his eyes, heart hurting at the possibility. Surely she will still come, explain her position.

Then where is she? It has been weeks. Where, where, where… The word spun in circles in his mind.

Gazing once more out the window, the young king frowned thoughtfully. The princess had come last time. She heard about the ball and accepted the invitation. She came. But their first meeting in the forest had been an accident, each seeking something, far from the grandness and responsibilities they were used to.

Charming inhaled. He blinked, narrowed his gaze. He and the princess first saw each other in the forest. Then she came to the ball, to him. And now…

"I will come to her," he stated to the room, his eyes beginning to sparkle. How could he do anything else?

The Grand Duke will never approve, a voice sounding a lot like his friend the Captain pointed out as Charming started walking purposefully towards the doors at the end of the large room.

"What the Grand Duke doesn't know cannot hurt him," he replied out loud, tone rueful.

There was much to plan. A tired smile spread across his face, yet it flashed with a new hope and determination.