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Noah's Descendants

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Sam Winchester lurched forward, the alarm clock between the two rickety, old, moldy beds startling him from his sleep. Sam had been dreaming of his life before hunting, even before dating Jessica and Stanford. It was the first time in a long time that he had thought about Stars Hollow, much less dreamed about it. 

The dream hadn’t been anything in particular, no specific town people had even drifted into the dream. It was just him, wandering around an empty town. It still looked the same, with a crisp, fall breeze in the air. He had sat in the town square on the gazebo for awhile then wander around Dose’s market, The blaring clock had startled him out of a blissful calm and restful sleep. 

He moaned and rubbed his face, refusing to look at the aforementioned clock. He knew what it would tell him — he hadn’t slept enough the night before, despite the peaceful dream. His brother Dean and he had checked into the roach motel roughly three hours ago, after a run-of-the-mill ghost issue in Gary, Indiana. It still bothered him how simple a ghost haunting could be these days, but after the angel-demon fight involving Anna’s grace, he knew both he and Dean could use a bit of normalcy and boring. Or well, as normal and boring as a Hunter’s life could get. Add to the equation that Bobby was still in the Caribbean, having hit another case while down there (or so he and Ellen said) and the brothers had decided to get out of the Midwest, briefly. In fact, the bed Sam was waking up in was just on the east side of Philadelphia. 

He ran his fingers through his hair, a reminder that he needed to trim it soon, and leaned over to hit the off switch. Dean was still dead asleep, laying on his stomach with his mouth hanging open and one arm under his pillow. Sam knew what his fingers were near, if Dean hadn’t fallen asleep with a tight grip around the handle of the demon blade. He hated seeing his  brother sleeping so tensely, vaguely thinking of how both deserved a week of uninterrupted sleep at the least, as he searched for a shoe to throw at Dean. “Dean,” he croaked, leaning over and throwing the shoe at him. “Wake up. If you are going to set an alarm, at least get up with it.” 

Dean grunted and swatted at the air. “Fuck off,” he muttered, turning his head away from Sam. “No alarm.” His breathing evened out as he fell back to sleep instantly.

“Dean,” Sam said louder. “You set the alarm without telling me. What on earth can you have planned this early?” 

“Shut up, Sam! I didn’t set any damn alarm. Can’t you let me sleep?” Dean propped himself up on his arms and glared at Sam, then flopped back on the bed looking away from him. Both boys heard the faint rustling of wings behind them. Sam turned to see a man in a trench coat standing in the bathroom doorway.

“I set the alarm,” Castiel stated, as if the guys shouldn’t be shocked. “Is this not how people normally wake up? I thought it would be better than using the television and radio to get your attention. You yelled last time I broke the motel’s windows?” He looked at both of them as if this was the obvious solution to waking them up. He then pulled out a bag from behind his back. Sam could read the donut logo from his bed. It was hard to be mad at Cass sometimes.

“Cass, couldn’t you just wait a few hours, let us get up like normal people?” Dean said sitting up, yawning through his sleep deprivation. He rubbed his chin, feeling the beard starting to come in. “Screw shaving,” he had said to Sam a few days ago. He was going to embrace the hipster craze and wear a beard for awhile. “You might not have to sleep, but we humans need at least five….six….nine hours of sleep a -“  

“This isn’t a social call, Dean. We have found a seal that Lilith is going after, and the angels need your help with this one.” That sobered both of the brothers up, and they both sat up more alert. Sam leaned over the edge of the bed and grabbed his laptop out of his bag, while Dean reached for his socks and shoes. “They are going after the direct descendants of Noah.”

“…As in, the ark?” Dean asked, socks paused half on. “As in two by two, animals on the boat or better hope you can swim? He — the flood — real?”

“Yes, in a sense. It wasn’t a global flood as it is written, but instead a flood to wipe out a specific area. The humans in this area…it was getting bad,” Castiel looked at the guys. “God gave these humans infinite second chances, but they would not change. But Noah was a good man, with a good family. He was the land’s last chance.”

“So God threatens to flood Noah’s city; he builds an ark to save the animals or people or whatever… survives, and pops out a few kids somewhere along the line? And there are people who can be directly traced back to his blood line still walking the earth?” Sam asked, trying to figure out how they were going to do any research to find these descendants. “What do they plan to do with these people?”

“Kill them of course,” Castiel replied, stating what he clearly thought was obvious. “Two of them. At specific coordinates, on a specific date. The anniversary date of the flood, actually. Noah had three sons: Shem, Ham and Japheth. Ham’s direct family died out centuries ago, in Egypt. Fortunate, to say the least, or you would have three innocents being killed at the same time. Shem’s and Japheth’s lines are traced down to two families. Both of which are American, strangely.”

“But I don’t understand. Noah existed thousands of years ago, which means those bloodlines have existed and spread out infinitely. So how do the angels know who the direct descendants are?” Sam questioned.

“The same way we know you are both descendants of Cain alone, meaning you have no lineage ties to Noah. Noah was of Seth’s lineage. I can draw the lineage map out for you if you wish,” Castiel said earnestly, “though we do not really have time for those charts. They would take days to put together. After we stop Lilith. For now, you have to trust that I know which two souls needing to be saved. There’s a, record I guess, of direct descendants of important people. All angels know them. And these two humans are direct descendants of just one of each son. Their bloodlines do not overlap.”

“Okay, for the sake of argument, let’s say we believe and understand you, and that we are completely,” Dean shook his head a bit, “IGNORING the comment about Cain for now because how do you process that one.” He held up a hand to stop Cass from attempting to continue. “How do we even find these so called descendants?”

“I know where they are, of course. This isn’t a search and rescue mission, Dean. Just a rescue mission.” Cass sat on Dean’s bed, facing the brothers. He put the donuts down in front of Dean, who pulled out a bear claw immediately.

“Are these descendants in the same location?” Sam asked, knowing it was never that simple. And even if it was, the angel wouldn’t be standing in front of them, asking for their help.

“No, Sam,” Castiel shook his head, “One is located in California and one is located in Connecticut. Apparently they usually are both in California normally, and this would not be a problem if the female one had not traveled back to Connecticut this weekend. 

See, both descendants have to be on opposite sides of the country for the seal to be effective. Actually they have to be at these precise coordinates at the precise anniversary time of the flood. By today’s calendar and time acknowledgement, that’s in three days at six in the evening.” 

Castiel wrote down two sets of coordinates on a sheet of paper Sam had passed to him and pushed it back to him. He typed them into Google maps, pulling up the first location. “It pulls up a Buy More in, uh, Burbank, California. It’s a thirty-nine hour drive from here, over 2700 miles. There is no way we can make it there in three days and be able to actually find the person first, convincing them to stay away from this Buy More at this specific time. And then get back to Connecticut to stop the other descendant as well.” 

“No, but Jo and May are out that way, at least last time I talked to Jo they were in California. And Ellen and Bobby are going to join them when they got back into the states. Surely the four of them can handle securing one guy. I’ll give Jo and May a call and clue them in, and have them call Ellen and Bobby to change their flight. But first — what exactly is a ‘Buy More?’”

“It’s an electronics store— a California knockoff of Best Buy from the looks of it.” Sam turned the computer screen around to show Dean the company’s website. “A pretty successful knockoff too.”

“Awesome. I’ll ask May to pick me up some new speakers for Baby,” Dean smiled a boyish smile and winked at Sam, who in turn glared disapprovingly at him over the screen, then looked down to type the second location in. Dean smiled at Castiel, realized he wasn’t going to get any support there either, so he let out an awkward cough and turned to Sam. “Where’s the second location then?” he asked as he bit into a second donut. His brother ignored him, and Dean watched the blood drain from his face. “Sam? Sammy?” He waved his hand in Sam’s face. “Dude, where’d you go?” He snapped. 

Sam blinked and closed his mouth, focusing on the noise his brother was making. His stomach clinched and he felt the room spinning.  He looked at the coordinates on the page Cass handed to him, back to the computer screen. He could hear his heart pounding in his ears. He hadn’t mistyped the numbers, and yet the one place he couldn’t go back to, the one place he dreamed of when he wasn’t having nightmares, was staring right back at him. In fact, Google’s earth view displayed almost mockingly the gazebo he had sat in so many times. Stars Hollow. This was going to get complicated.

“SAMMY!” Dean slammed his palm on the table, causing Sam to jump. 

“Sorry, I just…” Sam trailed off, shaking his head. “The second location is at a gazebo in the center of a small town in Connecticut. A town called ‘Stars Hallow.’ It’s about forty-five minutes outside of Hartford. Not too far of a drive from here. Little over three hours?”

“All right then,” Dean confirmed, looking at Sam strangely. “Not sure what just happened there, but now we’ve got locations. Do we have names or anything else to go on? I want to give Em and Jo as many details as possible.” Dean turned to Cass again, raising an eyebrow and pursing his lips. 

“Yes. The man in California goes by the name ‘Bryce Larkin.’ The woman in Connecticut is a ‘Lorelai Gilmore.’”

Sam paled again at the name. He felt as if everything in his body had been replaced with lead. “Victoria or Leigh?” he whispered, looking at the table. Not that is truly mattered. And he thought about what Cass had said — she had recently returned to Connecticut. Cass and Dean looked at him, both with confused looks. He met their eyes before asking again, a little louder, “ Lorelai Leigh or Lorelai Victoria?”

“Leigh,” Castiel responded, puzzled. “Though I guess Lorelai Victoria Gilmore would work as well, if Lorelai Leigh was killed before hand. Bryce Larkin is different; his family is all gone. If he dies before hand, no one can take his place.” 

“Okay, one, we aren’t killing this Larkin dude beforehand. No smiting him out of existence. He stays safe, alive, and away from this Buy More place, got it, Cass?” He stared at Cass, who sat silently for a moment.

“Dean. We will have to do what we can to keep the seal from being broken. But I promise not to smite anyone until the last possible moment.” Castiel said. “I have to go now. Call me if you need me.” And with that, Cass was gone.

“Okay, now, Sam, start talking. What the hell is going on? Is this part of your psychic, demon telepathy thing?” Dean looked at Sam with a mixture of concern, irritation, and fear. Sam hated the look and the guilt it made him feel. As much as he did not want to talk about Rory Gilmore and his time away from the “family business,” he hated that Dean could think it had anything to do with Azazel. He wasn’t evil. Sam repeated this mantra over and over to himself on a constant basis. He sighed and subconsciously ran his hand through his hair, pulling it away from his face.

“Dean, I think it’s time we actually talk about when I left you and Dad when I was sixteen. Yes, I left for a normal education and a chance at going to college. But I didn’t just find that. I found a bit of a normal life. A small town life. It all started with one call to Bobby for help, and a few days later, I was living in Stars Hallow.”