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Everyone Deserves Someone Who Cares

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Sidious sat back in his chair in thought. The past two weeks had not gone well at all. Two weeks ago, he’d told Anakin who he was, expecting Anakin to tell the Jedi. When four Jedi Masters had come to his office, the fight had been brutal, but exactly what he’d expected. It was only when Windu had apparently won and Anakin had arrived that things had gone wrong. Anakin had, as expected, trying to reason with Windu. He’d expected Windu to press the attack, forcing Anakin to make his choice.

Yet Windu had listened to Anakin, and backed down. Sidious had been forced to jump out the shattered window to avoid capture. And yet… Anakin had been so relieved that Windu hadn’t killed him. It wasn’t just because Anakin thought Sidious could teach him, he’d felt simple relief that Sidious himself was alive.

Why? Why would Anakin do that? Sidious had just spent the last thirteen years manipulating Anakin. He’d spent the last thirteen years doing his best to turn Anakin. So why did Anakin care that Sidious was still alive?

It just didn’t make sense. Anakin should hate him. Anakin should be leading the charge to find and kill him. But… Anakin wasn’t. Anakin was, in fact, apparently avoiding the Jedi, with the unsurprising exception of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Kenobi, too, was more often in Anakin’s company than any other Jedi’s. Sidious had lost most of his intelligence sources, but apparently Anakin was outright ignoring any summons by the Jedi Council. Kenobi was only appearing in council meetings by hologram, even though he was back on Coruscant. It was obvious to anyone who took the time to look that some sort of rift was developing between the Jedi Order and Anakin and Kenobi. Sidious didn’t understand it. Windu’s failure to kill Sidious should have mended the relationship between Anakin and the Jedi, but it hadn’t.

Some of it seemed to be the Jedi’s insistence that Anakin renounce Amidala, but there was something else to it. Sidious couldn’t get enough information to figure it out, but apparently, Anakin no longer considered himself a Jedi. How Kenobi figured into it, Sidious didn’t know. Kenobi was a proper Jedi, and should be distancing himself from Anakin, not the other Jedi. Instead, he seemed more interested in spending time with Anakin, Amidala, and Anakin’s twin children.

Sludge news reporters, desperate for any story about Anakin, had taken pictures of Anakin, or Amidala, or even Kenobi, holding the children (even Sidious could admit the children were adorable). One short video, already popular the galaxy over, showed Anakin and Kenobi on Amidala’s balcony, each holding a child, while Anakin apparently told the children (and Kenobi) a story. Kenobi couldn’t seem to keep his eyes off the child he held.

So, for two weeks, the galaxy had been in turmoil, but slowly settling into something resembling calm, most of Sidious’ plots were failing, and leaders on both sides of the civil war were starting to reach out to each other, suddenly aware of how they had been manipulated. And all the while, the Jedi hunted for Sidious. But not Anakin, and not Kenobi.

Sidious didn’t understand it. Anakin should be… well, the boy had made his choice to stay in the Light, so Sidious supposed Anakin would be doing his best not to be angry. But Anakin didn’t actually seem all that upset in the few press conferences he’d been forced into. When someone mentioned “Palpatine”, Anakin had merely appeared sad, though he never really said anything. He would instead (none too subtly, but that was part of Anakin’s charm) change the subject.

Anakin was, aside for when he was with Amidala and his children, spending most of his time in the Senate, working with some of Amidala’s allies. Kenobi appeared to be acting as a Jedi liaison to the group though, again, he only reported to the Jedi Council by holo or commlink.

Nothing about Anakin’s actions made sense to Sidious. The boy was apparently going to ignore everything to do with the Jedi and Sith for as long as possible. And through it all, Sidious still couldn’t find any hint that Anakin hated him. And Jedi or no, Anakin should have at least been furious at him for his deceptions. But Sidious still couldn’t feel anything of the sort, not even when he meditated. He’d noted anger, mostly at Anakin himself, and a resigned understanding of what Sidious’ revelations meant, but not hatred for Sidious himself.

And Sidious couldn’t understand it.