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Team Sapphic Dream

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Ali stood at the desk in her small emerald dress waiting patiently. She smiled at the woman behind the desk and then nodded at Jill as she slid her card key off the check-in desk, grabbing the handle of her roller bag. The sable haired beauty’s high heels clacked against the marble floor as she walked towards the stairwell to go up to her room, and meet up with her girlfriend that she hadn’t seen in months. 


“Team meeting at five. Don’t be late, and make sure Harris isn’t late either.” Jill reminded the defender.


“Yes, Coach.” Ali replied as she passed several teammates heading towards the stairwell.  


Hope grinned as Ali’s card key slipped out of her hand and fell to the floor, the defender not realizing she had dropped it. The legend bent down and scooped it up, secreting the card in the pocket of her jeans with a smirk. Oh this was gonna be fun! Hope walked over to the small group of players that Kelley was talking with and grabbed her by the back of the arm, pulling her towards the elevator.


“Hey! What are you doing?! I’m not done talking with them.” Kelley protested as she stumbled back a few steps with the keeper.


“Looks like you better go with Hope, Squirrel. Maybe she is gonna give you a nut.” Pinoe teased with a wink.


Becky side-eyed the diminutive blonde, “That makes no sense Pin Head, I’ve showered with everyone and I know Hope isn’t equipped with any nuts.”


“Pffft. Little you know. Have you checked her backpack? You never know what that woman is packing.” Pinoe replied with a smirk. 


Hope rolled her eyes as she continued to practically drag Kelley to the elevator, her USWNT backpack slung over her right shoulder. The door opened just as the keeper was about to push the call button and the legend smiled as she pulled the smaller woman past an exiting couple. As the door slid shut, the middie shrugged her shoulders.


“Well?” Kelley blurted out.


“Ali dropped her card key. Now’s our chance to have some fun!” Hope finally confessed.


Kelley’s lips curled into a devious smile and she rubbed her hands together, “Oooh! What are we gonna do?!”


“I packed some plastic wrap in my bag since the Cramer rolls tend to be so thin. You know I like my shoulders iced after a game. So I was thinking we could use it...I’ll show you.” Hope replied, mysteriously.


When they got off the elevator, Hope led Kelley down the hall to the room written on the card key holder. The keeper looked around and grinned. Ali either hadn’t made it up the stairs yet, or she was on her way back down to get another card key made. Perfect. Hope slid the key in the lock and opened the door. 


“Ali?” Hope called out just to double check the darkened room was indeed empty, Kelley suppressing an excited giggle.


Kelley followed Hope into the room, allowing the heavy door to close and lock behind them. The legend slipped her backpack off her shoulder and dug through it, producing a roll of shrink wrap that she held out to the middie. She dug a little further and came up with a mini single serve bottle of maple syrup. 


“Aw, is that for me?!” Kelley asked, touched by seeing the small contraband item that Hope held in her hand.


“Well I know how much my little Squirrel loves to lick up syrup.” Hope replied.


“Mmm, yes. I love it on everything!” Kelley insinuated.


Hope chuckled as she gave Kelley a quick kiss before ducking into the bathroom with the middie on her heels. The keeper lifted the toilet seat and traded the bottle of syrup for the plastic wrap. She cut off a large piece and carefully attached it to one side of the toilet bowel. Hope pulled the wrap really tight across the entire opening and secured it on the other side before putting the seat down and stepping back to examine her work. 


“Wow, you can’t even tell it’s there!” Kelley commented.


“That’s the point.” Hope winked. 


Hope handed the plastic wrap back to Kelley and took the bottle of syrup from her. 


“Wait. What are you gonna do with my syrup?!” Kelley inquired as her keeper unscrewed the top and poured a generous amount into the palm of her large left hand.


Kelley watched in horror as Hope spread the syrup all around the top of the toilet seat, covering it in an invisible layer of sticky sweetness. 


“Ok, so maybe I don’t love it on everything.” Kelley revised her earlier statement, causing Hope to chuckle again while she rinsed the sticky syrup off her hand. 


“Come on, lets get out of here before Ali gets back.” Hope stated as she wiped the sink and her hands dry with a bit of toilet paper that she shoved into her pocket when she was finished. 


As the couple made their way off the elevator back into the lobby, Jill entered the lift. Kelley poked Hope and pointed at Ali talking with the woman behind the desk. They high fived each other as they watched the woman activating another card key for the defender.


“Shall we go celebrate? We have just enough time to use the rest of this before the team meeting at five.” Hope suggested with a lascivious smirk as she held up the mini bottle. 


“Oooh yes! My favorite, syrup covered keeper!” Kelley replied as they walked down the hallway to the room they had rented on the first floor for their camp hook-ups since the entire team had practically insisted they stop using the wrap room. 




Ashlyn looked up as the door to her room opened, and Ali slowly strode in...the defender’s hips swaying seductively as she left her roller bag and continued to stalk her way over to the bed. The keeper’s mouth went dry as she raked her eyes roguishly over the sable haired beauty standing in front of her for the first time in months. It sucked that she and her girlfriend were separated by thousands of miles, and she had a plan to fix that, but at the moment the only thing Ashlyn could think about was how sexy Ali looked...and the insatiable hunger she suddenly felt. The blonde’s tongue involuntarily swiped across her lips as her eyes went from the silky sable curls that cascaded over her right shoulder down past the plunging neckline of the beauty’s emerald dress to the muscles of her strong thighs and calves that those kitten heels had popping...all the way back up to those bright intense eyes that reminded the keeper of a tigress...strong...fierce...predatory. 


Ashlyn swung her legs over the side of the bed, sitting upright and Ali stepped between them. The keeper ran her hands up the backs of her girlfriend’s muscular thighs underneath the satiny emerald material as the defender cupped her face, leaning down and crashing their lips together in a heated kiss that quickly turned hungry...their tongues dueling for dominance inside Ali’s mouth and each swallowing the moans of the had been far too long. 


As their tongues continued to dance against each other, Ali slowly raised the bottom of her dress until she could crawl on top of Ashlyn’s lap, straddling her keeper. The brunette’s arms snaked around Ashlyn’s neck as she started to grind against the blonde seeking some friction and a little relief from the ache building between her legs and deep in her soul. 


“God Alex, I’ve missed you so bad. I almost forgot how fucking gorgeous you are.” Ashlyn confessed as she kissed, licked, and nipped her way from the brunette’s mouth along her jawline...down her her pulse point.   


“I’ve missed you too, bad.” Ali replied as she licked the shell of Ashlyn’s left ear stopping to whisper into it, “I was finally able to execute ‘operation bait and switch’ like we talked about on the bus all those months ago.”


Ashlyn’s eyebrows shot up in surprise, and she smirked as the brunette sat back taking her expression in...Ali taking the opportunity for her nimble fingers to make quick work of the knot in the keeper’s tie. 


“I almost forgot about that. How did it go?” Ashlyn husked as Ali wound the end of her tie around her right fist then yanked it out of the keeper’s collar. 


The blonde tried to stop the moan from leaving her throat, but it escaped anyway, much to Ali’s satisfaction. It was such a turn on when her Princess got aggressive with her. 


“Mmm. Like taking candy from a baby.” Ali reported in between kisses down the keeper’s neck, “They fell for it hook...line...and sinker...from the moment I ‘accidentally’ dropped the key in front of Hope.”


“Yaaas queen!” Ashlyn enthused as she tightened her grip on her girlfriend’s ass and Ali unbuttoned her dress shirt, “And the lady at the check in desk?”


“Oh well, turns out she is a huge fan. She was all too eager to help us. When Coach goes back down for her key, she will tell her that Hope and Kelley turned it in.” Ali explained with a smirk as she pushed the blonde’s shirt off and it pooled on the bed behind them.


“Yeah baby! You are definitely the Mac to my Cheese! So glad sneaky Kriegy is my partner in crime.” Ashlyn praised her girlfriend as she possessively kneaded the muscular ass cheeks in her hands.


“Well sneaky Kriegy needs a reward.” Ali insinuated as she dragged her short fingernails lightly across the flesh of Ashlyn’s back. 


“Oh does she now? Well, maybe I can help her with that.” Ashlyn replied as her flesh broke out in goosebumps from Ali’s teasing touch.


“Mmm. Maybe you better.” Ali mumbled against Ashlyn’s lips as they pressed together, before the kiss deepened once more.


A surprised squeak escaped Ali as Ashlyn suddenly thrust her hips up into the brunette and rolled them over onto the bed. The blonde’s mouth watered as her Princess spread her legs wide in invitation, noting the lack of undergarments underneath the emerald dress as she dragged her fingers through already soaked folds causing the sable haired beauty to moan at the contact. The keeper ran her fingers lightly around her girlfriend’s entrance, gathering the copious ambrosia that flooded Ali’s satin temple. The defender bucked her hips , trying to impale herself on Ashlyn’s long strong fingers to no avail as the blonde took her time and full advantage of the emerald dress’s plunging neckline...slowly sucking and licking on one breast until the nipple was a hardened pebble before working her way to the other. Ali blew out a frustrated breath as she leaned up and grabbed a fist full of long blonde hair, pulling it back until Ashlyn was looking her in the eye.


“I want you to fuck me right. now. Ashlyn Michelle Harris. Fuck me so good that I feel you inside me until the end of camp, baby!” Ali demanded before turning her girlfriend loose to continue her ministrations.


Ashlyn smirked...oh yeah...she definitely loved it when she was able to get her girlfriend worked up to the point she demanded to be fucked. Both of them moaned as the blonde easily slid two fingers all the way inside the sable haired beauty’s flooded temple. 


“Oh fuck yes, Ash! Yes baby...fuck you feel so damned good inside me...mmmm.” Ali moaned as Ashlyn began thrusting deeply at first and then pulling her fingers all the way until only the tips remained inside before firmly sinking them in to the hilt. 


Ali’s hips rose to meet each strong thrust, pushing the blonde’s pace a little to match. Ashlyn watched as the brunette’s face contorted in pleasure...the defender’s hands desperately trying to push her downward...Ali’s body screaming that it desperately needed more of her. The blonde kissed her way to the end of the dress’s deep plunging neckline, and then she shimmied her way until she was comfortably between Ali’s quivering legs. As Ashlyn kissed and licked her way up the defender’s strong muscular thigh she paused at the apex to take a deep breath, her eyes closing at the sweet musk of Ali’s arousal. God, nothing smelled as good, and the blonde’s mouth watered again. 


“Oh fuck yeah, baby...fuck that’s it! Yes...fuck me babe...fuck me so fucking good...fuck me Ashlyn!” Ali blurted out as Ashlyn added a third finger, stretching her completely at the same time as she started tongue lashing the brunette’s swollen pink jewel.  


Ashlyn moaned as Ali’s ambrosia hit her tastebuds. Nothing else had ever been this sweet...this intoxicating...and the blonde feasted enthusiastically as she thrust her three fingers in and and out...causing the sable haired beauty to release another wave of ambrosia and string of curses. 


Ali felt herself adrift in a sea of pleasure. God she loved when Ashlyn owned her body like this...nobody else had ever been able to read her so well...nobody else had ever made her feel so completely loved. Ashlyn felt the pulsing start around her fingers and she took one finger out and curled the remaining two so she could hit Ali’s magical spot with each thrust and drive her over the edge. 


Ali felt her whole body tighten up...she was damned close. Suddenly the sable haired beauty’s toes curled and locked against her feet, her legs trembled and her fingers curled into fists around locks of blonde...and her whole body began to quake. Ashlyn removed her fingers and thrust her tongue deep inside Ali as the older woman’s back curled and her hips thrust wildly against the blonde’s face...a new wave of ambrosia flooding the keeper’s mouth...Ali coming completely undone as their souls twined into one. 


Ashlyn carefully made her way up Ali’s still quaking body, and wrapped her arms tenderly around her girlfriend. The keeper kissed the near limp brunette who moaned at the taste of herself on her Stud’s tongue. 


“God I love you, Ash. Fuck.” Ali managed to get out between pants, her heart still thumping wildly in her chest.


“I love you too, my Princess...more than there have been words invented to describe.” Ashlyn replied before kissing the brunette’s nose, “I’ll be right back.”


“Thank you, babe.” Ali replied with a slight pout...she had been with the blonde long enough that she understood Ashlyn’s quick departure from the bed was out of thoughtfulness and not indifference.


Ashlyn hurried to the bathroom and ran a washcloth under the hot tap water. She quickly wrung a little out and made her way back to the bed while the washcloth was still warm. Ali smiled at the feeling of the warm cloth being tenderly wiped over her still sensitive nether felt amazing. The brunette yawned as Ashlyn tossed the washcloth aside and laid down behind her wrapping strong arms around her. Ali laid her hand over Ashlyn’s and twined their fingers...god, she could stay like this forever…


“Don’t get too comfortable love, Jill wants us downstairs in about fifteen minutes.” Ashlyn reminded her. 


“Ugh. That woman has the worst timing…” Ali groused.


“Definitely.” the blonde agreed.




Ali and Ashlyn made their way through the buffet line, piling food onto their plates. When they were finished, they sat down at the table next to Syd and Pinoe. The diminutive blonde looked at the amount of food on their plates and up at the satiated expression on Ali’s face. 


“Oh my two fucked like bunnies already?! Geez, camp hasn’t even started yet and you can’t keep your hands off each other!” Pinoe blurted out, Ali’s flesh turning crimson from her neck all the way to the tips of her ears.


“Shut it, Pin Head! You’re just jealous that Stud here takes good care of my boo boo, and you aren’t getting any.” Syd remarked, sticking up for her embarrassed bestie.


Pinoe’s retort died on her lips as a completely unamused looking Jill Ellis stormed into the room. 


Jill made her way to the center of the room where all of her players could hear her and cleared her throat. Once she was certain all eyes were on her, she began.


“Sorry I’m late. I ran into a bit of a…” Jill scanned the tables until she found Hope and Kelley sitting next to each other and pinned them with a glare, “sticky situation. We are going to watch the film on Australia while you finish eating. After that, Hope and Kelley you need to stay so I can discuss some mess you need to clean up.” 


Ali and Ashlyn discreetly fist bumped under the table as watched their friends blanch. The keeper pushed her plate away from her and patted her belly.


“Nothing tastes better than a certain dish served cold.” Ashlyn commented, causing Ali to giggle.