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Team Sapphic Dream

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It had been a silly game of truth or dare, and when the word dare had slipped so quickly from her lips, Julie had not thought about where this dare would lead. Or maybe she did. Maybe deep down inside Julie knew she was not-so-straight, and had been hoping that Pinoe was going to force her to kiss Carli...or something even more intimate. Being the vessel for a body shot. That had been the dare. To allow Carli to take a body shot off of her to be exact. That one hot-ass body shot so long ago had changed the course of both their lives. Julie’s lips curled up at the memory of that night she had eagerly agreed to crash the house party her lesbian teammates had thrown as she watched Carli take a sip of coffee, her tongue involuntarily swiping across her lower lip. Julie loved when her girlfriend ate breakfast in nothing but panties and one of their many USWNT tank tops.

Julie extended her leg under the table and ran her bare foot up the inside of Carli’s leg, nearly causing the strong midfielder to choke on her eggs. Carli’s gaze left her breakfast and locked onto Julie’s lust darkened oceans of caribbean blue.

“Someone is feeling a bit frisky this morning.” Carli teased, rocking her hips forward to give Julie’s toes access to her panty covered core that was quickly becoming soaked.

“What did you expect? I’m a ‘Carlisexual’ and there is a barely dressed Carli in front of me.” Julie purred, the tone in her voice causing Carli’s heartbeat to ramp up a notch.

Carli’s breath hitched when she felt the first contact with Julie’s big toe across the thin cotton barrier. The wiggling toe provided some glorious friction, but not enough to satisfy the midfielder’s growing need. A growl left Carli’s throat and Julie smirked...that sound only came out when her woman was about to get primal. Nothing Julie loved more than a primal Carli...especially first thing in the morning.

Suddenly Carli swiped everything in front of her off the table onto the floor. Julie’s smirk widened as Carli pushed her chair away from the table before crawling up onto it. Oh yeah, somebody was definitely getting ravished this morning!

Carli’s shoulder and arm muscles rippled as she closed the short distance, pushing Julie’s empty plate and coffee cup off the table without breaking their eye contact. Carli’s growl was low and dangerous as she reached out and grabbed a fist full of Julie’s silky blonde hair, pulling the defender into a very passionately possessive kiss. A moan escaped past Julie’s lips. Carli’s aggression...Carli’s hunger...Carli’s raw need...always made her feel like the sexiest woman on the planet, and Julie felt the evidence of her passion for Carli soaking her shorts.

Julie ghosted her short nails up Carli’s arms leaving gooseflesh in their wake as the women’s tongues continued to fight for dominance inside her mouth. Carli tore her mouth away from Julie’s and firmly tugged the blonde’s hair with her right fist, exposing the defender’s long luscious neck. Carli ran her tongue over the sharp tip of her right canine tooth as she raked her eyes roguishly down her girlfriend’s neck before she sank her teeth into Julie’s pulse point, sucking and nipping...earning a deep guttural moan from the blonde.

Carli sat up on her knees, pushing her panties off her hips, and then sat down on her ass, kicking them off completely. Once she was free of her cotton prison, Carli changed her position again, dangling her legs over the edge of the table. Julie watched as Carli slowly spread herself open for the blonde, her mouth watering from the memory of the first time she had tasted Carli’s passion. How her tongue had tentatively slid into Carli’s soaked folds, only to be rewarded with the sweetest tasting ambrosia that actually made Julie wonder why it had taken her so long to work up the nerve to reciprocate in the first place. Julie licked her lips in anticipation...she was a full on addict of that flavor now.

Carli pushed Julie’s head lower, her need already beyond simple foreplay. Julie enhaled deeply as her face neared Carli’s core. She loved the scent of her girlfriend’s passion almost as much as she loved how it tasted.

Carli watched as Julie’s tongue snaked out and dipped into her wet folds, a growl of appreciation coming from her throat. She wrapped her strong legs around Julie crossing her ankles behind Julie’s shoulders pulling her impossibly closer.

“Fuck yeah, J! Right there. Don’t you fucking lose that spot!” Carli ordered, her hips grinding her sensitive clit against Julie’s tongue, “That’s right baby, I want to fuck that gorgeous face of yours!”

Julie closed her eyes. She adored everything about Carli...and right now, she was focused on Carli’s need. Julie alternately sucked and licked Carli’s clit, earning herself another round of sweet passion to coat her tongue. Carli’s hips ground harder against her face, and Julie instinctively knew when to slip three fingers inside her girlfriend.

“Oh good girl. That’s right. You fuck me with those beautiful fingers of yours. Fuck me hard, J! You better fuck me good.” Carli growled, her voice deep with lust.

Most people were scared by Carli’s intensity, but they simply didn’t understand her. Carli needed to be in control like most people needed to breathe. She needed to feel in control...even while she was losing it. Julie understood this...the growls...the only meant Carli was getting closer to allowing herself to fall over the edge into bliss…closer to allowing Julie to take the most precious gift she could give her...control of her body and soul...and Julie loved her for it.

Julie used strong short strokes inside Carli...her pace getting quicker as she felt the hot wet satin walls of Carli’s core start to pulse around her fingers. Carli fought to keep her eyes open...fought to maintain control of her body as long as possible.

“God Julie...I love you.” Carli’s demanding voice had softened and Julie opened her eyes, meeting her girlfriend’s gaze.

This was the part of Carli that nobody else was allowed to see. This was her gift to Julie and Julie alone...Carli’s raw vulnerable soul laid bare as she came undone. Julie watched as Carli’s face contorted in pleasure and her body trembled as her orgasm ripped through her, releasing a flood of passion around Julie’s fingers. Julie gently withdrew and took a few seconds to clean her girlfriend with her tongue before she wrapped her arms around a shaking Carli.

Tears leaked out of the corners of Carli’s eyes. Julie pulled Carli into her chest and allowed the woman to cry into her. Tears of love, of joy, of frustration soaked Julie’s chest and she kissed the crown of Carli’s head.

“I’ve got you, my strong Polar Bear. I’ve got you and I’ll never let you go. I love you.” Julie cooed soothingly.

Carli sniffled slowly gaining control over her emotions again, “I love you more.”

“Not more than I love you.” Julie grinned, knowing this game by heart.

“Oh way more than you love me.” Carli playfully protested.

“Not possible. You’re the only one that’s cum all over my new dining room table.” Julie teased.

Carli sat up and smirked at her favorite blonde, “That’s only because I haven’t feasted yet.”

Julie looked over at the clock. They had another hour before they had to meet their trainer at the gym. Julie reached down and yanked her shirt off.