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AJ doesn’t believe it for a second that they might have found someone who’s drift compatible with her. Potentially, Stephanie had said, but potential doesn’t mean definite. Besides, Kaitlyn was always the perfect partner for AJ. Anyone else would just absolutely pale in comparison.

She’s to meet this apparently potential partner in Stephanie’s office in the morning – at a time that’s usually far too bright and early for AJ to even be thinking about being awake, but even she can’t bring herself to disobey orders like this. It’ll be simple: she’ll go in, come to the conclusion that she can’t work with whoever it is, and that will be that.

When AJ knocks on the door, she’s told to come in immediately.

“AJ,” Stephanie says, giving AJ a curt nod once AJ’s in front of her desk. “This is Paige. I think you two have what it takes to be a functional team.”

AJ gives Paige a once-over. She’s heard of Paige, but never actually met her before: a rookie pilot with some pretty impressive stats. Impressive for a rookie, anyway. AJ’s not going to pretend that Paige could ever touch her. Not yet, at least.

Paige might be interesting to work with, though, if they do indeed turn out to be drift compatible.

AJ can’t tell for sure if this is definitely going to work, but it just might.