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Disclaimer: All characters belong to Joss Wheadon & Company. I’m just borrowing them for fun.


Chapter One

Magic Box, 10:00 a.m.

Rupert Giles slammed his glasses down on the table and rubbed his eyes. Staying up all night translating ancient texts had taken its toll. He glanced around the Magic shop which had just opened for business an hour earlier and was still empty of customers.

Anya sat behind the counter tallying yesterday’s receipts with a “demonic” smile on her face. Rupert couldn’t figure out whether Anya’s knack for all things financial was healthy or not. On the one hand it was a very human trait to like money and things of value, but on the other hand, it was too close to the sin of greed for his liking.

Rupert studied his employee intently for a few moments until her head snapped up and she smiled widely.

“Giles! I think we’re actually going to make a profit this quarter. I really think the web site I designed is going to boost our sales through the roof!”

Giles smiled weakly at her and Anya frowned back at him. “What’s wrong with you this morning? You look like you haven’t slept at all and you’re not even happy that we will be able to pay all the bills this month and have enough left over to buy me a car.”

“A car? Anya, you don’t drive.”

“Sure I do, just not when you’re around.” The door chime jingled and Anya jumped to attention. “Customers!”

Willow and Tara entered the shop and Anya’s face fell with disappointment. “Oh, it’s just them.”

Willow rolled her eyes at the ex-demon shop girl. “It’s nice to see you too, Anya. Giles, you look awful!”

“Thank you, Willow.”

“No, I . . . I mean are you okay?”

Giles put his glasses back on his face and gestured towards the pile of books on the reading table.

“I’ve just been up all night attempting to translate this 2,000 year old text. I’m thoroughly exhausted and frustrated. I think it’s beyond my capabilities.”

“Wh-what is it for?” stammered Tara.

“It’s a chronicle of the deeds and genealogy of various demons, including some of the first recorded accounts of vampires before the age of Christ. But it’s written in several different languages. The later pages are in Latin and Greek, some are in Egyptian hieroglyphics and some I cannot even identify at all.”

Willow leafed through the old dusty texts and shook her head. “If it’s beyond you then it’s definitely beyond me, Giles. I don’t know where we would find a living being who would even have the faintest idea of what any of these languages are.”

The door chime jingled again to reveal a real customer who Anya scurried over to help immediately. “Welcome to the Magic Box! How may I be of assistance to you?”

The young woman dressed in jeans and a gray tank top peered out from behind her purple sunglasses and took a deep breath. “Yes! I would like the following items: four focusing crystals, twelve ounces of wolf’s bane, four eyes of newt, and that’s Newt, not the cheap salamander knockoffs, thirteen drops of virgin’s tears, some jasmine incense, a black beeswax candle and a new dagger.”

She reached into her black leather backpack and pulled out an ornate, yet broken knife. “I broke mine. Also, do you have an on-staff witch? Or maybe you could give me a reference of some one good in town?”

The four occupants of the shop stared at this strange woman. She had jet-black hair pulled tightly up on top of her head in a “genie” style hairdo. She wore black nail polish on her finely manicured fingernails and around her neck she wore a hematite crystal in the shape of a circle. She was petite – no taller than Willow – but the direct and commanding manner in which she spoke made her seem much larger than she was.

Giles decided to step into the conversation. “I’m Mr. Giles, this is my shop. May I ask for what kind of spell those items will be used?”
“A demon location spell.” She stated this matter-of-factly.

Anya looked at her nervously. “Why would you need to do a demon location spell?”

The woman took off her sunglasses revealing her glittering red eyes. “I’m looking for my brother.” Giles ran to the weapons trunk and pulled out a very large ax. “Demon! Get out of my shop!”

The woman giggled as Giles attempted to hit her with the ax. She grabbed a hold of the ax handle and ripped it out of Giles’ hands effortlessly.

“Chill out, Jeeves! I’m not here to hurt any of you; I just need help in finding my brother, Charley. He’s missing and I know he’s in this town, but there are so many damned demons here I have to do a specific spell to find him.”

“It’s Giles, not Jeeves! Anya? Do you have any idea what kind of demon she is?” Anya looked the demon woman up and down.

“I’m not sure, Giles. She might be . . . although there was talk of them dying out . . . I think she might be a . . .”

The demon sighed impatiently, “I’m a succubus! And yes, we’re still around, what’s left of us anyway.”

Tara gulped, “A suc-succubus? That’s a sex demon, right? You, you rape humans while they sleep?”

“No! We do not rape people! God! That was just a bad translation of the demonic chronicles. It seems that whoever translated it got the phrase “make love under the cover of darkness” and “rape in the night” mixed up. Don’t get me wrong, my kind have been know to bend the sexual rules from time to time, but we cannot physically force ourselves on a human being, unless…” she smiled at Giles “you want us to of course. So you can relax Mr. Giles, I won’t be fondling you anytime soon.”