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Oui (There's no we without you and I)

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May 1st

Even though it was his birthday, Mika felt far from joyous. He couldn’t stop thinking about the fight he and Yuu had the night before. Sure he knew Yuu was a hothead sometimes but he’d never reacted that way before and it was surely eating at Mika since the moment he walked out the front door of their shared apartment in a heated haste. Things had been perfect just that morning so he couldn’t even understand where things had made a turn for the worst.

“Mikaela why don’t you get off your butt and come enjoy your own party that I so nicely threw together for you?” Said Shinoa as she stood beside the blond male, earning only a small barely audible sigh in response.
“fine mope all you want but I’m gonna go watch the others make fools of themselves….” She stated with her ever so playful tone, already turning in the direction to leave, only to stop in her tracks for a moment. “ Oh and one more thing. I’m positive Yuu is still gonna come. He wouldn’t stand up his own boyfriend on his birthday regardless of whatever happened between you two.”

And with that she was gone again, leaving Mika to his growing doubts and sulking, as much as Mika tried to believe her words, where was the raven head to confirm that was true.

Nevertheless he decided to attempt to make the most of his day since she had gone through the trouble of planning him a party.
Grabbing one of the red plastic cups sitting on the table clustered with treats, swishing the liquid in the cup but not yet bringing it to his lips, simply holding onto the cup a he walked over to the crowd of people. Wondering what all the buzz was about the game they were playing. “Ah look who decided to join us.. why don’t we give him a chance to play.”

“Umm.. I’m not sure.. I don’t-“

“Come on!” “Yeah have a little fun it’s not every day that you turn 18 Mika”

The others started protesting, finally winning Mika over as he finally agreed to play but only for a little bit.. or so he claimed.


After what seemed like hours but in reality was only thirty minutes, everyone was finished with the game, half of the players being too wasted to go on, and others just simply growing tired of it, Mika had made his way to the kitchen to refill a few drinks (as requested by Shinya of course) He had barely filled one before Yoichi came running in and grabbing his wrist nearing making him drop one of the cups he was holding.

“What’s the rush Yoichi?” Mika asked surprisingly calm despite nearly ruining his whole outfit.

“You have to see this!” The brunette insisted as he basically dragged Mika from the kitchen and outside the house, he barely had time to protest as he was pulled out and into the backyard which looked more so like a school courtyard due to its size. But then again it was Shinoa who had planned the party after all so why wouldn’t she find the biggest venue she could get her hands on. Mika didn’t even want to think of the money she must have thrown into this.

Making his way outside, all Mika could see was fields of people crowding the yard before he glanced up at the sky as everyone else was. Only to see a show of fireworks displaying in the dark hues of the night sky. It was a lovely sight indeed, but Mika couldn’t help the slight empty feeling in his heart since Yuu wasn’t treatment to witness it with him.

Closing his eyes for a moment, the blond could almost feel the warmth of Yuu’s arms wrapping around him, shielding him from the chilled air of the night. It felt so real that Mika almost believed it was.

“Open your eyes Mika.. this is the best part.” Maybe it was his guilt playing tricks with his mind again but Mika could have sworn he heard Yuu’s voice, but it couldn’t be cause Yuu still hadn’t shown up. At this point Mika was convinced Yuu wasn’t coming. That was until he turned around and was met with those breath taking green eyes he fell in live with, and in that moment every emotion possible flashed in Mika’s eyes, the ending one being of shock. Tears even brimming his eyes as his mouth failed to move.

“Sorry I’m late.. traffic was shit as usual.” The male joked trying to lighten the mood.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he was currently battling tears, Mika probably would have laughed at Yuu’s poor attempt at a joke, but he was still shocked that Yuu was actually standing here as if he’d been at the party all night.

“B-but when—I don’t… where were you?” He finally managed to get out, both hurt and anger filling his beautiful blue eyes.

“Please Mika… just… you can be mad at me later but I really want you to see this.. so just turn around will ya?”

Although reluctant, Mika complied with Yuu’s request and turned around, just in time to see his name being spelled in fireworks. That wasn’t it however, there was also a message of ‘happy birthday’ as well. Even though he was still angry with Yuu for being late he couldn’t help but to smile seeing such a lovely sight displayed in the sky. After that however.. what Mika saw next caused him to gasp in awe.
There in the sky wrote ‘Will you marry me?’ in bold bright colors for everyone in the area to see.

Spinning to look at Yuu, Mika let out a small sound that was somewhat similar to a sniffle as he watch Yuu crouch on one of his knees, taking his boyfriends hand in his own, as he slid ring on Mika’s finger.

“Mikaela.. I’m not the best with words or speeches but.. just hear me out. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t know what it’s like to give and receive love. You taught me how to care for someone other than myself.. and I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather spend the rest of my life with. Sure we may be only 18 years old.. but I’m positive that no matter how old or young we are I’d always feel this way about you…. So what do you say.. will you be mine for the rest of our lives Mika?”

By now Mika was just short of bawling his eyes out, tears streaming his face as he nodded without hesitation, once Yuu had slipped the ring on his finger he was within seconds wrapping his arms around the latter’s neck in a bone crushing embrace, his face buried in Yuu’s neck as he let out all his emotions into this hug. Yuu pulling him impossibly close as he eagerly returned the gesture, pressing a kiss to the blond male’s head before he pulled away to press his lips to his own.

It was then that Mika remembered they weren’t exactly alone, and just as their lips met the crowd of people around them started to cheer. A few roars and catcalls causing Mika to go red in the face when they finally pulled away from their kiss.

“Aright alright shows over now let’s go have some cake! “ Shinoa ordered as she started shoeing the guests back inside. Tossing a wink over her shoulder to Yuu who simply scratched his head as he knew exactly her reasoning behind getting everyone inside and leaving them alone.

Not that he’d admit it but he was thankful Shinoa had such instincts. But only sometimes.
“I’m sorry… about last night Mika… I was stressed and.. fuck it.. that’s no excuse… I was a total ass and you didn’t deserve that at all.” Yuu expressed as he stared down at the glistening jewel on Mika’s finger, the way it reflected the moonlight, it was his way of avoiding Mika’s gaze as he knew that he had hurt the older male but couldn’t yet face it.
“Yuu… it wasn’t only your fault.. I’m not angry with you.. I’m just glad you showed up.”
“I said I’m sorry Mika- wait why aren’t you mad… I don’t get it.. I missed most of your party.”

“I know.. but what if you missed everything? I would have been really upset then.. but I think this ring makes up for the few hours you weren’t here…”

“I love you, Mika.” Yuu more so whispered even though it was loud and clear in Mika’s ears, and in response to his words the blond male leaned in to press his lips to the latter’s one more time, however before he could dare to pull away, Yuu caught his lower lip between his teeth, brushing his tongue against it as he used his free hand to pull Mika’s body closer to his own, the space between them diminishing considerably. “I love you too Yuu-chan” He barely whispered against the younger male’s lips before he let out a sound that awoken something inside Yuu. That was it for him, and in one move the raven head male lifted the latter up, who immediately wrapped his legs around his waist to stable their position.

Yuu just barely managed to carry Mika over to the large tree that was behind the house before he pressed his lips to the older male’s once again but this time with a burning hunger that had Mika squirming in his spot, although it was a mess of tongue and teeth there was also an undeniable amount of love in their feverish embrace.

It was only a matter of seconds before Mika was clawing at Yuu’s shirt, a silent plea for the male to discard the garment, in which he eagerly complied, afterwards his hands sliding down to into Mika’s pants even if it seemed impossible with how tight they were, Yuu had other plans for them regardless. With swift movements Yuu undid the latter’s pants enough to get them down to his knees along with his underwear. The heat filling Mika’s body was so prominent he barely felt the cool air meet his already hard and leaking cock. “Y-yuu ah! I-is this gonna be okay?” He whispered although they were most definitely the only ones outside, he couldn’t hp but to feel a bit reluctant since it was the first time they’d done anything like this outside the confines of their bedroom.

“don’t worry Mika.. we’re all alone… there’s nothing to worry about.” Yuu mumbled against the soft skin of Mika’s neck as he littered his pale skin with wet kisses and bites that were just hard enough to make the blond male groan at the feeling. “Yuu-chan don’t tease.. ahh please-.”

“Fine fine… but quit being so tease-able then.. “
That was the trigger for Yuu, he hastily yet gently turned Mika around to the tree, do that his back was facing him. Crunching on his knees before kneading the soft globes that were Mika’s ass cheeks. Pressing a few kisses to each of them before he proceeded to spread them his tongue flicking out to brush against the ring of muscles of Mika’s hole. Earning a whimper in response, Yuu continued regardless of Mika’s hushed protest, and the way his body flinched with certain licks, soon shoving his tongue inside the male, he was soon met with full out moans instead.

“Ah! Ahh aghh Y-yuu!” Mika moaned out before biting down on his index finger in attempt to hush his noises. Which was to no avail as Yuu soon replaced Mika’s finger in his mouth with his own, after commanding him to get it slick for him.

Once he was satisfied with the amount of moisture he gently but steadily pushed the digit into Mika, making sure to keep an eye out for his reaction, even though this was far from their first time. Yuu never failed to make sure Mika was in little to no pain at all.

“Y-yuu it’s N-not enough.. I need i-I need you..”

“Are you sure Mika? I don’t want you in pain… “


“I’m fine Yuu-chan… i-I just need you.. please-“
Yuu most definitely didn’t need to be told twice, he stood up and wrapped his arms around Mika, kissing his neck as a distraction as he undid his own pants, freeing his own erection from the confines of his pants. Moving his hips against Mika, effectively rubbing his hardened cock between the latter’s plush cheeks, Yuu let out a breathy moan as he gripped onto Mika’s soft hips, grinding himself against him as he whispered sweet nothings in his ear.

“I love you so much Mika…” Yuu whispered as he kissed his way back to Mika’s swollen lips, muffling the blonde’s cries as he slowly pushed his way into the heated walls of Mika’s entrance. It took literally everything within Yuu for him not to just immediately pound into the sinful heat wrapped around him, however his protective side wouldn’t allow his hunger to be the cause of pain of Mika.

“Nghh… M-Mika you’re so… so tight even still…”
Yuu couldn’t help but to thrust up when he felt Mika arch his back, the sound of his nails scratching at the wood of the tree causing him to grunt as the need to move became nearly unbearable. Luckily for Yuu, Mika was just as needy and began moving his own hips signaling for the latter to move. And Yuu didn’t need to be told twice either. He tightened his grip on Mika’s hips his pace unstable and erratic but just perfect in Mika’s opinion.

“Y-yuu ahh anmhnn ahnn agh!”

“Fuck Mika.. ghh Nghh..”

Mika’s legs were starting to get weak the harder Yuu’s thrust became, soon he was bent over, the side of his face pressed against the tree as Yuu pounded into him, their moans and grunts filling the quiet night, just when Mika felt the familiar clench of his abdomen, Yuu pulled out, but only for a second as he settled on the grass tugging the older male down with him, who immediate settled in his lap.

Yuu took no time in resuming his rapid pace, the new angle earning even louder and more needy moans from Mika, he was gasping in between moans of his name. The way Yuu was gripping his hips he knew he was have quite a few bruises by the morning, not that he minded anyways.

“Yuu—I’m gonna.. -I’m so close..”

“Cum for me Mika… let’s Cum together....”

Yuu angled his thrust in the direction he knew would drive Mika over the edge, and that was all it took for Mika to come in undone, he was spilling his release all over Yuu’s shirt as he met the youngers thrusts as he lifted and dropped his hips in time with each one. The tightening of Mika’s muscles was enough to finish Yuu off. And with a loud moan of his own he came inside the blonde male. His face buried in the crook of his neck as he hugged his waist as tight as possible in this position.

“Fuck fuck fuck… Mika.. Oh god.. Mika…”

“H-hahh.. hhghh.. ahh Y-yuu”

Letting g out a small laugh Yuu shut his eyes for a bit as he attempted to catch his breath, his body still pulsing from the intensity of his release. Sliding down until he was lying on his back, he slowly pulled out of the warmth of Mika before pulling the older male over top of him.

“Y-yuu. . You know we can’t stay like this… we still have to get back to the party.. I wanna open my gifts..”

“Mm.. kay Mika. Just gimme a sec.” Yuu mumbled as he slowly sat back up, starting to fix his and Mika’s clothing so they would at least look decent dressing wise even if they both looked like completely fucked out.
By the time they made it to the back door, it was being opened for the inside, by a not so pleases looking Kimizuki.

“Glad you finally decided to join us… and boy do you two look fucked up. You sure all you did was talk out there? You both look you went to war and came back.”

“Now Kimizuki is that how you speak to the birthday boy?” Shinya piped up from Guren’s lap. “Maybe they just had a lot to talk about… Guren and I always have those kind of talks” He hinted with a grin that betrayed what he really meant by that.

“anyways how about we start with gifts?” Mitsu insisted as she grabbed a few boxes and made her way over to the couch.

Yuu just laughed it all off as he glanced at Mika’s mortified expression, placing a kiss to the top of his messy hair as he led the blonde over to the couch so that he could begin opening them.

“Next time I’m sending someone with you two to make sure you make it back in time.” Shinoa warned with crossed arms, annoyance present on her features, to which Yuu just laughed as if he had no idea what she was getting at, his hand gripping Mika’s as he tugged him onto his lap. Whispering one last.


“Happy birthday Mika.”