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Inner Demons

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The heavy metal bars swung inward with a clang. Aurors Jonathan Biggerstaff and Wendell Johnson walked in companionable silence down the passageway leading to the high security holding cells in the lowest levels of the Ministry of Magic.

“I hate these early morning trials,” Johnson growled.

“Yeah,” agreed Biggerstaff. “Especially after a late night. You’d think Potter would need to sleep at least a little, wouldn’t you?”

Johnson snorted. “I think that kid has Invigoration Draught instead of blood in his veins. I can’t remember the last time I got a full night’s sleep.”

“Well, I’d much rather be on his bodyguard detail than spending my time filing reports,” Biggerstaff said. “But, I hope the Headmistress changes her mind about letting him go to Hogwarts more than once a month. I could use the rest.”

Johnson hummed in agreement through his yawn.

“So who’s going to get the Weasley girl this morning?” Biggerstaff asked.

“Ingles. He’s bringing the Thomas kid, too.”

“Oh, yeah. I forgot that he was involved. He was with her when she was taken, right?”

“Yeah. I feel sorry for her. What the press has done to her is almost as bad as what that beast did.”

“They’re going to be all over her today, for sure. It’ll be a bloody nightmare having to talk about it in front of everyone. I’m sure she’s not looking forward to seeing Greyback again.”

“No, but it’ll be worth it to see him sent to Azkaban, yeah?”

“Absolutely. I can’t wait see how he holds up in there. I’ll bet the Dementors will tame him down right quick. After a few days, he’ll be wishing Robards hadn’t kept Potter from killing him.”

“He has been a right royal pain in the arse, hasn’t he—making demands and threatening the guards. With the full moon last night, no one’s been near his cell since yesterday morning. They sent his meals in with a Levitation charm.”

“Well, that should make transporting him upstairs easier, if he’s worn out from a transformation.”

“I’m not sure it matters with that bastard,” Biggerstaff said. “He’s just not normal, even for a werewolf.”

They rounded the last corner and stopped some distance from the door of the cell.

“GREYBACK! Get away from the door and keep your hands where we can see them,” Biggerstaff yelled. He looked at Johnson “Ready?”

Johnson nodded. “Let’s do it.”

Wands drawn, they slowly approached the heavy metal door, watching for movement behind the small barred opening. Johnson tapped the latch and the door swung slowly inward. They gaped at the sight before them until Biggerstaff found his voice.

“Oh, bloody shite! Go get Robards. NOW!”