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Neko Matsuno Brothers

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Chapter 1: My Cat Brothers

Dekapan was carrying a box. The box was full of sample jars. The jars consisted some kind of pinky liquid. It was Dekapan’s latest invention. While he was carrying it, one of the jars rolled out of the box and he didn’t pay attention to it. The jar didn’t broke but rolled on the street until one pedestrian found it. It was one of the Matsuno sextuplets, Jyushimatsu Matsuno. Jyushi took the jar, but didn’t open it and ran to home while saying loudly “Muscle Muscle, Hustle Hustle”. Jyushi was hyped after seeing something he has never seen.
"I wonder what kind of liquid pinky thing is", said Jyushi while running like an athlete.
It seemed difficult for him to hold the jar, because the sleeves of his yellow hoodie were too big. He was staring at the pinky liquid while running and crossed the street before the car did.
Jyushi arrived home and opened the door.
"Osomatsu-niisan, Karamatsu niisan, Choromatsu-niisan, Ichimatsu-niisan, Todomatsu!", Jyushi yelled.
"What is it?", said Osomatsu.
All brothers were there except one.
"Where is Ichimatsu-niisan?", asked Jyushi while being excited about his discovery.
"I didn’t know", answered Osomatsu.
"Maybe he went to see ESP kitty", said Choromatsu.
"Or he is trying to pick up a girl", said Karamatsu with his cool voice.
"Oh, I don’t think so, Shittymatsu-niisan", said Todomatsu.
"Yeah, me either, that’s too far fetched", Shittymatsu, replied Osomatsu.
"Hey come on bros, stop calling me Shittymatsu", Karamatsu said with loud voice and dropped his cool black glasses and then he picked it up.
"Well, Jyushi, what did you find this time", asked Choromatsu.
"I found this jar rolling on the street and I wanted to take it with me", said Jyushimatsu.
"A jar? There is pinky liquid inside of it", said Todomatsu.
"Could it be perfume for cool men like me", said Karamatsu while putting his cool glasses on.
"No, It can’t be. It should be in a spray bottle or something", said Osomatsu.
Before Jyushi opened the lid of the jar, Choromatsu stopped him immediately.
"Wait a minute, Jyushi, Don’t open it!". "It could be acid or something dangerous."
"You are right, Jyushi, give it to me", Osomatsu said.
"No, I want to hold it!", Jyushi refused.
"Hey come on, give it to your older brother", Osomatsu said again.
"No, It should be to hold it", Karamatsu stated.
"Not you, Shittymatsu, I should hold it", Choromatsu said.
"No you shouldn’t, Flappymatsu", said Todomatsu.
"Who is the Flappymatsu, Totty", Choromatsu turned to Totty’s direction and showing him his intimidating face of anger.
The five brothers started to fight about the jar with mysterious liquid inside. Jyushi put the jar on the desk while they were fighting like back in the old days when they were still kids. Suddenly the jar fell from the desk and the five brothers were shocked to see it falling. The jar broke and the pinky liquid was all over their carpet.
The liquid turned into gas and surrounded them. They were coughing a lot and the pinky gas got thicker and thicker.

Ichimatsu was on his way to back home. He wasn’t looking for ESP kitty but he was trying to find a job so the sextuplets can manage somehow. Ichimatsu’s gloomy face made other pedestrian scared and they were keeping a good distance so the gloomy aura of Ichi couldn’t reached them. Ichimatsu is a loner who loves cats a lot because cats can be easily befriended unlike humans. The ESP kitty was his favourite cat friend. He likes to feed them and pet them. Ichimatsu arrived in front of the house where the sextuplets are living. He saw the door, which was opened, but he wasn’t shocked about the fact it could be a thief or someone suspicious.
Suddenly he heard a cat’s cry and ran to inside. When he arrived to their shared room, he saw five cats on the carpet crying out loud.
"Wha...what the hell!", yelled Ichimatsu loudly.
"Where did you five come from?", asked Ichi curiously and tried to pet one the five cats.
Ichi saw his brothers clothes on the floor and looked at the cats after that. One of the cats was inside of Jyushi’s hoodie and the other were sitting on the other hoodies.
His eyes were widely open and he was shocked to see that these cats are actually his brothers. The cats didn’t stop crying and tried their best to get Ichi’s attention.
he understood the situation and knelt to their site.
Ichi was looking at them so he knows which one is the one.
"Hmm, that cat with a normal face must be Osomatsu", said Ichi while pointing his finger at the Osomatsu cat.
"That one, who is trying to play with glasses is 100 percent Shittymatsu."
"The third one with the worrywart kitty face must be Choromatsu."
"The Fourth one inside the yellow hoodie is Jyushi and the last one with adorable face is Totty."

After Ichi recognized his brothers, he saw shattered pieces of the jar. Ichi collected the glass shards very carefully while the Matsuno cats were staring at him. Ichi turned his head and show their innocent faces. The one who failed at it was Jyushi, because his mouth was open. Ichi couldn’t be angry at them and then he put a warming smile on his face. It was exactly the same when he was with ESP kitty. Ichi threw the shards of jar to the trash can and looked at his brother, who were turned into cats by Dekapan’s pinky liquid.
"Well then brothers, what should we do next?"

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Chapter 2# Time to put the collars on, brothers!

Ichimatsu stared at his brothers about 5 minutes. He was clearly thinking, what should he do with his cat brothers. Ichimatsu got an idea. The five cat brother weren’t happy to see his face. He had a face like cheshire cat and he went to the closet to find something for them. Ichi was hiding some extra collars. Ichi couldn’t choose the best one for ESP kitty so he decided to treasure them for the lonely street cats in this neighborhood. There were five collars and the sixth one is the purple colored and it’s currently used by ESP kitty.
There was a red-, a blue-, a yellow-, a green- and a pink one. Ichi took things to the next level. He still had that cheshire cat look on his face.

“Alright then, my brothers. Who wants to be first”?

All the brothers were panicking and they were running like wild hares in the grassy field. Ichi couldn’t let his rage out because he saw his precious cat brothers running away from him… in a cute way.

“Come here, Osomatsu-niisan, I won’t do anything bad to you”, said Ichi with his honest but gloomy face.
“You too, Shittymatsu”, replied Ichi.
“Especially you two over there”, reminded Ichi while pointing his finger at Flappymatsu and Totty

Osomatsu, Karamatsu, Choromatsu and Todomatsu went under the couch. Ichi wasn’t surprised because they were scared of him.
“What’s with those threatening eyes”, said Ichi when he looked under the couch.

But somehow Jyushi was the only one, who didn’t run away from Ichi. He was staring at Ichi with his mouth widely open like usual. Ichi just smiled at him and took the yellow collar from his hand. Ichi put the yellow collar on Jyushi who didn’t struggle at all. Ichi was gentle like a cat mother. Jyushi looked very normal, comfortable and seemed very happy on Ichi’s lap. Ichi was petting a him while the four were watching them carefully under the couch. They couldn’t believe what they saw. The true nature of their fourth older brother petting his little brother like an innocent kitten. Ichi took his eyes off the Jyushi and was staring at the rest of them.

“Come on, guys come here. It’s not a big deal, is it. I will just put a collar on you, that’s all,” said Ichi honestly.
Totty came out first. His steps were very careful and he seemed to be afraid of Ichi. Ichi put Jyushi down and took Totty on his lap and put a pink collar on him. Totty didn’t care at all. Totty was struggling on Ichi’s lap. He simply wanted to get out of his grasp. Ichi couldn’t resist his demeanor so he let him off the hook while wearing his pink collar. Totty went next to hyped Jyushi. Ichi was waiting for the next patient.
Osomatsu, Karamatsu and Choromatsu were arguing at the moment while Ichi was waiting.

“Okay, who is going to go first”, asked Choromatsu.
“Not me!”, said Osomatsu automatically.
“I don’t mind if I go first”, Karamatsu said with his cool voice.
“Then go”, Choromatsu said nervously.
“If you insist”, Karamatsu said and was prepared to leave the sanctuary ”aka the couch”.
Karamatsu came out and took his eyes off of his calm looking younger brother.
“It seems you are the next one”, Shittymatsu, said Ichi.
Karamatsu couldn’t watch his gloomy face which told him that Ichi is possibly lying. Ichi took Karamatsu to his lap and Karamatsu showed his innocent cute kitten face.
Though it didn’t help at all, because Ichi had a serious face like he was ready to squish the mosquito. He was holding the blue collar and suddenly the dark aura appeared around them both. Karamatsu scared bejesus out of him when seeing Ichi’s serious face. The intimidation was too powerful. Ichi grabbed his older brother’s fur and put the blue collar on him by force. That must have been a revenge. A revenge about the incident that happened when Ichi was wearing his cool clothes and embarrassed him totally. That event caused him to cry that night. Karamatsu cried out loud. It was heartbreaking but Shittymatsu totally deserved it.

While under the couch, Osomatsu and Choromatsu were too afraid of Ichi’s wrath. The duo didn’t want come out in peace. It was useless when they saw his rough actions towards Shittymatsu. Osomatsu and Choromatsu were looking at each other and decided to come out together. They crawled under the couch and they both were afraid of him. Ichi took back his smiling face and took them both on his lap. He started from the older brother and it went well and then was Flappymatsu’s turn. He was the nervous one but it went well without hard struggling. Ichi had no scratches on his face and he stood from the floor. He was proud of his brothers except Karamatsu, whom he had sworn revenge and he got what he wanted. Ichi went to get the price for his precious cute cat brothers. Karamatsu was wondering that he wouldn’t give him one.

“Well then my precious brothers, it’s time to eat something what especially ESP kitty and even Osomatsu eats”, said Ichi.
Ichi held a little box of salty sardines. Karamatsu, Choromatsu and Todomatsu haven’t taste them at all. Osomatsu and Jyushimatsu were surprised to see their price. Jyushi hasn’t taste those but he didn’t care at all. Ichi gave two salted sardine to Jyushi, because he was obedient all the time and he was the cutest of them.
The second was the lover of those sardines, Osomatsu. Osomatsu ate his price with a thankful and cute face.
The rest of them didn’t want any.

“What is the matter, you three”, asked Ichi surprisingly. He knew they haven’t tasted these delicious sardines.
“If you don’t want any, I just have to force feed you”, said Ichi. He wasn’t kidding them at all.
“ARE YOU SHITTING US”, yelled Karamatsu, Choromatsu and Todomatsu at the same time.
Ichi’s dark aura returned and the trio didn’t have nowhere to run or hide. They were asking for it.
Their hellish cry was more heartbreaking than Karamatsu’s when Ichi put his blue collar.
After earning their price, Ichi was laughing at the trio who were just force fed. Ichi went to lie on the couch. Yellow collared Jyushi landed on his chest while he tried to get some rest. Ichi looked at his adorable younger brother and smiled.
“Have a good nap, Ichimatsu-niisan”, said Jyushi to sleeping Ichi.

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Chapter 3: Sleeping

Ichi went to the bathroom and brushed his teeth. Ichi was staring at his brothers’ toothbrushes. The brothers waited in the living room lying on the floor and resting peacefully. Ichi looked at himself in the mirror and scratched his messy hair. Ichi spitted the toothpaste and drank some water and spitted it also. After finishing teeth brushing, he went to the living room to look at his brothers. When Ichi saw their calm and sleepy and also super cute cat faces, he couldn’t resist that look at all. Ichi was blushing a little but then it suddenly disappeared due to certain things that are unacceptable and also... pretty awkward. He went silently to the sofa next to them.
Ichi sat down on the sofa and looked at them with a calm and carefree face. Ichi yawned and decided to get some sleep. After all, it was already ten o’clock. Ichi went to the closet and took his sleeping bag and decided to sleep with his already sleeping brothers. He yawned again and set his sleeping bag on the floor.

Ichi got inside his sleeping bag and tried to close his gloomy eyes. Outside the house, there was a clear sky full of twinkling stars and a crescent moon. The moon shining light went through the window and made Ichimatsu to look at it. Ichi looked at the shining light of the moon view seconds and closed his eyes again. Ichi was still thinking this days events:

“This has been a bizarre day for me. I wonder what I’m going to do with them from now on, because I do hope they aren’t causing any problem. Though I have never thought that cats could be a burden to me, not to mention the ESP kitty. Let’s see if I come up with something tomorrow.”

Ichi’s mind went black and finally got some sleep.
Ichi slept quietly through the whole night while his brothers were turning and rolling around like they were bored or something. Jyushimatsu was the one who was rolling the most, while the rest of them were touching each other with their paws. Jyushi kept rolling and rolling and suddenly stopped. He was sleeping next to his big brother who was sleeping quietly. Jyushi opened his eyes and looked around. He saw his brother sleeping and decided to sleep on his chest. Jyushi climbed on Ichi’s blanket and landed peacefully. Ichi didn’t feel a thing. Jyushi took the best spot while others were sleeping in a circle like format. Ichi started to move around while turning his hands from the left to the right. Jyushi was a sturdy fellow and was still sleeping in the same spot. Jyushi’s mouth was wide open while sleeping. Suddenly Ichi set his hand on Jyushi’s fur. The spot where Ichi touched was furry and warm. Jyushi started to drool while Ichi pet his fluffy fur.

It was morning. It was sunny and kinda chilly out there. It was 8 o’clock and Ichi opened his eyes. They were the same as always. He didn’t see quite well because something was wrong. Someone was in front of him. He saw a cat’s face. It was Jyushi’s face. Jyushi held his paws on Ichi’s nose. Ichi couldn’t breath and was stunned by the awkward situation. He tried to rise up but his younger brothers attached to him like a parasite. This “parasite” was still sleeping and Ichi took him to his hands. That fur made him feel very comfortable and was delighted to see Jyushi’s normal sleeping face. This was one those miracles that are often seen in fantasies and dreams. This cat loving person was satisfied to live a life like this.
“I guess, this is how it is.You guys, for real…”, said Ichi quietly to sleeping Jyushi and laughed a little. It wasn’t an evil laugh but a warm and kind one.

Ichi went to the balcony with his sleeping younger brothers whose drooling had stopped. Ichi pyjama was covered in sweat and drool... caused by Jyushi.
He opened the balcony door and the fresh and chilly air was released. Ichi didn’t care about how chilly it was, because he was sweaty and the warm of Jyushi fur kept him warm enough to resist the chilly atmosphere. Ichi looked at the their neighborhood and felt the voices of the city. He saw four swallow flying above him. Suddenly Jyushi opened his eyes and looked at Ichi and said “meow”. He probably said: “Good Morning, Ichi!”
“Hey there, Jyushi, did you sleep well?” asked Ichi with a smiling face.
Osomatsu,Karamatsu, Choromatsu and Todomatsu walked to the balcony to see Ichi who was carrying Jyushi, who just woke up. They looked pretty grumpy and pissed to see, why does Jyushi gets the special treatment instead giving the same to them.
Ichi looked at them smiling and went inside with them. It was breakfast time already.

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Chapter 4# Eavesdropping

After finishing the breakfast, Ichi came up with something. He stood up and took his plate away. Other were watching him going. His evil grin appeared and his very suspicious aura appeared. Ichi’s brothers saw the dark aura getting stronger. They were very careful about what they just saw, but Jyushi didn’t care a thing. Ichi went to a room to get some peace. He had an idea what to do with his cat brothers. He took a piece of paper and pencil. Brothers are now having a conversation. Ichi knew they were talking about something that he didn’t understand because he can’t understand the way they are communicating.

“What is he doing?”, Choromatsu asked his brothers.
“Beats me”, said Osomatsu.
“Is he going to a convenient store?”, Totty asked.
“Maybe, but what was that aura we just saw?”, Karamatsu stated to his brothers.
“We gotta find out a clue for that”, Jyushi said automatically.
“Yeah, Jyushi is right”, Osomatsu replied.
“Ichi can’t hear us, but we can understand what he says”, Choromatsu mentioned.

These five cats went to the door. They made a pyramid and Jyushi was at the top. He tried to open the door, but it was locked. Ichi, that smart bastard had a door key in his pocket in the begin with. The pyramid they made didn’t last long, because Choromatsu happened to sneeze after Jyushi touched the door handle. Ichi heard a slam behind the door, but ignored it immediately. Brothers were in the pile, but got up easily after their failed to open the door. Totty suddenly saw something that could help them to hear what Ichi was planning.
“Hey, look!”
“What is it, Totty”, Choromatsu asked curiously.
“There’s a little hole”, said Totty and pointed the located hole.
“Nice”, said Karamatsu with his english accent.

The went to the little hole in the corner of the door. Osomatsu, the oldest of the sextuplets try to get close to the hole. He tried to hear some voices that could come inside the room, where Ichi entered. There was a total silence. He didn’t hear a thing with his cat ears.
“Did you hear anything”, Choromatsu asked.
“Unfortunately I didn’t” Osomatsu said and sighed.
“I want to try too”, yelled Jyushi.
“Okay, but keep quiet, Jyushi”, Osomatsu said and stood back from the corner of the door.
“Sure sure”, Jyushi said carelessly.
“I wonder if I hear the sound of mouse or something”, Jyushi said out of nowhere though he knew they were trying to hear something from Ichi.
“Try to hear the voice of Ichi”, Totty said nervously.
“No need to worry, guys”, stated Jyushi.

Jyushi listened carefully. He was so concentrated than before. Usually he concentrated on his strikes when practicing with his beloved baseball bat, but this was something new for the others. Jyushi closed his eyes and made an angry face. It was a sign of concentration. Suddenly he heard some laughing from the room. Ichi’s laugh was like a mad scientist’s. Jyushi stood back and showed his shocked face to his brothers.
“E-evil laugh…”, said Jyushi with a weak voice.
“Why am I not surprised?” Osomatsu said directly.
“Seriously, we don’t need to find out what he is doing to us, we just have to accept it, for god’s sake!”, raged Totty to others.

Ichi heard the crying of his cat brothers and decided to finish writing for their sake. He knew they were trying to eavesdrop them.
“What a smart gloomy faced bastard you are, Ichimatsu Matsuno” states the writer of this story.

“Alright, I guess I’ll just go” sighed Ichi and stood up and took the key from his left pocket.
When he was opening the door, cat brothers went on a panic. They tried to act normally and keep calm as soon as possible before their brother comes out. The door handle went down and door was opened. Brothers saw him holding the same piece of paper he took from the table. He had normal gloomy and surprisingly calm face.
Brothers except Jyushi were holding their breath and looked at Ichi like british soldier, but they were 100 percent nervous about this situation. Ichi sighed and said:
“Well, then my precious brothers, there’s nothing to be scared of”, said Ichi calmly.
“I just made a list of thing to do for this week” He continued.

They stared at the paper a while and they went to the carpet. They had to rest. This eavesdropping mission made them very exhausted. Ichi went to the kitchen and put the list board. He decided to take a walk and left outside. He went to check on ESP kitty. Brothers quickly went close to the window. They saw him walking casually and looking around.

“He’s gone, what a relief”, Choromatsu said and swept the sweat from his furry forehead.
“The list, that Ichi made, let’s check it out!”, said Osomatsu. He was still thinking about that paper.
“You are right”, Karamatsu responded quickly.
They ran to the kitchen and jumped to the table. The list was right in front of them. Ichi signature was easy to read. Ichi had listed 10 important things for this week. He said that “There is nothing to be scared of”. No, There WAS something.
They read the list quickly and the number one made them really worried and shocked. They panicked again. Their faces were pale as albinos. They went under the sofa and gathered to the same spot. The aura of despair gathered around them.
“My brothers, tonight we will meet our destiny” said Osomatsu.
“You bet”, said Choromatsu,Todomatsu and Karamatsu.

Ichi was laughing outside and said something to himself:
“Luckily I bought the extra large sponge for today.”

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Chapter 5# Bath Time

When Ichimatsu was home, he went to look for the towels of his brothers. He found them and carried them to the basket. Then he went to look for the sponge. It was an extraordinary one and a big one off course. Ichi had hid it from his brothers and they had no idea where could it be. He went to downstairs and put the large sponge to the basket. Now he decided to find his brothers. Ichi didn’t see them at all. First he looked under the table.
“They are not here”, Ichi said calmly. He stood up and went to the next one.
He went to the room where was writing the list. The answer was nope. Suddenly he realized something:

“ Wait a minute, they weren’t under the table, they weren’t in this room, but…”, Ichi closed his gloomy eyes and started thinking. After few seconds he figured it out.
“The third one tells the truth, right”, Ichi said to himself and when to the living room.
The third place was… for your surprise… the sofa.

Ichi knelt down and looked under the sofa. There they were praying for luck, hope and liberty. They wanted to be saved by the gods, because this day could be their last. Cats aren’t able to swim or bath and they goddamn know about that fact.
Ichi stood up and lífted the sofa a little. It was easy, though Ichi had a lack of strength for couple of months. While lifting, brothers ran. Ichi put the sofa down and ran after them. He still got the speed.

“There’s nowhere to run, brothers!”, yelled Ichimatsu while running to downstairs chasing his adorable cat brothers.
“Fuck, a dead end”, Osomatsu stated when he saw the door that was locked by Ichi off course, because he took the house key with him, when he went to see ESP kitty.
All brothers were on the edge of death and when looked behind, they saw their fourth brother staring at them showing his hand like he is trying to catch them.

“Let the bath time begin!”, Ichi said and started to laugh like a crazy psychopath.
“Now, jump on the basket.”, He said pointed the basket.
Brothers saw their towels and the extra large sponge. Their eyes went black because of the size of the sponge they just saw. They also turned pale white right at the moment.
“What’s with those pale shocking white faces, my rebel cat brothers”,
“Don’t you fucking dare to put us on that basket and carry us to the bath house and wash our furs.”, Osomatsu said to Ichi with an angry attitude.
“You are so dead, when we turn back to normal!”, continued Choromatsu.
“Yeah, I can swim on the bath tub!”, yelled Jyushi.

Ichi somehow understood, but then he said:
“So you want to go first huh, Osomatsu-niisan”, said Ichi.
“You didn’t understand a single fucking word you cat-loving bastard!”, Osomatsu replied while making a face palm with his right paw.

Brothers had to surrender and accept their destiny. Osomatsu went to the basket first. Then Karamatsu, Choromatsu, Jyuushimatsu and Todomatsu. Ichi took the basket and held it in his left hand and opened the door. It was 20:10 already when he left the house. There was stars in the sky but not moon this time. While walking to the bath house, brothers had to decided who is going to be washed first. They all voted that Jyushi should go first. Jyushi didn’t care about it at all, because he was excited to bath like a real cat.

Ichi arrived to the bath house. He went in peacefully and looked very excited. He went to change his clothes and took the towel with him. He took his brothers’ towels and went in.

“Excuse me, Mister Matsuno, but cats are not allowed to enter to the bath”, said one of the staff members who was spacing out when Ichi casually walked by and did not notice him.
“Sorry, but these cat haven’t been washed in months. We are trying to spare our water and manage ourselves somehow”, explained Ichi.
“Where are the rest of the brothers?”, asked the staff member
“They said they didn’t want to come today, they had a hard time to work and stuff”, explained Ichi to the staff member.
“We are having a bad time right now, you son of a bitch of a liar.”, cursed Choromatsu.
“Okay, but I will allow this only once”, said the member of the stuff.
“You have my words, thanks.”, said Ichi and went in.
The smell of the bath house was refreshing. The hot bath water was pretty warm and Jyushi jumped to bath tub first. Ichi and others were shocked when he dove.
He then started to swim like he used to the other side to the other while splashing the water.
“Jyushi, what the hell are you doing?!” Choromatsu the worrywart yelled.
“Knock it off, Flappymatsu”, Ichi said to crying Choromatsu and went in to play with Jyushi.
Choromatsu, Karamatsu, Todomatsu and Osomatsu were looking at Jyushi’s swimming and Ichi’s relaxed face. The nightmare was on.


Ichi went to wash himself and took the large sponge from the basket. Ichi was also allowed to bring his belongings to the bath, because he had the towels and the sponge. He washed himself totally and was ready to wash his brothers.

“Jyushi, come here”, said Ichi.
Jyushi went casually and sat down like a dog.
“Good boy, now stay still”, he said.
Ichi started to wash his back. His fur was covered in soap and bubbles. Jyushi’s mouth was closed, because he didn’t to get soap on his. Ichi washed his paws gently and his furry belly.
“Stop it, Ichimatsu-niisan, it tickles”, said Jyushi and laughed because of the reaction when he washed his paws with the large sponge.
Jyushi was finished and it went smoothly.

“Know is YOUR turn, guys.”, Ichi said.
Noticing the word “YOUR”, they went on a panic like state and ran like scaredy cats. But much do their shock, Ichi drenched them with the warm water.
“Let the soap and sponge speak for you.”, Ichi said and laughed again like a crazy yandere this time.

Jyushi was staring at his brothers, who were washed by the demon, not their brother. Jyushi opened his mouth and looked at them with a calm demeanor. He just heard heartbreaking cries that was hellish then the collar situation.

When they entered home safely, Ichi went in first and then five big fur balls followed him inside. Ichi went to the balcony and hung the six towels and the sponge. It was cold and windy. He went to sleep and said:
“Good night, my fur balls!”
Ichi fell asleep and the five fur balls were sleeping next to him.

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Chapter 6# Hiatus


Ichimatsu fell asleep first before his adorable cat brothers. He was sleeping calmly and the rest of the brothers were snoring.
Ichimatsu is seeing a dream right now.
Ichi opens his eyes and he sees the blue sky. He looks down and gets scared. There’s neither land nor sea under him. There’s just the blue sky, sun and clouds.
“What the hell is going on?! Oh, no I get it, this is my dream. There’s no doubt about it. I just fell asleep. I wonder what is going to happen. I don’t really care if I keep falling and falling all the way down. Wait, there is something below me!”, said Ichimatsu.

Ichi monologue was interrupted by something. It wasn’t a cloud. It could have been cloud, but it wasn’t. Ichi looked again and much to his shock, it came closer and closer. It was a massive creature.
“WHAT THE FUCK!”, Ichi screamed and turned death pale immediately.
“This isn’t happening! This much worse than that time when I wore Shittymatsu’s clothes.”, He continued.
“But what the hell, I’m going to wake up right now, because I need to go the toilet.”, he said and tried to close his eyes. But it didn’t help at all. Then he tried to pinch his hand. The massive thing was approaching.

Ichi fell on the massive creature. This massive creature’s back was warm and furry. It was like touching Jyushi’s fur. The warmth of the fur was too similar to Ichi and he questioned himself:
“This sense...what could it be? I smell a cat. Wait… no way, it cannot be. I got to find out.”,

Ichi crawled on the creature’s back and tried to get a look at its face. This cat loving person was like a soldier hiding in the tall grass or should I say “in the tall fur”.
He felt the strong blow of the wind and he got bad chills about it. He didn’t have guts to stand up and take a proper look at this furry creature. He saw its head. He crawled carefully to the top. On the top he was excited and scared. He looked down and saw the big whiskers of the monster.
“Is this a cat?! No, more like a monstrous cat floating in the air like a plane.”, stated Ichi.
“Hello there, Ichimatsu-niisan!”, said the creature with a familiar voice.
“Whoa, what the hell was that?! It talked and it knows my name?!”, said Ichi who was scared and surprised. He started shivering.
“Of course I know your name”, it responded quickly.
Ichi shivered a lot and got closer and looked down to see its eyes. The were bigger than his whole body size.
Ichi’s eyes were widely open when he saw the familiar eyes. That voice and those eyes were owned by one person and it was Jyushimatsu.
“JYYUUUSSHIIII!”, yelled the fourth brother.
“Muscle Muscle, Hustle Hustle!”, said Jyushi the cat monster with a deep voice. It was worse than the fact that he is the massive cat creature. This all came to him so suddenly.
“Oh, it’s just Jyushi. I don’t see a problem there.”, he said and got extremely calm and laid down on his fur and relaxed.
Ichi was staring the blue sky and closed his eyes. The moment was perfect for him. They just keep falling and falling. The nice moment was ruined when Ichi asked something from his younger brother:
“Hey, Jyushi, is this the blue sky?”
“No, it’s not the blue sky”, said Jyushi.
“Then what it is?” Ichi asked
“I knew this day would come, alright I will tell you”, Jyushi said.
“You see, Ichimatsu-niisan, there is a place which was created by Akatsuka-sensei.”
“Akatsuka-sensei? Since when?”, Ichi asked
“This place was originally created because Akatsuka got bored while drawing the Osomatsu-san.”
“ Oh, it’s not like I’m interested about this, but did he named this place or something and why are we the only ones who can visit this place while dreaming.”, asked Ichi curiously though he wasn’t interested at all.
“This place is called the Hiatus”, said Jyushi.
“The Hiatus? What’s with that stupid name. He really was bored.”, Ichi stated.
“Yep.”, replied Jyushi.
“Hey, Jyushi, do you know when this falling stops completely?”, he asked again much to his curiosity
“That’s the whole point in this”, said Jyushi.
“The point, what the heck is that suppose to mean?”, asked Ichi.
“Things just keep falling, like when you are bored or something”, explained Jyushi.
“What an absurd thinking from you, Jyushi”, said Ichi.
“Where are the others?”, asked Ichi.
“ They are not here”, Jyushi answered calmly.
“Why not?”, asked Ichi.
“They have been erased from the Hiatus, that’s all”, Jyushi explained.
“What the hell do you mean by ‘erased’?”, asked Ichi aggressively.
“We will be erased soon”, said Jyushi with a yandere like voice. His voice got deeper and scarier.
“Hey, Jyushi, erased by what exactly?!”, Jyushi said and panicked.
“Look up”, said Jyushi.
Ichi stood up and looked above. There was a pencil. There was also a signature of Fujio Akatsuka in that pencil. It was very light pencil and it got closer and closer. Pencil’s eraser part was pointing at them. Then the falling stopped much to Ichimatsu’s surprise.
Then the pencil started moving to side to the next side erasing Jyushimatsu’s body.
“What’s with the fucking pencil and how the hell stopped the falling?!”, asked Ichi who surprised by all this Hiatus thing.
“See you later, Ichimatsu-niisan”
“Jyushi, wait!”, yelled Ichi.
“This isn’t happening!”, yelled Ichi who started to cry for the loss of his brother, who erased by the pencil of late Fujio Akatsuka.
Ichi was erased by this pencil.
He woke up and was drenched because of the sweat.
He looked around and saw their house and his cat brothers sleeping close to him. Ichi’s kept breathing and his heart was racing like the wings of a hummingbird.

“ Okay, what the hell just happened?”, Ichi asked himself and closed his eyes once again hoping not to return to that Hiatus thing anymore.

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Chapter 7# Knocking on Ichi’s door


After he woke up, he heard someone knocking on their door. Ichi stood up and was very careful with his steps.
He made it quickly to the door without any obstacles except when his cat brothers were sleeping around him.
Ichi had no idea, who could it be. He didn’t even notice, what was the clock. He opened the door and there was someone, who took his thoughts somewhere else.
Ichi looked at him and asked:
“Who are you supposed to be?”
“You should recognize, who I am”, said the mysterious guest with a black.
“Huh, excuse me, can you give me a hint, because I can’t really think who are you?”, said Ichi, who was drowsy after he experienced something astonishing and ridiculous.
“God damn, you simpleton, I am the Grim Reaper!”, he said.
“Oh, what are you going to do to me”, asked Ichi curiously but calmly.
“Let’s just say that I have had enough.”, said the Grim Reaper
Ichi went silent and laughed to his phrase. The grim reaper was standing in front of him and said:
“Are you a retarded Matsuno or something because this isn’t very normal to see a person laughing to someone who is just about to take you to your final destination?”, he asked immediately while Ichi was still laughing.
Ichi was simply rolling on the floor. Then he stood up, pulled himself together and stopped laughing.
“Oh, sorry, I didn’t hear quite well what you just say, Can you repeat that?”, Ichi asked again. He was very tired at the moment.
“I have had enough of you, Ichimatsu Matsuno.”, repeated the Grim Reaper.
“Wait, YOU had enough. Is that the reason you are going to take me away. Wait… since when the Grim Reaper had a mind of its own?”, Ichi answered and asked himself something that is far beyond comprehension.
“Yes, I ‘HAD’ enough of you, Ichimatsu Matsuno!”, said the Grim Reaper who raised his voice.
“And yes, I have a mind of my own.”, he added.

Another silent moment for Ichi.
“So, you are going to take me somewhere… to my final destination, was it?”, Ichi asked.
“That’s right.”, said the Grim Reaper.
“And if I don’t want to go, then you are going to...”
“Take you to the place, where all the cats you haven’t fed in all these years. To the land of death cats!” said the Grim reaper who stopped Ichi’s phrase before he tried to guess the place.
Ichi was shocked by the words of the representative of death. Ichi’s heart started to race. The reaction felt real so this couldn’t be his dream.
“ What is this feeling? To the land of cats he said?! No fucking way, no I can’t fall for his words? This is gotta be my dream. There must be another level of my dream?”
”Are you afraid?”, asked the Grim Reaper.
“Well, hell yeah, I am, so what?”, Ichi said and raised his voice. The voice didn’t even reach his sleeping cat brothers, who were sleeping so calmly.
“ It’s time to go now, Ichimatsu Matsuno!”, he said and held his death scythe with his hands.
“ I don’t want to go anywhere! Kill me now, if you want, if that makes you feel better!”, yelled Ichimatsu.
“I am going to take you there by force!”, replied the Grim Reaper who got closer to Ichi who standing in front of him like a pole.
“NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!”, Ichi yelled and his voice was stronger than the cry of a male pheasant.

The Grim Reaper took Ichi away without Ichi noticing it.

“ What a mysterious turn of events”, states the writer.

Ichi opened his eyes and he was lying on the floor. He touched the floor and felt the touch of wood. Yes, the floor was made of wood and the area was covered in purple fog and the Grim Reaper was standing in front of him.
“Welcome to the land of death cats!”, He said to his guest who was shocked to see the atmosphere of this bizarre destination.
“What are you going to do to me now, mister Grim Reaper”, asked Ichi calmly but still inside he was scared like a mouse.
“ I’m afraid that I have to execute you here in front of our audience.”, said the Grim Reaper
“What audience?”, asked Ichi.
“The death cats of course.”, he answered
“ And there is someone who is the witness of this execution.”, he added.
“Who?!”, Ichi quickly replied.
“Oh, you will see”, The Grim Reaper said
“I gotta bad feeling about this”, said Ichi to himself and looked ahead and saw his audience.

The place was like an arena and the there were hundreds of cats cheering in the stand. The Grim Reaper greeted the audience.
“Hello there, you livid death cats!”, he said.
“You all know, why we have gathered here? We are here to execute the extreme cat lover from the Matsuno household. Allow me to introduce you, Ichimatsu Matsuno!”, Said the Grim Reaper whose voice got deeper and scarier when he raised it. All the cats were crying out loud. They were probably cheering or booing at Ichi.
“What kind of fucking host are you!”, Ichi said with an angry look on his face. The way the Grim Reaper spoke was pissing him off.
“ And here is someone who is here to join us a witness who will take the responsibility to tell his beloved brothers that his has kicked the bucket.”, he proceeded.
“And here he is, say ´meow´ to Jyushimatsu Matsuno!”, he said with a similar deep scary voice.
The audience went crazy like fans though they are just cats who are just crying like normal cats always do.

Jyushi came to the middle of the arena like place. He was still in his cat form and Ichi was shocked to see his younger brother who was just looking at him.

“Jyushi, what the hell, are you the witness here?!”
“Yes I am, Ichimatsu-niisan!”, he said.
“You can understand what I’m saying?”
“Of course, but the audience cannot”, Jyushi mentioned.
“Can’t you save me or something.”
“ I’m sorry, but I can’t, Ichimatsu-niisan. That Grim Reaper fellow told me to interfere during this execution.”, Jyushi continued.
“What the hell have I done to you?!”, asked Ichi from the Grim Reaper.
“These cats were pissed off, because you didn’t feed them and at all and they were also starving to death. So I was irritated by your behavior and I had enough when your brothers were turned into cats. Your way loving cats was pissing me off. That was the last goddamn straw. And all those cats in the stand are my pets. So I am a cat loving Grim Reaper.
“What the hell I just heard? A cat loving Grim Reaper? Give me a break.”, said Ichi and laughed a little.
“You got a problem with that?”
“No, I just find it very weird and it’s impossible. For crying out loud, what is wrong with you.”, Ichi said and got clearly pissed off by this weirdness.
“Enough already! Before I kill you I want to sing something for you.”, said the Grim Reaper much to Ichi’s surprise. This was really weird and awkward for him to see a Grim Reaper singing.
“Please kill me now, this going out of hands.”, said Ichi who was clearly irritated and tired of all this weirdness.

The audience was stamping their paws to give some beat for this song which goes like this

(Note:This is a parody of “We will we will rock you”)

Ichi you are a mess
you can not play chess
you are pissing us off
because you are showing off
you’ve got gloom on your face
big disgrace
the Grim Reaper is gonna put you on your place

“Now is your turn to sing, Ichimatsu-niisan”, yelled Jyushi.

Jyushi, you are bastard
You are smiling like a retard
Can you help goddamn it
I don’t wanna die here
Don’t stand there
you big dipsiht
Then I’m going to beat your goddamn ass cause I am

The audience went crazy. Ichi felt embarrassed and was prepared to face his death penalty. Jyushi got closer to him and his mouth was open like usual.

After this awkward song, the audience went silent and they were prepared to see the execution. Jyushi was sitting in front of Ichi and the Grim Reaper took his scythe and stood behind Ichi. Ichi couldn’t even run. He wasn’t motivated to do so. Ichi was still thinking that this might be the aftermath of that Hiatus thing from before.

A long night and very awkward one, was about to end right now.
The Grim Reaper raised his scythe and asked Ichimatsu something before cutting his head off in front of those forsaken cats.

“Any last words, cat loving bastard!”
“Yeah, I got one”, Ichi said and smirked at all those cats.
“YOU GUYS WEREN’T MY TYPE!”, Ichi yelled at the audience, who took it very seriously and the sound of their cry.
Jyushi said something after Ichi said his final words to the angry audience.
“Ichimatsu-niisan, this isn’t a dream.”, stated Jyushi calmly.
“Come on, Jyushi, don’t give me that crap anymore.”

The Grim Reaper cut off his head and the shower of fresh blood drenched the audience and they were licking Ichi’s blood like water. Jyushi looked at the face of Ichi with an empty face.

Back in reality, Ichi wakes up again. And yells like a child who just saw a bad nightmare. Ichi looked around and touched his neck. He was in a complete shock and other were sleeping except Jyushimatsu, who staring at his shocked big brother.

“Is everything alright, Ichimatsu-niisan?”, asked Jyushimatsu.

This wasn’t a dream. That was his real voice. Jyushi is talking though he is a cat. Ichi looked at him and started to cry and hugged his little brother.
“Please, let me hold you like this, because I can’t take it anymore. I have had enough of this dream shit!”, said Ichi who was shedding relieved tears. Jyushi didn’t mind at all.
While crying, Jyushi closed his eyes and said:
“Don’t cry.”

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Chapter 8# Smelliest Challenge of the World

After a long month, Ichi’s brothers are now able to talk. Ichimatsu wasn’t happy about the whole thing. He thought that everything was fine, but it turned out like this. Brothers have become more and more demanding on him. He is completely irritated and wants to teach them a lesson.

Ichimatsu went to the kitchen and grabbed a laptop, which Totty had bought. Well, he gets paid easily, but not in a while because he’s a cat. Ichi searched some information about the fish foods. He wanted something special. Ichi heard rumours about the smelliest fish food which is eaten in middle summer in Sweden. It was a very complicated word for him. He managed to find it. He decided to choose it. Ichi started to laugh. Something very smelly is coming from Northern Europe to Japan.

One month later

The box from Sweden was delivered and put in front of the Matsuno household. When the truck left. Ichi ran to get the box. Brothers were following him to the hall. They had no idea what was inside that box.
Ichi carried it inside and brothers gathered around him.

“What is it?”, asked Jyushi who was over excited as always.
“Tell us, Ichimatsu”, asked Choromatsu.
“It says it’s from Sweden, from Northern Europe”, said Todomatsu.
“From Sweden?!”, they all yelled at the same time.
“Yeah, I bought it from the internet.”,said Ichi calmly to his surprised brothers.
“How the hell did you do that, you cat loving maniac.”, Choromatsu yelled at him.
“Who actually cares about it, it’s a similar to the porn stash thing”, Ichi said.
“Please, don’t bring it up”, Choromatsu said and made a face palm with his right paw.
“Can you just opened that?”, Osomatsu asked Ichimatsu. He was sick of waiting.
“Okay, where is the paper cutter, oh here it is”, Ichi said. It was in his left pocket.
Ichi cut the tape and opened the box. It was filled with styrofoam pieces. He dug five fish cans among the styrofoams. Jyushi dove and was literally throwing styrofoam pieces all over the place. Ichi looked at one of those cans. He could hardly understand the text which was in Swedish.
“Is that a can of cat food!”, Todomatsu raged.
“Yeah it is, but people also eat this stuff in Sweden.”, Ichi explained to his cat brothers.
“What kind of fish is it.”, Choromatsu asked.
“Yeah, TELL US, Brother”, said Karamatsu, who now was wearing his fascinating sunglasses.
“It says, Surströmming or something.
“What the hell, that’s a difficult word, what does it even mean, Ichi?”, Todomatsu asked.
“I don’t give a shit about it.”, Ichi answered quickly.
“But anyway, you guys are still cats and you are kinda used to eat cat food, I think.”, Ichi presumed
“ NO FUCKING WAY!”, they yelled.
“ I will force you guys to eat this Swedish fish food.”

Only Ichimatsu knew about the true colors of that fish. It is one of the most smelliest food in the world. And believe me, there are people, who can it that stuff
(A warning from the author).

Osomatsu, Karamatsu, Choromatsu, Jyushimatsu and Todomatsu were sitting nicely in the kitchen waiting for the new fish to taste. Jyushi was completely excited about it, but the others weren’t. Ichi appeared and was wearing wearing a gas mask.
“Hey, Ichimatsu, what’s with the gas mask.”, Choromatsu asked suspiciously.
“Ew, what the hell is that smell”, Todomatsu said and covered his nose with his paw.
“ Da smell!” yelled Karamatsu and his glasses dropped off.
“Bon appetit, brothers!”, said Ichimatsu who backed off and watched their reactions. He got a camera also. He wanted to record the whole thing.
These brothers are going to eat the surströmming for the first time in their live.
Osomatsu tried first. He took the bite and fainted immediately. Others were shocked to see that. It was Shittymatsu’s turn. First he put the glasses on and took the bite. He caught the taste immediately and threw up and fainted like his older brother.
Choromatsu tried and got an epileptic shock and the vomit covered his whole mouth.
Jyushimatsu dug in and ate like a horse. Todomatsu was scared but he took the bite and started yell like a young girl who just saw a ghost. Only Jyushi didn’t react and he liked it and ate his brothers’ fishes.
Ichimatsu was laughing at them and dropped the camera.
After this, the boys recovered from the deadly surströmming. They promised to never eat such a thing. But Jyushi left one slice of the surströmming fish and wanted Ichimatsu to taste his own little medicine.
When everyone went to sleep, cat brothers gathered around Ichi and Jyushi was holding the fish in his mouth. Jyushi climbed on his chest and was waiting. When Ichi started to snore and open his mouth, Jyushi landed the fish into his mouth. Ichi opened his eyes and felt the surströmming fish inside his mouth. It taste very horrible and it was so disgusting that he wanted to throw up immediately. He running like a mouse around the room and went to the balcony and let the vomit out. The five brothers were laughing at him.
“What the fuck is this shit, it’s horrible.” How can Jyushi even eat that!” “No more fish to this house!” “I mean never, NEVER EVER AGAIN, goddamn this surströmming fish is awful.”, Ichi said when he stopped vomiting and when to toilet to drink some water.

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Chapter 9# Where did you go?!

Ichimatsu had recovered from the last night surströmming fish challenge. Ichi was feeding ESP kitty outside of their house. Ichi was happy to see him, because they haven’t met for a while. Ichi felt the cool wind and enjoyed it as long as he could. Then he went back inside with him. ESP kitty didn’t show a big reaction towards the cat brothers. ESP could recognize their collars and their faces were quite familiar to him.
Ichi put him down and he went to the soft carpet and tried to get some sleep. It was afternoon already. Ichi realized there are actually four brothers in the living room along with him and ESP kitty. The missing cat brother is for your surprise… good old Jyushimatsu.

Ichi went to look for him. Ichi was quite sure he shut the door when he went in with ESP kitty. Ichi went to the kitchen first. No signs at all. Then he went to downstairs. Mom and Dad were sitting on the sofa and watching TV Drama, which was their mom’s favorite show.
“Mom, Dad, have you seen, Jyushi?”, asked Ichi.
“No dear, we haven’t.”, said Mom.
“He wasn’t with you guys?”, Dad asked curiously.
“No, last time I saw him was when I went to feed ESP kitty.”, Ichi explained to his parents.
“But you shut the door didn’t you?”, asked Mom.
“Off course, I did.”, responded Ichi quickly.
“Well, he must be inside the.”, Dad answered.
“ I hope so too, Dad.”, Ichi said.
“But thanks anyway, see ya.”, Ichi continued and left the room.
He went to look his brother all over the house. This wasn’t normal for Jyushi. Jyushi’s baseball stuffs were inside and how can he even lift that goddamn bat on his own. If he really did, he must have had strong teeth to do so. Ichi went outside to look for them and took the house key just in case. He looked around the house. No signs at all.
“Shit, Jyushi, were did you go?!”, Ichi said and was very frustrated.
“I don’t understand his motives at all, but I have spent most of my days with him.”, he proceeded.
“But I am not gonna give up that easily!”

Ichi decided to go to town to look for Jyushi. He seemed little worried. Ichi was looking at all the directions especially all the corners in the street. Back alley cats appeared and were begging some food from him. Ichi couldn’t help but he had to. He had a can of tuna fish with him just in case. This “No more fish to this house” - promise was over. The cats began to wolf down that tuna fish and Ichi continued his search.
He went to look for him from the baseball stadium. The stadium was empty. Ichi heard that the teams are having their next game this weekend. Ichi to search some more. This he checked the roads more carefully. He began to look more worried. This something uncalled for.
Jyushi wasn’t idiot who would cross the road without knowing the concept “traffic light” especially when he is still a cat. There were no cats just pedestrians.
Ichi went to the nearest park. He could be there. Ichi ran to the park and was exhausted. It was almost half two and hot day. Ichi manage with his purple hood. He wasn’t use to wear t-shirt during hot days. Ichi looked around whole park. He did the double check.
Ichi was frustrated and worried. He sat on the bench and watched when children were playing in the sandbox.
Suddenly one of those kids said something to the other kid:
“Hey, did you hear that a cat was ran over by a taxi?”
“No, but that is horrible isn’t?”
“ I guess, but I’m sure he or she is in heaven now.”
“ I hope that too!”

Ichi was shocked. He started to feel very uncomfortable after such a thing. Something horrible came to his mind after hearing those words.
“What the hell did I just heard? No, It can’t be Jyushi. Like I said he’s not that stupid!”, Ichi said.
He felt his heart beat. He was sweating and turned pale white. He felt dizzy but he laid down. He tried to close his eyes. Suddenly his eyes were shedding tears.
“W-what the hell is this?! Am I crying? Yes, but why. WHY?! Is it because I’m feeling sick or worried?! Well, I guess it’s the last one. Who am I kidding. Trying to find my younger brother and here I am lying on the bench and shedding tears of fear and sadness. I am a pathetic Matsuno brother who doesn’t have any human friends except my NEET cat brothers. People are so difficult to befriend and that’s why I love cats. But fuck if Jyushi there somewhere crying for help and nobody is going to come for his rescue.”

Ichimatsu stood up but he couldn’t control his feelings. He was just like a baby who has just lost his mother. Ichi went to the nearest tree and cried in front of it. He got to his knees and hid his face with his hands. The kids in the playground paid attention to him but they decided to give him some private time. Ichi was thinking those horrible scenes of Jyushi’s suffer in loneliness.

“Shit, why can’t I stop crying? This is so embarrassing!” Oh, Jyushi!”, he yelled and cried like a baby boy.
The cry of Ichimatsu scared all the birds in the area and they flew away. Ichi was sniffing and wiped his tears with his sleeve. After that he heard a familiar voice which said:
“Look up, Ichimatsu!”

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Chapter 10# Found ya!

The crying, exhausted and miserable Ichimatsu looked up when he heard the familiar voice coming from above.
He saw a very familiar cat figure sitting on the branch.
Ichimatsu stood up and looked more clearly. It was, Jyushimatsu. There was no doubt because he was wearing his yellow collar. Ichimatsu wet eyes were wide opened and he took a big sigh and said:
“Thank god you are okay!”
“Jyushi, what the hell are you doing there?”, asked Ichi
“Looking at the view of this place.”, answered Jyushi.
“Why did you choose this place instead of other places?”, Ichi asked curiously.
“I just wanted.”, Jyushi said honestly.
“Why don’t you come down then, we are heading home if you do. Others must be worried.”, Ichi explained.
“I can’t”, said Jyushi.
“Why not. What’s the matter? Does your stomach hurt or something?”, Ichi asked.
“I don’t no how to come down like a cat. I am afraid of falling.”, Jyushi said desperately and was holding his miserable tears of helplessness.
“Come on, don’t cry, Jyushi, you are a big man and by the way you are also a cat.”, Ichi said and tried to cheer his younger brother he started to cry.
“Don’t worry, I will come and get you down there.”, he continued.
Jyushi stopped crying and was joyed to hear those golden words from his older brother.
“Listen, Jyushi, when I get there and pick you up from that tree, I am gonna give you a serious talk.”
“Do you mean that conversation thing, Ichimatsu-niisan?”, Jyushi asked.
“Yeah, the adult conversation.”, Ichi said.
“Yeah, we are talking!”, yelled Jyushi happily.
“Don’t take this too lightly!”, Ichi yelled at him.
“Just wait there!”, he continued.
Ichimatsu spitted on his both hands and grabbed the trunk. His grip was firm. Jyushi was looking at him and was excited as always.
“But wait a minute, Ichimatsu-niisan, you haven’t climbed since we were in grade school”, Jyushi said out of nowhere.
“Why are you bringing this up right now?”, Ichi asked him
“I just happened to notice. I haven’t seen you climbing since that time.”
“Well, Jyushi, those day are over.”, Ichi explained
“Give it your all, Ichimatsu-niisan.”, cheered Jyushi.
“Are you underestimating my skills, Jyushi?”, Ichi asked.
“Of course I don’t.”, Jyushi said with an honest smile on his face.
“Don’t you goddamn try to mock me, okay?”, Ichi said to his younger brother.
Jyushi nodded and smiled at him.
“Okay let’s do this!”, yelled Ichimatsu.

Ichi started to climb. He had difficulties with his grip and he was desperate. But he had one supporter in this moment and he was completely motivated to save his younger brother. Ichi proceeded his task. Ichi was shedding sweat and his purple hoodie was drenched.
He looked like a baby monkey who didn’t know a thing about climbing. Ichi climbed carefully, and his palms were sweaty and felt like he was holding a hardened soap. The whole feeling made him to become afraid of falling down. Besides, he was halfway there. Ichi was so tense right now. He couldn’t believe himself at all. He had not climbed in years. It must have been for him though he has a lack of physical strength.

“Jyushi, you have been watching me for a while so what do you think, any sign of those good memories?”, Ichi asked curiously.
“I am amazed, Ichimatsu-niisan, that’s the spirit”, Jyushi answered immediately.
“Don’t you dare move, okay.”, Ichi said.
“I won’t!”, Jyushi yelled.

Ichi continued climbing. Little by little he was reaching the big branch where his younger brother was waiting.
At last! He made to the branch. He took a deep breath and took Jyushi in his arms. There was a little calm moment.

Okay, Jyushi, now we have to get down. You are safe now.
“Ichi, I was scared!”, Jyushi said and started to cry because he was relieved to see Ichi there. He was pushing himself towards Ichi’s chest.
“There there, don’t cry! We have a difficult task right now. How do we get down…”, said Ichi to Jyushi.
“What should we do, Ichi?”, Jyushi asked nervously.
“Wait a minute, I got an idea!” Jyushi climb to my hood and stay there. I guarantee that you will be save.”, Ichi explained.
“Okay, if you say so.”, said Jyushi.
“Okay then, we are going down now.”, Ichi said.
“Holy Dayon’s shit we are high right now.”, Ichi realized when he looked down.

Ichi took the same position and was somehow prepared for their next task. Ichi had a very bad feeling about this whole idea. His palms were covered in sweat. He did not want to loose his grip while climbing down carefully. The drop was at least 2 meters. Ichi gulped and so did Jyushi. They both closed their eyes and hoped for a miracle. Ichi went down like an elevator but more slowly than a real elevator. It didn’t took even a minute when they went down. They were both on the ground safe and sound. Only Ichimatsu’s palm were burning red and sweaty.

“Ichimatsu-niisan, you can let go of the trunk.”, Jyushi said.
Ichi opened his gloomy eyes and looked around.
“Oh,sure.”, he said quickly.
“We made it, Muscle Muscle Hustle Hustle!”, yelled Jyushimatsu.
“Jyushimatsu, can you promise me one thing?”, asked Ichi all of a sudden.
“What?”, asked Jyushi curiously.
“Don’t tell anyone that I cried here calling for your name because I thought I would have lost you or something.”
“Okay, it is a promise then.”
“I guess so too. Do you want to do a kitty paw promise?”, Ichi asked and blushing a little
“Like a pinky promise?”, asked Jyushi.
“Yeah, something like that.”, said Ichi and smiled at his younger brother.

They made a quick kitty paw promise. Ichi delivered this from the pinky promise because Jyushi was still a cat and he cannot make a pinky promise so that’s why.

It was getting dark. Ichi was carrying Jyushi in his arm. They were both exhausted. Jyushi was relieved and happy to have a trustworthy big brother. He was sleeping so adorably that even Ichi couldn’t resist it. Then whispered something to him:

“Jyushi, stay close to me...always.”

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Chapter 11# The Reason

Ichimatsu and Jyushimatsu finally got home. Others weren’t so worried about them. After all, they are all over 20 now. Ichi was so tired. He went to bed immediately and Jyushi went to the carpet to sleep with his cat brothers. Ichi looked like a sloth. He was seemed relaxed and comfortable after this day which was one of those embarrassing days. He deserved it. He got to restore his energy to hang around with Esp kitty tomorrow.

Ichi had a good night with no disturbance or strange dreams. He went outside and made sure that Jyushi didn’t go anywhere like what happened yesterday. Ichi didn’t want to think about that embarrassing moment when he cried in public. Ichi saw Esp kitty in front of their house.
“Good morning, Espie!”, said Ichi and raised his right hand from his pocket.
“Follow me!”, answered Esp kitty.
“Why, you have got something to show me?”, Ichi asked and was surprised.
“Just follow me, Ichimatsu.”, Esp kitty said.
“Alright then.”, Ichi answered and walked toward his little friend.

Esp kitty wasn’t in a hurry so he walked pretty normally. Ichi picked a timothy grass and waved it a little for his amusement. He hadn’t figured out what was the cause of all this. He has had so much fun with his brothers It has been over a month already. Pedestrians were staring at Ichi because he was following a cat with glasses. Ichi completely ignored them. He was keen on his little friend.

Esp kitty stopped. Ichi almost stomped his friend’s tail. Ichi looked at him few seconds and asked:
“ Is this the place you wanted to show me?”
“Yes, Dekapan’s lab”, Esp kitty answered.
“ Dekapan’s? What so surprising about that?”
“ Do you want to know the truth?, Esp kitty asked seriously.
“Know what? And you don’t need to be so serious about this”, Ichi asked.
“The cause of all this.”, Esp kitty said clearly to his human friend.
“Well, It’s not like I’m interested but I guess want then.”, Ichi said.
By the way, Espie, are you jealous about the fact that my brothers are cats and they get attention and you don’t?”, Ichi asked all of a sudden, because he was looking at his little friend’s serious face. Something was lying under that face of his.
“ What are you talking about? I am not jealous Ichimatsu.”, Esp kitty said and he had angry attitude.
“Oh yeah, then what’s with the angry face and turning your head to another way.”, Ichi asked and was clearly mocking his friend.
“ Just shut up already and let’s go inside.”, said Esp kitty angrily.
“ Is he even there. Have you been there this morning?”, Ichi asked curiously.
“ No I haven’t but I saw Dekapan carrying something with Dayon.”, Esp kitty explained.
“Okay, then what are we waiting for?”, Ichi asked and walked forward to Dekapan’s lab. Espie followed him without hesitation.

Esp kitty has been hanging around on this area after he learned to talk and he and Ichimatsu became good friends. He was actually fond of this place. According to Espie, the atmosphere was so quietly and nice. Ichimatsu put the timothy grass into his pocket and knocked the front door of the lab. Dayon opened the front door and Ichi and Espie got little scared.
“Dayon!”, yelled Dayon himself.
“Whoa, don’t scare people like that, Dayon. You scared bejesus out of us both!”, Ichi yelled at him.
“ Come inside, Dayon.”,Dayon said happily.
Ichi sighed and they went in. Dayon closed the front door and they went to talk with professor Dekapan. Dekapan was holding one of those sample jars. He was doing some notes. He had dozens of those jars on his board. Dekapan had been busy for a month. Dekapan noticed his guest and said:
“Oh, hello there Ichimatsu and hello to you too, Esp kitty!”
“What brings you two here, dasu?”, Dekapan asked.
“Well, Espie told me that here is something important here so I followed him here.”, Ichi explained.
“I see, dasu.”, Dekapan answered.
“Hey, Dekapan, what is that pink liquid in that jar and why there are so many of them?”, Ichimatsu asked curiously. The color of that liquid made him think that it is some kind of perfume liquid or something.
“ Oh this. Well, I guess I can tell you. You probably know already Dayon but you can hear me out if you want.”, said Dekapan.
“ I don’t mind at all, Dayon!.”, Dayon answered.
Professor stood up and put the jar he was holding back to the desk.
“Okay, let’s get started, dasu.”, he said.
“ Last year I was thinking to create something new. After meeting with Esp kitty I thought I could create something interesting. I went to collect some different materials for my new invention. The important part of this liquid was a DNA of an animal.
“DNA of an animal?”, Ichi said and was astonished.
“Yes, dasu. It was the key to this formula I created after mixing different materials. I put them on the list. Here have a look.”, Dekapan said and gave a piece of paper to Ichimatsu. Ichi read the formula and said:
“ Sorry, Dekapan, I am not into physics or chemistry and I hated mathematics so this whole thing is one piece of Hebrew for me.”, Ichi said and gave it back to Dekapan.
“It’s okay, dasu. I will demonstrate this formula soon.”, Dekapan said.
“So, what is this new invention of yours.”, Ichi asked immediately after returning the formula.
“Don’t worry, Ichimatsu, I will show how it works.”, Dekapan said.
“But first I need a guinea pig.”, He continued.
“No way in hell. I don’t do drugs!”, Ichi refused.
“This isn’t drug, dasu.”, Dekapan explained.
“ I will test this liquid on Dayon.”
“On me, Dayon?!”, Dayon asked and pointed himself with his index finger.
“Yes and now I suggest that you both stay back, dasu. You see this liquid spreads quickly so you need to take a certain distance to avoid this.”, Dekapan explained.
Ichi took Espie in his arms and backed off. Dekapan gave Dayon the jar and he opened it and drank immediately without hesitation. Dayon knew about the effect and described its taste after swallowing the whole thing.
“ I taste raspberry, Dayon!”, Dayon said.
Suddenly Dayon started to feel dizzy and he shrank.
His clothes were lying on the floor and Dayon-like head figure was under them. He came out and looked at Dekapan, Ichimatsu and Esp kitty and said:
“ What? WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST SEE!!!”, Ichi yelled and was shocked to see the effect of professor's new invention.

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Chapter 12# Back to The Old Days, Ichimatsu!

The reason to all this has been solved finally. Everything is now clear like a crystal. Ichimatsu is shocked and surprised about all of this. Dekapan walked to get Dayon from the floor. Then he asked Ichimatsu’s opinion.
“Well, what do you think, Ichimatsu?”
“What the hell did I just saw?!”, he asked.
“That is my new invention, dasu. The invention which turns living objects into cats.”
“So that’s why my brothers are cats. Then one of them must have brought one of those jars to our house. I think I know who it was.”, Ichi said.
“Oh, that reminds a month ago I was carrying a box full of these sample jars and there was one missing when I carried it inside. I didn’t really care about it, dasu. By the way, I haven’t seen your younger brother, Jyushimatsu since then.”, explained Dekapan.”
“He is my second assistant after Dayon, dasu.”, Dekapan added.
“Yeah, I heard from him.”, Ichi said.
“Dekapan, is there any way you can turn them back normal?”
“Well, I have created a antidote turns them back normal. I have created a formula and collected all materials that are needed in the process. Since this is the first sample, I need a helper and right now Dayon is unable to help me. Ichimatsu I am counting on you, dasu!”, Dekapan explained to Ichi.
“Like I said, I have no interest in chemistry and stuff.”
“Don’t worry, just do what I say. All you need to do is to give me those materials in order. We are not going to make any mistakes, dasu.”, Dekapan explained
“I guess I have no choice but to do what you say, professor.” Ichi sighed and answered. Once again he had a bad feeling about this.

Dekapan and Ichimatsu started to make the antidote. Dekapan gave him a lab coat and safety glasses. All this “safety first!”-thing was absolutely important. According to Ichi. He was sucked at chemistry back in the middle school. Those they were signs of chaos to him right now. He was tense and quiet. Dekapan took a look at him and laughed a little and said:
“Like I said, you don’t need to take this too seriously so it’s okay to be little nervous.”
“I know, just get to the case.”, said Ichi nervously. He was already sweating.

They worked over an hour at laboratory. Meanwhile Espie and The Dayon Cat were sleeping in Dekapan’s office. Ichi wanted to make sure that he gave exactly those materials what Dekapan asked. Ichi was 100 percent novice. While the way Dekapan worked him jealous. Though he didn’t care at all. Ichi was thinking about the consequences when his brothers return back to normal. They probably going to thank him and after one day their everyday life starts all over again since they are no longer cats after this day.

“We did it, Ichimatsu! We have created a perfect sample of my invention’s antidote. I appreciate your help, dasu.”, thanked Dekapan.
“No problem, but I didn’t do a thing. There weren’t any explosion during the process so I guess guys like you really know what to do.”, said Ichimatsu who was impressed by his way to work.
“ Here, take this jar, I guess you are the first one to test it.”, said Dekapan who gave Ichi the antidote.
“But what about Dayon?”, Ichi asked.
“Don’t worry only your brothers and Dayon are the only living objects that are turned into cats. I already gave one drop of that antidote to Dayon so he is back to normal right now.”, Dekapan explained.
“What are you going to do with the rest of those sample jars?”, Ichi asked curiously.
“I will figure out something soon.”, answered Dekapan.
“Ok, thanks a lot. I and Espie will take our leave.”
“Bye bye, dasu. Tell Jyushimatsu to come as soon as possible when he is back to his own energetic self.”
“He can help me to remove to jars somewhere else, dasu.”, he added.
“Okay, I will keep that in mind. See you then.”, Ichimatsu said and ran home with Espie.

When they arrived back home, Osomatsu, Karamatsu, Choromatsu, Jyushimatsu and Todomatsu were waiting for him. They saw him holding a different colored liquid. It was white as milk.
“ Hey, Ichimatsu, what is that liquid? Is it milk?”, Osomatsu asked.
“No, it is an antidote.”, Ichi said.
“Antidote to what?”, Totty asked.
“To cure you guys. I mean turn you back to normal. You guys know what I’m talking.”, Ichi explained in a hurry.
“Really! How did you get this?”, Choromatsu asked.
“Dekapan and I made this. The reason why you guys are now cats is because of his new invention.”, Ichi continued explaining
“Then what are we standing asking questions and stuff. I want to go out with some girls!”, said the frustrated Totty.
“Don’t get too cocky, Totty!”, Ichi yelled.

Ichi gave them few drops of antidote. The effect of the antidote began almost immediately and they felt something strange. The shining bizarre light appeared in front of Ichi who covered his eyes.
There they were. Matsuno brothers were completely naked in front of the fourth brother who didn’t took a look.
“Did it work?”, he asked.
“Yeah it did.”, Osomatsu answered.
“For fuck sake, put some clothes on guys you are not kids anymore!”, Ichi yelled and his eyes were still close. The sight was too embarrassing for him. Even that bizarre bright light.

After a moment, Ichimatsu opened his eyes and looked at his brothers. They were wearing their normal hoodies but somehow they looked really calm. It wasn’t normal. Five dark auras were raising from their backs. Ichi got bad vibes about their so called “backfire”.

“Ichimatsu do you know what time it is.”, Osomatsu asked him. Osomatsu, Karamatsu, Choromatsu, Jyushimatsu and Todomatsu were laughing like psychos. The dark aura got stronger and stronger.
“No, but I can guess what it is. Is it “The Akumatsu time?”, Ichi asked curiously. He was shedding cold sweat and was prepared to shit his pants.
“Correct answer. Now, holds still and this will be over soon.”, Choromatsu said.

The brothers walked towards him like zombies and took their weapons. They all were holding Jyushi’s baseball bats. Ichi was surrounded and he couldn’t do anything.
Ichi closed his eyes and the hell was unleashed. They all beat the crap out of him. It didn’t took a while and after that they threw their collars in front of him. The beaten and bloody Ichimatsu was lying on the carpet covered in his blood. Ichimatsu stood up and picked the collars and when to get the first-aid kit. He went to the roof to watch the sunset. Ichi was covered in bandages. He didn’t see quite well because he had black eyes. Suddenly the quiet moment was ruined by Jyushimatsu who came there to watch the sunset with him.
“Jyushi, what the hell are you doing here?”
“I came here to cheer you up and watch the sunset with you. I am sorry what I did to you back there.”, Jyushi said happily.
- “You don’t need to! Get out!”, Ichi yelled and demanded his younger brother to leave him alone for a moment.
- “That won’t make me leave even if you yell at me dozens of times. Let me tell you one thing, Ichimatsu-niisan.”
- “What?”
- “I liked to those days when I was a cat and you took care of me.”
- “I can’t believe you, Jyushi. You actually liked it.”
- “Yeah! It was awesome.”

Jyushi patted the injured Ichi while they were looking at the beautiful sunset.

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Chapter 13# Say “Nyan” Again, Please!

It has been two months… two long months since Ichimatsu had come over with the fact that his brothers are not cats anymore. The daily life of his has returned back to normal. He’s taking care of ESP kitty and stray cats of the near alley regularly as always. Nothing doesn’t seem wrong. Ichi is still gloomy and puts on a happy face when looking at the cats. But it doesn’t last long when recalls those days.

Ichi went out for a walk. Osomatsu and others were wondering about his current state. He clearly said at the bar that he is over with this cat transformation thing. They were showing signs of worry. Ichi kicked the little rock on the street until it fell to the sewer. He heard the sound of streaming water and stopped for a minute. After that he continued his casual walking. The Ichi looked at the clouds. He tried to find something hilarious from the blue sky full of big fluffy cloud pillows. One of them looked like an adult kangaroo and the other cloud took the shape of a dinosaur. Still searching a better cloud to look, he stopped at the park. Noticing the giant tree in the park, he recalled the day when he was looking for his energetic younger brother.
“No, no! Calm down, Ichi. It’s in the past now”, He said to himself.

The clouds were moving slowly and Ichi thought that it would last an eternity. He was hopeless. He wanted to forget the past and move on. That goes without saying but it’s hard to make that happen. You can’t just snap your fingers and hope that I will forget everything. Ichi, on the other hand, is a tough man whose feelings won’t fade away easily. He struggling right now.
“Finally, a cloud that makes me think something else.”, Ichi said. He seemed really satisfied. The cat shaped cloud resembled Jyushi rolling like a rock. Ichi couldn’t help but laugh. He stopped laughing and stood up from the bench and went somewhere else.
Ichi passed Dekapan’s laboratory and saw him and Dayon carrying boxes to inside. Ichi stared at them a little. They didn’t notice him so Ichi didn’t have to make any awkward “run away” maneuvers. Ichi turned around and decided to go home. He had nothing to do in the first place. Luckily the cat shaped cloud cheered him up somehow.

In the evening, Osomatsu and others went to the bar. There was nothing to celebrate or anything but Osomatsu just wanted to grab something to drink. After all, beer is his favorite drink. They went to their local table and ordered up immediately. It didn’t last even two minutes when they were ready. Everyone except Karamatsu took normal beers.
“Hey, Karamatsu-niisan, why didn’t you take a normal beer like we did?”, Totty asked curiously.
“I prefer whiskey this time.”, he answered and put on his weird stylish face.
“Is it good?”, Jyushimatsu asked.
“Hell yeah!”, Karamatsu said and drank like an Irish.
Choromatsu stared at Ichimatsu and asked something that has been bothering him for a week.
“Tell me, Ichi, haven’t you been a little weird nowadays?”
“Huh, what are you talking about, Choromatsu, I’m completely fine.”
“What makes you think that something is wrong with me?”, Ichi asked arrogantly. He already drank two beers.
“Well, you have been spacing out every day and missing important topics when we’re talking in groups so I was thinking that you might be little…”, Choromatsu explained.
“Whatever you guys think about my condition, it’s completely fine like I said. You don’t have to worry about me that much.”, Ichimatsu said to his brothers. His voice changed. Brothers were looking at him while he was having his third and fourth beer. They were terrified and suspicious about him.

An hour later, brothers were completely drunk. Jyushimatsu was waving his and it frustrated Totty who received random slapping from Jyushi’s hands. Osomatsu was still on the surface but spacing out awkwardly, Karamatsu sang some nonsense and Choromatsu was looking at Nyan-chan’s photo. Ichimatsu was like a doll. There were no signs of noise coming from him. Then he opened his mouth and yelled:
“FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!”, He yelled and started to cry. He made few hiccups before he continued.
“I can’t fucking keep on with this lying face of mine. How am I kidding. I’m not okay. You guys were right about me! I simply can’t forget lovely memories when you guys were goddamn cats. Fuck this fucking reality!”, Ichi said angrily and slammed his head on the table. Beer cans rolled off the table and brothers were looking at their crying brother. His feelings were unleashed and they felt really uncomfortable when they were looking at that pathetic sight. Jyushimatsu and Osomatsu touched Ichi’s shoulder and tried to cheer him up.
“I think we should leave.”, Todomatsu said.
“A clever idea, Totty”, Karamatsu replied and stood up.
“Come on, Ichi. Let’s get back home.”, Choromatsu said. Osomatsu and Jyushimatsu were carrying him all the way back home.

Drunken sextuplets returned home and went directly to bed. Ichi was whining like a puppy and murmured something. A miserable sight in the middle of night. Brothers fell asleep immediately when they were on their blankets. Ichi was still whining and couldn’t even make a single word. He tried to wish something.
“Please, God. I’m not very religious man but please let me see my brothers as cats. I can’t go on like this. This is so painful. P-please…”, Ichi said and final tears dropped on his blanket. He closed his eyes. Whining stopped.


”Ichimatsu, wake up!”, Jyushimatsu said and touched his shoulder. Ichi opened his eyes carefully and saw a cat touching him. He eyes were widely open and he jumped and backed off. He saw five
cats in front of him. He was shocked but happy when he realized that his brothers are now cats.
“Are you guys telling me that you are cats. Is this Dekapan’s doing?”, Ichimatsu asked curiously.
“No, I’m not sure. Dekapan wasn’t in the bar last night. That’s one thing I remember.”, Choromatsu said and was honest with him as always.
“But, Ichimatsu. You haven’t realized something.”, Totty told him.
“What is it?”, Ichi asked.
“Look at the mirror and see for yourself.”, Osomatsu said.
Ichimatsu when to the mirror and looked at himself. He was a cat. He didn’t even notice his height and that he was walking with four legs. Ichimatsu yelled like a raving stray cat and stated:
“Holy shit, the God is real!”

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Chapter 14# Cat Conversation

“Hey, Jyushi make sure you have pinched me ten times, because I still can’t believe I’m a freaking cat.”, Ichimatsu said to his younger brother. The moment was so awkward to him, but others… it felt like a deja vu. This is wasn’t Dekapan’s doing after all. Then what was it…

“Hey, Ichi, how do you feel now. Are you happy that you are an animal. An important one, I mean.”, Osomatsu asked Ichi who was overwhelmed of his fluffy tail. He tried to chase after it. It look so adorable and he seemed so innocent. After playing a little, he replied to his older brother.
“You can tell without asking me, Osomatsu. I fell AWESOME right now!”, he said and yelled. Even Jyushi had a happy reaction but it wasn’t close to Ichi’s happiness.
“Wait, guys.”, Choromatsu said. He had something in his mind.
“What is it, Choromatsu-niisan?”, Jyushimatsu asked. Still having that happy face of his.
“Haven’t you noticed something back then when we guys were Ichi’s cat slave.”
“Hey, you guys weren’t my slaves back then. I was super happy to have you as my cats.
“Ok, whatever you say. Anyway, the thing is… How can I say this nicely without freaking out or doing anything uncalled for. ”
“Oh, you are right. The thing how we can speak right now. I mean Dekapan’s inventions side-effect was that we gained our voices back and we were able to understand Ichimatsu and others. Was the thing you wanted to say, Choromatsu?”, Todomatsu explained and asked.
“No, Totty, it was something else. Let me think for a moment. I can barely remember the thing.”
“Hey, guys, maybe those readers out there in ##@ now the problem.”, said Jyushimatsu and looked at the invisible fourth wall.
“No, don’t watch there, Jyushimatsu! That’s the goddamn fourth wall. We don’t want to break it, do we guys.”, Choromatsu warned.
“No way, Choromatsu. We can break anytime we want but right now.”, Osomatsu said and laughed a little. He was looking forward to it already.
“How can say something with that carefree look on your kitty face.”, Choromatsu wondered.
“Don’t watch that freaking fourth wall, Jyushi Boy!”, Karamatsu yelled and pulled his brothers back.

Choromatsu’s raised his paw and opened his little kitty mouth. Then he said something but one word and a pause then another and etc…
“We. Haven’t. Taken. A Simple. “Do your thing”. Moment.”
“Do your thing. What do you mean by that, Flappymatsu.”, Ichimatsu asked.
“What the hell, Ichimatsu! Are you stupid. Did someone hit your head or something. You were a goddamn protagonist in that moment. Even the author avoided noticing this problem.”, Choromatsu said angrily and began the heated conversation.
Do I really have to yell at you, guys!? Don’t you understand what that even means?! I can’t say it directly.
“Is this a quiz, Choromatsu-niisan?”, asked Jyushimatsu.
“No, Jyushi it isn’t a quiz. A said something to avoid the current phrase for it, but that doesn’t mean we are doing quiz, okay.”, Choromatsu said and his adorable cat face turned into a cold face.
“Let’s see “Do your thing.” What could it possibly be.”, Osomatsu said and scratched his head.
“Think, brothers, think.”, Karamatsu said and put on his little black glasses which Ichimatsu bought when he was a cat.

Choromatsu was irritated how stupid his brothers were. Jyushimatsu was playing with Ichimatsu’s tail until he sneezed.
“Bless you, Jyushi.”, said Ichi.
“Thanks, Ichimatsu-niisan.”, Jyushi replied and chased Ichi’s tail and Ichi did the same to him.

The clock was already eleven o’clock. Choromatsu couldn’t say a single word. He fell asleep few times and looked at his moron brothers. Osomatsu, Karamatsu and Todomatsu were still thinking about the “Do your things” meanwhile Ichimatsu and Jyushimatsu were just playing. Looks like they gave up or they knew the answer but are acting like they don’t know anything.
They were making high fives with their paws, chasing their tails, looking for some toys that Ichi uses with Esp kitty when he’s bored or they want to play something together.
“Hey, Osomatsu-niisan, have you figured it out?”, Todomatsu asked. His eyes were barely open.
“Well, nothing really, Totty. What about you, Karamatsu.”, Osomatsu asked.
“Nope.”, he replied.
“Why are you guys so bubbly? It’s almost a noon.”, Choromatsu said.
“Why don’t you play with me and Ichi?”, Jyushi asked.
“I don’t feel like it. And why would I even play with you? I am over twenty years old already. Just like you, guys.”, Choromatsu explained.
“Huh, you shitty moron, Choromatsu! You don’t know anything about the routine of cats”, Ichimatsu said. Choromatsu snapped and asked.
“What did you say, nyaga?!”, Choromatsu
“What the fuck you mean by ‘nyaga’ ”, Ichimatsu said and moved closer.
“Step aside, Jyushi.”, Ichi commanded and Jyushi acted immediately.

Others stopped thinking when they saw Ichi and Choromatsu arguing about the knowledge of cats.

“Okay, Ichi, tell me something about cats, because you are freaking cat lover here!”
“You really are testing my knowledge. You finally noticed that I have smart brains too.”, Ichimatsu said. His kitty face turned into a gloomy one and evil-looking.
“Hey, calm down guys! There’s nothing to fight about it.”, Todomatsu said.
“Stay out of this, Totty or I will claw you for good.”, Choromatsu threatened and showed his cat claws.
“Hey, don’t you dear land your otaku claws on Totty, Flappymatsu!”, Ichimatsu threatened back.
“What otaku claws and don’t call me Flappymatsu! It really pisses me off.”, said Choromatsu.
“Do you know how cats play.”, Ichimatsu calmed down and said.
“Yeah, they chase their tails, right?”, answered Choromatsu
“Yes, but there’s more, you good for nothing otaku.”,proceeded Ichimatsu and glared at third brother. The third brother swallowed and was tense.
“Oh yeah, give me some examples mister ‘I know everything’!”,Choromatsu raised his voice.

Ichimatsu attacked him immediately and didn’t say a word. The two were fighting and rolling on the floor. Others had to dodge all of their movements. Ichimatsu clawed Choromatsu couple of times and Choromatsu on the other hand retaliated. Their rolling looked like a giant hairball making awful sounds. Suddenly they was stopped by Jyushimatsu who slapped their faces. They both felt pain and looked at each other in the same time. - “You both are idiots, aren’t you!?”, He said to them. His voice sounded mean and serious, but it showed how much he cares for them. Even Osomatsu, Karamatsu and Todomatsu were tense.
“Next time, don’t provoke the other one without a good reason.”, said Jyushimatsu.”
“Way to go, Jyushi!”, said Osomatsu who was surprised about his younger brother’s words.
“I’m ready to bury the hatchet. What about you, brother?”, Ichimatsu said quietly.
“Sure, I was the idiot here.”, Choromatsu.
“No, I was the one who opened the smart ass mouth in the first place.”, Ichi explained.
“Let’s go outside. I want to get some fresh air.”, Totty told his brothers.
“I want to sniff everything!”, Jyushi yelled.
“Spoken like a true cat, right guys, Karamatsu said.”
“You bet, bro!”, Ichi said.

These adorable innocent looking kitties walked through the hatch which they build for Esp kitty to enter their house. It was also used when the brothers were under the care of Ichimatsu. There clouds in the sky. They heard the sound of grasshoppers nearby and singing from the birds sitting in the tree.
Osomatsu asked suddenly.
“Hey, Choromatsu.”
“What was the ‘do your thing’ anyway. Karamatsu, Totty and I didn’t get it at all.”, Osomatsu asked and explained.
“Taking a dump at the sandbox.”, replied Choromatsu.
The brothers stopped and stared Choromatsu. The moment of silence was broken by the burst of laughing. Cat brothers rolled on the grass. Have you ever heard about laughing cats. Neither have I.

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Chapter 15# Sanctuary

After stepping out the house and recovering from uncalled for burst of laughing, brothers headed out for a walk. They were looking at the street and the buildings in front of them. The feeling of being a small living creature with nine lives in their pockets and seeing a massive big world. It isn’t easy for people or animals to survive like this. The brothers have died once. Three of them have visited the space, all of them have dug oil from the desert. Being as a cat requires lot of thinking. We humans can barely manage our everyday life with small amount of thinking but not overdoing 24/7.

“Whoa, city looks like this from a cat’s perspective.”, Ichi said.
“I knew you would say something like that, Ichi.”, Osomatsu said who walked side by side with his brothers.
“Do you what’s funny?”, asked Totty.
“What, Totty?”, Choromatsu asked back.”
“You guys know that it’s kinda cool that we are walking with four little paws and that makes cats faster than humans.”, he explained and laughed a little for his own amusement.
“I wonder if I can beat a cheetah in a race.”, wondered Jyushimatsu who was once again excited what he just heard.
“ I think that is impossible for you, Jyushimatsu. You are exaggerating a lot, aren’t you?”, Totty answered and laughed innocently.
“Hey, brothers look at the sky!”, Osomatsu yelled and raised his left paw and pointed the vast sky.

There were dark clouds in the sky. It meant rain. Sextuplets were far from home already and getting back without getting wet could have been a waste.
“Let’s run. Soon it’s raining. I am damn sure about that. What do you guys think?”, Osomatsu said and asked and showed his worried face.
“I think Osomatsu-niisan is right, we need to hurry up, but turning back is not an option. We would get wet for sure.”, Choromatsu said and thought a little.
“It seems everyone agrees. So let’s make a run for it, brothers!”, Osomatsu and ran in front and others immediately following the older brother like a leader of horde.

Water drops fell on Jyushi’s pink nose. Jyushi looked at the dark clouds. The drops were falling freely and randomly. They all looked at the ground covered in water. Water drops kept falling and falling. It felt like they were touched by melting lava drops. The feeling of getting their fur drenched was a weird feeling. The didn’t look behind. They saw some muddy spots on the street and dodge them as soon as they saw some. They rainfall got heavier. Could this be Kyogre’s Drizzle ability or just an ordinary heavy rain.
“Oh shit, the water drops are getting big and heavier.”
“What the hell should we do. Should we go to the closest building and stay there until the rain stops completely.”
“Quick thinking, Totty.”, praised Osomatsu.
“Hey, guys, that place…”, Karamatsu suddenly said something. He saw the warehouse nearby the place where he frequently fishes with his brothers.
“A perfect place to stay!”, Ichimatsu stated.
“Yeah, we can make it, Just run for your lives. We got 9 of them, right?”, Osomatsu said and encouraged his brothers to keep running as fast as possible.

They made it there. They found a sanctuary. The brothers felt cold because of the heavy rainfall.
They breathed heavily and were exhausted by the constant running. They deserved to rest.
“Freaking unbelievable we made it, guys.”, Choromatsu stated.
“That is the positive thing here. I’m not trying to ruin our positive atmosphere, but at this rate we are getting sick if we don’t dry ourselves.
“Don’t worry brothers.”, Karamatsu said and put on his mini black glasses and stood like a human.
“No isn’t the time to be stylish, Shittymatsu.”, Totty stated angrily.
“We can dry ourselves if we shake ourselves and…”
“One, two three!”, Ichimatsu counted and then they all shook off the water drops and every single drop landed on Karamatsu’s fur.
“Satisfied, Totty.”, Ichimatsu asked.
“A little.”, he replied.
“Hey, Karamatsu you should shake yourself.”, Osomatsu urged his drenched brother.

The sound of falling water drops was a real pest on their ears. Totty covered his tiny soft ears and got down like a cat who lays down on its owner’s bed.
Osomatsu watched the heavy rainfall, Karamatsu cleaned his min black glasses, Choromatsu tried to comfort Totty. Meanwhile Jyushi was staring at his older brothers, Ichimatsu.
“Hey, Ichi, you have some dirt on your nose.
“Is it mud?”, Ichi asked curiously.
“Let me clean your nose.”, Jyushi said and walked closer. Ichi’s face turned red when the younger brother licked the mud away and spat it at once.
“I...I could have done it myself, you know.”, Ichimatsu said and watched the other direction. Facing his younger brother with a face like this was an embarrassment.
“Yep, but it’s gone now.”, Jyushi said happily.
“Hey, wanna catch my tail again”, Ichi asked curiously. Someone just turned on the playful mode.
“Yeah, Ichi wants to play with me.”, Jyushi joyed.

While chasing each others tails for their amusement Osomatsu heard some humming from his brother. In human’s perspective it sounded like a normal cat cry.
Then he sang. It went like this:
“ Namari no sora omoku tarekomi. Mashiro ni dayono n da taiyou ga kukakete…”

“Is that a song from DOES, Karamatsu?”, Osomatsu asked curiously. He was familiar with those lyrics so he couldn’t resist and asked anyway.
“Yeah, Donten (Cloudy Weather in English).”, answered Karamatsu.
“That really fits. You know it’s raining and stuff…”, Osomatsu stated.
“That’s why I’m singing it.”, Karamatsu answered and put on his stylish smile.
“They see it as a cat crying.”, said Osomatsu who referred to the humans.
“I’m aware of that.”, Karamatsu replied.

Osomatsu looked at the others and Karamatsu continued humming and singing “Donten”. Drops were getting lighter and clouds were grey like a hardened concrete.
“Maybe I should join them. That tail chasing play looks kinda amusing.”, he said to himself.
“Hey, Ichi and Jyushi, count me in. Try to chase my tail.”, Osomatsu said and entered the friend zone or should I say “brother zone”

It took an hour after the rain stopped and they ran back home. They were starving. On the way back home, Jyushi was sniffing and others laughed at him. From now on they know where to go, but it’s not Japan’s best place to wait when the rain stops completely. The sun appeared and the sky was once again blue like always.

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Chapter 16# King of the Hill


Brothers have done something bad since a month. They scratched their parents’ furnitures and they are sick of it. The reason must be the time killing. Their cat instincts have awakened somehow. Their human mind is fused with mind of the ordinary cats. Their parents went to the pet store to buy them a cat tree so they don’t have to keep destroying their comfy furnitures.
Brothers are now sleeping on the floor while their parents are out. Jyushi hears the sound of the opening door. He thought that it must be their mom and dad.
Jyushi was the fastest to get to the door to see what the bought. The rest of them stayed where they were, after all their cat instincts weren’t so active like Jyushimatsu’s.
Jyushi saw his father carrying a large box. It looked heavy and he could tell by looking at his father’s face.
“Be careful, dear! You know you have a bad back problems nowadays.”, said Matsuyo.
“Don’t worry, I...can t-take this!”, Matsuzo struggled.
Jyushi jumped like a kangaroo and was overexcited what was inside of the box. He was literally drooling. Brothers walked casually to the door where their parents where. Matsuzo put the box in front of the them and swept the sweat from his forehead and sighed hardly couple of times.
“You need to get some rest, dear. We can open and build it when you have rested.”, Matsuyo explained to his exhausted husband.
“That’s fine by me.”, Matsuzo answered.
Matsuzo and Matsuyo went to the living room. Boys were looking at the brown large box.

“Guys, do you have any ideas what could be inside this thing?”, Osomatsu asked.
“Maybe there are some toys!”, yelled Jyushi happily.
“Toys… that’s so embarrassing!”, Todomatsu said much to his chagrin.
“I don’t really care what’s inside. We see it when it’s opened.”, Ichimatsu said to his brothers.
“Maybe something expensive I guess.”, Choromatsu wondered.
Jyushi jumped on the box and looked at his brothers like a person who entered the safety zone.
“Hey, Jyushi, get off of that box.”, Choromatsu complained.
“Make me.”, Jyushi replied immediately.
“Don’t make me come and get you.”, Choromatsu warned his younger brother.
“Hey, Flappymatsu, leave him be.”,Ichimatsu said put his left front paw in front of Choromatsu
“Who are you calling Flappymatsu. Seriously guys I am so sick of that insulting name of mine.”, Choromatsu raged at Ichimatsu.
“What’s the big deal. That box won’t break if he sits on it, right?”, Ichimatsu continued and looked calmly at his big brother who calmed down quickly and sighed.
“Hey, Jyushi, let’s play ‘catch the mouse’.”, Ichi said and smirked at his favorite brother.”
“Okay, who shall be the cat?”, Jyushi asked curiously.
“I shall be the cat. Prepare yourself, pal.”, Ichi said.
“Oh,no you won’t!”, said Jyushi and ran away and laughed for his and Ichi’s amusement.

Ichi and Jyushi played the game while others went back to sleep on the floor. Ichi caught Jyushi couple of times and Jyushi hanged around his neck. They were having a friendly brother bond. Ichi scratched Jyushi’s furry belly nicely but not clawing to deep. He didn’t want to hurt him just make him feel relaxed and satisfied.

After couple of hours, Matsuzo had a good rest and his back’s status was restored somehow. They opened the box and took the cat tree parts and built it in 20 minutes.
While sleeping they had moved it to the sextuplets living room. The cat tree was about the 2,5 meters long and it consisted of little hole, where cats could rest or be and on the top of the cat tree there was a ball hanging on the string made of sturdy straws just like the pillars of the cat tree. Now they had a cat tree to scratch.
Osomatsu opened his eyes and he saw something similar. He had seen this in pet stores and couldn’t hardly tell what it is. Osomatsu revealed his sharp claws and scratch the pillar of the cat tree. It felt harsh and good. He scratched it even more and wildly. He looked satisfied and his pupil was pitch black and bigger. It was like he just took a drug pill. Others were opening their eyes and saw Osomatsu’s satisfied face. The ‘cat’ inside
Osomatsu was woken up by this cat tree.
“Wow, why do we have this big ass cat tree here.”, Karamatsu asked curiously and was shocked to see the size of it.
“Maybe this was inside the box our parents brought here.”, Choromatsu thought.
“And they built it while we were having a kitty nap”, Todomatsu proceeded.
“I want to try it out for a quick.”, Ichi said and walked closer to it.
“Do you mind if I scratch this thing just like you did, Osomatsu-niisan?”, Ichimatsu asked and Osomatsu saw his happy look.
“Not at all. Man this thing is great. Why don’t you guys give a good try too.”, Osomatsu asked the rest of the brothers.”
“OOOHHH YEEAAHHH! Muscle Muscle Hustle Hustle!”, yelled Jyushimatsu who flew like a missile towards the cat tree and scratched it like he did to his parents’ furnitures about two days ago.
“Well, it can’t be helped. We gotta behave like cats. It wouldn’t be normal.”, Todomatsu said.
“You think that talking cats is a normal matter?”, Choromatsu questioned and pulled a dummy face.

After few minutes, they were all into it and scratched it. Then Osomatsu got a crazy idea. It was now or never chance to share this childish opinion with his brothers.
“Hey, guys, here me out a little. I have a crazy idea! Because we have this cat tree here, why don’t we play a little game called king of the hills.”, said Osomatsu with a good attitude. The attention was completely taken by him and his idea.
“Yeah, Osomatsu-niisan. Sounds fun! Let’s do it!”, Jyushimatsu said and started the same jumping and drooled. What an enthusiastic fellow.
“Nice thinking!”, Karamatsu said and put the black glasses on.
“I’m in!”, Choromatsu said and raised his paw like a proper school boy.
“Me too!”, Todomatsu said.
“Sounds interesting.”, Ichi replied.
“Okay, cool. Idea is really simple. Imagine that this cat tree is like a hill made of snow and you have to get to the top and the one who is in the top, gets the title of a king. The king must protect his title from others and he must not let others take over his hill. You guys catch my drift?”, Osomatsu explained and asked.
“Yeah I get it.”, Jyushi replied.
“Let’s begin then if everything is clear.”, Totty said and was really forward to this but not like Jyushi.
“The fame is mine.”, Karamatsu said stylishly.
“The king’s title is mine.”, Totty replied.
“I bet you can’t get it, Totty.”, Osomatsu said.
“We’ll see about that.”, he replied to his big brother.

The play began and the brothers were climbing to the top and looking at each other. They all had threatening faces and they were ready drop the other one the get to the top. Totty had they eyes of a cheetah and Jyushi was having a look of strong-willed jaguar. Those eyes were shining like two average size jewels and movements were fast and mistakeless this far. Osomatsu and Karamatsu began their fight. Ichimatsu was ready to tear Choromatsu apart if he overtakes him not matter how big the distance is between them. Choromatsu was making a sound of an angry cat. Ichi was stunned but then he was making similar sounds just like Choromatsu did. The distance to the top wasn’t too big and they were close to the goal. Who is going to be the king of the cat tree. Osomatsu and Karamatsu suddenly dropped down because of their constant fighting and lack of their surroundings. Ichimatsu was dragged down by Choromatsu who bit his tail and he cried like a peacock. Jyushi and Totty were the only cats who were aiming to the top.
“The king title is mine! Do you understand, Jyushimatsu-niisan!?”, Totty asked angrily.
“No Jyushimatsu is going to be the king, not Totty.”, Jyushi said.
“Well I am not gonna lose to you. Not to any of you from now on.”

Just a little more and then they are at the top. Suddenly…
“No, I am going to be the winner, you naive Matsuno brothers.”
“Who the fuck said that?!”, Totty asked outrageously.

The sound was similar and only Ichi could recognize this voice easily. After all he has mastered the sound of his friend.
It walked closely to the edge and dropped Jyushi and Totty who went all the way down like the others. Totty and Jyushi were looking at the first king of the hill… ESP kitty. He was playing with the ball hanging on the string. Brothers weren’t aware of his presence. Ichi knew he was inside this house but didn’t want to ruin the mood they had before beginning the play. He just laughed which made others look at him and wondering who or what was he laughing about.
“Who are you laughing at, Ichimatsu-niisan.”, Jyushi asked curiously.
“To us, I suppose.”, Ichi said and laughed a little again.

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Chapter 17# Dragonfly Hunter Jyushimatsu

It’s a beautiful day. A clear sky, sun shines brightly and the sound of grasshoppers causes normal environmental noises. Jyushimatsu is sleeping on the just cut grass in the nearest park of their neighborhood. He is moving quite a lot when he’s taking his daily nap. Suddenly three big dragonflies flies around him and one of them lands on Jyushi’s tiny pink nose. Jyushi doesn’t feel a thing. The dragonfly decides to stay in that spot. But Jyushi’s not an ordinary cat. He is much more like his brothers. Jyushi flips his body and the dragonfly goes away. This dragonfly follows his comrades and they just fly above him like in the beginning. They were up to something suspicious.

The booger bubble is coming out of Jyushi’s pink nose.
He finally wakes up when the awfully abnormal booger bubble exploded and made a noisy sound. This scared the dragonflies which landed on the grassy terrain.
Jyushi eyes were wide open when he saw those three dragonflies in front of him. He was thrilled and his heart started racing hardly. Then his tail lost control of his body and was swinging like a malfunctioned pendulum.
He rose his back part of his body and his pose was similar to cheetah. Jyushi didn’t hesitate at all. He had caught those a lot when he was with Ichimatsu all the time. Catching them was the best and it was an easy way to kill time in their childhood. Jyushimatsu the cheetah hasn’t low his aim on these three dragonflies. The predator is not moving at all. His pupils are big which is a negative sign. He launches to catch them, but he couldn’t outsmart those lucky four-winged insect bastards of miraculous nature.

“Hah hah, I almost had you guys”, said Jyushimatsu. He didn’t really care if he didn’t catch a single one of those dragonflies.
“I got to make a new plan”, said Jyushimatsu. Usually he hasn’t been thinking 100%, but this time he’s going to make a little thinking moment. The dragonflies have landed on the bench of the park. There were no people around who could scare them away and Jyushi’s attempt to catch them would fail because of it. But everything is crystal clear to him how to act. He was thinking about 2 minutes. Fast thinking but now he’s going to test his brains works.

Jyushi acted quickly because this situation was a ‘once in a lifetime chance’. He ran to the bench and attacked immediately. They flew away in seconds. Jyushi fell on the ground and looked at his dusty paws. he caught one. He had broken this dragonflies back wings and Jyushi acted like a predator and ate it. It was crunchy like a chocolate biscuit and its taste was unique compared to other nasty insects he has devoured in these hot summer days. There were only two dragonflies left in this little survival game of Jyushimatsu. He suddenly got some kind of adrenaline boost about eating living dragonflies. Jyushi is making history. He’s slowly evolving into a predator cat. Unfortunately Charles Darwin is not here criticising these actions.

Jyushi jumped to the bench and looked at his flying big prays. He jumped and tried to reach those two with his paws. They flew away from the park and Jyushi went after them like he was chasing a big mouse. Jyushi made quick maneuvers to dodge the pedestrians who walked by. He paid no attention to them but only those two dragonflies. These weren’t normal dragonflies because these ones flew about 3 meters off the ground and Jyushi has approximately fifty-fifty chance to succeed in his temptation. Few pedestrians find this really funny and absurd:
“ Hey mommy, look at that strange cat who is chasing after dragonflies.”, a little boy said to his mother.
“Ara ara, how hilarious.”, said the mother of the boy.
“Well look at that cat! That one’s brains went overdrive or what do you think, pal?”, said the male pedestrians to his friend.
“I presume you are right.”, the other male pedestrian said and laughed a little.
Jyushi turned to the right corner. There was a back alley and in the end of it a dead end with lots of big trash cans. Dragonflies flew and crossed the wall. Jyushi jumped on those big trash cans like a super Mario and almost fell from the edge of the wall but manage to keep himself on the track. Tracking them down was something out of bounds when it comes to Jyushimatsu. He can make impossible thing into possible things if he wants or is it just the author who makes ridiculous ideas which doesn’t make sense like that hiatus thing. This dragonflies didn’t have any super mini-sized tracking beacons on them or was it just Jyushi’s own impossible imagination. There was maple tree on the sidewalk. Dragonflies flew to that tree and Jyushi jumped and took out his sharp claws. He was prepared to climb to the top of that maple tree. Dragonfly number 2 was caught by him in these little split seconds. One dragonfly left and it was time to head back home. The sun didn’t set this fast. Everything happens so fast. Jyushi ate the second immediately and it was even tastier than the first one. He went overboard about the taste of dragonflies. The crunchy sound was similar to the moment when you take a good bite from a piled fresh carrot. The adrenaline boost was doubled and the demeanor our overexcited fifth brother of the Matsuno family was even dangerous and not innocent at all. Jyushi climbed like a raged monkey towards the last pray. The big web eyes of the dragonfly gave it an advance in this little survival game. It didn’t flee but stayed on the trunk of the tree and waited calmly like a person who can resist his lust.
Jyushi shook his head and looked at the dragonfly. He swung his right arm like a fan. The third dragonfly flew on his nose once again. Jyushi didn’t know which of these three landed on his nose, but he had a FEELING that this dragonfly was the one who did so. The moment of harmony broke the Jyushi’s hunting intentions completely. He was looking at that dragonfly on his nose. He wasn’t going to swing his arm to make it fly away. He let it be. Suddenly he felt like he was going to sneeze a big time. He was trying to keep it inside him but it was no use. He sneezed and opened his mouth. The dragonfly didn’t manage to escape and ended up in Jyushi’s mouth.
“Don’t worry. You are with them right now. You guys are inside me right now. Heh heh.”, Jyushi spoke to the three dead dragonflies in his stomach.

Jyushi was delighted and the adrenaline boost ended immediately. The effect of the adrenaline last about an hour and couple of minutes. He eyes and demeanor went normal. Jyushi headed back and saw ESP kitty and Ichimatsu on their little chit chat walk. Ichi said that he had paid a visit with ESP kitty and his stray cat colleagues.
“Hey, Jyushimatsu! Where have you been?! Let’s go back! It’s snack time already!
“Snacks? Yummy! Muscle Muscle Hustle Hustle!”, overjoyed Jyushi and ran toward his older brother.
“Tell me Jyushimatsu what you did today when I was hanging around with Espie? You seem quite happy today.”, Ichi asked curiously.

“I was hunting dragonflies in the park and on the streets. It was super fun. It brought me back some memories when we went to catch them.”, Jyushi explained happily.
“ What did you do to them?”, Ichi asked.
“I ate them like a dragonfly hunter.”, he answered.

ESP kitty and Ichi stopped and looked at the Jyushi’s mouth. There was a little part of the dragonfly wing hanging out of his mouth.
“What?”, asked Jyushi.
“Oh, nothing. Let’s just walk.”, said Ichi and ESP kitty turned blue all of a sudden and was ready to throw up his breakfast.