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Love on Top

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His skin shined under the dim light the street lamp cast as the man kissing and biting on his throat and jaw left a hot trail of saliva. The moans leaving his lips as he's devoured don't even bother him at this point. He knew he sounded needy and desperate and aroused, but it all just feels too good. Yoongi doesn't want this to stop. He'd rather let Jin continue to suck pretty, puce hickies all over his once pale neck because those pink, plump lips are setting his body on fire and making his head feel light and his body feels like it's going to topple over from how weak he's going - no doubt from the lack of oxygen in his lungs because the tall man eating his neck is making it very difficult to remember how to even breathe. But again, Yoongi cannot be bothered to give two shits or even think about putting a stop to this. 


Jin attached to his neck is heaven. Actually, Jin touching him anywhere is heaven. That mouth of his leaves Yoongi feeling light and heavy, loose and tight, high and sluggish. It was all a beautiful contradiction. 


The shorter man let an eager groan escape from his parted lips and Jin pressed in on him, harder against the brick wall from the dingy alcove they've found themselves in as they filed out the back door from the club. Yoongi can feel his pulse dancing in his ears along with the loud music. He can't tell if he's in sync or not because it's all just a mixed up mess of beats and he can't put in the effort to focus long enough to break the two apart. The thick thigh of mass and muscle that is rubbing his hot and heavy cock in his jeans is making him see blurry when his eyes are open and see little spots of light when they're closed. He can feel his member twitch as Jin oscillates his leg further into him. And really, he should stop this for a second so they can move this somewhere more horizontal, but his legs are jelly and his hands are far too busy pulling the man before him even closer into his body. 


The cool February night chill is biting at his skin where the saliva is leaving his skin vulnerable, yet his heart and head feel as if they're in an oven - he's being baked alive in the fierceness that is Kim Seokjin. Said man makes his way towards his ear where he breathes hot air onto it as he brings the lobe between his perfect, white teeth. Yoongi knows he's going to say something so he's trying to focus a little so he could be ready to decipher the words, but Jin isn't making it easy for him. He can smell the cologne that his closeness mixed into the air between them. He can smell the alcohol and mint on his breath. The scents are mingling and driving him wild because he's just so close to him. He has him in his hands right now and it's still not enough. He still wants more from the sexy man hovering over him and into him. That wicked tongue doing deeds that only the most nefarious of men are capable of. That tongue could bring Yoongi to his knees with a simple flick and both men know it. 


"You're a mess," those are the words that Yoongi hears whispered into his ear. The small chuckle that follows only make gentle shivers slide along his spine. Yoongi is well aware of his current state, but it's all Jin's fault. Jin is wonderful. He knows where to touch and how to touch and when to touch and what to touch to get Yoongi so pliant and lascivious that it should damn well be a crime to be so turned on and to be such a tease. Both are guilty of nonexistent crimes of passion, yet both serve the sentence with their moans and groans and more than willing bodies. 


"Yeah, well why do you think that is, Mr. Obvious?" Yoongi tried to sound snarky, but his voice dropped way too much desire over every word and his vacant lungs made him sound breathless. The vibrations he felt tickle his chest as Jin laughed in response brought a stupid smile to his face. Jin's laugh always made him feel like home, as lame and loathe to admit it he was. The arms that wrapped around his narrow shoulders brought him impossibly closer as Jin snuggled into the slope where his neck met his shoulder. They went from practically having sex through their clothes to cuddling – still fully aroused – in such a blink of an eye, yet it felt completely normal. And because it was. They were meant for each other. Having a cuddle or sex made no difference as long as they were near the other. 


"Let's go home." Jin said. It was a cross between a plea and a suggestion, and Yoongi would have taken it even as an order as long as it slipped from his boyfriend's pouty lips. Yoongi took this opportunity to undulate against Jin to show what a great idea he thought that was. The melodious hiss that he heard and felt against his neck let him know that Jin was more eager than he let on. "You're such a tease." He said with a light and airy tone. It was Yoongi's turn to laugh as he gently pushed Jin away so he could escape the warmth from Jin on his chest and the chill from the wall on his back in favor of grabbing his palm and linking their fingers together. 


The two made their escape from the nippy air as they walked hand in hand to their apartment – only twenty minutes until they could fall into each other's arms. Nonsensical sweet words were shared as hungry hands fought the temptation to devour the man beside them. Silly smiles and graceless giggles and eager eyes danced in the air and short distance between them. The world around them slipped from their peripheral visions as they tunneled into their own world where they resided alone without a need for anybody else. 


Finally, the two made it home and as soon as the door locked behind them, those restrained hands no longer had the need to hold themselves back. Cool palms were quickly heating up as they touched warm skin. Yoongi hissed as Jin snuck a hand up his shirt and rubbed his right flank with gentle squeezes here and there. The shorter man was pushed backwards as Jin easily led him further into their home. Meanwhile, Jin's other hand reached around and behind him and kneaded the small globe of his left ass cheek. Moving them along was becoming difficult as Yoongi almost tripped over the short stack of books and finally making it to their brown leather sofa. The impact made their groins press close as Jin caught the other. However, any discomfiture the impact might have caused vanished with each squeeze on his ass and his hips pushed forward in reward. Suddenly thinking they shared way too much cloth between them, Yoongi moved his hands away from their positions on Jin's cheek and neck. He continued kissing his boyfriend, but moved his own hands down in between their crotches. His right hand cupped Jin's thick member through the jeans and rubbed up and down with his palm. The gesture earned a hiss and a low murmur of a laugh from the mouth loosely attached to his. Not wanting to drown in the foreplay forever, Yoongi pushed his man closer to the sofa and used his thin, nimble fingers to unbutton and unzip the jeans that were holding his boyfriend's straining cock hostage as they got closer and closer to the edge. 


Once the hard member was freed, Yoongi wiggled out of his boyfriends grasp, pushed the taller man onto the sofa cushion, and dropped down to his knees where they hit the soft carpet. Once settled into his new position, Yoongi smiled up at his glossy eyed boyfriend as innocently as he could which earned a soft scoff from the other. "Don't act like an angel, Yoongi. Not while that pretty mouth licks those pretty lips and eyes my cock." Jin laughed without any malice. In fact, his voiced was laced with arousal and desire, and strained to form the words themselves as they struggled to keep calm and composed. 


With a smile that became wider before it let his tongue out to run over the lips his boyfriend just called pretty, Yoongi stopped his wickedness to respond, "oh, but baby, I am an angel, and I'm about to send you straight to heaven." And without waiting for Jin's reaction, his pretty mouth covered that pretty cock and wrapped itself around it and down it until his lips touched the hilt and his chin hit the balls. 


"Fuck!" Jin groaned above him as he was completely engulfed in the wet, hot cavern of his Yoongi's mouth. Every time Yoongi swallowed him a little piece of his heart broke off in the explosion of pleasure that shook him to his core. With each suck and swallow, all of Jin's wildest dreams came true because Yoongi's mouth was a precious weapon that could be used against him any day of the week. The same weapon that made him feel like he was on top of the world rather than any depth of despair. With his sweet little Yoongi by his side, the sun shines brighter, days got shorter and his heart beat faster. Yoongi was his happiness prescription that he hoped would forever be refilled. 


Up and down that head bobbed along the length of his cock and with every tug and tightening, beautiful colors partied on his eyelids. "Fuck, baby..." Jin moaned out lowly as Yoongi hummed around him, sending smooth shocks of pleasure through his cock and up his spine. Yoongi could tell that his boyfriend was close; that chest continued to rise and fall in a quick pattern and those white teeth were sucking and biting those plump peckers. His Jin would blow his load soon if he continued to suck the life out of the long, red, thick cock in his mouth. With a loud pop, he released the hot, glistening member and stepped out of reach of his love's long arms. 


Jin looked up when he felt the loss of heat on his cock and in between his legs. The cool air teased as the vacant space and with a heavy head barely lifted, he opened his eyes to seek out his lover.  His eyes met those of the deep, sultry brown ones Yoongi had lined with the blackest liner. The teasing smirk he saw made his cock dance in thrill of what the man was going to do next. He had a feeling he was going to like it. A lot


Sure enough, the scene before him became a music-less striptease. He watched as Yoongi swayed those sinful hips to an imaginary rhythm and watched as those hands trailed up and down his chest, playing with the hem of his shirt. He watched as Yoongi dragged them over his peaking nipples that were renting the thin material of his shirt. He watched some more as those hands went and played with the waistline of his faded blue jeans. He let those thin fingers fall under the band and disappear a couple of inches. He listened as soft, exaggerated moans left those small, pink lips. He was getting hungry. He wanted to eat, no, devour Yoongi. And he would as soon as those clothes came off. 


As if he read the other mind, Yoongi pulled his fingers out but only to place them over the button of his jeans. He pushed the little circular button out of the hole and tugged them down without unzipping them. Down came his jeans along with his tight, white briefs. He folded his body in half as he slowly pushed them off his thin legs, and as soon as the fabric was at his ankles, he stood straight up and stepped out of the denim and cotton. His pink cock bobbed in place twice before it stilled when his hand tightened around it to give it two lazy strokes. His short sleeve button up rustled softly as his other hand traveled up the expanse of his chest and pinched at his small, hard bud. A blissful smile graced his mouth as sweet moans joined in the fun. Yoongi stood before his boyfriend in ugly, off white socks and a grey short sleeve button up. And the entire scene only made Jin's heart race faster. God, he loved this man. 


"Are you going to continue, or do I need to rip that new shirt of yours?" Jin teased with a mischievous glint in his dark eyes. He was incredibly turned on; he didn't know how much more restraint he could put forth. 


With a minute tilt to his head, Yoongi pouted his small lips cutely before speaking in a disgustingly sweet voice, "you want me? Come get me." The words left his mouth so calmly and gently that Jin wasn't even sure he heard correctly, but the pair of pale ass cheeks that ran off toward the hallway was enough encouragement to get his feet going as his head caught up with his feet's speed. He nearly tripped when his jeans caught around his knees. His palms hit the wall as he caught himself. With haste he pulled the stupid pair off his legs and dropped his boxers along with them. His eyes caught Yoongi just as he turned the corner to fall through the door to their bedroom. Feeling elated, Jin nearly flew to their bedroom and pulled his shirt over his head. He almost missed the room as his body tried to keep going. He heard Yoongi laugh as he pulled himself into their room. 


The sight before him nearly killed him. On their messy bed was a very naked Yoongi. No more button up and no more socks. Propped up against the headboard with crooked up legs that fell open. One hand lazily rubbed one nipple while the other teased his twitching hole. Jin felt the saliva fill his mouth and the blood rush to his already solid cock. Yes, Yoongi was definitely about to be devoured. 


"Starting without me?" He said as smoothly as he could. It still pulled a mellifluous chuckle from his lover. Yoongi always could read him like an open book. He also knew the hold he had over the taller man. 


Closed eyes responded first and then pleasured moans filled the room as Yoongi buried one finger in to the hilt. Jin couldn't let him have all the fun, so he ran over to his little lover and pulled his hand away from his ass. He crawled and hovered over Yoongi and in between his spread thighs, who wrapped his arms around Jin's neck and shoulders. Their lips met in a less than chaste kiss and moans were shared between them and lips were bit and tongues were sucked. They kissed and kissed for what felt like hours before Jin let go with a simple utterance of "turn over". Yoongi smirked and pulled his knees in close so he could spin himself around. His ass nearly kissed Jin's face before it settled right under his chin. Yoongi pressed his cheek into the pillow as his chest and shoulders pressed down into the mattress. His ass remained propped up and near Jin because he knew what was coming next. And sure enough, the hot muscle of Jin's tongue licked up slowly. The tip touched his balls and dragged up and up until his tongue found that eager hole. And once that tongue licked over it once, twice, thrice, it oscillated into it. Jin buried his tongue with strength into that small, quivering hole. Yoongi let out a long, drawn out moan of pure ecstasy as Jin continued to probe in and out. 


"Fuck, Jin! Fuck, baby- ju-just li-like that! Fuuuck!" Yoongi let moan and groan slip from his mouth as his hands tightened into the covers. His hands shook with the effort to keep himself grounded as Jin's tongue acted like a jack hammer and rammed into his hole over and over, meeting little resistance. He felt his ass cheeks get squeezed a couple of times before they were pried apart to make room for Jin's face. He got even closer this way and even deeper into Yoongi. Another much louder moan left his mouth as Jin separated and bit down onto his right ass cheek. The teeth clamped down, no doubt leaving a bruise on the pale skin. Yoongi was on cloud nine. That mouth returned to his hole only to have it sucked into Jin's mouth. Yoongi's hands left the bed sheets alone as one hand buried itself into his hair and tugged while the other reached behind him and stretched to find Jin's own hair and pull him in closer to his hole. Knowing what Yoongi wanted, he let his tongue go in deeper as a finger slid its way in too. His finger and tongue both had their way with the pink, hungry hole. Yoongi was feeling fantastic and seeing stars as that index finger tickled and teased his pleasure button without trouble or hesitation. 


"Fuck, fuck, fuuuuck! Jin, fuck!" Yoongi cried out as he came over the bed sheets. Jin sucked and licked a few more times before lifting his face from those glorious globes. He spanked it twice with a light hand. Yoongi giggled airily under him before his body gave in and collapsed completely against the sheets. "Fuck, Jin, that was-" he let the words trail off as Jin placed soft kisses on his back. He lowered himself with each kiss so his hard cock rubbed over Yoongi's thigh. Kisses over shoulder blades and the pale neck were placed as Yoongi hummed in elated encouragement and appreciation. 


One chaste kiss to Yoongi's cheek had the shorter man turning over so his back was now on the mattress and the two men were face to face. The two attached their mouths and kissed more before Yoongi pulled away to leave kisses along that strong jaw and along that thick neck. He left a trail of light puce markings, leaving proof that Jin belonged to him. This beautiful, handsome man was taken. The markings he left on the light skin were a PSA to anyone who saw them that said Jin was his and his alone. His mouth moved lower and lower until he hit a collarbone. His mouth clamped down and nibbled on the bone with intent. His tongue laved in the dip and Jin groaned in appreciation. Jin's hands continued to rub Yoongi's flanks as Yoongi brought his hips up to grind his slowly awakening cock into Jin's still straining one. 


Thinking enough was enough; Jin pulled Yoongi's thighs closer to him and spread them wider. The paler man took advantage of the new position and wrapped his legs up and behind his boyfriend's hips, drawing the taller man in closer. With a laugh, Jin collapsed and in effect rubbed his cock even further into Yoongi's. They moaned in unison as their hot flesh touched, sending pleasure coursing through their bodies and over their skin. 


"Lube," was all Yoongi mumbled into Jin's neck before Jin reached over to their nightstand and grabbed the small bottle and squeezed some onto his throbbing cock. He positioned himself right at Yoongi's entrance. The two locked eyes as Jin slowly slid into the hot heat of the precious hole. He struggled to keep his eyes open so he could watch Yoongi slowly lose it as he was filled to the brim with thick cock. Yoongi breathed out slowly in satisfaction as Jin slid all the way in until he was balls deep. Yoongi tighted his hold on Jin and dug his nails into the flesh on his broad shoulders. "Ah, fuck-" was all he said as he threw his head back and further into the pillow beneath him. Jin leaned in close and placed kisses onto the pale neck, leaving his own trail of pretty love bites. 


With a wiggle of his hips, Yoongi encouraged the man on top of him to move. Taking the hint, Jin pulled out and pushed back in with some speed. He repeated the action and increased in speed with each flutter of Yoongi's eyelashes and each stutter of broken moans and breaths. He was burying himself in all the way only to pull out all the way to the tip just to repeat the action with such voracity that his own breathing was becoming quite labored. 


"Babe," Yoongi called out with much effort, "top, on top!" He chanted with a steady of a voice as he could. Jin stilled without pulling out and flipped them so that Yoongi was now on top and sitting on his lap as Jin's back hit the mattress. Yoongi bounced and moaned on top of Jin. Lifting his hips up high only to drop down heavy on Jin's cock. Both were moaning messes as each were fucked into oblivion. Jin squeezed and rubbed on Yoongi's deliciously pale thighs. His blunt nails left pink trails along the skin and Yoongi's own nails dug onto Jin's chest as he used the surface to keep his balance. And every time his prostate was hit, Yoongi's smile only widened until it looked like his jaw would dislocate. One hand remained connected and balanced on Jin's chest as the other tweaked and pinched his small, sensitive nipple. Yoongi's bounces were becoming erratic as he was getting closer and closer to the edge. Seeing him so close, Jin started to feel the pit of his stomach heat up even more as he chased after his own climax. As Yoongi began clamping down on Jin's hot cock, Jin wrapped his hand tightly around Yoongi's leaking dick. He squeezed and tugged the throbbing member until Yoongi's shout of "Jin!" And then his chest was painted with Yoongi's orgasm. 


Feeling those cheeks and hole tighten around him into a near vice grip and seeing his lover lose himself to the pleasure, Jin couldn't hold his own off any long. And with a similar shout of, "fuck, Yoongi!" He came deep inside his lover. Yoongi rode it out of him before he finally collapsed and fell onto Jin's heaving chest. With a lazy and satisfied smile, Yoongi buried his face into the slope of Jin's neck and breathed heavily onto the flushed skin. 


The two relaxed into each other's embrace as they slowly caught their breaths. With a gentle and warm kiss from Jin to Yoongi's sweaty locks, the two fell into a much appreciated slumber.