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Xiumin PoV
I was an alpha!
At least they tried to make me into one since I was baby. My complete Pack expected that my father and mother had an alpha as their heir, only my parents and the Alpha who was to become my mate later knew the truth, that I am an Omega. In our pack the Position of Pack Alpha did not go to the strongest Alpha pack, instead, the Position was inherited by the eldest alpha pup of the current Pack Alpha. Which I could not because I wasn’t an Alpha, so my parents choose a partner for me shortly after my birth.
The puppies in my pack felt the omega part in me and wanted to be around me and play with me. Fortunately, this behavior also happened when puppies were around an Alphas so that no one suspected.
Unfortunately, every day I felt the disappointment of my parents, which is why I often took care of two of the puppies: Sehun and Jongin, twins. The two were just 2 years old, so they had no real control over their two forms. Mostly they were in their wolf form and played like little wolves. When I visited them in the little daycare center we had they would nearly always run around with each other and play. After half an hour, the two wolves would come to me and cuddle up in my lap.
On the day this, my, story starts I was on the way to the pups. My parents had told me that they wanted to entrust me and Joonmyun, my partner, with a few of the Younger Wolves for a month, so we could get used to life as an alpha couple. I did not want to get used to it because I would never really run the pack anyways.
Also, I did not want to spend a month with Joonmyun, as he often treated me very disrespectful and saw in me nothing more than a housewife and treated me badly as soon as no other wolves were with us.
But I knew I would not be able to change my situation. My parents determined what to do and I had to obey. While I was pondering, I arrived at our little kindergarten. There were the little ones from 2-6 years accommodated to learn how to deal with other wolves. I entered the open area and almost immediately a small black puppy and a brown-haired boy came running towards me. The puppy was Jongin and the boy Sehun. In Wolf Form, the two were easier to distinguish than when they were both in their human form, for Sehun had white fur as opposed to Jongin's black. In human form, they were simply identical twins. I crouched down to hug Sehun and pet the little puppy behind the ears.
"Minnie!" Cried the little joyful and stretched out his arms towards me. I picked him up. So, he sat on my lap. Jongin nudged my ankle to get my attention. I began to stroke the puppy with my free hand as I listened to Sehun talking to himself. But suddenly he fell silent and Jongin pressed closer to me seeking protection. This was also a possible reaction of children and puppies to alphas.
"Minseok, we have to talk," I heard Joonmyun say behind me.
I rolled my eyes and put Sehun on the ground and stroked the little puppy goodbye. I straightened up and looked to Joonmyun. He turned around and went ahead, annoyed I followed him. We went a bit off to a part of the forest not visited often by the others.
"So, what do you want?", I asked and let him hear my reluctance. I saw the change in his attitude and suddenly I was pushed against a tree. "Do not play up, I'm your alpha!" He growled at me. The omega in me made me avoid his gaze.
"I wanted to talk about your parent's idea," he began.
"We'll have to do it when my parents say it," I said softly. I heard him gritting his teeth.
"I just wanted to tell you that you do not come between me and Chanyeol, he will be one of the 8 wolves that will go with us," he told me.
Chanyeol was more or less his affair, though the two really loved each other. Unlike me and Joonmyun. He hated me for having my parents more or less force him to take me as his partner. Previously I had always hoped he that he would somehow fall in love with me, but this thought got destroyed when he told me about himself and Chanyeol. Although told was not really correct. He had screamed in my face and then that I would shatter his life.
"I will not, do not worry," I said dejectedly.
"Good!", He said and stepped away from me and then went back to the pack? Probably to Chanyeol. Tired, I went back to the hut where I lived with my family. Both of my parents were not there. I did not really know where they were, but I was happy that they were not there. I pulled myself into my and Joonmyun's room and buried myself under the furs. Luckily, Joonmyun was never here, so it did not smell too strong of him. He was only in the evenings in the room when we were officially supposed to sleep together. Most of the time he disappeared as soon as my parents slept through the window and left me alone. From time to time it happened that he spent the night with me, but then mostly on the other side of the bed. Farthest away from me.
At the thought, I curled up. I transformed myself into my wolf so that I was just a light brown fur puddle. Short painful whimpered sounds escaped me. After an hour I fell asleep.


I woke up when two people entered the room. I first suspected my parents, but I recognized the steps and the smell, it was Suho. It took a while until I identified the other smell as Chanyeols. I could not believe he brought the other man here. I just wanted to make myself noticed as someone sat on me. I jumped up squeaking and looked reproachfully at the person who had sat on me, Chanyeol.
"Oh Minseok, I did not see you there .... I'll better go," he said quickly.
"Wait, I'll come with you," Junmyun called after the other, leaving the room behind the tall one. I curled up again and watched the door. For some strange reason, I hoped Joonmyun would come back in and ask if I had not broken something when this Idiot of a wolf had sat down on my ribs. But it was not like that. No matter how long I stared at the door, no one came in to check on me.
The whole night, Joonmyun did not come home, only shortly before the sun rose, he sneaked into the room and lay down on his bedside. I pretended to sleep. He did not need to know that I had been waiting for him all night. I often waited until he came home. Only then did I sleep.
When I woke up, Joonmyun was already gone, like every morning. I rolled out of bed and landed on my four paws. I changed again and got dressed. Then I went downstairs. My mother was in the kitchen. She prepared the lunch. I wanted to help her but the last time I tried that, I was yelled at by her that I did not have to show her the disappointment she had brought into the world because only omegas and women were cooking. I decided to go for a swim. For that, I had to go to a river or lake in the forest. I would go to my favorite place which is a small cave behind a waterfall. It took a while to get there, but my absence would not attract any attention.
I set out and when it was about midday, I arrived there. I stepped on the small rock ledge to get behind the waterfall. As I was about to step in, I saw someone entering the water. The person was a really big man. He had a nicely tanned body and his Hair was black. I stayed with my eyes just stuck to his back, as he turned around and I could thus see another part of the body. I quickly put my hands over my eyes.
"Sorry, I did not know anyone was here," I said uncertainly. The man laughed in a dark voice.
"No problem Minseok, you can also bathe with me," suggested the man who seemed to know me.
"You can take your hand away from your eyes," he said, laughing.
"Uh okay," I stammered, taking my hand away from my eyes. The man was up to his waist in the water. I tried to recognize him by the face. After a while, I came to know who he was. Kris, the son of my father's beta. Kris was an alpha. If Leadership was about strength in our pack, he would become the next pack leader. Even his smell as Alpha was so strong that I immediately wanted to submit to it. But I kept that instinct suppressed.
"So, are you taking a bath with me?" He asked. I just nodded shyly but stopped where I was.
"You've got to undress and come in." Again, I nodded shyly, but this time I started undressing, and then I slowly came to the water, slowly sliding into the warm water, it was so warm there was a dead volcano nearby, but still, there was a lava vein somewhere in the mountain.
I let myself a little down on a small ledge in the water further away from Kris. It stayed silent for a while until I could hear, see and feel that Kris was moving. When he stood in front of me he stopped.
"How long do you and your family think you can pull off this charade of pretending that you are an Alpha?"
" Joon does not seem to spend time with you, your omega smell comes through, "he said, his nose brushing my neck abruptly, Despite the warm water, I got slight goosebumps. Suddenly Kris retreated and took a step backward in the water. "Your partner should take more care of you, you smell like needy omega," he explained and left the water. I did not look up. He had hurt me with it. Actually, I had the hope that Kris and I could become friends. Just because we both knew this place, but as always, my hope was destroyed. I heard him leave the cave and I started to cry softly because everything was getting too much. When I realized that my skin was starting to get weird, I decided to go out of the water. I then waited in the cave until I was dry. I got dressed and headed back.

After that day, it only took another week until our "Alpha Couple Training Camp" began. We were put in a kind of replacement Packhouse to spend the month there. The wolves that came with us were: Baekhyun, Kyungsoo, Tao, Chanyeol, Chen, Lay, Luhan and unfortunately also Kris.

I knew I would miss the twins in the month. But that should be my smallest problem in the end.
We arrived there in the evening. The whole day we were in Wolf form. I was so exhausted that I just wanted to sleep but we would have to distribute the rooms first. I simply expected that either Joonmyun found a reason to share the room with Chanyeol or just share it with me, so I did not really care. I laid down on the floor and waited until the rooms were distributed. It ended up the way that Joonmyun and I shared a room. The rest, I had just stopped listening but ran to the room and sat down on the one-bed side. Although I fell asleep almost immediately, I realized that Joonmyun did not come into my room again. I would have awakened from that. The next morning, I just wanted to go back or bury myself. I did not want to leave the room because then I would have to pretend that Joonmyun and I are a real couple and that we love each other so much. I stayed in my bed until evening. I really did not have any hunger. My body had long been used to not eating often. But our little self-appointed chef is different. Just when it was dark he knocked on the door. I let him in.
"I wanted to ask if you want to come down to eat and if everything is okay, you're here since last night," he said uncertainly. He also took me for an alpha and he himself was 'just' an omega.
"I'm fine, thanks for asking and I'd rather stay here," I told him.
He just nodded and then left the room. I went back to the bed. But before I got it right, the door was pushed open. There was Joonmyun and entered the room.
"You cannot hide here all month," he snapped after closing the door.
"What does it interest you? So, you can spend more time with Chanyeol?" I said weakly.
"I'm interested because this whole story flies up if you let the Weak Omega hang out here," he went on furiously.
"It does so even if I go to the others, you should notice that I smell like omega, do you think the others could not smell that," I replied.
Then I'll sleep with you, then my smell covers everything, "he said without emotion and came to the bed.
"No!", I shouted in alarm. I felt tears rise in my eyes. That should not happen. I wanted to stick to my idea of a romantic first time. Suho rolled his eyes.
"We have to do it anyway, so why not now.", He still said as emotionless as before.
"Please don't Joonmyun, I know you do not care, but I want it to be special and that I want my first time with someone who really loves me and not someone who is only with me because my dad would kick you out of the pack", I replied in an uncertain voice.
"That anyone ever believes you are an alpha is a mystery to me, "he says dismissively and continues on to the bed.
"My life in the pack is too important for me to take care of you," he said coldly and pushed me onto the bed. I tried as hard as it was to defend myself without the others being aware of it. But Joonmyun was stronger than me. He turned me on my stomach and tied me to the bed with his T-shirt.
And so, I experienced my first time, with tears and hellish pain.


After Joonmyun finished with me, he left the room. I suspected he would either go wash and then to Chanyeol or directly to Chanyeol. I, however, just kept crying until I heard no one in the house anymore. After that, I turned into my wolf form because the pain was less severe. From our point of view, I knew the way to the cave. There I went to wash. It actually took only half as long from there as when I started from our actual point of view. However, because of the pain in my lower back, I could not walk very fast, so I needed twice the normal time. Once there, I turned into human Form and almost immediately went into the water. The water was pleasant, and I relaxed a little bit. After what felt like an eternity I got out of the water. In my wolf form, I laid down on the warm stones. There I fell asleep.
I spent 2 more days there. I did not know if I was missed by anyone, but I did not expect it.

If I did not reappear, the pack would probably tell I had been mangled by a bear while hunting to maintain my false alpha dignity. I played with the thought of running away. But I would be just an omega to any other pack and this thing Joonmyun did would be done to me every day by different wolves. So, I just decided to stay in the cave and see what fate had planned for me. Of course, the possibility of starving existed and was very likely.

I was in the cave for another 2 days until something happened. What happened was that a black wolf entered the cave. I eyed the wolf curiously. However, I did not rise from my position. As the wolf approached, I recognized Kris's scent. I growled at him softly. He growled back, but not as quiet as me but very loud. I winced slightly and crouched down more on the floor. He came closer. Instead of biting me, he licked my cheek and then lay down next to me. I looked at him as confused as a wolf could? He did nothing except close his eyes. Still confused, I stayed with a long distance beside him. However, that seemed to bother him because he came closer to me and then lay half on me. So, I would definitely not be able to disappear. I was beaten and enjoyed the body heat the other wolf gave. I wondered why he was here. Did he look for me? Maybe he had noticed that I was not there. If the others would search for me too.
I suddenly felt a bite at my neck. I yelped and looked accusingly at Kris.
"Do not just leave without telling anyone," I heard him in my head. I just nodded and looked at the floor.
"And now come back, you have to smell like Alpha when we go back, " he pointed out. I realize that I was disappointed that Kris just cuddled with me to maintain my Alpha Spectacle. Probably he did that only for Joonmyun since the two were friends and Kris would probably be his right-hand man when Joonmyun became Alpha. Nevertheless, I just lay next to Kris so as not to risk a bite again. We stayed like this for a while, until Kris thought it was enough. Afterward, he said I should follow him. Together we walked back to the camp where we were staying at the moment. As soon as we entered the area, Kyungsoo and Luhan came in wolf shape from the hut towards us. The two tore me down with them, to the ground. Then they cuddled alternately to me. That went on until Kris growled for a moment. The two took a step away from me so that I could get up. I nudged the two shortly after each other.
"Do not you want to go to Joonmyun, he's probably already waiting," said Kris then.
"I doubt it," I thought to myself. I turned into a human and then went inside. I did not expect Joonmyun in our room, so I was scared when he was sitting on the bed there.


"Where have you been?! " He asked angrily.
"Away", I meant only.
"Minseok, we were worried," he snapped.
"As if you were worried about ME, you just hated worrying about your position," I replied angrily. Joonmyun got up and came up to me. Fearfully, I dodged backward.
"Why are you smelling of Kris?" He asked angrily.
"He found me and brought me here," I explained and moved backward. Joonmyun took a big step towards me and grabbed my hip to hold me there. With his other hand, he grabbed my chin and did not turn it gently aside.
"And what are those bite marks?" He asked.
"Kris just reprimanded me?", Said uncertainly.
"Just reprimanded, Aha, maybe I should reprimand you or not," he asked with a strange undertone. Suddenly he pulled me closer and I felt his hard length pressing against my leg.
"Joonmyun, please don't, not again," I said.
"Shh. It will be different this time.", He said and grabbed my buttocks in both hands and pulled me closer to him. He rubbed himself needy on my leg.
At the same time, I noticed a change in his smell.
"Joonmyun ... are you ... in rut?" I asked uncertainly.
He did not answer but rubbed against me. I took that as yes.
"Can you not go to Chanyeol?" I pleaded desperately.
"But you are my partner and Kris should know that as well," he said without any real connection.
"But you do not love me, you love Chanyeol, so it should help you," I tried to convince him.
"But I want you," he said, biting our throat lightly. I did not want Suho to sleep with me again, I still had a pain last time. But I could not stand against him because he was stronger than me. He held me tight and rubbed against me. I felt his breath getting a little faster, which also made his rubbing faster. With his leg, he also touched my crotch from time to time. I did not want to, but the friction made me hard. Joonmyun noticed it and changed his position so that our dicks rubbed against each other. The touch made me moan.
"Do you like that, slut", he asked grinning dirty. I could not help but nod. At the moment, my omega side was too strong to deny anything an alpha said, and I did not want it to stop. I started rubbing against him as well, which elicited a soft moan. His grip on my butt tightened but it did not bother me. Joonmyun's movements got faster again and I adapted to him. I noticed him directing us back to the wall. As soon as I put my back against the wall, he pressed against me from the front, so that I was squeezed between the wall and him. So, I could not move but Joonmyun took over for both of us. His movements kept getting faster and faster until they suddenly stopped and Joonmyun groaned. I guessed that he had just come, he took a step back. Afterward, he looked a little embarrassed for a moment before storming out of the room. Still aroused, I stayed behind.
I let the wall slide down to the floor. I had to fix my problem before I could go downstairs. I opened my pants and pulled them down. My hand closed around my penis and I slowly started pacing. My thumb stroked my glans when I got to the top. My breath was shallow, and I tried not to make any noise. Terrified, I flinched when it was suddenly knocked on the door. Before I could say anything, the door was opened. I looked at the door and at the same time tried to pull up my pants, but it did not work. I was still sitting on the floor with my pants half down as Kris came into the room.


He looked confused in the room until he saw me. He raised his eyebrow and looked funny.
"Do you need help?" He asked grinning. Since it could meanwhile not be worse, I nodded. He came to me and lifted me off the ground. He carried me to the bed and dropped me there on the edge. Then he took off my pants. He knelt in front of me and spread my legs. His lips slid over my thigh
"Kris, please do not tease, "I pleaded, he was grinning broadly, then leaning over my penis, licking the tip first and then the bottom, finally putting my arousal all the way in. I jerked my hips up, but Kris grabbed my hips with his hands and held me there, starting to move his head up and down, using his tongue as well, moaning softly, and when I realized it, I put my hand in front of my mouth to suppress the sounds.
Kris, however, reached out with his hand for the one I held in front of my mouth and placed it next to my leg. I let my hands wander in his hair. Just before I came, I wanted to warn Kris, but he ignored it and kept going like the whole time. When I came he swallowed everything? He pulled back and looked at me.
"Uh ... Thanks," I mumbled. He laughed.
"Always happy Minnie," he said, stroking my hair. I noticed how I blushed, embarrassed, I looked at the floor.
"You sure have not eaten for a couple of days, how about we go downstairs and you're going to pick it up now," he suggested. I nodded and got dressed again. Then I went downstairs together with Kris to the kitchen. There I was immediately caught by Kyungsoo and put on a chair. He brought me quantities of food that would fill us all. I started to eat a bit so Kyungsoo and Kris were not staring at me.


After the initial difficulties, it got better. I started to get to know the others better. Only Joonmyun and Chanyeol kept me away. Everything went really well until I realized that my heat was happening soon. I already felt the first signs of it this morning, but I just ignored it. It hit right when I was at lunch with Lay in the living room. The other betas and alphas were Hunting, so only Luhan, Kyungsoo, Lay and I remained in the camp. The two Omegas Luhan and Kyungsoo were in the kitchen.

I talked to Lay about his plans to become a healer later. Like his father. Just then my heat hit with full force. I realized that I was getting hard. I tried in panic to make an excuse to disappear into my room, but Lay rescues me ignorant.
"Uh, I think Kyungsoo or Luhan are in heat, " he said while sniffing in the air. I just nodded briefly.
"I 'll look after them," I explained quickly. It was the task of the pack leader to take care of every wolf in heat. That's why Lay said nothing but nodded
I got up and walked out of the room, but before I left the room I was stopped. Lay grabbed my arm. He sniffed the air again and looked at me confused.
"Minseok .... you're an alpha ... right?" He asked, confused. I knew that lying would not help because Lay already knew the answer. So, I shook my head.
"Does Joonmyun know of it?", He asked after.
"Yes, but can we clarify that later, I would like to take care of my problem," I asked a bit tormented. "I can help you if you want unless Joonmyun would mind," he suggested uncertainly. Since I knew it would take longer to solve my problem alone, I accepted Lays offer. He led me back to the couch. There he sat me down and himself beside it. His hands began to wander over my body. First my hips, then my chest, back over my hips to my legs. His touch felt like fire, even through the fabric.
His hands brushed my leg up again. Then they fumbled on my pants and his fingers sneaked into my pants. He ran his fingertips over my penis. Then he took my erection and stroked up and down. "Faster, Lay," I pleaded.
"Impatient?" He asked with a grin. " Yeah, please lay"
"I like it", he said and sounded very satisfied. He continued his movements and became faster. I quickly realized that he was really skilled with his hands. Whether that was because he had a lot of practice or that he had to know his way around as a healer, I did not really care. I was just glad someone was taking care of me. Being in heat made me cum a lot faster. Lay pulled his hand grinning out of my pants and then licked his hand. I watched him doing it. Then I noticed that he was also excited.
"Should I help you now?" I asked uncertainly.
"No, you just have to watch," he said. I did not understand what he meant doc before I could ask had he pulled his pants down a bit and began to satisfy themselves. I watched him and had to attend it looked really good. He came after a while, he came and landed his sperm on his hand. I grabbed the hand and cleaned it with my tongue. Then I retired.
"Wow," Lay murmured, grinning. He pulled up his pants again.
"Why do you pretend to be an alpha if you're an omega? "He asked as if nothing had happened.


"It's not as if I wanted it, my parents needed to have an alpha heir, but as you've noticed, I'm not, but my parents could not have another child, so they pretended that I was an alpha.", Explained me him.
"And why is Joonmyun your partner?" He asked. "Well, my parents knew that I would never have real Alpha qualities, so I needed a partner who had them."
"Oh ... That means you and Suho do not really love you?" He asked. I shook my head.
"Ouh, then I realize now why he spends more time with Chanyeol Does Chanyeol know about all that?"
"I have no idea what Joonmyun has told Chanyeol, but I guess he knows all this," I say, shrugging.
"You do not really sound like you fond of Chanyeol. What about Joonmyun, you love him don't you," he asked cautiously. I did not really want to talk about why it, so I hung my head. I noticed how Lay pulled me into his arms and stroked my back. Shortly after we broke apart, the door was opened, and the others came home with their loot. First, we heard Chen, Chanyeol, and Baekhyun talking aloud. Kris, Joonmyun, and Tao followed them calmly. They brought the meat to the kitchen and Kyungsoo and Luhan started to prepare food. The rest of us stayed in the living room. The boys started talking about their hunt. I only half listened as I focused on whether I felt any signs of my heat. However, I noticed nothing.
But apparently, Baekhyun noticed something.
"Could it be an Omega roaming the area?" He asked the group. The others looked at him in confusion.
"Well it smells like Omega in heat and it's neither Luhan nor Kyungsoo," he explained shoulder shrugging.
"Maybe Minseok should go look," Suho suggested. I nodded and turned to go outside. "I'll accompany him," Kris said and also changed. "Me too!" Baekhyun exclaimed excitedly. He changed and followed Kris and me. We walked along the border of our area to preserve the sparkle for Baekhyun. Of course, we did not find another wolf. "A pity, the wolf had smelled good," Baekhyun said in our mental connection.
"You should go back, Minseok and I will go for another run," Kris replied. Baekhyun agreed and set off. But he stopped at once to breathe in the air. He then turned around and came back smelling the air just before us he stopped. He looked up from the floor and growled at me. Unconsciously, I laid down on the floor in front of him.
"You are the omega," he stated. I let a soft whimper hear from me. Due to his beta smell, my heat became stronger again. My wolf instincts made me change my mating behavior. I lifted my rear end off the floor and shaking enticingly with my tail. Baekhyun came closer. But suddenly he was jumped by Kris. The Alpha growled at Baekhyun. His teeth were at the throat of the beta. Baekhyun remained motionless under Kris. After a while, Kris left Baekhyun. He got up and ran back to the others.
After that, Kris turned to me. Waiting, he looked at me. Then I noticed that I was still kneeling on the floor in front of him. I put myself right again. In my human form, I would be blazing red now. I was embarrassed by my behavior. So damn embarrassing. Kris nudged me to get my attention. Then he ran past me. I assumed I should follow him. I quickly realized that we were walking to the cave. I would call it our cave slowly. Once there, I transformed myself first. Kris almost immediately followed my example. I tried to ignore my hard erection. Kris came up to me and pushed me carefully into the water. Out of the water, I looked up at him. He stepped into the water and leaned down to me. My heartbeat quickened, and I waited for his lips. That would be my first kiss and wanted to give it to Kris.
Kris grabbed my face and finally kissed me. My hands were idle because I did not know exactly what to do with them? Kris dropped to his knees before me. In the process, our lips did not break. Uncertain, I put my hands on his shoulders. Meanwhile, his hands wandered over my body. He broke away from my lips and began to spread kisses over my neck. At one point he started to use his teeth. In the end, he bit a bit harder too. I believe I heard him say "Mine “, but I was not sure.
"Shall I help you with your heat?" He asked seductively. I nodded eagerly. Kris grinned.
He sat down and pulled me onto his lap.

His arms wrapped around my waist and brushed my lower bum. I leaned my head back to him and rejoined our lips. His hands continued to move down, and he covered my ass with both of his Hands. His fingers brushed between my cheeks and I stilled
"What's going on?" Kris asked worriedly. I looked away embarrassed. His hands came up to my face. He put them on my cheeks and turned my head gently, so I had to look at him. He stroked my cheek with his thumb
"Tell me what's going on," he said calmly.
"It's because of Joonmyun ... he has ....", I started but my voice broke away. Kris understood me that way too. His eyes were red for a moment. Then they switched to his normal brown. He pulled me into a tight hug.
"That's why you were away for the two days?" He asked. I nodded to his shoulder. He gently stroked my back again.
"Come on, let's go back," he said. And wanted to push me from his lap to get up. I held on to him.
"No, let's stay here, I'll try," I said determinedly.
"Thou shalt not force anything, Min," he said, looking me straight in the eye.
"I want to try it with you," I insisted on my decision.
"You are sure?" He asked. I nodded. Kris leaned slightly forward and kissed me as if I were fragile, something special.

Then he kissed my neck again. I entrusted myself to Kris and let him do it.
After less than 2 hours we went back. It was now just before midnight. We did not expect anyone to be awake, but we were wrong about that. When we got into the living room, Joonmyun was sitting there waiting for us. "Where were you," he asked as we entered the room. I had not seen him until then, which made me startle when he spoke to us. I let go of Kris hand, which I had held until just after.
"In the woods?" Kris just said. As a result, Joonmyun got up and came up to us.
"And what has kept you up for almost 3 hours," he asked lurking. I felt threatened and easily hid behind Kris.
"I think that's none of your business, neither are you and Minseok official nor are you my alpha to obey," Kris answered. Then Joonmyun just snorted and turned around. He went to his and my room. Kris shook his head briefly and took my hand back in his and pulled me behind him to his room, which he shared with Tao. Quietly we sneaked into the room, to Kris bed. We cuddled together under the covers and fell asleep quickly.
The next morning, we woke up with a half-squeaked "OH MY GOD". I woke up, opening my eyes and turning in Kris's arms. Tao sat upright in his bed and looked confused to me and Kris. "What ...? How ...?", He started but he was interrupted by Kris.

"Be quiet Tao!" He snapped at the younger beta. He really fell silent and now looked like a kicked puppy. Kris ignored it and kissed my neck. I closed my eyes again and leaned back against Kris. But I felt guilty about Tao, which is why I hugged Kris and went to Tao's bed. He silently lifted the fur on his bed which acted as a blanket and I snuggled up beside him.
"So, what do you want to ask?" I started.
"Um ... why you're here with Kris and not with Joonmyun.", He asks.
"What nothing easier to answer?" I asked sarcastically. Before he could answer, I started talking
"So, you know that sometimes it happens that parents marry their children for better positions or more power, and so it is for me and Joonmyun," I explained.
"But Joonmyun's family does not really benefit from it," Tao asked thoughtfully.
"It's not Joonmyun's family that benefits from it, it's mine."
"Like, your family is the pack leader and you are an alpha"
"I'm not an alpha, so I have to partner with Alpha," I explained in embarrassment.
"Uh ... Okay, but if Joonmyun is your partner, what are you doing at Kris?"
"Tao! Do not be so stupid, what does he do here when he and Joonmyun are forced to be together?", It came annoyed from the side of the bed.

"Oh ... you do not have ... Today After here... You know," he asks sheepishly. I also shook my head in embarrassment.
"Minnie, come back!", Kris complained. I smiled slightly.
"Uh... Yeah, I'll go to the kitchen," he said.
"Thanks, Tao," I said, giving him a little kiss on the cheek. He beamed at me and then got up. I went back to Kris.
"Do I have to be jealous?" He asked, cradling my head under his chin. I laughed and gave the skin in front of me a light kiss.
"Do not worry, everything beneath the rank of an alpha does not even have to try," I said teasingly. He laughed, feeling the vibration in his chest. I was about to fall asleep again when there was a knock on the door.
"Just ignore it," Kris muttered. I agreed and thought the person would soon give up. But apparently, they were a very ambitious person. Because it knocked twice and then the door was simply opened. As I lay with my back to the door I did not see who came into the room.
"What do you want here," asked an annoyed Kris. I tried to perceive the smells of the people, but that failed because I had Kris right in front of my nose, which completely enveloped me with its smell.
"Talking," I heard Chanyeol say.
"Why?" Kris asked.
"Because this whole situation affects us all 4", the younger one said now. I decided it was time to sit up. Kris did the same.

As soon as we both sat I noticed how his arms wrapped possessively around my waist and pulled me closer to him. So, he had somehow marked me as his territory before the other two. Of course, Joonmyun had to follow suit. Although he only reached for Chanyeol's hand. He rolled his eyes and pulled Joonmyun to Tao's bed, where they sat down opposite us.
"So ... how do we want to solve this situation?" Chanyeol asked
"Quite simply, Minseok and Joonmyun break up their engagement, done deal," Kris said
"It's not that simple, Joonmyun certainly does not want to give you the position of a pack leader," I explained.
"Exactly," said the man, eyeing Kris critically.
"So what ideas do you have?" Chanyeol asked.
"Well, Kris approach is not so bad, but neither my nor Joonmyun's families will accept that, which is why I have to break with the whole thing," I introduced my idea.
"That would mean that you are banished from the pack," Chanyeol pointed out.
"And who says that Joonmyun would win in a fight and not me," said Kris mockingly. I suppressed the impulse to tell him that I thought he would come with me when I gave up the pack, but I was probably wrong about that. I blinked several times to suppress the tears from my eyes. Chanyeol noticed my situation and smiled encouragingly. I tried to smile back, even though I was not sure if I could.

"Then you two must sign a binding contract, in which Kris must assure that he will not challenge Joonmyun as the alpha.", I said as emotionless as possible. "Why should I sign something like that?" Kris asked. My heart was about to yell at him, "maybe because I thought that I meant so much to you that at least you could do that for me." But I remained silent.
"We could just leave it as it is, Joonmyun and I continue to play the dream couple for the public, but neither one of us is committed to anything else, then it's just that Joonmyun becomes a pack leader," I said angrily, only now did Kris look confused.
"Maybe we'll decide that spontaneously," Chanyeol pointed out.
"I stick to my position that I do not want to give up my future pack leader position and want to make my relationship with Chanyeol public," Joonmyun announced.
"Same here, " Kris said, symbolically ramming another knife into my heart. So, what I am for him is an easy way to the pack leader position.
"You two can do that then in a fight, I'll leave the pack as soon as we're back in two weeks," I announced. Then I got up, got a pair of pants and disappeared as quickly as possible from the room. I went to the kitchen where Lay and Tao just watched Luhan and Kyungsoo cooking. Here, Kris would certainly not talk to me about the matter, if it interested him at all about how I was doing, but I assumed it would not interest him anyway.
I decided that I would help the two omegas to cook. The two would eventually find out that I was an omega, so I could already get used to the Omega duties. Although I was a little strangely stared at by the two when I offered them my help, but they accepted it thankfully. I knew how to cook, even though my mother never let me help. I had learned it from Sehun and Jongins mother. When she was pregnant, I helped her with many household chores. Of course, only secretly without the knowledge of my parents. She had never mentioned that I was not an alpha, even if she had known for sure. Still, she had not really treated me much differently, but she 'd let me live my Omega nature. I missed her. She had died at the time of the birth of the twins. The father of the two was unknown. There were rumors that it was the pack leader of our neighbor pack Hyukjae. But there was no real evidence. I knew nothing about her father, but I did not care. As long as the father of the two made no claim to the two, I did not care. But I believed in the theory with Hyukjae, since the two were little Alphas. Which was usually too heavy at that age unless it's very strong alpha. I knew from stories that Kris was such an alpha. There were rumors that he was an illegitimate son of my father, but I did not believe it. However, many in the pack did, which is why Joonmyun was chosen as my future partner and not Kris. Rather than being an illegitimate son, Kris believed I was the result of my mother's affair.
We were done with the cooking when the others slowly gathered in the dining room. Baekhyun looked anxiously at Kris. Who ignored it. He came to the kitchen with me and the other two omegas. He hugged me from behind. I just let him do it but did not lean into the touch. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Kyungsoo and Luhan looking at us in confusion. During the meal, nobody talked which was very atypical. Unfortunately, during the meal my heat struck again. Due to fact that two alphas were around me, it was reinforced. But I also noticed that Kyungsoo and Luhan slipped uncomfortably on their chairs. When rinsing the dishes where we were only three, I realized how Luhan always came close to me with little steps. Suddenly his nose brushed my neck.
" Xiumin, did you mess around with strange omegas?" He asked a bit offended.
"Uh. no, how did you get that idea?", I asked uncertainly.
"You smell like omega in heat, even though Kris hugged you earlier," he stated.
"Oh ... what you smell ... that me," I explained hesitantly. Confused, he looked at me.
"I'm an omega, not an alpha," I said to make it clearer.
"That's why our heats came early," said Kyungsoo. I looked a little confused to him.
"You do not know much about omegas, right?" He asked with a grin. I shook my head.
"Well, if unmated Omega's live together, they naturally adapt their heats to each other, so they can help each other," Luhan said.

"And we'll help you now," Kyungsoo said with a grin. Then he grabbed my hand and pulled me behind him. He led me to his and Luhan's room. There he pushed me to one of the two beds. Luhan followed us and closed the door behind us. I sat a bit perplexed on the bed.
"You know Min, we saw you and Lay," Kyungsoo said with a big grin as he sat down on the bed behind me. I realized how my eyes got bigger.
"What do you think if we pick him up and he's watching us, he does that often with us," Luhan said as he spread his legs across my lap.
"No, that ..." I started, but Luhan interrupted me by putting his lips on mine.
"A pity, I like the idea but", he said and got up again. Kyungsoo's arms are snaking around my waist from behind. He pulled me a little further on the bed. Then he put his head on my shoulder and let his hands go under my shirt. He stroked my upper body. We were sitting right in front of the door, so I saw Luhan come into the room with Lay.
"Lu, what's the surprise?" He asked excitedly. He had his eyes closed.
"Do not be so impatient," Luhan said, giving Lay a kiss on the cheek. Then he pushed Lay to the unused bed and put him there.
"Okay, look up!", Luhan said happily. "Uh ... Lu, what's that a surprise," he asked, confused.
"We offer you a little show," Luhan explained excitedly.
"Uh ...", he said, looking at me and Kyungsoo. Kyungsoo grinned at him over my shoulder.

Then he pushed my shirt up so Lay could see what he was doing. Luhan came to the bed next to us. His hands were working on my pants. He pulled her down completely, actually I wanted to stop him, but my inner wolf wanted to get help from both of them. I leaned back to Kyungsoo to get even closer. His hands moved to my legs. His hands moved under my thighs. He lifted them up and spread them apart. Completely bared, I sat there now. I noticed Lays look at us three. Luhan grinned at Lay. Then he leaned forward and cupped my stiff cock with his lips.
"Oh god," I heard Lay moan softly.
Kyungsoo's lips stroked my neck. He distributed small kisses there but did not linger too long in one place. As Luhan continued to work on my penis with his tongue and mouth, I saw Lay's hand in his pants. His eyes were only on Luhan. Then I got an idea.
" Lu ... Han, wait," I said moaning. Confused, the omega withdrew. Kyungsoo's hands immediately took up Luhan's work.
"Do not you want to help Lay," I asked with a grin. Luhan looked over at Lay and nodded eagerly. He got up and changed the bed. Lay did not really know what happened to him when the omega knelt on the floor in front of him. I did not see anymore, because then Kyungsoo had pushed me with my back on the bed. He leaned over and grinned at me. "So, it's just us?" He asked with a grin. I grinned back. "Looks like it," I said.

I let my hands wander over his upper body down to his crotch. He was still fully dressed, that changed me so that he had nothing left after a while. I then touched his cock and he moaned. We ignored the "OH MY GOD, LAY, FASTER" screams from Luhan. Kyungsoo moved his hand faster and faster, which I did to him as well. The closer I came to my climax the more difficult it became to concentrate on satisfying Kyungsoo. He noticed it and took both of our lengths with both of his hands. When we both came, most landed on his hands and my belly. Kyungsoo dropped onto the bed next to me. I turned to face him. He had grabbed clothes to cleanse us. When he was done he pulled me into a hug.
"Thanks, Soo, " I mumbled to his chest.
"No problem Min," he said and stroked my back briefly.
"But I do not have to worry now that Kris kills me," Kyungsoo asked jokingly. As if on cue, Kris came into the room.
"Did you ....", he started, until he looked around the room a little closer. " "What the hell happened here," he asked Lay, who answered him.
"You see," I heard him say, yawning slightly.
"I suppose you're looking for Minseok ... Over there," Lay added. I heard him coming to the bed but decided not to move. I was lifted out of Kyungsoo's arms. Kris took me out of the room in bridal style. He went with me to his and Tao's room.


-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----



He laid me down on the bed and looked at me expectantly.
"What's going on?" I asked.
"What's up, you ask, what are you doing with Kyungsoo in bed ?!" he asked angrily.
"We only helped each other with our heat," I replied.
"Then why do not you come to me?", He still asked angrily.
"Because you do not care about me anyway, you just want the pack leader position!" I exclaimed angrily. Confused, Kris looked at me.
"You're important to me and it has nothing to do with the position, "Kris replied, hurt.
"That sounded different when you talked to Joonmyun," I said. I could almost see how behind Kris' forehead small gears pushed into each other.
"Min That was just competition thinking about Joonmyun - if you plan to leave the pack I will, of course, accompany you if you let me, "he explained.
"Really?" I asked uncertainly. Kris nodded eagerly.
"Then make me completely your mate, " I said. Kris' eyes sparkled. He came to my bed and gave me a passionate kiss. Then he pulled me on his lap. His mouth was on my neck, I turned my head slightly to the side, so he came off better. At the same time, I also brought my mouth closer to his neck. When he bit to bite, I did it to him.
"I am yours and you are mine," I only heard him in my thoughts, at the same time I conveyed the same to him.
I pulled my teeth out of his skin and ran my tongue over the wound, which was already beginning to heal. He did the same to me. Then I snuggled closer to my mate. His hands closed around my waist and leaned back against his bed. He pulled the blanket over us.
"That will not please my parents," I muttered to his chest. He ran a reassuring hand through my hair.
"We can do it," he said confidently. I smiled at him.
"You should probably worry about Joonmyun first," he said.
"That's your problem now, you have to defend me against him," I replied, grinning broadly.
"You seem to like your omega status, right?" He asked with a grin.
"Now I can be the way I am, and I do not have to pretend to be someone else," I replied seriously. He smiled lovingly at me.
"Now you can be who you want to be," he explained, stroking my cheek.
"Sure, you can handle that when I'm all me?" I asked with a grin.
"I have to now," he said and gave me a quick kiss on the lips.
"Even my two little appendages?" I asked with a grin.
"The two little puppies? Sehun and Jongin?" He asked. I nodded.
"You know the rumors about the two, right?" He asked.
"Yes, but there are many rumors ... including you." I mean. I heard Kris sigh. I looked at him suspiciously.
"Kris, we're not siblings, are we?" I asked panicked.
"No, we are not, but ...", he broke off his sentence.
"But what?" I asked in confusion and sat up. Kris sighed softly and also sat up and grabbed my hands.
"Actually, your parents should tell you that, but it's true that I'm your father's son," he explained. I looked at him a bit perplexed.
"But you already know the meaning of the word 'sibling'?"
"Well ... you are not the son of your father, I do not know who your father is, but it is certainly not our pack leader," he explained.
"Then why did my father not kill me, or you?" I asked, confused.
"We both have mothers who protected us, and you were not a rank threat to your dad and by the 'rumors' I was excluded as possible future pack leader since I could not become your mate without causing more rumors in the pack. "
"My mother? Protected me?" I asked in disbelief.
"Otherwise we would not have this conversation now.", Kris said, running his thumb over the back of my hand.
"And you're sure about everything?" I asked. He nodded.
"Do you know the truth about Sehun and Jongin's father?"
He shook his head. " I would have guessed you knew something about it," he said with a shrug.
I shook my head. "I never asked their mother, it was none of my business," I explained.

As a result of the incident, Kris and I decided to stop the training. Since it was meant as a test run with Joonmyun and I. We roughly explained the situation to the others. They decided to come back with us to the pack. I would not talk to my parents there because I already knew their decision. I just wanted to get Sehun and Jongin, because I knew the two would not live long because they were direct competitors to the future pack leader. It was not long before we all arrived in our wolf form in the pack. Away from the main Pack, Kris and I had said goodbye to the others. I would surely miss the others. After all, wolves are pack animals. Kris finally had to pull me out of a bunch of different fur balls. After that, only Kris and I were left.
We arrived at the kindergarten. Since it was normal for me to show up, nobody paid any attention to us. The two puppies came straight to us. They were both in their wolf form which made it easier for us to transport them. I grabbed the skin in Jongin's neck with my mouth and picked him up from the floor. Kris tried to follow suit, but Sehun gave a soft whine. "No teeth," I instructed Kris. He nodded and did it. Then we left the Daycare unnoticed.

But before we could leave the camp we were stopped by a big golden wolf, my dad.
"What's the meaning of this, Minseok?" He growled at us.
"I'm leaving the pack, together with my mate," I answered for sure. My dad snarled at us and approached. The two puppies began to whimper fearfully.
"What do you mean by your mate? Your mate will be Joonmyun and not that bastard," he snapped at me. I backed away while Jongin barked at the Alpha. I saw how my dad wanted to hit the little one with his paw. I turned so he would hit my side. But nothing happened. When I looked again, I saw Kris having his teeth in my dad's throat. He struggled a bit, but he was weak. I still tried to register what happened when some of the pack members came out of their huts. Attracted by the commotion. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Joonmyun approaching. Suddenly noise broke out around us. Sehun, who was dropped by Kris next to me, pressed against my leg. I was afraid that someone would step on him and pushed him between my front legs. At the same time, charges against Kris were loud. He tried to defend himself, but no one listened to him. People reproached him for his actions Said it would not be allowed by the law of the pack. But suddenly Joonmyun stepped in front of Kris.
"His actions were permissible! He has threatened his mate and only defended him," he shouted.

Joonmyun's family was responsible for ensuring that the laws were upheld so no one could say anything against his decision.
"So, Kris will be the new pack leader when he takes office," Joonmyun announced. COnfused, Kris looked back and forth between me and Joonmyun. I stepped forward beside him to show him that I stood by him no matter what decision he made.
"I do not accept the Position of Pack Alpha" he announced. Surprised, I looked at him. I would have really assumed that he accepts. Joonmyun nodded. He then ordered everyone to leave. My mother came to the dead body of my father. I wanted to go to her, but she growled at me.
"Disappear! I never want to see you and this bastard here again
"But, " I started, but was interrupted by her.
"No, but's. I'm still a pack leader so I can banish you from the pack."
I lowered my head. Kris nudges me softly. I knew there was no point in discussing it with my mother. I picked up Jongin again. Kris did the same with Sehun. Together we left the camp. We did not get far until we were stopped again.
"Wait!", We heard a voice. It was not spoken, so somebody had to be in Wolf form. We turned around and saw 6 wolves behind us.
"We're coming with you," one announced, whom I identified as Lay.
"Why?" Asks Kris right after.
"We want you two as our leaders and not Joonmyun and Chanyeol," explained another wolf, Tao.
"But we're not a pack, we do not even have a hunting ground," I said.
"We do not care, we'll come with you," Baekhyun explained.
We're your pack now, "said the wolf next to him, Chen.
So, we (Tao, Lay, Baekhyun, Chen, Kyungsoo, Luhan, Jongin, Sehun, Kris & me) became a new pack ~
the end