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Evil Author's Day 2016-20

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Ai No Kusabi

Pairing: Rauol Am/Katze

Secondary Pairing: Iason Mink/ Rikki the Dark


Plot :

The social structure of Amoi as changed after the deaths of Iason Mink and Rikki the Dark. Pets(beings created to be used as sex slave for the Elites amusement)-are seen as products of a bygone era but a few Elites still kept them. Though many of the rules of keeping a Pet have changed.

What graces the halls of Eos Tower are the Consorts and Favorites of the Elites. (Consorts-spouses of the Elites. Favorites-are not spouses but have more rights than a Pet.)

This changed came about and is enforced by Rauol Am, the Blondie Elite who took over as the Syndicate leader after the death of Iason Mink. Rauol Am changed the social mores of their world so he could keep Katze of Ceres.

Jupiter, the AI computer that had controlled all of Amoi had been shut down for the past two years now. She had grown so unstable after the death of her favorite son, Iason Mink.

Change is on the wind for Amoi once more for a secret has been kept. Iason and Rikki are actually alive they had been in cryostasis until they could be healed of their wounds and the Black Moon poison they smoked before Dana Bahan was destroyed. Once they are awakened in this new world. How will this change Iason and Rikki's relationship?

Why did Katze become Rauol Am's Consort?


Katze slowly opened his eyes, he looked about the room, frowning, something wasn't right. This wasn't the Alley in the slums of Midas that he had been dying in. The white walls of the hospital room gleamed a bright white in the low light. He shifted slightly remembering that he had been shot in the stomach and been left for dead by the rival gang that wanted to move into the black market that Katze was in charge of. He paused when he felt a weight between his legs...that as a Furniture(the castrated servants of the Elite) that he shouldn't have. Slowly he reached down and gently touched himself. Shocked by what he felt.

"I wouldn't do that just yet," a smooth voice, startling Katze, from a dark corner of the room. Katze heard the rustles of clothes as a figure stepped into  the light. Katze eyes widened at Sir Rauol Am walked over to Katze's bed, "you're not fully healed yet."

"What happened," Katze asked pulling his hand out from under the blankets.

Sir Am gave Katze a concerned look before running a hand threw his long golden curls, his emerald eyes flashed with suppressed anger, "You almost died, Katze! If I had been a few minutes later in finding you? You would be dead. I've lost enough people, Katze!"

Katze knew the affection Rauol Am had for Iason Mink was what drove the Elite to act like this for like Katze. Rauol had been in love with Iason just like Katze. Katze only stared at Rauol in surprised he was sure the Blondie Elite just saw Katze as a means to and end felt the strange need to apologize for causing the man distress. "I'm sorry?"

Rauol rolled his eyes at him, "I've taken action to ensure you won't be in such a situation again."

Katze blinked, "What," he asked sitting up, causing his long, bright hair to fall over his shoulder...Wait, huh? His hair should only be down to his jaw line and only on the left side, to cover up the scar. He reached up to stroke his scar and was met with smooth skin? Katze looked up at the Blondie, "What did do to me!"

Rauol shrugged, "I had you healed and your imperfections fixed in one of the amniotic tanks."

Those tanks had been used to grow the Pets of Amoi. Finding out they could be used heal had been a accident.

"Why!?" Katze exclaimed.

"Because I need your help with something. Iason and Rikki are alive," Rauol Am had become the Syndicate Leader when Dana Bahan severely injuring previous Syndicate Leader, Iason Mink by the bombs set by  the man who kidnapped Rikki the Dark, Iason's Pet. When Rauol had been called to the sight of the explosion and found them both barely hanging on to life. Being the Head of the Department of Genetic Control and at the time Iason Mink's Second. "They are in cryostasis. When the time is right I'll put them in an amniotic tank to be healed."

Katze frowned, "What do you mean 'when the time is right? ' "

"You remember the virus that went swept through Tanagura and the other city-states last year, that killed most of the Pet population." Rauol said, "Since then the requests for new pets as lower for ninety percent. The time of the Pets of Amoi is growing to a close."


(Rauol explains to Katze about-The Consort/Favorite Act-)



"...I need to proof that Iason and Rikki aren't the only case of an Elite finding...a truer companionship with another." Rauol finished, "I need you to be my Consort."

"So, that's your plan? You want to lie to your Elite breathren so when you awaken Iason and Rikki they will be excepted in society?" Katze asked incredulously, "That's insane!"

Raoul frowned, "Why? I've been seen in your company for years now. Many a time you were with me, Iason and Rikki at Pet Shows and Parties as well at other social events as my guest or Iason's"

Katze glared at the blond man, "Our relationship is nothing like Iason and Rikki's," kind of horrified at the very idea of having a relationship like that with this man like the one Rikki had with Iason. He had seen the toll it had taken on Rikki and even Iason by the end. Even faking such a relationship seemed like a lot of work. But the Consort Act would in fact better the lives of a lot of people in the long run Katze knew for already the eyes of the Elite were looking else where for their pleasures.

"Well, we just won't tell the other Elites that." Rauol said with smirk as he leaned over Katze bracing his hands on either said of Katze's head. Rauol pressed his lips to the red head's, "I'm sure we can make sure this situation benefits us both, " before taking advantage of Katze's shock and deepened the kiss.


Three Years Later...

Katze sat in the lounge chair by the ornate swimming pool with two water falls and three smaller hot pools. There were also shallow water canals that followed a path around the three hot pools in figure eights. It was a work of act, really, in one of Eos Tower's recreational rooms. He watched as the artificial sunlight bounced off the waters, he sighed shifting in his chair running a hand across the back of his neck wiping away the sweat gathered under his long crimson colored hair that pulled in a high pony tale. If someone had told Katze that he would one day be suffering in the lavish life style of a pampered Consort...A word that was still new to the Amoian vocabulary...

Katze would have laughed. He had been quite content as the Overseer of the Black Market. The unofficial ruler of the Amoian underworld.  Or at least he had been. Sometimes he wondered why he even here?

Sometimes, Katze?

Just up, Rikki. Katze, told the voice of the dark haired boy, in hishead. Over the year that voice had started to sound more and more like Rikki's. Katze's situation was as alike as it was different from how the dark haired boy's had been.

"...In other news..."

Katze's eyes glanced up at the large vision screen that hovered over the pool.

"...Four years ago to day, Former Syndicate Leader Iason Mink and his lover, Former  Pet Rikki Dark. Both of them perished when Dana Bahan collapsed due to a structural  flaw design."

No, Katze thought angrily, they died because Guy of Bison was an obsessed mad man of a fool. He had been Rikki's pairing partner one time and thought Rikki had belong to him after that.

"...Lord Rauol Am, Current Syndicate Leader, created the Consort Act, the Favored Bi-laws and the Reordered Pet Ownership Clauses. In memory of his dear friends Iason Mink and Rikki Dark. In a past interview Lord Am has said,"

The image on the screen changed to an interview Katze knew happened just after the Consort Act had been passed by the Council of Twelve. Rauol had shown a ruthlessness that was unsurprising to those that knew the man to get the laws passed. There had been a reason why Rauol Am had been Iason's Mink's Second in Command.

Katze almost laughed out loud at the horrible lavender and bright yellow suit with the oversized shoulder pads that Raoul thought were so fashion back then.

"...I know, "Raoul paused swallowing hard, a sign of grief, "that Iason would have wanted these changes to be made for the betterment of Amoian society. But also for selfish reasons. Iason was love with Rikki. Iason would have changed the world for him if he could have, which was prevented by their deaths. So I took up his mantle. Not only in Iason's memory but for the good of all of the Elites."

The news broadcast finished up with,

"...the candlelight ceremony will be held at nine o'clock and donations to the Pet Saftey and Educational Fund will be accepted then as well..."

Katze took note of the Consorts, Favored, and the few Pets that watched the broadcast avidly and of those who continued to laugh and gossip ignoring it. Katze rubbed his forehead, pained. The light reflecting off the windows of the Tower and the waters of the pools were beginning to give him a headache.

Eos Tower catered to all the Elites and the few high ranking Citizens who lived and worked there. It still surprised Katze at just how many of the Consorts and Favorites were Mongrels. Manufactured Pets were rare these days. A little over four years ago a virus was accidentally releases from Keeler Laboratories that turned out to be deadly to the Manufactured Pets.

Many died before a cure was found for the virus.

It wasn't long after that the Elite turned their eyes to the Mongrels, the caste of humans with the least genetic alterations and darkest hair, skin, and eye colors. The Elites followed Iason's example and got their new pleasures form the slums of Ceres. Though it was not unheard of during that time for a middle-class citizen to go missing, only to turn up collared by an Elite.

Katze wondered if these young Consorts and Favored knew just how lucky they were?

"Is it true?"

Katze heard a soft whisper to the side of him, he glanced over the tops of his sunshades, to see a young man no older than maybe nineteen sitting with two other young men. The one that spoke had short but gravity defying brown hair, amber-whiskey colored eyes, he had a splatter of beauty marks on his left cheek bone down to his jawbone. On his right wrist he wore a Consort's Bracelet that had jeweled stones the same color as his eyes.

"...they said he's much older than he looks, and that he was once Furniture to Lord Mink but was given to Lord Am as a gift! Lord Am had him fixed."

Katze cringed at the wording of that phrase, no matter how true it might have been.

"...No way! That can't be true!" Exclaimed a ruff accented voice, that belonged to a boy with dark brown eyes and bright golden hair. Who Katze knew to be Katsuya to be the Favored of Seto Kaiba an Elite from the Jade Caste. Katze knew the boy from the many, many, business dinners he had been forced to suffer through. Rauol did a lot of business with the owner of Kaiba Corp.

"That Lord Am's Consort was a Furniture? Yup! Total fact." That voice belonged to Duo Maxwell, Consort of Heero Yui, Commander of the Amoian Armed Forces. Maxwell was thought to be the most beautiful man in all of Midas, with his ankle length auburn gold streaked hair and dark violet eyes. He was also one of the few Manufactured Pets to survive the virus. It had been quite the scandal when Duo had become the Onyx Elite's Consort. Everyone had thought Heero Yui would make his female Favorite, Relena, his consort.

Duo could have quite easily caught the eye of a Blondie and had but in the end he chose Heero Yui.

"But why?" Katsuya asked, "how would a Furniture know to...pleasure...well, anyone?"

"Because he had been in charge of Iason Mink's Pets." Duo said, without any tact.

Katze had heard enough. He stood gaining the young men's attention when he addressed them, "If you are going to talk about someone?" Katze raised an eyebrow causing a red blush to cross Duo's cheeks, "You should made certain they can't hear you."

"I-I meant no disrespect." Duo Sputtered out.

Katze rolled his eyes, no doubt he didn't. But the boy could not be allowed to say what he wanted when he wanted, it was too dangerous still. "I know," Katze told him, "You didn't have enough scorn in your voice for you too. Just be mindful that not every Consort to a Blondie is as forgiving as I am."

Katze gathered his things, pushed his sun shades to the top of his head and walked away leaving Duo gaping at Katze's back while his friends laughed.