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In A Thousand Years

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 "You are my forever woman woman."  You blurt.  You feel your eyes bug four times their size; and you feel the heat rise in your face.  You can feel the fire in the pit of your soul rage though your system and you fought so hard to keep from fire bending.   You knew that if you shot your arms out you would only harm the woman in front of you.  The woman whom you love.  With your whole heart.   The woman whom you just blurted out a very cheesy line that a six year old had said years before.   

  Asami's eyes widen. "Are you trying to help Meelo out; Korra?"  She tilted her head.   "You know that it will never work out between Meelo and I.  Even when he reaches full adult age .... I'm much to old for him."

   She thinks I'm trying to push Meelo on her.   Great.  Just great.  Not only do I use his old line ... line but she still thinks that he's after her.  You just still stare silently at her.  You can do nothing but silently stare at the love of your life as you realize that she thinks you are being a wing woman to a fourteen year old boy with a crush.   

  She steps forward.   "Korra?" she reaches her hand out to touch your skin.   You felt her cool hand against your hot skin.  You close your eyes as you just enjoyed her skin against  your skin.  The fire inside you rose higher then ever .... as you thought of what it would feel like having all of her skin touching your skin.  With no clothes or any material hindering you.   Your hands running all over her body; inside her.   Making her moan your name over and over.  Making her sweat and swear against your skin.   You feel all your pours open up at once.

   "....rra?   Korra."  You hear the deep concern in her voice.

   Your eyes open and you stare into her concerned eyes.  "I'm fine 'Sami.   J-just fine."  You husked out.  

   "You are burning up.  I keep calling and calling you .... it took too long for you to return to me."  She breathed out.

   "I wasn't trying to help Meelo out."  You blurted.  "I didn't know how else to tell you that I truly like you Asami.   In that way.  So I panicked  and used Meelo's old line."  

  "Oh Korra."  Asami softly smiled.   "What am I going to do with you?"   

 "Love me."  You husked out.

"For a thousand years and beyond."  Asami whispered as she leaned forward and placed her lips on yours.


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Roses are red;

as are your lips.

Grass is green;; 

as are your eyes.

Sky is blue;

as in my all time favorite color.

Red and blue make purple;

so you and I together make us Violets.


  A slight blush lit Asami's cheeks as she re-read the Valentine that wasn't signed.  She knew that the Valentine wasn't by a boy.  One because the colors red and blue mixed together turns into purple.  The line about Violets isn't just for the flowers.  No it was the term that people use for lesbians.  So the Valentine was from a girl.

  She thought of all the females in the school and thought of the color blue.   The sender said that blue was her favorite color.   So that could make close to forty girls whom want to mix colors with her.   She sighed deeply as she frowned.   She had to carefully weigh forty girls in her mind to begin to exclude them from the list.  

  She frowned darkly.  She didn't want to spend that much time on this mystery.  She wanted to know whom her mysterious Valentine was quickly.   Hopefully it's the girl whom she had wanted from the first moment she set eyes on years ago.  But with her luck she could be seriously wrong.

  "No!"  Asami snared to herself at that thought.   She wasn't going to give up on her dreams of winning the girl over some day.  It may not be now.  Or in the near future.  But someday the girl of her soul will know of her love for her.   

 Asami went back to the task on hand.   She re-read the Valentine once more.  She finally got to cross out fifteen names on the list ... due to how the poem was written.  She thought of the girls in her class - because it had to be one of them in the classroom.  No one else would have managed to slip it onto her desk while she had been up to speak to the teacher.   She had only been gone from her desk five minutes.

  She crossed another ten off of her list.  The ten girls whom sat at the other sides of the room from where her desk was.  So now she was down to twenty.   She crossed off another ten as she realized those ten were all ready coupled with someone else.  

That leaves ten girls.   Ten girls whom she honesty did like.   But only one of them held her heart.  But did she hold her heart?

   Asami gently placed the card into her special box.   She would solve this mystery in the future.   After all she was only eight years old.  Much, much to young to have her soul mate right then and there.

  There would be time in the future.   For now she wanted to enjoy her carefree childhood days.



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 "I want to be with you once again Korra." Mako looked you straight in the eyes as he spoke.

"Mako." You said in a warning voice.

"No Korra." He shook his head. "It's been a few years since we were together. We have grown separately. We have grown together. The time wasn't right a few years ago. But it is right now." He placed a gentle hand on your left cheek.

"I don't feel for you in a romantic way Mako." You truthfully spoke. "You are one of my best friends."

"As you are mine." Mako smiled. "Look I know that we told one another when we broke up that we weren't going to get romantically feeling involved with one another again. That was true when we said it. Years ago. But with time those feelings can and should change."

"They may have changed for you Mako. But they haven't changed for me." You shook your head; his palm is still against your cheek. "I'm not in love with you."

"That can change in time." He gentle caressed my cheek.

Your left hand rose and placed on top of his. You pull his hand away from your face. "My feelings for you won't change Mako. I love you."

The sheer hope rose in his eyes. His breathe hitched.

"But my love for you is like how I love Meelo and Rohan." I finished.

You see the truth crash into his heart and soul.

He shook his head stubbornly. "I'm not giving up on you Korra. I know that you will change your mind. I know you."

"I'm with someone Mako." You sharply spoke. Liar.

He laughed harshly. "Yeah right. You aren't with anyone but us. You aren't making a fool of yourself on anyone."

"I have a girlfriend." I spoke up. Liar.

"Who!" He barked back.

Shit. Think Korra. Think. You see his eyes show triumph "Asami." You quickly spat out. Liar. Oh God. Really Korra; Really?!

Mako burst out in laughter. "Yeah right. You and Asami Sato. Dating. My two ex – girlfriends dating."

"Shut up!" You growled out.

"She's straight." He wrapped his arms across his chest with a shit eating grin on his face. "You are such a liar Korra." He leaned back against the wall.

"I'm not lying." You seethed. Liar.

He raised his right eye brow. "Prove it."

Before you could respond the door opened.

"Hey guys." You froze at the sound of her voice behind you.

"Hey Asami." Mako said in a calm voice. He turned eyes back at you; and rose his left eye brow. "Prove it." He mouthed.

Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. You wanted the ground to open up and swallow you whole. You knew how to Earth bend – you so could do that right this moment. But; then Mako wins. You can't allow him to win. You smiled at Mako and then turned around. "Hello Asami."

Her face lit up in a soft smile. God you are so beautiful 'Sami. I wish I could make you mine for real. "Hello Korra." Her soft gentle voice ran though your ears.

You felt Mako's eyes on your back. You knew that you had to finish what you started. You walked up to stand in front of Asami. Licking your lips. "I'm sorry." You softly say.

Asami looked questionably at you. Her mouth opened to speak; when you quickly moved in and captured her lips with your own. You capture her surprised gasp into your mouth; and your tongue slipped easily into her mouth. You felt your arms slid around her; pulling her tightly against you. You lost all sense of time. All you can sense is her. Her body against yours. Her mouth against yours. Your tongue in her warm mouth. Her tongue against yours. Her gentle soft skin against yours. You felt the kiss deepen as you simply lost yourself in this essence of what your soul had always cried out for.

You felt your body gently being pushed back. Your eyes open slowly and you see the confused green eyes just inches from you. There were so many more emotions playing around there. Fighting to take center stage. But before you could say anything ….

"I best be going now." Mako's sad voice spoke from behind you. He felt him walk past you, and you hear the soft closing of the door.

"K-korra?" Asami whispered.

You step away from her. "I'm sorry for that Asami." You spoke quickly. "Mako wanted to get back together with me. I told him no. But he kept saying that enough time had passed that we could love one another once more. When I told him that I didn't love him in the way he wanted me too – that I loved him the way I love Meelo and Rohan. He kept fighting and fighting me. So I told him I was dating someone. He demanded to know. Your name was the first one to pop in my head. He told me to prove it to him. I would have come to find you to explain what was going on – then you and I could put on an act for him. But; you entered the room before I could get away from him. You know how stubborn he is … so I had to prove to him that you and I were truly an item by kissing you. I'm sorry that I kissed you so deeply – but my tongue was to fast for me; and I couldn't stop it from slipping into your throat." You blinked back the tears. "I'm sorry that I scared you."

"You didn't scare me." She breathed out. Her face turned impassive. "So Mako thinks you and I are an item?"

Your right hand ran through the back of your head. "Um yes." You felt heat rise on your cheeks. "I'm sorry for dragging you into this stupid lie of mine."

"I thought you were straight." Her hands rest in front of her.

"Not so straight." You shrugged.

She nodded.

"Look Asami. I don't want this to destroy our friendship." You quickly spoke high. "I value your place in my life. Not because you truly are the first female friend that I have ever had my own age. But I value your soul."

A soft smile crossed her lips. "I'm not upset Korra." She took a step forward. "I was surprised by the kiss." A thin line came to her lips. "But with the information you gave me …. it makes sense." Her body stiffen.

You swallowed. You hurt her. But; I can't tell her the truth. I can't burden her with my feelings. She has lost so much all ready. Her mother. Her father. Her friends. Her business. Her home. I can't allow her to lose my friendship due to my unwanted feelings towards her. "I'm sorry." You huskily repeated.

Her green eyes met yours. Her eyes soften. "So we are fake girlfriends then?" She had a light smirk on her lips.

You blink. You felt your heart settle down to the truth. "You are okay with it then?" You asked lightly.

She nodded. "It's the only way to get Mako to move forward in his life."

You nodded. "Okay then."

"Okay then." She repeated.

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"You are no longer my daughter." He snared at you.

You felt your heart break once more at his words. This man whom had helped create you. This man whom held you when you were just born. This man whom rocked you to sleep. This man whom chased away your nightmares. This man whom protected you. This man whom became your mother when your mother was forever taken from you. This man whom you so admired. This man whom you wanted to become. This man whom protected you against the world. This man whom ….

You swallow thickly. This man whom betrayed you the worst way possible. This man whom betrayed your mother's memory in his evil ways. This man whom allowed the grief he held losing his soul mate into sheer hatred. This man whom tired to kill you when you stood to the right side of the world; and not to the wrong. This man whom turned into a monster when he spewed hatred against half the worlds population.

"It was bad enough when you had the gall to fall for the fire bender." He snared. "It killed me Asami to watch you freely fall for your mother's murderer."

"Mako didn't kill mama." You chocked out.

"He bends fire." Your father spat out. You wiped the spit off your cheek. "He bends." You saw the fire rise in his eyes. "All benders must pay for what they did too …."

You waited for him to say her name. He couldn't. You wouldn't help him. Never again.

"Now you stand here to tell me that you have fallen for the Avatar." Your father voice turned to steel. "The current Avatar whom happens to be female."

"I love Korra." You simply softy stated. "She's my soul mate."


Your eyes welled up in tears. Your vision blurred as you felt the sting of your father's palm on your right cheek. Your hand rose up to cover the spot where he smacked you. You could tell he used all his strength in that smack.

"Don't you dare use that word." Your father was suddenly within an inch of your face. His hand gripped your chin tightly in his hand. "What you feel for Avatar Korra is a sin. An abolitionism!" You felt tears roll down your cheeks as his grip tighten. "You will rot in hell for all entirety."

You had enough. "As if you won't be." You jerk his hand from your face. "For what you did to my mother." You stepped away from the man whom you once called father.

"How dare you use her title." He stormed. "She's not your mother. How can she be a mother too – too" He couldn't go on.

"How can she be mother to a full grown confidant young woman. Whom has never betrayed what was right? Whom never once gave into her grief to turn it into hatred." You heard the steel of your voice at that final word.

"Yasuko understands." Your father's eyes met yours. You saw that he truly believed that.

"Mama is weeping looking down at you father." You replied. "She's at a lost … as I am … on how you could turn your loving memory of her … into this sickness that you call revenge against the people whom killed her. Just a few pitiful sad few people whom decided one night to break into our house. To steal as much as they could. I don't think they were intending on killing anyone that night."

"They were going to kill you." Your father cried out.

Your heart stopped.

"They were just leaving. When they spotted you. You were hiding in the corner behind the couch. But they caught sight of the edge of your night grown." Your father swallowed. "I was stuck in sheer fear for you. That I couldn't make one move. I couldn't even open my mouth to tell you to run. To run for your very life." His eyes squeezed shut. "One of them had quickly had a ball of fire on the palm of his hand. His eyes gleamed in excitement at the thought of taking the life of a mere six year old child." His eyes opened once more. "I could tell by the growth of the fire ball that he had no mercy where you were concerned. He kept causing the fire ball to grow bigger and bigger. His intent was to murder you …. not to mark you for life."

Your breath hitched in your throat.

"I couldn't save you." A tear rolled down his cheek. "I couldn't save my own precious child." His hand shook at his sides, "Yasuko quickly rushed towards you; and managed to push you away when the fire ball hit her. It hit her full in the chest – and I could see the silent scream rip from her chest. But I saw the love in her eyes as she realized that she saved you; Asami. She gave her life willing so you could live."

"Mama …." You whisper heart broken.

His eyes darken in hatred once more. "This is how you are repaying your mother for giving up her life for yours. By betraying her by falling for a bender. A bender whom was so willing to end your life …. whom she willing stepped forward to end hers for yours." He stormed up and grabbed your arms. You felt your body begin to shake rapidly. "How dare you repay her this way."

You were suddenly shoved backwards and you hit the wall hard.

"I never want to see you again." Your father turned his back to you.

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“Avatar Korra ...” His voice oozed oily as he bent down to put his face a few inches from your own. “the rumor is that you are playing for the wrong team.”


Rolling your eyes. “Shut up Tahno.” You refused to move away from him. You didn't want to give him the satisfaction. Ever since Amon took away his bending … and you restored it …. you two have become friendly towards each other. Not best friends. But you trust him. But he is still Tahno through and through.


“I know things didn't work out with Mako.” Glee lit up his eyes. “Not surprising. He is too stiff lipped; and refuses to actually show a sign of life.” He mimicked Mako's classic facial expression.


You fought yourself not to laugh. It was spot on. But you didn't want Tahno thinking that he was getting some where with you here.


“Avatar Korra you shouldn't be put off men due to that. Not all men are in the class of Mako.” He snared as he said Mako's name.


You heaved a deep sigh, Fully knowing what Tahno really thought of Mako. “Even if I favored guys right now; Tahno …” You spoke in a sugar sweet voice. “I still wouldn't give you the time of day.”


He blinked. His mouth opened ….


“Although you are closer to a woman than man.” You tapped the end of your chin. “Not only in looks …. but how you act …. and your walk.”


“I'm all man.” He spurted. His hands went to his pants. “I'll prove it.” He growled.


Your eyes widen. “Tahno I was just kidding.”


He quickly pushed his pants down. Leaving only his underwear. You noticed the rising lump.


“Pull your pants up.” You growled.


He smirked. A hard glint in his eyes. “I may have lost my bending for a while there Avatar Korra. But I didn't lose my man hood.”


“I'm sorry Tahno.” You kept your eyes firmly locked onto his. Your eyes soften from the shock and anger. “I shouldn't have gone as far as I did.” You rested your right hand on his tight left shoulder.


His anger slowly faded from his eyes; as he searched your soul for the truth. “Okay then.” He stepped back from the moment; and bent to pull up his pants. “I thought Asami was straight.”


“You thought wrong.” You smiled as your arms wrapped across your chest. “You thought I was straight.”

“Mako turned you two gay.” Tahno shook his head.


“Mako didn't turn us gay.” You sighed.


“Mako turned you into bi-sexual.” He waved his hand to the side.


“Mako didn't turn us anything.” You sighed. “We were born this way.”


His left eye brow. “If you were born this way …. then why did you date Mako? If you were born this way … then why did you have romantic feelings for Mako?”


You stare at him. “Are you kidding? How many gays and lesbians do you personally know.”


His mouth opened. Then closed again.


“Can you name five right this second?” You barked.


He held up a finger.


Your head cocked.


He sighed. “Okay, okay I get what you are saying Korra.”


“Good.” You eyed him. “If I hear that you are making a nuisance of yourself with 'Sami; Tahno; then you haven't seen what I can do when I'm fully angry.” You felt a tightness in your chest. “I'm talking past the Avatar state.”


“I always respected Asami.” He held his hand out in sign of peace. “Knowing that she likes the ladies instead of the men doesn't take that respect away.”


Your nodded. “Good.”


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Shaky you get your body rolled unto the first floor fire escape. You rest your shaky arms as you caught your breath. Letting out a shaky giggle. “Shush ….. you need to be q quite ….” you couldn't contain the giggles; but you did mange to keep it down.


You were drunk. But you knew how late …. early it was. You didn't want to upset anyone here. After all you are trying to get to a safe place so you could sleep this off. If you got people mad at you; then it would take hours before you could finally close your eyes.


You finally managed to get the giggles under control; as you finally found yourself sitting up. Instead of lying forward on the dirty fire escape. The fire escape you managed to climb up to without having to jerk down the ladder. That was a feat in itself. You let yourself catch your breath and gather your strength. After all you had four more flights to climb up. At least the remaining stairs were welded to the fire escapes.


You blink as you fought the numbness that was beginning to steep in. You needed to keep moving. Just for a few more minutes. You have to get to Opal's apartment. Then you'll be safe. Then you can allow the alcohol to knock you out. You manage to get back to your feet.


The world began to spin. You softly giggle. “Seriously girl; start climbing.” You order yourself as you turn to the first set of stairs. You carefully put your right hand on the railing; and began the climb up wards.


By the time you got to the bottom of Opal's stairs. You were beginning to see the world in double. You accidentally slip against the first step. You managed to miss it when you moved forward. You caught yourself from face planting on the steps; but you managed to scape your hands; and the end of your chin. You blink the sharp tears that blurred your eyes.


“Shit.” You hissed. “Owie.”


You swallow around the lump that was forming in your throat. You really needed to get to Opal's. You really didn't want to be have a drunken break down out on the freaking fire escape of an apartment building. That just ain't happening.


You manage to stand straight once more. You made sure both of your hands were on the railings; and that you got your feet on the stairs as you climbed the last six steps that led to Opal's floor. You lean against the wall for a small breath.


You look down the right side of the building where she lived. You just have to make it to the sixth window then you were home free. “You can do this.” You start forward. Making sure you were leaning more to the building then away from it. It wouldn't do if you accidentally fell off the building.


You wanted to shout as you fist bumped yourself as you made it to Opal's window. But you didn't. Kneeling down you giggle as you found her window slightly open. “Thank God that Opal's loves fresh air.” You carefully glide the window up; and you climb through and into the apartment. You lowered the window back to how it was.


You walk towards the couch; and slip off your shoes. You take off your jacket as you make your way to the bedroom door. Your skirt followers your jacket. You unbutton your shirt and slip it off your body as you gently edge open the bedroom door. You allow the shirt to fall from your body as you make your way to the bed. You carefully move to the side where Opal wasn't in; and pull the covers up. You carefully and gratefully slip into the bed; and covered yourself up.


Moving the inches that you needed to; you rest your head against her chest; just below her collar bone and just above her right breast. Your right arm slip across Opal's thin stomach. Your eyes close and you allow sleep to claim you.




You felt movement under your head; and you snuggle even closer. “'tis not time to wake up yet Opal.” you moan out.


You felt her body stiffen under you.


You sigh as you turn to the other side; but you did manage to drag her with you. You felt her body wrap around yours. As you moved her arms to wrap around your body. You sigh as you relaxed once more, and went back to a deep sleep.




The sun hit your eye lids. You try desperately to return to the deep sleep that your body was dragging you out of. But your body wasn't having non of that. It was ever slowly forcing you back into the land of the living.


Your eyes finally started to blurry open. You blink as the sun played against your skin. You felt Opal's warm body against yours. A soft smile played on your lips. She was such a sweet friend remaining in bed with you throughout the morning. On her only day off. You owed her big time for this.


Your eyes blinked in confusion on what it was seeing. Since when did Opal change the paint on her walls? Where is her dressing table? When did she get the weights? Your body stiffened as you realized that this wasn't Opal's bedroom. So that means this isn't Opal's apartment. Your eyes drifted downward and your breathe stopped. The arms that were wrapped around you were darker shade than Opal Bei Fong's skin tone.


You managed to break into some strange woman's apartment. Not only that but you managed to undress down to your slip; and get into her bed; and forcing her to be your snuggle bunny in your drunken state. Not only that …. but you managed to force this strange woman from getting up earlier (to call the police) and forced her to big spoon you for hours on end.


But …. what if she's not an innocent by stander? What if she is a rapist? Or a killer? Or a social path. You are in the hands of a deg-raged unknown predator.


“I'm not going to harm you.” Your eyes widen wider at the soft sound of her voice. “I'm Korra by the way.” She had confusion in her voice.


You slowly turn yourself so you were facing her. Your eyes slowly lifted and you were met with the bluest of all eyes you have ever seen in your life. They were the color of the ocean. You grew lost in the eyes that were simply drowning you.


“.... alone last night.”


You blink. “Sorry I didn't catch that.” You heard your whiskey voice chock out.


She blushed. “Well like I said. I fully know that I went to sleep alone last night. I know that I didn't sleep walk and end up with a date. So I'm kinda wondering how you ended up in my bed next to me.”


You felt your face heat up. “I got drunk last night. I didn't want to try to get home. My best friend Opal lives in this building. I knew that she always left her widow open … so I wanted to crash in her bed to sleep it off.” Your eyes close. “I got the wrong apartment.”


“That explains it then.” Korra said in relief.


“Feel free to call the cops.” You moan.


“Why would I do that?” She asked.


Your eyes jerked open. “I broke into your apartment. I got undressed and climbed into your bed. While you were sound asleep. I could have raped you for all you know.”


“Naga would have torn you to pieces if you tried to harm me.” Korra smirked.


You blinked.


Suddenly a giant white dog's head showed it self behind Korra. You gasped.


“Naga is my polar bear dog.” Korra never took her eyes off of you. Her hands gently rubbed up and down your bare arms. “She felt you were someone safe last night; that's why she didn't make any noise as you came into my apartment; and climbed into bed with me.”


You watch as Naga lowered her head back down once more. Your breath easier. Your eyes drifted back to her ocean blue eyes. Your were lost in the sea of her eyes once more. You found you truly didn't want to be found.


“I'm guessing you got this beauty climbing up the stares.” Sudden tears came to your green eyes as stabs of pain hit you in two different parts of your body at the same time. Your right hand was throbbing and so was your chin.


An image of you falling head long into the metal stairs flashed through your brain. You knew you scraped your hand, and your chin. “Owie.” You whisper as a tear rolled down your cheek.


Korra gently raised her right hand, and touched just to the side of the torn skin on your face. “You just scraped it. No need for stitches.” She said in a soft relived voice. Her left hand guided your right hand above the covers. She looked down at her palm. “The same goes for your hand.” You watch as she gently places her lips against your hand. Your breathe caught as she gently kissed the wound. Her lips lifted and she inched forward to gently kiss your chin.


You tucked your head into her neck and you sighed. “I haven't had someone kiss my wounds better since I was child. When my mum was still alive she used to kiss my wounds to make them better.”


You felt Korra gently pull you closer to her. Her left hand rose to stroke your hair from the side of your face.




Your eyes drifted open once again. You were still tucked in Korra's arms. Her warm body heat keeping you warm. “I'm sorry for troubling you.” You breathe out.


“You aren't troubling me. Green eyed.” Korra soft voice spoke.


She sigh.


“Even not knowing your name doesn't trouble me. Green eyes.” You blink.


You knew Korra's name. But you have yet told her yours. “My name is Asami. Asami Sota.” Your hand played with the top of the comforter.


“Asami.” Korra breathed. “That's such a beautiful name.”


You felt a blush on your cheeks.


Before another word was spoken a soft rumble noise was heard.


“How about you take a shower, and I'll order us some food.” Korra said with a small chuckle.


You lifted yourself off of the woman whom you had made a bed pillow since early morning. “You don't have to feed me; Korra. I'm going to get dressed. Then I'll leave. By the door; and you won't ever see me again.”


“Hey seeing how your best friend Opal lives in the same building as me. Whom is my neighbor … then I'll sure be seeing you Asami.” Korra sat up and rested against the head board. “Sides that I consider you my friend now. A very good special friend.”


You red the genuine warmth in her eyes. You nodded. “But still you need the shower as much as I do. I don't want to take up anymore of your day.”


She leans forward; and gently captures the sides of your face in the palms of her hands. “Either you get in the shower willing; Asami. Or I drag you in there.” She gently glared into your eyes.


“Okay,” You didn't mind losing this battle.


She smiled warmly.


You get up from the bed and move to the bathroom. “Thank you Korra.” You softly say before shutting the door blocking your view of her.



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You can do this. You are the Avatar. You are the bridge between the spirit world and this world. You can do this. You silently kept repeating in your head. As you stare into the sea of eyes. So many eyes. How can there be so many eyes. You flashed back to when you first saw so many eyes staring at you. It was the afternoon when you arrived in Republic City. When you told the city that you were the Avatar … and you were here to stay. That you weren't afraid of Amon. That you weren't afraid of the Equalists movement.


Oh how wrong you were. How very wrong. Amon proved you wrong.


But you had to over come your fear. You had to bring Amon down. If you didn't then the world would be out of balance. You were the Avatar and you have to bring balance.


But you have yet overcome the fear of public speaking. You weren't used to it. You were used to the masters, and White Lotus of the compound. After all you grew up with them. You knew them. You trusted them. But this sea of people … you don't know. Expect for Tenzin and his family. Mako and Bolin. Even Chief Lin Bei Fong. You search desperately to find those eyes. The eyes that would smoother your soul.


You couldn't find them. You feel the sweet fall slowly down your back. You just prayed that no one could see how wet you actually were from where they were silently staring back at you. Why were they silent? They should be talking. Someone should be talking. Tarrlok should be talking.


“Avatar Korra will be speaking once she forms her thoughts.” Tarrlok's voice echoed through the speakers.


Oh so he's waiting for you to speak.


You can do this. You are the Avatar. You are the bridge between the spirit world and this world. You can do this. You are the Av …. I CAN'T DO THIS. Aang help! Your eyes swim over the sea of eyes desperately trying to find one familiar eyes. Just one. You found warm and gentle brown eyes. You knew those eyes.


You stepped up to the mic. You open your mouth to speak. You close it once more. You suddenly couldn't speak. Not one word. I can't do this. Retreat. Get out. Go!


You were about to flee for your life when …. you caught the sight of bright emerald green eyes staring into your soul. You got this. You can over come whatever is standing in your way. I believe in you Avatar Korra. You open your mouth and start to speak. You couldn't take your eyes off those green eyes.


Off of Asami.


Off the woman whom has stolen Mako from you. The only man you have ever fallen in love with. She stole him from you even before you had your chance with him. How can you compete with her? She has it all. Money, pose, a normal typical childhood. She grew up in Republic City surrounded by people. While you grew up in the Southern Water Tribe …. in the middle of no where. With metal walls surrounding you. You grew up alone in a compound. You were the only child among a select group of adults. How could you even think that Mako would even be slightly interested in you besides as friends.

You lost the contest even before you knew Mako existed.


You wanted to hate Asami Sato. You really truly did. Even though you just met her. Like said perhaps four words to her. You really, really wanted to hate the woman. But you just couldn't. Even through your heart broke knowing that Mako was falling in love with her. That he would never be yours. You just can't hate her.


Your spirit has never felt this calm before. Not even when you were looking into your mother or father's eyes when you had to talk to the adults in the compound. You didn't feel anxious at all. You felt confidant that you were saying the right things the right way.


What is it about Asami's spirit that soothes you like this? How is her spirit calming your spirit? How is it that it feels so right that her spirit is intertwined with yours? So deeply intertwined. How is it that you aren't scared of what this means? That you finally felt the source of the peace you always felt since you entered this world? How you felt this spirit within even while you were growing in your mother's womb.


You knew that you didn't have time to discover the answers to this mystery. At least not while Amon remained a threat. You promised once you have neutralized Amon … then you would seek the answers that you desperately needed.


You stopped speaking. You heard the cheers and the clapping around you. But those eyes spoke more to you then any other person alive. You believed what the spirit in those eyes spoke to you.


You had to stop Amon for this spirit. You had to protect this spirit from Amon. You vowed that you will over come your fear of his power of taking away bending …. your bending …. so you could protect this spirit whom was counting on you.


You are the Avatar. You are the bridge between the spirit world and this one. You are the protector of this soul whom desperately needs you. You are the Avatar.


Chapter Text

“What is it that you want Mako?” You sighed at the sight of your ex stepping to your side. You couldn't help but stiffened at the feel of his arm glidding next to yours. You willed your arms from lauching on. It would be so easy to launch onto his arm. So natuaral. But it wasn't your place any longer. He didn't want you to cling to him any longer. Your heart dropped at the truth of those words and feelings. Your chin lifted a little higher as your green eyes stared forward and you managed to kept your pace.


You could tell that Mako felt you tighten next to him. He turned and grapped hold of your arms and turned you towards him as you stopped moving. “Asami; I ….”


“You what Mako?” You tiredly sighed as you met his brown eyes. Your eyes masking the hurt and loneliness at the feel of his hands on your body. They no longer belonged there.


“If I let you go; do you promise not to walk away?” Mako sighed.


You searched his eyes. “I promise.” You breaathed easier once Mako's hands were off of your body. You stepped back to give space between them. You wrapped your arms across your waist. “What do you want from me Mako?”


Mako sighed. “I want my friend back.”


Your eyes slanted. “We were never friends Mako.” You truthfully spoke.


Sadness clouded his eyes. “It's it too late to be friends?” He questioned meeting your eyes with his own. “I know that I have messed up with you 'Sami.” He sighed as he saw you tighten. “Sorry Asami. I know that lost all rights to call you that.”


“I should never haven given you permisson to call me that.” You fought the tears that were making their way up to your eyes. It wouldn't due to allow him to see you cry. He was never good at handling you when you were crying. You needed to remain strong. You didn't need him. You don't need him.


“I truly do care for you Asami.” Mako spoke once more.


You met his soft eyes; and you read the truth in them. Hope grew in your soul once more. Swallowing around the lump in your throat. “I don't you out of my life compeltely Mako.” You relented. “You honesty have grown a spot in my soul. I'm finding that it is along side Bolin's spot.”


Hope shined in his eyes.


“'Sami!” A cheerful voice spoke to the right of you.


Your face warmed as your eyes turned towards where Korra was making her way towards you. Riding Naga of course. A soft smile played on your lips.


Naga stopped and knelt down.


“Come riding with us.” Korra cheerfully said as she offered a hand towards you.


You turn to Mako. “You don't mind do you?”


He smiled. “No. I just wanted to make sure that we can work on being friends.”


You smiled also. Turning to Naga you reached up for Korra's hand. You allowed the weight of your body to lift off the ground; and you were soon against Korra; with your arms wrapped around her waist; as Naga carefully stood to her feet once more.


Mako stepped back so Naga could turn around. “Have a nice ride you three.” He gently patted Naga's side before walking away.


You rested your head against Korra's shoulder.


“You okay?” Korra's soft gentle voice spoke in your ear.


“I will be.” You breathed. “I will be.”


Naga started walking forward.


“Want to stay at Air Temple Island for a while?” She asked.


You hummed. You felt her relax as Naga picked up the pace a little bit. “I could use the peacefulness of the island.” A smile played on your lips as you allowed your soul to finally relax being surrounding by Korra's soul.


Chapter Text

“What do you need from me Avatar Korra?” Zaheer calming opened his eyes and looked into Korra's distrustful eyes. “I'm not going to harm you any longer Korra.” He sighed as he floated above the ground with the chains on his arms, and legs. “I know that I have truly failed in my misson when I thought destroying you was the way to go.”


Korra stiffened as she just watched the man float. Her eyes slanted. “How do I know that this isn't just an act that you are pulling.”


“You don't.” He replied.


Korra nodded. “At least you are telling me the truth.”


“So what do you need from me?” Zaheer asked once more. He waited. He knew that Avatar standing before him wouldn't rush out and tell him. She has learned how to be calm; how to think things out before saying them …. she had grown up and matured in the three years since he poisoned her. Perhaps his act wasn't a tragic waste after all.


“I want your promise that whatever attacks you are planning against me … that you go solely for me. You don't go near anyone whom I'm close to me just to hurt me.” Korra spoke in a low voice. “I survived your posion. So I'm strong.” Her eyes narrowed. “But if you think going after my parents; or ….”


“I'm not going to attack you any longer Korra.” Zaheer sighed. “I'm not going to attack anyone whom you are close to you. I'm not going to attack anyone ever again.” He looked her straight in the eyes. “I know that I would cause too much unblanch in life … there is enough of that to add on to just to prove htat you are the Avatar that these times need.” He looked into her eyes deeply. “I won't go after Asami.”


Korra's breath hitched. “If you do Zaheer … then you will wish that you managed to kill me with that posion instead of ….”


“I understand Avatar Korra.” Zaheer spoke in a sad voice. He watched as she turned and walked from the room. He was worried about the state of Korra's mind and heart. But what could he do about it. He broke her trust for all time when he posioned her, There is no way that she would ever think of confinding into him. But he would remain on guard for any threat against Asami, and let Korra know.


Chapter Text

“I wasn't able to protect Korra when she needed me to.” You stared out at the ocean your arms folded across yourchest; trying to keep the freezing wind from entering your heavy weight jacket. “I wasn't enough to protect her.”


“Sokka and I weren't enough to protect Aang when he needed us too.” Katara eyed the young woman standing next to her. “Zuko managed to grab him and we couldn't prevent him from taking Aang. It happens Asami. All you can do is trust that whatever is happening as you try to protect the Avatar as the Avatar is in the Spirit World … that you are able to prevent anyone from killing the Avatar.”


“That's not enough.” You husked out. Tears spilling from your eyes. “I'm sure if Mako was there then he would have been strong enough to hold onto Korra; and manage to fire bend the enemy out of the way.” Your body stiffen. “I'm only an worthless non bender. All I was able to do was hold Korra as Naga raced forward. I couldn't fight back.”


“You protected Korra when she needed you to.” Katara's brown eyes made their way to meet yours. Your blinked as you tried to deny Avatar Aang's soulmate what she was saying. You couldn't allow Korra's formal life's wife talk you into thinking that you protected Korra in her time in need … when you got yourselves captured by the Earth Queen's men all because you couldn't fight. You had to keep Korra close to you as Naga was running full tilt … you couldn't fight … so that was how the Earth Queen's men captured you.


“I took Aang fully expecting to turn him over to my father. I was going to regain my honor … and my father would insure Aang wouldn't be able to be killed. So no new Avatar could be reborn.” Zuko's stale voice spoke behind you.


Your body stiffened. Your eyes stung at the truth that was over whelming your soul at those words. Your fists clenched against your chest. Raw anger flew through your blood steam. You turn around quickly. “You are not to get near Korra ever again; Fire Lord Zuko.” You heard your voice growl low.


“Did you have to go there Zuko.” Katara sighed next to you,


“Well it got Asami to stop feeling sorry for herself.” Zuko calmly shrugged. His eyes turned from the old woman's next to you; onto yours. “In the end I couldn't do it.” A small smirk came to his lips. “My soul always knew it couldn't turn the Avatar over to my father …. no matter what. It just took me a long time to realize that we needed … no I needed the Avatar to remain alive and free. That the Avatar must be able to freely do his or her duty to the entire world.” He stepped forward. Stopping when he was within a few inches from you. “I couldn't help destroy the Avatar because I was directly related to the Avatar. I didn't know until much later that my Grandfather … my mother's father was Avatar Roku.” He sighed deeply; such sadness in his eyes. “If I had succeeded in handing Aang over to my father … then I would have betrayed my Grandfather. My soul couldn't do it …. even through I was too stubborn for a very long time from truly listening to it.”


“I still don't trust you near Korra.” You growled your eyes growing into slants.


“I trust him.” Korra's voice spoke from behind you. You stiffened as you swung around to face her. “How can you? He's all about destroying the Avatar. You.” Your right forefinger pointed into Korra's chest.


“'Sami.” Korra calmly and softly spoke. “Relax.” Her left hand rose to cover yours against her chest. Your finger still pressing into her collar bone. A soft smile played on her lips.


You look searching in her eyes and began to relax. “Sorry.” You tried to move your hand away from her. But she just gently squeezed your hand. You were relieved that she didn't want your finger off of her. You really didn't want to remove your finger from her body. Expect to rest your full palm against her collar bone. You notice a nice shade of pink cloud her cheeks. You grew warm at the thought that she liked having your hand on her.


Everything went away in that moment. All you cared about was that you were touching Korra. That Korra was safe standing in front of you. That Korra still wanted you near her. That is all that mattered to you.


Chapter Text

You looked up into the sun as you rested from waxing your board; a grin on your face as you see Bolin jogging towards you. You lifted your hand in an easy wave. “Hey Bo.” You nod as he stops in front of your surf board.


“You got a new student; Korra.” Bolin knelt down as he placed his hand on your board.


You tilted your head. “I wasn't looking for any new students.” You sighed slightly annoyed. “I'm all full up.”


“Actually you aren't Korra. Sam and Bertha have decided to quite.” He shrugged. “They say that they aren't really made for surfing.”


You weren't surprised by the news. “Too bad they didn't want to tell me to my face.” You sighed as you rolled your eyes. “So I have a new student huh?” You look down at your board as you began to wax it once more.


“Yep.” Bolin grinned.


“Well I'll begin with them in a day or so.” You said as you made sure that your board was well waxed.


“Actually you are going to meet her today.” Bolin replied.


Your head lifted. “It's my day off Bo.” You growled.


His eyes widen. “I know Kor. But Mako pro....”


“Mako!” You growled low in your throat. “That no good slave driver of a brother of yours.” You stood to your feet. You had it with Mako's shit. You were going to have it out with him once and for all.


Bolin stood to his feet. “Look Korra; I know you are tired and all. I'll talk to Mako about this for you.” He rested his hand on your right shoulder. “But trust me that you will want to meet this new student of yours.”


“Not likely.” You growl.


“Korra.” Mako's voice spoke to the side of you.


You tightened up and swung your head around to tell him off. Your breath got caught in your throat at the sight of the tall raven haired girl standing to his right. She's beautiful. She's a goddess. Her eyes are as green as emeralds. Her lips …


“I didn't realize that this was your day off. I'll come back another day. A day of your chosen.” The girl's soft voice spoke.


You shook your head. “What? No! I mean it's no bother.” You tried to smile … but you knew that it came out as a grimance. Your right hand rose to rest against the back of your neck. “My name Korra by the way … and I'll be happy to teach you how to surf.” You finally manage to get a genuine smile on your lips. You couldn't take your eyes off this beautiful creature.


“Are you sure?” She looked doubtful.


“She's sure.” Bolin nodded. “Trust me on this one Asami; Korra is sure.”


Mako frowned over at his brother. You didn't take your eyes off the goddess … Asami what a beautiful name.


Asami stepped forward. “I don't want to ruin your day off.” She looked into your eyes with a determain no none sense look. “When would you like to begin to teach me?”


Now! Forever! Now! Your brain screams. But you fully knew that Asami wouldn't allow you to even begin to teach you today. You sigh. “I'm back to teaching tomorrow. So how about you show up around 6 am. If that's not to early for you.”


Asami smiled. “It's not to early for me.” She held out her hand; and you gladly reached out to take it. “It was a pleasure to meet you Korra.”


“Same here Asami.” You returned with a smile showing your teeth.


“Till tomorrow then.” She winked as she let your hand go. “It was a pleasure on meeting you three.”


“It was our pleasure Ms. Sato.” Mako nodded his head jerkly.


“Can't wait to get to know you better Asami.” Bolin said with a smile.


Her eyes turned back to meet yours. “Till tomorrow then.” She nodded, turned, and walked back from where she came from.


“Korra.” Mako spoke in a low warning voice.


You waited until you made sure that Asami was out of ear shot. “You knew this was my day off Mako.” You regretfully turned your eyes from the backside of the your newest student; to look at your partner and former boyfriend. You frowned as you folded your arms across your chest.


Mako sighed.


“Do this to me whenever you want make more money then we all ready have.” You sighed trying to reign in your temper. You knew that you were just born weary … and you were just upset that your free day off wasn't so free after all. “You just have to talk to me before you do something like this too me.” Your hand waved out towards the ocean. “What if I was all ready out there …. there is no way that I can bring a cell phone out there.” You frowned . “You need to talk to me if we are seriously in a situation that we must add more students and when.” You breathed. “After all I am your partner here after all.”


Mako relaxed his stance. “I'm sorry Korra.” He shook his head. “I promise that this will be last time I take on a student like this without talking it over with.” He frowned. “I just freaked when we last two at a time.” His eyes brought together.


“I get it.” You sighed. “But sometimes I need some time to myself man.”


Bolin stepped inbetween you two; “How about you get out there and enjoy the waves; Korra.” He winked at you. Placing his arm across his brother's back, “We'll get back and do some of the paperwork that needs to be done.”


You watched as the two brothers made their way back to the surf shack that you guys had rented for your surfing business; before leaning down, and grabbing your board. You turned to the ocean, and smiled. You had some waves to ride. Your thoughts were on your new student. On Asami.


Chapter Text

“Don't hate me.” You whisper.


Her head tilted to the side. “I could never hate you 'Sami.” She reached out and cupped your cheeks in the palms of her hands.


“I didn't do anything to hurt you.” You chocked out. Tears falling freely down your cheeks. “I really don't know how this happened. It's impossible. There is no possible way that this can happen.” You sobbed. Your chest hurt with the sobs that kept pressing against it; but you couldn't get them to move up wards.


“I need you to tell me now Asami.” Her eyes darkened. “Now!”


“I'm pregnant.” You mewled out.


Her eyes widen.


You finally broke and all the sobs came flying out of your chest. Your eyes closed as you felt yourself fall forward. Luckly she wrapped you tightly into her arms otherwise you would have landed on the cold stone floor of the room.


“I love you 'Asami. I love you.” Her words echoed in your ear. Her fingers gently massage your back and up to your neck. “I love you.” She finally pulled you gently from her; and your eyes drifted open after you felt her forehead resting against hers.


“I don't know how this happened.” You whispered. “You are the only one I have been with. I didn't seek out to get impregnanted.”


“It's our baby 'Sami. Yours and mine.” Her words filled your soul.


Your green eyes meet her happy loving sky blue eyes. “How?” You breathed out.


“I'm the Avatar.” She smiled.


Chapter Text


Rolling your eyes heavenward. "What?" You demanded in a tired voice.

"I can't believe that you used a line from my playbook. Not even that but the page that I wrote when I was six years old." Meelo snickled once more.

You look the fourteen year old straight in the eyes. "It worked didn't it." You spoke in a deadpan voice.

His cheeks redden. "Hey not my fault that Asami was born way before I was; or that I had the misfortune not to be born sooner." He shrugged his shoulders. "Not my fault mom and dad wasted time."

Raising your left eye brow. "Not my fault that she chose me over you."

"If I had to lose Asami then at least it's to you ... and not Mako." Meelo spoke in a serious voice. "At least I know that you know how to treat her right."

"Hey now I thought you liked Mako." You couldn't help defend your ex boyfriend, but still a very close and personal friend.

"I admire the man very much; Korra. But Mako wasn't the right one for Asami. Or you." Meelo shook his head. "Mako doesn't have it in himself to truly be tuned into you either you or Asami."

You had to admit that the kid was right. Mako still wasn't ready to be open to other emotions expect for his own; and Bolin's. He was getting there. But he still was still to selfish; and too protective of his younger brother to allow himself to allow others inside himself.

But in time Mako would get there. In time ...

"At least you won Asami with one of my lines and not one of gradpa Aang's." Meelo out right laughed.

"Hey Aang won Katara didn't he!" You grew anger at the thought of Meelo making fun of your previous life. How dare your previous life's grandson to make fun of his grandfather. Especially when that grandfather had been reborn into the woman sitting next to him.

Meelo stood to his feet. "Relax Korra. Grandpa Aang would have laughed at that joke." He gently patted your shoulder before moving away.

Taking a few deep breaths you felt that Meelo was correct. Aang would have joked back with his grandson. You were a different person from Aang ... and sometimes you forget that. Even through you no longer talk to the previous Avatars ... you still felt the closest to Aang. Perhaps because how his family took you in once the world knew that you were the Avatar. But even through in the beginning you knew they were trying to find Aang inside you ... they grew to love you for you; for just being Korra.

Chapter Text

“Why are you doing this?” You sighed in annoyance as you glare into her blue eyes.


“What else am I opposed to do 'Sami!” Korra's right hand waved to the right. “You refuse to just deal with my disappearing on you for six months. You refuse to honesty tell me that you are still angry at me for not allowing you to come with me to the South Pole during my recovery.”


“Seeing how you know all this … then why are you so hell bent to pick this fight with me?” Your arms cross tightly across your chest.


“Because I'm so sick and tired of you suppressing it.” Her eyes turned even darker in her anger. “I'm so sick and tired of watching you destroy yourself Asami.”


Your lips uplifted to the right. “You don't have to save me as your quest as the Avatar. I'm fine. I'm not suppressing anything.” Your head lifted. “After all I fully understood why you needed to leave Republic City for your recovery. I understood why you rejected my offer to be by your side.” Your shoulders lifted then lowered. “I have come to terms with everything while you were away.” You moved back towards your desk. “I have moved on.” Sitting down in your chair. “Just as I always have.” You picked up the papers that you had been working on when Korra had come bursting into your office. “Now I really must get this done.”


The papers on your desk suddenly flew around you. Your eyes jerked up. “How dare you!” You seethed.


“I'm not Mako.” Korra stormed up to your desk. Her hands slammed down on top as she leaned forward. “I always know when you need to be held. I always know when you need to be snuggled. I always know when you need to be loved. I always know you need to be touched.”


“As you fully know Avatar Korra now isn't one of those times.” You sat back in your chair. “Now leave. I have to put these papers back into order. Seeing how you saw fit to use your air bending in your tantrum.” Shaking your head. “Even Rohan knows he's too old to throw one now.”


Korra bowed her head. “Why won't you trust me to be able to be strong enough to keep you alive when you completely break?” Her eyes drifted back to meet yours. Your soul broke at the despair in her eyes.


“Korra.” You breathed out. Tears welled up into your eyes. Your chest hurt as your heart beat tightly against the tightly bounded way your lungs were pressing inwardly. “I just can't.” Finally escaped from your soul.


“Yes you can.” She breathed out.


You look longingly deep into her soul. You pulled away. “I have to get these papers back in order. I'll be home later.” You stood to your feet, and began to gather the papers.


“'Sami.” Her voice was at your back.


“Go find someone whom needs saving Korra. I'm all right.” You didn't even glance over at her as you moved to the side of her to where there was a pile of papers.


“Let me help you. I am the cause of this mess any way.” You felt her next to you.


You remained silent as you just picked up another pile of paper. “I'm getting there Korra. I'm getting there.” Your soul finally spoke.