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The Hated One Vanished

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October 31st 1981

Everything started on the night of All Hallows Eve. One very big mistake would be made that night. One they should pray that would help them when the times comes.

Lily Potter, a muggleborn witch and a very clever one at that. Powerful in her own right which was rather odd. Many, if not all, muggleborns didn’t have as much power if they didn’t come from a line of purebloods. And that was something that no one knew. Not even herself. With flowing auburn red hair and bright green eyes, she had certainly grown up well.

James Potter, a pureblood wizard average in most things, though did somehow become an auror. That or a career in quidditch was where he was going. Though he had decided on the former so that he could help rid the world of the worse sort of people so that it was a much better place.

And between them they had two beautiful baby boys, who were now a little over a year old. Ethan James Potter and Hadrian Charlus Potter. The elder twin had red messy hair and the hazel eyes. He looked a lot like his father. The younger twin had messy black hair that seemed to have a blue tint to it, and bright green eyes like his mother. He, too, looked very much like his father as well. The both of them we well loved and looked after. They were treated equally and had the same amount of attention from both their parents.

Ethan Potter had godfather in the form of Remus Lupin. The kindly werewolf that would do anything for his pack. He’d look after any of the people in his pack.

Harry Potter had godfather in the form of Sirius Black. He is the fun loving uncle of both boys, never paying attention to one more than the other.

The Potter’s always prided themselves in being a purely Light family. They helped with the Order when they could. And today was no different. Yes they had twin boys now, and they were doing this for them. To make sure they could grow up in a safe place. Even after the prophecy was shown to them and the Longbottoms, they knew they were safe. They were under the Fidelius Charm with one of their friends as the Secret Keeper.

The good thing about being a Secret Keeper, is that you have to be willing to give up the location. It cannot be forced out of someone through torture or through Veritaserum. So naturally they chose the one person that wouldn’t be considered. Everyone thought it was Sirius Black, but that is what they lead everyone to believe. It was better that way. No one would be able to get the right person now. It was a perfect plan.

Right now James and Lily Potter were sitting at Head Quarters of the Order, while a baby sitter watched over the twins. They had been informed by a spy in Voldemort’s ranks that there would several attacks that night. All on muggle towns. They really had to stop this from continuing because it was not good to have them all wiped out. They gave them new blood, new things to work with. Fresh blood.

It was almost time to go so they were all getting ready to depart. They were just going over the plans and the groups they would be going in. Lily, James, Sirius and the Prewett twins, Gideon and Fabian were all in one group and going to the south of Manchester where there was a little village on the outskirts of the town. That is where they would protect them as the best they could.

Pops could be heard and the space that was once occupied by witches and wizards was now empty. It was like that this room was never occupied, not a single thing moved. Everything was silent. Though at the same time in another part of the country, several battles were going on in various parts of the country.

Spells firing everywhere, yells of spells and curses sounding in the night. The muggles, it seemed, were put to sleep. Well at least into a heavy sleep of some sort, none of them came to see. Even if it was halloween. Children should be out trick or treating right now, but there was none around. Not one child in sight.

While that was going, elsewhere in West Country, England there was a small village of Godric’s Hollow. And in that small village was a cottage hidden in plain sight. That is where twin boys were getting ready for bed. Both in red pyjamas with little snitches whizzing around their small bodies. It seemed to keep them entertained until they fell off to sleep. However sleep did not come for them tonight. Instead a man in a black cloak intent on murdering.

The man previously known as Tom Riddle blasted the door open to the cottage, entering the house. A scream was heard and he knew where to go. No one was downstairs, which was perfect. It meant that the Potter parents were not at home. Which meant that no mother was present to save her children. That was good for him. A mother’s sacrifice would mean that he wouldn’t be able to do anything, that all his efforts would be for nothing.

The nursery was his stop and there he found the baby-sitter, a young girl trying to shield the two boys in the crib. “Avada Kedavra.” He whispered, moving his hand in a lightning bolt shape, striking her dead. The man came face to face with the twin boys. One had red hair, the other had black. One was whining and crying but the other was staring him in the face. Watching him. It was unnerving to say the least. And he knew it was the one with dark hair and the eye colour of the curse he was to use on the boy. Even the power he could feel from the child was significantly more than the other. Raising his wand once again, he muttered the curse.

The green string of light never seemed to reach his target, his eyes went wide. A bright blinding green light enveloped both boys and only a fraction reached to cut the boy’s head. The roof caved in, falling down and injuring the elder boy. A cut on his cheek in the shape of a V. And with that, the man was no more. He had vanished, his clothing was all that was left of him. But he was not gone, he had gone through measures and steps to ensure he could not die. This was only a setback for now, but he would be back to get rid of the boy.

At the time of Voldemort’s departure of the world on bodily form, attacks stopped and Death Eaters screamed. Their Lord was gone and it was all on the fault of a child. A baby. Almost all at once, they all looked at their marks. It was faded, almost gone, like it was never there to begin with. When the Death Eaters were all distracted, many of them were apprehended and were all taken into the Ministry to await a very quick trial from there on out.

This alerted James and Lily to what had happened at home. It took them a few minutes to recover from the excitement of the Death Eaters being captured, and from then they apparated home to find their house in ruins. They found the babysitter dead on the floor with Ethan crying his little heart out and Harry silent but upset as well. They were picked up by their parents and were taken from the ruins of the nursery and straight to Hogwarts. To Dumbledore. He would know what to do. He always knew.

“James! Lily! I arrived to see the alarm already going off. Are they okay?” Albus asked them, concerned about the boys. Well one of them. The other didn’t matter to him as only one would defeat the Dark Lord when the time came.

“They are both alive.” Lily whispered, trying to calm Ethan down. She knew he was hurting but she didn’t dare attempt a spell to heal him in the state that she was in.

“We thought to bring them to you. You’d know what to do. You would know which one it is, right?” James asked the old headmaster.

“Bring them here.” Albus murmured softly, as not to scare them any more than it was actually needed.

Both of them were sat on his desk. Ethan and Harry had cuts and were bleeding, though Ethan seemed to have more magical power than Harry did. Not only that but the worse injury on Ethan was visible, Harry’s was hidden under his fringe of dark hair. Albus didn’t think to check there, nor did he think that Harry’s lower magical power was from magical exhaustion. “It seems that Ethan is the Boy-Who-Lived.”

Lily and James looked at each other then down at their eldest son. Their baby boy vanquished He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and they were very proud of him. They went to fuss over the boy who seemed to like the attentions.

“There will come a time where he will have to start to train. So it would be best if Ethan gets as much love and attention as he can get. As normal a childhood as you can give him.” Albus told them, not realizing what his words would cause.

And that was the first two mistakes that happened in the occurrence of the string of mistakes that were to come. Something that they would come to regret.