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Sinful Sinister Sweet

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“What-What are you two doing?” Brain’s voice shook a bit when he felt Heart pressing himself against his back and watched Medic get down onto her knees in front of him.

“Celebrating.” Heart smiled and reached around Brain to undo the buttons of the dark green jacket. “Celebrating a joyous event. The return of a dear friend. His rebirth in our midst.” The jacket dropped down onto the floor and was soon joined by the shirt underneath along with Heart’s own heavy, long coat.

Medic’s hands were on Brain’s belt, unfastened it with nimble fingers before unbuttoning his slacks and pulling down the zipper.

The way she licked her lips gave Brain an idea of just what her goal was.

So did that mean Heart was-


Brain let out a shuddery breath when he felt something hot and hard rub against his ass through the fabric of Heart’s pants, the only thing separating the other’s rather obvious erection from Brain’s body now.

Maybe it was because his body had just been restored by Medic but Brain seemed to be overly sensitive to every touch, every caress.

“We’re happy you’re alive and with us again, Brain.” Heart murmured softly and kissed the nape of Brain’s neck gently. “So very happy. It’s hard to put this happiness into words, so let us show you instead.”

A hot mouth engulfed Brain’s cock and he looked down, stared even, at Medic’s head moving back and forth from his crotch.

He couldn’t tear his eyes away, fascinated by what he was seeing.

It wasn’t until he felt Heart inside of him that he turned to look over his shoulder, to look at his friend, his ‘king’. And he smiled when he saw Heart smile as well. “Your happiness is my happiness. And your pleasure certainly is mine as well.”