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Out of the Night

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Instead of a text-only story, I’ve written a kinetic novel (short story, really), using Ren’Py.

That means that I couldn’t upload it to the Archive Of Our Own directly.

Instead, you’ll need to download it. Make sure you get the right version (Mac, Linux or PC):

Great Mod Elyn kindly checked to make sure that echoinautumn would be able to enjoy this story, but if any other reader has problems with it, please let me know. I will be happy to make changes to the code or (in a worst case scenario) to post a transcript of the story here.


PS: Please make sure to read the author's notes after you have finished reading the story. And do turn up your sound, if you're willing and able!

PPS: This text has been updated since Yuletide, when it was anonymous and pointed to Dropbox download links.