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YoonMin One-Shots

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The pair is sitting in the living room, side by side on the couch. Yoongi smiles warmly and snuggles closer to the younger, who wraps his arms around his waist and brings him closer. "I love you." The mint haired boy whispers into Jimin's ear and Jimin just smiles, lifting his chin so that Yoongi's looking into his eyes.
"Love you too." He says softly and kisses Yoongi warmly, making the orders eyes flutter shut as he gasps quietly into the kiss, which quickly turns into a heated make out session.
Breaking the kiss, Jimin rests his forehead on Yoongi's, smiling deviously. "What?" Yoongi asks, baffled. The orange haired boy shakes his head. "Nothing. I just like the fact that I'm the first one who could make you say those words." Yoongi sighs and gets off of Jimin and the couch, stretching slightly.
"I'm gonna go make myself something. Want anything?" Yoongi asks Jimin, who responds my saying: "No, thanks. Just don't set the kitchen on fire again, ok?" Yoongi blushes and glares at his boyfriends, who's pretty proud of himself. "It happened once!" He protested and Jimin holds up three fingers. "Three times." Jimin corrects him and Yoongi sets his mouth in a line, narrowing his eyes at the younger and walking to the kitchen without a word. Chuckling , Jimin rises and follows his boyfriend soundlessly, making sure to avoid the creaks in the wooden floor.

Once in the kitchen, Yoongi opens the fridge and sighs when he sees there's almost nothing there. He has to send Jimin on a shopping trip soon, knowing that he wouldn't go himself. Closing the door, he turns around only to come face to face with Jimin. Yoongi lets out a manly shriek, clutching his chest. "Jesus Christ, Jimin!" He scolds the orange haired boy, who's smirking at him. "You scared me to death!" Yoongi can feel the heat rise up to his cheeks and Jimin notices.
"Need help with the food?" He asks, still smirking and Yoongi just nods, wishing desperately that he had less paler skin. "Okay. Go grab a plate, please." Jimin orders slightly and despite himself, Yoongi obeys, crossing the kitchen to the counter where they keep plates. Grabbing one, he turns around to walk back to Jimin when he slips on something, the plate flying from his fingers to crash on the floor.
"Oh, fuck me." Yoongi grumbles, running his fingers through his hair. He looks up to see Jimin with his infamous smirk on again. "Oh, no! That wasn't a invitation!" Yoongi's eyes widen and he backs up a bit when Jimin steps forwards, broken plate already forgotten. "I mean it. Leave me alone." Yoongi commands but Jimin just backs him into a counter, humming lowly with a very, very sexy smile on and Yoongi gulps twice, already turned on. Jimin leans forwards, his face mere centimeters from Yoongi's and the older swears his face is going to explode from being so red.
Jimin then moves Yoongi so that Jimin's lips are near his ear and he purposefully breathes out once, making Yoongi feel his breath and making him shiver.
"I think we should have Chinese for dinner." He whispers and moves back, enjoying the outraged look on his boyfriends face.
"Oh, for the love of-" Yoongi starts and Jimin lets out a laugh, running back into the living room with Yoongi hot on his heels. The mint haired boy then trips Jimin, making him land on the couch, jumping on top of him, grabbing a pillow and repeatedly smacking him on the back with the pillow.
"I love you!" Jimin manages to get out in between laughs.